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    Washington State Good To Go Pass - best installation location?

    hey guys, I just asked the Seattle SC and they were firm that the best place to put the pass is at the top edge of the window for a model X. this conflicts with what I have read about not placing it behind the metalized tint coating, then I have also heard that on some cars the coating is left...
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    Two Tesla OEM 21" Turbine Wheels

    I have a pair of Turbine Wheels I got for rear winter tires for my P85+ but have since then traded up and never had a chance to use them. I'm selling the pair for $1,000 plus shipping. pics: https://goo.gl/photos/nxAtbdTFu4hWmEmG9
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    19" Turbine Wheels W/ MXM4's

    older, they were for my P85+
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    19" Turbine Wheels W/ MXM4's

    I'm selling a set of 19" Legano Rial turbine wheels with TPMS and MXM's with 9mm treat left. $1,000 for the whole set. local pick up ideal but will ship, you pay shipping ($150-250 depending on location). photo link: https://goo.gl/photos/1qGqCmDGoQ28aR1P7. Also, two bare 21" turbine...
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    Model X December Deliveries

    got an email yesterday evening saying our X is completed and being prepared for delivery, holly cow that was fast! placed order: 11/23/16 confirmed: 11/25/16 entered production according to my Tesla: today 12/11/16 confirmed finished via email: 12/14/16 mytesla says it's still in production.
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    4 Tesla Tire Pressure Sensors for Older Model S

    I have two bare 21" wheels without sensors or tires, if anyone is interested in combining :~)
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    Model X December Deliveries

    last month we decided to trade up our 2015 model S 85D to a 90D X before the end of the year to capture the unlimited Super charging. we ordered Midnight Silver, 6 seat, Enhanced Autopilot, Full Self-Driving Capability, Premium Upgrades Package, Smart Air Suspension, Included Ultra High...
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    for a variety of reason's, including capturing free super charging for life, we have decided to upgrade our 2015 85D to an X 90D and now have a December/early Jan delivery date. early on in the process I let them know that if the 100D in the non-performance mode became available in time for us...
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    Tesla's ambitions apparent from Supercharger network -- No comparison

    I have driven between Seattle and Sacramento CA, up into Canada and out to Coeur D'alene Idaho and on another trip out to Bend OR and Boise Idaho, all on Super chargers, occasionally using the various adapters that work with the stock Tesla EVSE. My experience with Superchargers has been...
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    Selected my options for order to maximize value and minimize cost for me

    not sure how tall you are, but the pano roof was key to giving me the headroom I need. also, I would seriously reconsider the 70. range is something you have one shot at. if you are going to keep the car long term, then more range gives you more wiggle room as the car experiences age related...
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    Which door style would you prefer, given what we know today

    we cancelled our order of the X when we were told that Tesla had no plans to develop a roof wrack for it. the falcon doors are cool, but they are a solution to a problem that is just not a big deal to me, and suicide doors would solve the problem more simply (I chose other in the survey) while...
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    Supercharger - Boise, ID

    got a chance to use it last week on our vacation, it was really nice to arrive at a city and be able to charge up once and be good for the whole weekend! it was noteworthy that the parking blocks appear to be placed too far from the stations, I had a hard time getting close enough to the...
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    Supercharger - Boise, ID

    so I'm considering a trip to Boise and looked at Tesla's map, still shows this site as coming soon, but when I click on it and go to the site it appears like all the other open ones, says 24/7 access. I have not used the Tesla site in a while so I don't know if this means anything. I'm having...
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    Goodbye $2500! California EV credit eliminated for high income buyers

    In comparison, WA state just ended the sales tax exemption for anything over $35 K... so for us, the value of the lost credit is about $10K :~(.
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    3rd row ventilation

    does anyone know if Tesla has improved the design to create more ventilation in the back? our 85D is coming and I was hoping that simply adding tint to the back would be enough. now that those seats are a pricey add on, you'd think Tesla would include a bit of extra venting. the heat build up...
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    Trying out insane mode for the first time.

    thanks for taking me for a spin, I think I can say it literally took me a while to recover! :~) My eyes crossed from sinking into my skull... it was, well, Insane!
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    Website/Design Studio Update - Twin Chargers no longer available from factory

    I was considering asking if that was possible but of course I seriously doubt it.
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    Website/Design Studio Update - Twin Chargers no longer available from factory

    wow, just stumbled on the first and hopefully last disappointment of our pending 85D delivery on Wednesday... "what, our car isn't coming with dual chargers?!" call me a idiot but I did not notice that the dual charger was no longer an option when ordering and now I'm bummed and feel a little...
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    One Man's P85+ versus P85 experience... am I being unfair to the P85?

