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    Lucid Air Grand Touring vs Tesla Model S Plaid.

    Me too. I desperately want them to succeed, but they aren’t showing that they have the chops. I do not see any sense of urgency or concern from the company regarding its unsustainably low production numbers. When Tesla was in ”production hell” it was all hands on deck, cancel anything not...
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    Lucid Air Grand Touring vs Tesla Model S Plaid.

    Great post and agree with a lot of what you said. When it comes to driving dynamics though I felt the Lucid Air demonstrated more sophistication, competency and inspired more confidence. The Model S feels a bit boy-racer: firm suspension, heavy steering, lots of power and drama. But if the true...
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    2021 Refreshed Model S - steering wheel yolk material peeling off?

    Its really very simple: The quality of the material is sub-par The shape of the yoke creates stress points that don't exist on a round wheel The material is over-stretched when applied Even if they improve the material and application, the shape of the yoke will always be a problem for...
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    Does FSD in a used Model S help?

    Yes, thanks! Because FSD is tied to that one specific vehicle, and the vehicle has a limited lifespan, the value (eg $12,000) does not hold over time.
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    Does FSD in a used Model S help?

    FSD is tied to the vehicle and is not transferrable. Therefore the value of FSD depreciates over time along with the value of the vehicle, eventually reaching $0.
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    2018 Model S design flaw?

    Customer states: Car gets dirty when driven
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    How long before we see Teslas in movie chase sceens

    The Tesla Model S was featured in an a episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Season 9 Episode 3: A Disturbance in the Kitchen. Sorry, no chase scene. But still funny and based on a true story.
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    Functional (!) benefits of the yoke?

    Benefit: Your significant other won't want to borrow the car.
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    Interesting news about the Yoke from my service tech

    Its true! It will be called Full Wheel Driving (FWD), costs $12k and is definitely coming by the end of the year.
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    Car and Driver Model 3 Test - Not Great

    These individual data points and opinions and assumptions don't add-up to Tesla having an advantage in drivetrain or manufacturing technology. Cost/kwh is irrelevant if its still money-losing. Battery production is a non-issue (BMW has already ramped to selling hundreds of thousands of...
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    Car and Driver Model 3 Test - Not Great

    I hate to burst your bubble, but Tesla has no proprietary EV technology or manufacturing capability that gives it any advantange over the likes of BMW. The Tesla drivetrain is not what sets Tesla apart. It’s tolerance for losing money, lower quality and lack of ICE baggage are what set Tesla...
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    Car and Driver Model 3 Test - Not Great

    Thank you for noticing the inherent bias and selective data points in Tesla’s press release. Tesla’s release is not the result of an investigation and is not meant to provide the public with the full facts. It’s a press release and its meant to deflect blame from Tesla and defend the brand...
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    Car and Driver Model 3 Test - Not Great

    No, it’s a design flaw. Relying on the driver to override AutoPilot from driving into a highway barrier is a design flaw. AutoPilot shouldn’t be trying to drive into the highway barrier in the first place.
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    Car and Driver Model 3 Test - Not Great

    AutoPilot actively drove a vehicle at high speed into a highway barrier. Regardless of any other factors. Don’t blame the victim.
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    Bridge Loan for Tax Credit

    I do: you can't afford the Model 3. Of course I don't know you personally, but this is advice I would give to anyone financing a car over 72 months: they can't afford it. 36 months (after down payment) is a good benchmark for whether the car is affordable. Anything longer than that is not...
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    Car and Driver Model 3 Test - Not Great

    A very balanced review by people who clearly weren’t overly impressed by the Model 3. C&D’s audience doesn’t want know if the Model 3 is a good electric car. They want to know if its a good car, full stop. In that broad context, relative to peers at the same $56k+ price range, the Model 3 is...
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    Fremont delivery - car refused

    Factory finish will never be as good as it could be. While you shouldn’t accept obvious blemishes or anything that can’t be buffed out you may also want to consider taking your car for paint correction and Ceramic Pro. You’ll be amazed at how much better it is than factory finish.
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    Canceling my reservation

    MobileEye can recognize a stationary object and stop before hitting it. MobileEye can recognize a car that swerves into the lane and stop before hitting it. MobileEye can recognize pedestrians and stop before hitting them. Tesla has a lot of work to do before it’s caught up.
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    Canceling my reservation

    It is obvious that you don't know me. But keep trying.
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    Red not the best color for Model 3?

    Model S in red or white Model 3 in blue Model X in anything but black
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    Nothing wrong with my fit & finish.

    Uhm... So it’s perfect except for this perfect example of how it’s not perfect? :p
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    Yes Of Course Tesla Will Sell A $35000 Model 3

    Unless Tesla is trying to be a better car company. That’s a good reason. Also let’s separate something. Other cars that “Start at...” can actually be purchased at their advertised price. The Model 3 can’t and never will be.
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    Yes Of Course Tesla Will Sell A $35000 Model 3

    I do get your point and you’re right they haven’t changed the delivery pricing. My point is that if a customer can’t drive it off the lot for $35k then it’s not a $35k car. It’s $36k. And there is an argument to be made it’s actually $37k because most people don’t want flat black paint and Tesla...
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    Yes Of Course Tesla Will Sell A $35000 Model 3

    Nope. Not gonna happen. First, it would be at least $35k plus $1k delivery so it’s already $36k. Second, by the time they actually ramp production they will realize they can’t make money on a base price of $35k and they’ll either just cancel their plans, make some kind of add-on package...
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    Model 3 Track Day: Laguna Seca

    Zero people in the history of the world have bought a car based on resale value. People talk about it a lot but only as a way to rationalize and justify.
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    Canceling my reservation

    Nobody is used to texting while driving. It’s dangerous when anybody does it. The Model 3 and it’s “take your eyes off the road” interface are built for a future that isn’t here yet: when the car is doing the driving. Until then, it’s unsafe.
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    Losing enthusiasm for Model 3

    There is no way to be certain that full autonomy will be available on current hardware and I am just working under the assumption that Tesla will either fail or have to do upgrades for customers who have purchased fully autonomy. Think of it from a logical argument point of view. The facts do...
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    Nothing wrong with my fit & finish.

