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  1. Nik


    Air-X Inc?
  2. Nik

    PM from 'MichaelMondon'

    Has anyone else had a PM from Michael Mondon? He claims to be representing a group of students from Cranfield University seeking input about users requirements for hybrid sportscars, but the Google Docs site he links to is blocked to me as a potential phishing scam. His message is well...
  3. Nik

    Model S Dashboard and console controls

    This is why you need the directional screen thing, so that the passenger sees one display while the driver only gets things that drivers are allowed to see whilst driving. This could even be linked to the GPS so that the capabilities the system change if you move between jurisdictions.
  4. Nik

    Tesla Pumpkin

    Camera+ ~ photos by MichaelLindahl Photo of a Tesla pumpkin.
  5. Nik

    Ultra capacitors

    Or somebody.
  6. Nik

    7-Series Competitor

    Range and styling, plus the 'made in USA' label for the US domestic market.
  7. Nik

    Model S options

    A state of the art tint would be electrically activated, so you could tint and untint it at the push of a button. I don,t know if these systems are variable or whether the tint is just on or off.
  8. Nik

    tesla blue star

    Excellent. If it can have the same luggage volume/size ration as the Model S it will carry as much as the next size up, 5-series or VW Passat - given the imperative to avoid roofboxes and so forth, luggage capacity was a concern with some of the smaller designs people were talking about...
  9. Nik

    Removing old Stickies

    Is there a process for de-stickying threads? If it starts with a user request, can I point out that '45 Minute Charge' in the Model S forum hasn't had a post for nearly 8 months.
  10. Nik

    Model S crash worthiness

    I would say that he would be completely frunked.
  11. Nik

    Leaf -vs- Volt

    Yes. GM rebadged one of their Korean(?) subsidiaries as Chevrolet a year or two back*, so they'll be selling the Volt too, I believe. *It shows what a good idea this was because I can't even remember the name of the old marque. Daihatsu? Daewoo?
  12. Nik

    What is your maximum price?

    Probably a lot less than the S is going to cost :-( It depends on whether the UK pricing is set against market comparators (a BMW 535 would be ~ £40,000) or if it represents a reasonable £/$ rate plus duties, etc. The sticker price will be 32% higher than what Tesla receive, so could easily...
  13. Nik

    Model S: Clever Vanity Plates

    Well spotted. NO 64 SEV (No Gas EV) will be available in 2014, or from the old style, T35LAS or T3SLA would do. For the Roadster owner, EV 10TUS or NO 10TUS are ok. Have any of the US plate-seekers considered something on the theme of 'whitestar', which would be obvious to the cognoscenti but...
  14. Nik

    Another Model S feature wishlist

    The recommended distance includes a good chunk of human reaction time. If the cruise control can react faster than that then it can be just as safe whilst being just as safe.
  15. Nik

    Model S: Clever Vanity Plates

    NO01LEV is a legitimate UK plate.
  16. Nik

    Actual Color Poll - New

    Would certainly get signature red if it was available for the P cars. As it is, Monterey blue. I like the green but I would want to see how it looked next to the red of the unlit tail light first.
  17. Nik

    Driver-adjustable Regen

    That, and the apparent making of policy on the hoof. Do that too often and one day you come a cropper.
  18. Nik

    Driver-adjustable Regen

    A snippet from the TTAC contributor's write-up of the Model S beta factory tour. For those who have strong opinions on the subject, this might be of interest. http://www.thetruthaboutcars.com/2011/10/tesla-model-s-customer-blog-beta-under-the-bright-lights/#more-413446 Way to go with the...
  19. Nik

    Leaf -vs- Volt

    Apparently the UK will also get the Volt, for some reason. Not sure about the rest of Europe.
  20. Nik

    Model S options

    I'd be happy for all of those to be options, except the adjustable air suspension. If it's required to get the full range (adjust down) and to drive on unpaved roads, then it needs to be part of the base price. I'd be okay with a manual override being an at-cost option.
  21. Nik

    The Frunk

    That's a lot of washer fluid.
  22. Nik

    exterior lighting

    I love that, it's one of the best little visual bits of the model S. Unfortunately easy to copy, but very nice :-)
  23. Nik

    Where's the charging port?

    I think the info was that it was 'at the back' rather than 'on the back' The tail light is certainly at the back.
  24. Nik

    Zero-Carbon ICE fuel

    http://www.airfuelsynthesis.com/news/32-fuel-from-thin-air-in-teesside.html Demonstration from November 2011, apparently. Until then, this reporter remains sceptical
  25. Nik

    Faster than light neutrinos.

    You know, before I clicked on this thread I was sure it was going to involve something like "What's faster than light? A Neutrino in a Tesla Roadster" I'm so disappointed...
  26. Nik

    EV Charger Maps

    For the last 9 years I have been driving LPG vehicles, covering around 240,000 miles. Except where caused by my own negligence, and with a range of around 350 miles, I have never had a problem finding fuel. Why do I mention this? Because there are somewhere around 1000 LPG filling stations in...
  27. Nik

    WARNING: Do not plug an AC inverter into your 12VDC socket!

