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  1. pikeman

    Anybody come from a sports car to Tesla?

    I didn’t really ditch my MX5, I replaced it with a 2017 124 Abarth. The wife got herself a 3LR, and I frequently drive it. Comparing them isn’t at all fair. I like a car that you “strap on”, and the Mazda platform fits that just right. But that doesn’t mean I don’t like the M3. I _love_ the car...
  2. pikeman

    Using XTechnor cabin filters? Buyer beware. They make a tricky job even more difficult.

    This post convinced me to buy the OEM Tesla filters. The swap was effortless. Thanks!
  3. pikeman

    I wouldnt buy a Model 3 again

    If you’re driving 20-21” wheels in the typical urban environment, what do you expect? I think it’s lunacy to put 21” wheels on a daily driver unless you’re willing to bear the expense without whining.
  4. pikeman

    Disturbance at super charger

    Same type of moron who rolls coal. Nothing you can really do with these people.
  5. pikeman

    My M3 is gone from the Tesla Ap!

    Yes. Im a secondary driver. We were gone for a month, pretty much completely off the grid and now it’s like I never had the car. It’s dropped off the phone and the ap is acting like I’m a new owner and warning me of a 3-5 day delay in activation.
  6. pikeman

    Worth the breaker upgrade? 40A->50A

    The mains control the power to my distribution panel in the garage. My charger is on the main panel which is only turned off by removing the meter. And yes, I am not messing with that!
  7. pikeman

    Worth the breaker upgrade? 40A->50A

    The only way to de-energize my panel is to remove the meter. That’s three days without electricity in my area before they return and reinstall it. That’s not an option.
  8. pikeman

    My M3 is gone from the Tesla Ap!

    I have been gone for a month. I had very poor internet access and upon returning the M3 is gone from my Tesla ap. It’s as if I never had the car! It appears that it’s expecting that I just acquired a new car. Fortunately I can operate the car with my card, but WTF has happened? Is it due to the...
  9. pikeman

    Worth the breaker upgrade? 40A->50A

    I’m not an electrician, and there is no way I’m going to mess with changing out a circuit breaker in the main cabinet. When I had my Tesal wall charger installed I talked with the electrician about the hazards of removal and replacement of a CB on the hot bus. He said “Oh, it’s no problem!” But...
  10. pikeman

    I wouldnt buy a Model 3 again

    Search Amazon for “curb feelers”. My grandpa had them on his Olds 98. Worked great! Retro is in!
  11. pikeman

    How I Recovered Half of my Battery's Lost Capacity

    Your observations are irrelevant to your age. It’s clear that the Tesla team has not been working on the human interface. You should not need to take your eyes off the road, and simple tasks should be simple! Human factors engineering needs attention and designed for absolute simplicity.
  12. pikeman

    Can I drive to the airport and leave my car with some company for them to rent it out?

    I think it’s a terrible idea if you value your car!
  13. pikeman

    Error message: UI_a111 Re-insert USB into glovebox for higher speed

    We bought the Sandisk drive and formatted exFAT. It worked fine until the recent software update. We discovered a Tesla USB 3 drive in the console, it didn’t work. checked it out, and it was formatted FAT32. Reformatted as exFAT, still no good . And now the Sandisk doesn’t work either. Both...
  14. pikeman

    Tesla unable to resolve issue with USB port (dashcam), what now?

    Our 2022 M3 included a USB 3 stick. It has the blue core in the connector. My MB is old and lacks USB 3, and I’m ready to buy an expansion USB3 card thinking that this might be the issue, despite the only difference being speed. I’ve repeatedly formatted the card without fixing the issue. Trying...
  15. pikeman

    Left unplugged for 5 days at the airport, 0% loss?

    Wouldn’t ideal temperatures have something to do with this?
  16. pikeman

    Confused about charging my model 3 on a road trip when no Superchargers are on the way

    Between J1772 and 14-50 you ought to have a slew of options.
  17. pikeman

    Car pulling to the right

    I thunk that service center owes you better work. Our M3 started drifting and the steering was off center. The SC realigned the front end and fixed the problem. If a car is aligned correctly it should go straight on its own without correction.
  18. pikeman

    The M3 as a space heater [climate control running while parked]

    I told the wife to use the ap to reduce the temp; she reported A/C coming on. I told her to turn it off! This reminds me of playing whack a mole.
  19. pikeman

    The M3 as a space heater [climate control running while parked]

    Further investigation revealed that the car is maintaining the cabin temperature. We need to locate this setting as I don’t want to be replacing 2% of the charge per hour to accomplish this. And the battery management and cabin temperature management are linked, according to another lengthy and...
  20. pikeman


    I think the price is absurd!
  21. pikeman

    The M3 as a space heater [climate control running while parked]

    We live in Central Texas and just moved our potted plumerias into the garage where they will keep company with the M3. I know the Tesla maintains an optimal temperature for the batteries and noticed that the garage was way warmer than expected considering the wimpy space heater i was running at...
  22. pikeman

    DI_a124 and APP_w009

    This is one of the most bizzare solutions to a software glitch that I’ve ever heard! Glad that it worked.
  23. pikeman

    Mounting Height for a Tesla Wall Charger

    You’re overthinking this. Mount it conveniently.
  24. pikeman

    Would you even try to use autopilot on CA17 to Santa Cruz?

