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    Plaid 21” rear tire woes - factory defect?

    Here is the issue as I see it. First Teslas spec on rear toe: 0.05 to 0.35. Second the bushings used are rubber which have massive amounts of flex and movement upon acceleration and toque causing a negative toe out scenario. Third, Tesla aligns and verifies alignment in the medium height...
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    Plaid 21” rear tire woes - factory defect?

    What you experienced with that side wall split is a classic out of toe spec result. Most competent shops should be able to put your vehicle on an alignment rack and analyze the current suspension settings.
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    Plaid 21” rear tire woes - factory defect?

    You should have an alignment check. I bet your driver side rear toe is out of spec and towed out.
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    Plaid 21” rear tire woes - factory defect?

    One way to get more data/info is if those that have had this issue, throw your vehicle on an alignment rack and let’s analyze the numbers. I’ve seen some excessive toe out which would definitely not help with the delaminating. Add to that some excessive negative camber and it gets even more...
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    LEFT SIDE air struts leak out overnight

    Usually a leak in the air bag or in the lines feeding the bag from the pump.
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    2023 Model X with Tesla Logo

    The new (post 1/11/23) built MX have silver letters. Definitely wonder what you got. What is your build date (found inside the drivers side door pillar).
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    Plaid 21” rear tire woes - factory defect?

    The refresh has adjustable rear toe arms from the factory. Only need rear adjustable camber arms.
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    JEBINC's review of new N2itive "tartan" adjustable camber arms for Plaid and MS/MSLR (2021+)

    Let’s make sure to post out alignment before values as well as after values. Will be interesting to see how our cars are coming aligned from the factory.
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    Model S Plaid Brakes Are Terrible!

    The Tesla CCB specs are: 2x 410 x 40mm carbon-silicon carbide front rotors 2x 410 x 32mm carbon-silicon carbide rear rotors 2x 6-piston one-piece, forged front calipers 2x 4-piston one-piece, forged rear calipers Whereas the 2021-2022 stock “base” plaid brakes are: Front: Four piston...
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    JEBINC's review of new N2itive "tartan" adjustable camber arms for Plaid and MS/MSLR (2021+)

    Did you find both lock lock bolts to be hard to get into a position to torque down ? I know the instructions specially say to place the collar lock down as to avoid any potential spacing issues. Looking forward to hearing what your toe started at. Seems like good advice to set the rear toe to...
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    Thinking about a red Plaid

    Love red
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    N2itive S Refresh (Palladium / Plaid / LR) Adjustable Rear Upper Camber Arms

    You can find N2itives recommended Alignment suggestions in this FAQ Frequently Asked Questions » N2itive.me
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    HomeLink Unreliable with Auto-close…???

    Good point. Everyone make sure the sensors on on your garage door rails are adjusted to a height that will break the beam if your car is stopped before fully inside.
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    Botched XPEL Stealth ppf installation. What are my options?

    Looks like they used a pre cut template of ppf for your vehicle. Pre cut vs bulk cut leaves those edge gaps. Not sure what happened on the front bumper however.
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    Eratic Lane Changing [while on autopilot /FSD]

    I have an option that I had turn turn off to stop this crazy lane changing. It was located under Customize Navigate on Autopilot Exit Passing Lane: Choose whether you want Navigate on Autopilot to maneuver out of a passing lane when navigating to a destination.
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    Refresh Model S gear selector on console issues

    My replacement has been good thus far as well. Time will tell.
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    Maybe Red Calipers Coming to Plaid?

    My guess is the 2023 will have a ceramic disc brake option that comes with red calipers. The option will be available to current 2021-2022 owners for $20,000 per Tesla.
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    How do you get out of netflix?

    Drag from the top down to close Netflix.
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    Tesla S Plaid rear replacement tires - 295 30 21

    You actually got 20k miles from your rear tires? No inner wear or separation issues ?
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    Model S Refresh PRND Manual button plastic malfunction

    This is an issue that has nothing to do with UV or heat exposure. It is an issue in manufacturing where the layer that tints/hides these letters isn’t quite correct. According to service this is not an isolated issue and hopefully Tesla HQ will address this with the supplier.

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