    I tried to list my P85+ on the forum today but the system faulted and the post went for "review" and never posted. Anyway, I have a 2013 P85+ with 21K miles and am open to reasonable offers, PM me if interested. If it doesn't sell soon, we will be tempted to trade it in. It's loaded with...
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    Living off of public charging in Seattle

    I'm on plugshare in Shoreline with a 80A/20kW J1772 (you need to bring your adapter). you are welcome to come and charge at my home, during the day the electrons actually go from the panels to the charging station!
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    Air Suspension Interaction with the Ds

    when you say horror stories about long term costs are you referring to stories specifically with the S? unless something recently changed, it seems that S owners are not having issues for the most part. I was worried about this initially as well, but it does not appear to be bearing out so...
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    Anxiety about charging (thinking about cancelling p85d order)

    we've traveled all over the northwest, well off the SC path. if you are excited about the car (and who isn't!), you'll make it work. it may take some adjustment, but I'm pretty sure you will make the adjustment for driving the best sedan on the planet! these cars are so fun to drive it will...
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    Autopilot "in three months"

    I'm guessing they could move much faster than they are on rolling this out if it weren't for the naked ape factor. humans need time to adjust to this one, it's got lots of implications and rolling it out in stages helps settle some of the jitters and forces regulators to make progress on making...
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    Short-Term TSLA Price Movements - 2015

    the guys at CR have fallen in love with Tesla, IMHO. this article comes across almost as an excuse to highlight Tesla's outstanding customer care while taking the opportunity to appear "fair and balanced", in that not wanting to come across as having lost one's critical faculties sort of way...
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    Smart Air - worth the $2,500 upgrade from coils?

    I started with a p85, upgraded to a p85+ (long story) and now have a 85D on order, all three with SAS. we took test drives of D's with coils as well as SAS, given all the discussions on the forum. I went into it feeling rather ambivalent, thinking of saving the extra clams. the scales tipped...
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    Smart Air - Efficiency gained at highway speeds?

    we did comparison test drives when trying to settle on which version of the D we were upgrading to. I came close to going with coil suspension after reading people's reviews but I decided to stick with air because I could tell a distinct body roll with the coil springs going into curves. I...
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    Short-Term TSLA Price Movements - 2015

    perhaps the profit takers are just feeling a little guilty and don't want to bring attention to themselves :~)
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    P85D Ride too Harsh?

    we are trading up from the P85+. I enjoyed the performance experience of the + but in the end we opted more for the luxury family car experience this go round and specifically went for the S85D rather than the P85D for the smoother ride. I test drove a variety of configurations and am quite...
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    Transitioning home heating from carbon fuel burning to electricity

    we did this last summer. we should be zero net energy this year. our gas furnace was shot and we needed to have our roof done. the roofer offered to remove the chimney so I went for it, junked the furnace and the two fire place! I did a lot of research. geo-exchange/geothermal is hardly...
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    Trying to remove dual charger

    the costs will surely outweigh the benefits, IMHO. if you have not seen the value so far, don't underestimate what happens with time, new circumstances and an expanding HAL2 network. it only takes being stuck a time or two at a 20kW charging station and only being able to draw 10 kW's for your...
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    Short-Term TSLA Price Movements - 2015

    so after looking over the Tesla Energy products, I've considered a few angles to try and assess the effect on TSLA. I think the potential for grid storage is where the biggest potential lies, but I doubt that will effect things much in the short run, it will take time to land those contracts...
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    POLL: What brand of car did your Tesla replace?