    Pleased to hear the good news. Does the above comment bear warrant some further explanation (hint: yes!), perhaps in another thread?
  28. Nik

    Road Trips in the Model S

    As per my previous post, this got me wondering. I've used the following assumptions to produce a spreadsheet and a graph showing the time saving of using a Model S against a Roadster: 90kWH battery in Model S, 53 in Roadster. 100% full on departure, empty on arrival. Power consumption /...
  29. Nik

    Cats on my Roadster!

    It's to do with how the forum software handles attachments. To make them large go back to edit the post and embed an image using the attachment number of the picture. ISTR that you need to leave the attachment thumbnail in or the forum server thinks it's an unlinked attachment and deletes it...
  30. Nik

    Efficient Aircraft

    For comparison, a large airliner, A380 or 747, will do around 3.5 litres per passenger per 100km. This is about 56 passenger miles per US Gallon, or 67 to an Imperial Gallon. http://cafefoundation.org/
  31. Nik

    Are you also investing in Tesla?

    Tesla now TMF's sole choice for investing in EV-manufacturing companies... http://www.fool.co.uk/news/investing/2011/09/20/some-electric-vehicles-are-already-dead-in-the-wat.aspx
  32. Nik

    Road Trips in the Model S

    And actually often less than 45 minutes. My longest regular trip is around 240 miles, which I will normally drive at around 75mph. Using the table above, I would only need to charge for about 10 minutes [What's the EV equivalent of a 'splash and dash'?]. The ICE paradigm of always filling a...
  33. Nik

    Ecovelocity - Low-Carbon Motor Festival in London

    Likewise. I got to drive a Leaf, an Ampera, the Peugeot 3008 Hybrid4 (Diesel-Electric) and ride in a Citroen C0. I passed on the Renault Fluence due to having to leave early, and the battery position makes it unsuitable even for doing the weekly shopping. No boot space is all well and good in...
  34. Nik

    Ecovelocity - Low-Carbon Motor Festival in London

    The ironic thing is that the building in the background is a former power station. It's the largest brick building in Europe.
  35. Nik

    Songs for Model S ad...

    How about 'ooh, watcha gonna do', by Run, GMC I'll get my coat...
  36. Nik

    Classroom ideas?

    The older kids ought to be up to thinking about the points in the energy chain (well to wheel) where energy is used to do things other than propel the vehicle from A to B. They can compare the well-to-wheel chain for ICE with the long tail pipe view of EV energy consumption, noting where...
  37. Nik

    Charging Infrastructure

    You really don't want to stick your fingers in one of those.
  38. Nik


    Another chapter in the battle of the space billionaires. http://www.newscientist.com/blogs/shortsharpscience/2011/09/vertical-landing-rocket.html
  39. Nik

    Ammonia - the smell of the future

    http://www.newscientist.com/article/mg21128285.100-ammonia-cleans-up.html Ammonia is a better fuel than Hydrogen, according to the researchers featured. Their system will electrolyse water to produce hydrogen, then combine it with atmospheric nitrogen to produce ammonia. Current...
  40. Nik

    CA AB 475 Allow ticketing of vehicles not connected to chargers

    Reserved parking for EVs and Reserved for parking whilst charging are pretty much indistinguishable, for any vehicle that can set it's own charge rate. If you're EV doesn't 'need' a charge, simply hook it up and dial the max charge rate down to the minimum the vehicle will accept. Result is...
  41. Nik

    Carbon Footprint of attending the Model S Factory tour

    Just 'the Shield', surely. [Link]
  42. Nik

    Reduced fire risk batteries

    A section on the BBC's 'Material World' today about a new process for making Li-Ion batteries such that the risk of thermal runaway is reduced. Apparently the electrodes are continuously extruded, which may reduce production costs too. It's a BBC poscast, which means it's available...
  43. Nik

    Are you also investing in Tesla?

    A target price is given as 'per share' and represents t=what the analyst thinks the fair price for the share is, given the current position of the company and the risks and opportunities in the future. It's hard to tell with TM because if Model S is a success then very probably Model X will be...
  44. Nik

    The Electric Truck

    They could do a sports version. With no external markings to identify it, it would be a wolf in sheep's clothing. [Musk oxes are related to sheep, not to cattle]
  45. Nik

    Transport Evolved

    My understanding is that the Voltec powertrain is the same in both the US Volt and the Ampera, and in the UK version of the Volt. I don't know if there is going to be an EU version of the Volt. The Wikipedia article on the Voltec powertrain and Opel Ampera seems to be somewhat confused, not...
  46. Nik

    Your Model S Sequence

    Where do I get a new Tesla, sports car or otherwise, for £30,000. Do tell...
  47. Nik

    Charging Infrastructure

    Compare and contrast with http://www.cambridge-news.co.uk/Home/Car-charging-fails-to-generate-a-buzz-12082011.htm
  48. Nik

    Front license plate options?

    See attached for UK registration plate configuration on the Maserati Quattroporte and the Audi A7. I think the Maserati front end is the closest to the Model S, and I don't think that the plate detracts from it at all.
  49. Nik

    Tesla Roadster on SpeedTV's "My Ride Rules!" - Wednesday nights

    I'm sure that there will soon be a plethora of performance-enhancing compounds for you to add to the battery coolant, or to rub on the outside of the pack...

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