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    Will FSD be delayed further?

    Well, it seems Tesla's very part time CEO is taking Autopilot software development folks over to Twitter for a while.
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    Tesla Megachargers arrive at Frito-Lay facility ahead of January Semi deliveries

    The issue is not the vehicles it is the ability to manufacture the 4680s. Currently they can only manufacture sufficient 4680s for about one semi per week. What is causing the production delay on 4680s? Don't know. When will the issue be solved? Don't know. But until then semis and...
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    Washington Post: NHTSA is coming for Tesla's FSD Beta program

    So, no one is allowed to be a beta tester?
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    Safety Score

    I was in no hurry in the first place and with a consistent score of 90 that works fine. Autopilot leaves way too much distance between cars and is much too timid taking action so I don't use it much. Even when I do use I have to frequently step on the accelerator to make it keep up or I end up...
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    No. And I do not care what anyone thinks of my driving. I definitively follow closer than Autopilot does and when I pass cars I do it as quickly as I feel is safe. For me Autopilot has not found an acceptable passing situation on two lane roads but the capabilities of the car make them more...
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    Tesla self driving . Do you get less tired

    For California commute traffic? Not if you intend to rely on it. Especially a pre AP3 car. You need to be fully alert and engaged 100% of the time knowing that it will work amazingly well until it doesn't. To paraphrase the old saying, hours of total boredom followed by microseconds of...
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    Blog Tesla Looking for Good Drivers to Test Full Self-Driving System

    I will just wait until this requirement is deleted. I am a good driver but I am very assertive and I have had enough of being "evaluated" by anyone. It's one of the top reasons I retired.
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    Elon: FSD Beta tweets

    Elon needs to drive his Model S from the Fremont factory to the the Nevada factory in the dark during the winter and post the trip. Using V9 certainly keeps you more alert and awake than just driving being prepared for the curves in the dark where it just goes beep, beep, beep take over...
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    Scheduled charging

    Has something changed in the scheduling charging process? For the past several weeks scheduling charging timing has been disabled and grayed out. I haven't cared until now...
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    Tesla firmware update notifications - no wifi

    I do believe the phone and the car talk to each other over bluetooth.
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    Interested in Utility Scale Renewables ? Delve into ERCOT

    ERCOT has no power. After the last event ERCOT sent generators a list of best practices but generators said 'spend money on single event that lasts a couple of days once in a blue moon? not a chance'. Right now Elon is all high on all the stuff that Texas lets him do but when his Austin...
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    phantom braking. Are you still experiencing it with latest software update?

    It gets scary if a 3rd lane on the right disappears and a car is coming up on your right side. Rather than keeping a steady speed, and driving in a straight line it swerves to the right to the middle of merge lane in front of the other car it hits the brake. Scares the hell out of me and the...
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    Which color do you prefer your Roadster 2020?

    This color The Lotus Evija - Lotus Cars - For The Drivers Actually, I'd like to find a matching wrap for my P3.
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    Frozen MCU1 Tesla X, self switched on. Cannot go to work. Angry & sad.

    In the USA the NHTSA has sent Tesla a letter regarding 1st gen MCUs asking them to replace them as a safety issue. Apparently multiple owners are experiencing problems going back to the 2012 Model S. 100K plus vehicles are effected. The specific problem in this case is the configuration memory...
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    Who needs a roadster when you have model s plaid?

    What's the biggest difference between a MSP and a Roadster? The former is 2500 pound battery underneath a 2500 pound car whereas the later is a 2500 pound battery sitting under a 1000 pound car.
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    200 mile SR+ dead.. BMS_a059 VCFRONT_a192 HVP_w028 BMS_a158

    $9K to replace a fuze. Be interesting to see how long that lasts after the Warranty expires.
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    Ford 6.0 Liter Diesel F-series Super Duty warranty

    Steve just did video with a class action suit against GM for defective wheels on C7 Corvettes. The Judge dismissed the lawsuit when GM lawyers stated the warranty covered defects in materials and workmanship but not design flaws.
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    Why will you need a Cyber Truck?

