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    Tesla S OEM original 19" slipstream wheels + tires for sale

    sorry but you put 35 on the rear of the staggered wheels? Doesnt that cause issues with suspension and vibration?
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    WTB 21+ S 19" wheels located in MA

    Looking for staggered 19s for the refreshed S long range or plaid. Ideally looking for just the wheels as I want to throw all season on them. But open to whats around. Located in MA
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    Upgrade from Model Y to Model S Worth IT?

    Why upgrade if you like your car? We went from a new M3P to a plaid s and yea its way faster and bigger but the Y has the space and is pretty peppy. Is it worth twice the price? if speeds your #1 then yes if its not then no just keep your car. Escpeically if it is issue free. The plaids had the...
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    Model S 21" Winter Wheels/Tires

    i ordered the 19 snows for the plaid 6 months ago. I cancled the order Ef tesla so sick of their crap. Dont show it in stock when its not.
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    Non summer wheels/tires - What you using on your plaid?

    I didn’t see a listing. Are they fora 21+ s
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    Non summer wheels/tires - What you using on your plaid?

    I have a set of 21's with summers at the moment and would like to drive the car year round so I need a set of tires that work in below 45 degree weather. I have found basically nothing as far as a all season tire for the 21's so I ordered the tesla winter 19" package about 5 months ago and they...
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    "Pull Over Safely - Vehicle Shutting Down" - Car Totally Disabled

    well they fixed my car already. THey had the parts on hand said it was the rear drive inverter. They said the replacement inverter was a updated version and its more reliable. So i just gata get the other two to break and it will give me more piece of mind. I guess im gonna start launching it...
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    "Pull Over Safely - Vehicle Shutting Down" - Car Totally Disabled

    I was already having a bad day. Got sick with RSV, (whole family is sick), had a renter complaining about a porperty and all I wanted was a donut from my favorite donut place to take the edge off the stress. They sell out quick so ya gata get there early. Thankfully its only 1.5 miles from my...
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    POLL: vibration felt when slightly accelerating refresh Mode S Plaid or LR

    went to my appointment and they said I needed to come back. because it was raining ...so that was a total waste...
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    "Refreshed" Model S model VIBRATION tracking and information thread!!!

    seems like most everyone vibration is in the lower range and then stops. Mine has no vibration down low and only starts to vibrate in the wheel and pedal after 55. The faster you go the more noticeable it is. I am hoping its maybe a control arm bushing as I hear a squeal nose when the car is in...
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    Refreshed Model S and Plaid Vibration demographics

    my plaid was made in december of 21. I feel the vibration after 50mph and when you accelerate fast its very apparent almost like your driving over the no doze strip on the side of a high way. Do you think it could just need a wheel balancing?
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    Tesla Model S Plaid 2021 $41K off on Tesla Used Inventory

    w whats vibrating? you may want to tell them if somethings wrong with the wheels causing it they may replace it.
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    Tesla Model S Plaid 2021 $41K off on Tesla Used Inventory

    I ordered mine last week ,21 msp 5k miles for 115, sticker new would be 155 with options. I am picking it up thursday. They said all cars get looked over (but their acceptable list of stuff is kida bs) LIke a 6" mark on a wheel...great!. and you can walk away from the deal if you don' like the...
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    Model S Plaid huge depreciation

    Ya tesla lists their cars with no added markup for add ones. A car with same miles and year with 21's and not black interior vs 19s and black interior is the same price. Also they add FSD to all their used cars so trading it in to tesla is a bad idea honestly. Selling a car to carmax you would...
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    Plaid 21” rear tire woes - factory defect?

    thats so odd. and its not a wacky camber setting? Is there any consistency with this wear and the size wheel being used?
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    Looking to possibly buy a 21/22 Model S. Worried there are so many being sold with low miles

    we just ordered ours FSD, 21 wheels, cream with black exterior 115k at only 5k miles. Telsa give you and extra year on the existing warranty. Its cheaper then a 22 by a good amount at its base price of 137 but with the extras its a 155k car. Making it have a much better ROI if you plan on...
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    Bought my first Tesla, 2021 Plaid

    awesome we just ordered our used 21 plaid in black with the 21's cream interioir, fsd. it was 115k with 5k miles from tesla direct they really throw a tone of the "add ons" for free if you compare car to car. We felt the free FSD and 21 wheels (which I didnt actually want) made it worth more as...
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    MA- Tsport Tesla 3 Performance Winter Wheels And Rubber Floor Mattes

    Sorry I left out the price. With the mattes im looking to get 2k
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    My first Tesla M3P - loving it

    great color. the m3p is a gateway drug! congrats
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    MA- Tsport Tesla 3 Performance Winter Wheels And Rubber Floor Mattes

    Located in Ma 01772 not looking to ship. Local pickup. Used for about 600 miles at best. Bought for a 2022 tesla 3 performance. These work on 2020+ model 3 cars as they have a different TPMS sensor then older models. Y uses a different tpms sensor but the bolt pattern is the same. Includes a...
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    What did you sell/trade for your 3?

    2021 yellow 3.0 premium toyota supra with 1400 miles. Picked up our m3p today! in blue
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    Model Year 2022 Refresh M3/MY

    as much as I want all that new stuff...not sure I will cancel my order. I figure if they make the car notably faster or better ill just buy another one. This will be my 4th car purchase in 12 months :-) i have a problem
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    Model 3 Performance Waiting Room

    Looks great. I am assuming you didnt have any fitment issues?
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    Model 3 Performance Waiting Room

    Your rear windows how the double pain glass?
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    Model 3 Long Range 2022 HV battery replacement

    most normal dealers are not providing loaners on warranty work in general at this time. My supra with 301 miles had a issue and they didnt want to give me a loaner cause they had zero. I would day a beat up x over having to walk around. But i wonder if they added the dual pain glass in the rear?
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    2022 Model 3 Performance + Shiny Rims / Snow Tires

    Any ides if your car has the new 15.5v battery? Apparently they are going to put new batteries "addition of the LG M50 (SL) battery variant for the M3 Performance", and new brakes and rear motor among other things like double pain glass in the second row. My guess is those changers are not for...
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    2022 Model 3 Performance + Shiny Rims / Snow Tires

    im also in new england MA specifically. How was getting wheels from tirerack? I kinda feel like all their options require hub rings or may not fully fit the car?
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    All Season Tires for 20” Uberturbine Wheels

    the michillens seem to be the best tire option for all season, outperforming the continental's and they offer a credit $70 after you buy a set. I want them also for their better fatter side wall so your less likely to destroy a wheel when hitting a pothole.
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    Model 3 Performance Waiting Room

    IMO your better off buying the car with "CASH" and getting a EV car loan from DCU they are offering 1.5 -1.2% financing right now. That's basically free money.
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    Model 3 Performance Waiting Room

    we are trading in our 2021 supra 3.0 in yellow with 1400 miles on it. Tesla offered us 55700 trade in and with tax we paid 54k for the car out the door. So with that trade in plus the taxes removed its just around 59k total trade in amount which is just insane. In what world would a new car go...
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    Martian Wheels MW03 - New discussion thread

    Do you have 18" martian in satin black in stock?
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    Model 3 Performance Waiting Room

    why did you hold delivery? theres no tax credit for the m3p
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    Model 3 Performance Waiting Room

    placed our order for a blue m3p late November 2021 and app says getting built with delivery ranging from dec 18 -31st. No tax credit... and I don't care

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