    I believe that FSDb has a bright future. Especially if vehicles are networking and cooperating instead of racing. I’m a 25 year veteran of “Blood Alley” with no accidents, but countless avoidances. Highway 9 was frequently an alternative despite its drawbacks. I typically drove those roads...
  25. pikeman

    Fire Extinguisher Mount - How to, parts, prices and pics

    Sorry, your intention is good, but entirely wasted. If the Tesla is on fire, run away. Call 911. Tell them it’s a Tesla. Then get further away.
  26. pikeman

    New owner… I wish someone would've warned me

    Cmon! What planet have you been living on? I’m a diehard ICE guy, but the news about EV acceleration is very old news. I enjoy my turbocharged MT6 sports convertible, but there are any number of crappy cars that are faster. And then there’s the Tesla. King of the Hill.
  27. pikeman

    Would you even try to use autopilot on CA17 to Santa Cruz?

    Nope, no f-ing way! Too many bozo drivers.FSD isn’t going to save you from their stupidity!
  28. pikeman

    Autopilot through highway 17 to Santa Cruz!

    After having lived in San Jose for 25 years and made the run to Santa Cruz hundreds of times, I would prefer full control. “Blood Alley” got it’s name legitimately! At particular times, it’s a joy, in the right car. Otherwise, it’s hair-raising!
  29. pikeman

    New owner… I wish someone would've warned me

    I relish the ICE experience, especially with a six speed MT. Yeah, I’m a dinosaur. But there’s something about that experience that about more than speed. We’re seeing the end of an era.
  30. pikeman

    Tell me the truth! I won't be offended.

    Nope. Hell no! The Miata crowd wore that out a very long time ago!
  31. pikeman

    Model 3 Road Noise

    What a great solution! I will be working on this as soon as I gather the materials. You might be amused by a related problem with my 2017 124 Abarth. It’s based on the 2016 Mazda ND car, and has an empty well where a spare tire might be stored. That piece of sheet metal is right above the...
  32. pikeman

    Are there any 18" Model 3 tires as/more efficient than the Michelin MXM4?

    Continental makes a suitable tire . . .
  33. pikeman

    Why choose Model 3 over Model Y if you can have more trunk space?

    You could get three of that guy in there but unless tied down they might shift in transit and then just spill out at the end of the trip. Always stay safe!
  34. pikeman

    Why choose Model 3 over Model Y if you can have more trunk space?

    Since I retired from my previous employment as a hitman the need for oversized trunk space has ended. I always hated it when there wasn’t enough space and it required, ahem, drastic measures to get the victims to fit within the confines of the trunk.
  35. pikeman

    Why choose Model 3 over Model Y if you can have more trunk space?

    I do not like SUVs. Period. I could care less about their efficiency or whatever. Even if it’s a Tesla!
  36. pikeman

    CCS Adapter for North America

    I’m on the “game over” side of this discussion! Tesla probably threatened to sue, and the remnants of inventory are being sold off.
  37. pikeman

    CCS Adapter for North America

    My M3 is CCS capable, but I think the cost of the adapter is absurd. I have the J1772 adapter. AC charging is just too slow! The supercharger strategy is a huge advantage and I would not have bought an EV without it. I have a 14-50 plug as well, so I think I’ve got this covered. I’m glad to hear...
  38. pikeman

    Sudden slow charging off NEMA 6-50 solved.

    Leviton isn’t the company it used to be . . .
  39. pikeman

    Non Tesla Dealer Repairs

    I’m doing that cabin filter R&R myself. It’s dead simple.
  40. pikeman

    Traded my M3P for an RS3 - My thoughts on both cars for what it's worth

    RS3 is a great car. Very slick. But, that green would make it a no-go for me. Have fun!
  41. pikeman

    My 5-month review of driving a Model 3 that I have decided is not for me

    That was 2008. FCA, and now Stellantis have reduced the quality of the brand. Heck, back in 2005 or so, my coworker bought a new Wrangler and it sat in the rain top down for an hour in a big storm. It was never the same!
  42. pikeman

    [Consequences of driving through] Flood water?

    How about swept away and drowned?
  43. pikeman

    Anyone tried the "Active Exhaust" systems?

    This is so juvenile.
  44. pikeman

    My 5-month review of driving a Model 3 that I have decided is not for me

    If you’re concerned about reliability, that Jeep will be a real shitshow. Stellantis is an absolutely incompetent car company in every dimension.
  45. pikeman

    Finally had time to ceramic coat my model 3

    I’m feeling guilty over not having sealed the paint. But, I’m not wanting to do the claybar prep in 100f+ temperatures.
  46. pikeman

    Month Old 2022 Model 3 LR - Coolant Low

    No. This isn’t normal. We’re in Austin and it been hotter than hell. We recently drove through OK, and MO in 105f. No issues. There’s a fault that needs to be fixed at 0$ cost to you.
  47. pikeman

    Steering assist turned off! [due to road construction]

    I’ve been driving for a lifetime! My personal car is a 2017 124 Abarth. That’s a full time driving car. I enjoy driving. What I object to is some onboard system directing me into the opposite lane. If the onboard system can’t manage a situation it ought to audibly announce it’s turning itself...
  48. pikeman

    Steering assist turned off! [due to road construction]

    We have a lot of road work in the area and the pavement is a mix of original, new, and a slew of bump spots and added stripes over the original lane markings. The Assistant became very confused and resisted properly navigating the road. The wife was very upset about this considering the hazard...

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