    99% of the stuff I need for my home/yard fits fine in my M3. The one percent of the time I either have them deliver or I rent a truck. That's a couple of hundred dollars a year versus a $50K+ depreciating asset plus insurance plus registration plus other trivial expenses. Y'all with acres of...
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    My first winter

    This is absolutely the best way EXCEPT departure time charging doesn't work properly. It's going to complete charging at 6AM regardless of when you set it for. I have not seen a reasonable explanation of why this is not configurable. Just makes a whole lot of assumptions which are irrelevant...
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    ABRP Prices update

    If I remember correctly, but probably not, Tesla is required by the CPUC to charge the same rates as utilities charge other commercial customers if they charge for electricity. When I left CA, 3 years ago, in San Jose using E6 (I think), peak was something like $0.65 fully burdened per KwH...
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    Hummer EV

    Buying a GM vehicle, not a real problem there. My Volt was a great car. But dealing with dealerships, Aaahh NO. Watching the BS they are pulling on people buying C8 Corvettes, never again. GM Australia just told Holden to return all C8 deposts because they haven't decided who will be able to...
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    Unacceptable Powerwall fiasco

    To get as much off grid as practical, totally if possible. These several hour outages are not all that frequent but are very annoying. There are no non-Tesla installers in the area that will do both the solar and the battery backup at the same time. Even without the tax credits I won't do it...
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    Unacceptable Powerwall fiasco

    There is no ROI. My electric bills average less than ~$60/month so the $30K "investment" takes 500 months or over 40 years to pay back, assuming $0 electric bill, which doesn't happen if you are connected to the grid at all. And I'm told NV Energy these days doesn't buy back excess at all...
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    If you're California, the economics in favor of a solar solution will likely get worse soon

    At 70 and very retired no longer much concerned about that :)
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    If you're California, the economics in favor of a solar solution will likely get worse soon

    Energy politics was the #2 reason I moved out of California. Water politics was #1. I am now worried that Nevada is following in their footsteps on both of these.
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    Unacceptable Powerwall fiasco

    Sorry, your story is trivial. I signed a contract with Tesla Solar in August of 2017 for panels and a Powerwall, paid the $500 deposit, got all the plans back from Tesla and approved by my HOA and ... nothing, 3 years later. They now say they want to start all over again with new plans and a...
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    Texas refuses to renew registration of Tesla M3 without emissions test

    Oh come on, take the monkey off your back and take it to an inspection station and let them figure it out. And please video it for the rest of us. Tesla humor. Texas style.
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    Screw you, Model 3

    I wonder how many of us veterans are in some way pleased with Tesla's success because maybe, just maybe, some future veteran will not have to fight and die in some far off foreign land protecting oil?
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    SR+ Change battery for LR battery possible?

    You do know Rich has stated he is getting away from Tesla's specifically because of their hostility towards modifying them.
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    Tesla Used Vehicle Listing

    Why should they put themselves into legal jeopardy? The EPA estimate is a government (immune from liability) number with a dozen caveats. Ford has already been sued for giving overestimated numbers to the EPA. Maybe the UK is not as litigious as the US. It is one of our favorite pastimes.
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    Tesla Shop shipping time is ridiculously slow

    Wait until you order something from overseas. Average delivery time for me has been 10+ weeks. Yup. 2.5+ months for the past 4 months..
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    Do I Own the Software in my Model 3?

    We were only given software licensing policies when I worked for Apple and other Silicon Valley companies. They may have quoted court case or other precedent setting information during the presentations but I was not interested in that because it had no bearing on company policies. I did say...
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    Do I Own the Software in my Model 3?

    The license is what you own. So what the license says rules. Except nontransferability. For the license to have value it must be transferable. Bunch of bankruptcy courts have said so, specifically with regard to imbedded software like Tesla's. If the license was not transferable you would...
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    Will The Revolutionary Tesla Windshield Wiper Debut On The Cybertruck?