    Do you think Elon sits around thinking “Yes the quality of the Model 3 is exactly what I had hoped it would be and will be good enough for our long-term success!” No, and neither should you. There isn’t and never will be a $35k version of the Model 3. This should be obvious by now.
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    Nothing wrong with my fit & finish.

    First, don’t be absurd I would never drive a Lexus. Second, my post already had context, which you removed when you truncated it. So again... The trade offs that you are willing to make today don’t extend to the mass market that Telsa needs tomorrow.
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    Nothing wrong with my fit & finish.

    I have to disagree. I think it’s great that people love their Model 3s even if they aren’t perfect, but let’s not fool ourselves. The quality of Model 3s rolling off the line is nowhere near what it should be on a $50,000 car. Not even close. We must hold Tesla accountable because mass market...
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    Scheduled Charging Failed

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    Catching up to Tesla

    That article is over three years old.
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    Under-appreciated aspect of Tesla vs other cars

    BMW has had cabin pre-conditioning via remote app and/or timer for a long time in the US (ie many years). Its not limited to Europe.
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    Under-appreciated aspect of Tesla vs other cars

    Tesla uses OTA as a crutch, allowing them to ship cars that aren’t finished and are fulll of bugs only to be finished later. The ability to do OTA updates cuts both ways. I think with Model 3 they are taking a bit too much liberty with “ship now, fix later.” No ability to use heated seats that...
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    Serious security issue with phone as a key

    It should work off Apple Watch, not the phone. Problem solved.
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    Switching from TM3 to Jaguar I-Pace

    The supercharger network is nice and facilitated a lot of early adoption, but I agree with you. Over time the market demand will drive exponential growth in public charging stations and the associated charging technology capabilities. Its already happening. The supercharger network is not a...
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    Green Car Reports: Model 3 quality is terrible

    Two reasons: They don’t feel they need to. The results wouldn’t benefit them.
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    Large crack in pano roof

    Its just an educated guess, but I suspect the underlying cause is variance caused by the current semi-manual Model 3 assembly. Too much variation in either the dimensions and specs of the car, or in the application of the glass. Its less likely that the actual glass is the issue. Glass is easy.
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    Model 3 Track Day: Laguna Seca

    I've always been told and had success with increasing tire pressure to increase precision with a stiffer tire/sidewall. Of course I also have Z rated tires so maybe its different for street tires.
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    Model 3 Track Day: Laguna Seca

    All drivers install tow hooks before going on the track. That way if towing is needed you don't have to futz around installing the tow hook while standing on the track. Tow team drives out, tow line is attached and they pull you to safety.
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    Finally took delivery today. Couple issues

    Waxing cars is so 90s. Get a paint correction and Ceramic Pro.
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    Tesla Will Add Update to Allow Glove Compartment Release for Model 3 After an Accident

    Tesla has already acknowledged that this is a possible and perhaps likely scenario. Hence the manual releases on the front doors. Not fear, reality. My question is why everyone assumes that after a major accident the electrical systems will all be fine or that passengers will all be coherent...
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    Tesla Will Add Update to Allow Glove Compartment Release for Model 3 After an Accident

    I’m so glad that in the event of a serious accident the automagical glovebox is top priority for Tesla. Meanwhile the rear seat passengers are trapped inside with no way to exit the vehicle, but hey at least the driver can get their registration papers. I jest, but not really.
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    L.A. Times: Some Model 3 owners are reporting quality problems...

    Customer satisfaction and quality are two different things. We don’t know how Tesla measures either and they don’t participate in standardized industry studies. So unless Tesla is willing to be transparent then these tiny tidbit data points aren’t meaningful. We all know Tesla has a lot of...
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    What Exactly Happened with the Battery Assembly Automation?

    Years late, billions over budget and still not reliable, scalable or in some cases even available. I suppose you and I have different definitions of what success looks like.
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    What Exactly Happened with the Battery Assembly Automation?

    A few things to consider: 1. Stay focused on what truly matters. 2. Don’t attempt to boil the ocean: The destination isn’t one point in time. It’s a series of milestones. 3. Don’t fall into the trap of beleiving you’re smarter than everyone else: If something hasn’t been done before it’s worth...
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    What Exactly Happened with the Battery Assembly Automation?

    Learning from mistakes means not repeating them. Clearly, Tesla isn’t learning.
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    Model 3 standard range postponed until Early 2019

    Bingo. Tesla is finding it much much harder to manufacture Model 3s than they had anticipated. Tesla had originally forecast a 25% gross margin on Model 3, but have been unable to reach that margin and would not be able to reach that margin if they introduced a lower price point at this time...
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    What Exactly Happened with the Battery Assembly Automation?

    The end result may be innovation, but the delays and rework are just failures. It’s a disturbing trend that we have seen now with the falcon wing doors, the Model X seats, battery modules, Autopilot hardware, etc. Tesla is the common denominator in all these failures not the suppliers. It’s...
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    Munro Compares Tesla Model 3 Build Quality To A “Kia From The ’90s”

    It needs to be 25% covered in duct tape to compete with the Hyundai Pony.

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