    Toyota and VW are missing... the two we owned so I am opting out of the poll for now.
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    Elon, I love you... but the PowerWall isn't that great...... yet.

    what would prevent owners from using nearby super chargers to supplement their power bill at home, considering how many rely too heavily on super chargers just to save a few bucks as it is, I bet Tesla is reluctant to open up V2H charging just yet.
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    Short-Term TSLA Price Movements - 2015

    Bingo! and overall it's hard not to feel like this is a historic night, possibly Tesla's biggest game changing development to date! electric cars/the auto industry, yeah big potential there over the long run, but given the price and sophistication of what was unveiled tonight with energy...
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    Ordered a P85D, now thinking about losing my deposit and getting a CPO instead.

    some buyers remorse is normal, especially if this is a big step up in car for you. coming from a Jetta Sportwagon, I can say it does subside. I agree that folks who are bothered by a P85D won't likely be any less bothered by a P85. either way, folks who get tweaked by the idea of a high end...
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    Audio Mods to Improve Sound and Presence

    I suspect this is more of an issue for those of us who are tall and put the seat back. it is surprising to me that the sound system would be so front heavy. Tesla's attempt at saying that is "concert hall" like is kind of lame, IMHO. I've been playing around with sound at home, it's not that...
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    What's left to improve on the Model S?

    After all this time we are even more in love with the S than two years ago when we first bought. after making an X reservation a year ago and then concluding recently that the S is more versatile than the X (after chatting with Tesla and finding that there are no plans to accommodate roof...
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    What kind of lifetime (miles) can you expect out of a set of tires on Model S?

    20K on 19" primacy's and still lots of tread left. the OEM 21's are sitting in a stack in my garage, at low storage pressure... I figure if we trade up I'll pop them back on right before sale, all pristine, having saved many a thousand!
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    Quiet tires for P85+

    that's what I did, MXM4's. the original tires and wheels have been stacked up in the garage practically from the day i bought the car, because I knew about the issue and expense of replacing the staggered tires beforehand. I upgraded to the + when they offered superior handling, before the...
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    Short-Term TSLA Price Movements - 2015

    I'm bearish at this time. nothing short of such a "golden trojan horse" is likely to move the stock upward with this announcement, IMHO. I hope that Elon has not simultaneously made a mountain out of a mole hill while also setting expectations so high they can not be met. By singling out...
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    Some P85Ds being delivered with non-staggered wheels

    chiming in as a P85+ guy. the staggered tires were the source of tremendous headaches for both Tesla and owners. the wider back tires and softer rubber resulted in a veritable cheese grater, with folks replacing tires as often as every 3K miles. perhaps the headache just wasn't worth it for...
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    Top Gear is Dead

    I was never a big fan, but after that roadster stunt I had disdain, given the extent to which they went to artificially put Tesla in a bad light and exadurate the limits of a ground breaking technology that shows promise to solving so many of today's problems.
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    Elon "About to end range anxiety"

    I'm thinking it's one of two things, either Elon is grasping at straws trying to come up with something to turn around/prevent a nose dive in market sentiment or this is something much bigger than a software update. In the first scenario, it feels like just about anything that could be achieved...
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    Top Gear is Dead

    their shameless attack on Tesla and all things green caused a fatal decline in public interest... ;~)
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    Sun Country Highway Advances in Washington State!

    Greetings all, I have some great news, you can now travel all the way out to Neah Bay, the north western most point of the continental US and find convenient charging for your Tesla Roadster and Tesla S and even complete the loop around the Peninsula, one of WA's state's crown Jewels. These...
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    CHAdeMO adapter wait frustration

    got my email some days ago, ordered last night and got shipping confirmation today... soo looking forward to trecking along the Oregon coast this summer!
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    Trusting "secret" info given by Tesla employees and shoutout to Van Nuys SC

    I've had similar frustrations, particularly about the CHAdeMO adapter: "A CHAdeMO adapter is definitely coming!"... July of 2012. "I've seen the prototype, it should be out in a matter of months"... summer 2013! then it turned to: "I cant say for sure if one is going to be offered". spring...
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    Too Late to order a Sales Tax Exempt Model X?

    for the record, this Tesla owner very much took the tax exemption into account. I don't think it's wise to assume that everyone capable of purchasing a Tesla can afford a big loss. the exemption is very important. new tech is a risky purchase. we traded in our 2012 Leaf for a 2012 lease...
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    EVs a mixed bag for health and climate

    it's always fascinating to read what a study actually says vs the spin articles that often reference it. here is the dialogue so far with one of the study's authors, Chris Tessum, Doctoral Candidate Environmental Engineering University of Minnesota Hello George, Thank you for your interest in...

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