    Will the Cybertruck come standard with rear view mirrors? Yes. Should there be an option to replace them with cameras? Yes. Right now my side cameras notify me of things in my blind spots I cannot see in the rear view mirrors letting me know I need to stomp on the accelerator if I still want...
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    New update 32.3 mess up backup camera

    I back into my garage and there is a steeper incline up the driveway than the street and if I hit that change at more than about 10MPH I get the STOP raspberries.
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    Battery Day Announcements - Ludicrous Model 3 Performance

    Yup. I have several neighbors (with pickup trucks) who were interested in the Cybertruck until GM announced the EV Hummer. Now, not so much and have cancelled reservations for the Cybertruck. What is fast enough? 0-lightspeed in 2 seconds works for me. None of those 10 vehicles are available...
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    Do people understand the door handles?

    So, does there need to be a door opener button on the screen or the app for the other 3 doors like the trunk or the frunk?
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    I wonder how many people have cancel their reservation at this point?

    I bought the stock on day 2 after the IPO and today I could sell it and buy a Roadster. Not bad for a <$4K investment. And seeing as how it is in a Roth IRA and I am over 60 no taxes on the sell or the distribution.
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    Blog Tesla Announces Stock Split

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    4 months left in 2020 to make a Tesla FSD on city streets

    2nd. Especially the later than that part. Anyone who believes what Elon says any longer is a fool. It's like the fabled battery day where Elon is going to show miracles. Ahhh... No, he isn't. He may state miracles but they won't be happening anytime soon.
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    Texans' Cybertrucks to be shipped out-of-state for purchase

    Currently all Teslas are "purchased" from a company in California (online). Just like if you purchased a car directly from GM you would be purchasing a car from a company in Michigan. But GM only sells cars wholesale to dealers in states. And then you purchase the car retail from the dealer...
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    Profound progress towards FSD

    If you believe Elon, or any other sales person, I've got some property 500 miles west of San Francisco to sell you. I''ve also got $5 that says it will not be able to handle roundabouts competently by the end of the year. And when they can handle roundabouts competently I'll give them Level 2...
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    Tesla glass roof sunshades

    Anyone use these? Opinions? Do they reduce the interior heat load noticeably? More importantly has anyone noticed any increase in damage to the glass because of the increased reflected heat? Thanks.
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    Update 24.6.9

    Hey, at least my stop sign and traffic light visualizations are finally working. No yield signs yet and FSD is totally incompetent at roundabouts but one tiny step at a time. Summon doesn't work for me anyway because I back the car into the garage.
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    Musk said all cars would get HW 3.0, according to InsideEVs Article

    OK, I stopped laughing. Business has no honor or integrity; period, stop, end. That disappeared in the US decades ago and may have never really existed. Legality is all that matters. Trying to hold ANY corporate entity to a higher standard (even slightly higher) is a fools errand. I live in...
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    Traffic Circles

    AP/EAP is for interstate/freeway driving only and, to my knowledge, there are no traffic circles/roundabouts on limited access roads so there is no problem here. One of the reasons I did the $4K FSD upgrade is that I have several roundabouts in my neighborhood to get to and from home and TACC...
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    2020.12.5.6: Traffic Light & Stop Sign Control

    Summon only goes forwards and backwards in a straight line. Advanced summon will turn.
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    Is Chinese Model 3 built like Y?

    And those people who do the programming and calibration are not cheap labor. They are highly skilled labor that a lot rides on. Whether in China or the USA or anywhere else.
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    Model 3 crash with police cruiser, who's at fault?

    Nope, the drive was asleep expecting Autopilot to take care of it.
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    Tesla Advice Appreciated

    If it had been me I would not have accepted the car with the wrong color interior. I only had two dealbreakers, the interior color and AWD. When I arrived for my pickup appointment, 100 miles away on the other side of the Sierra Nevada mountains they couldn't find my car. A manager, after...

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