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  1. rotarypower101

    Towing with the new 16v battery

    The inference being the difference between the 4s ~12V-16.8V Li Ion VS a 4S ~8V-14.4V LFP, the latter, I think, being in the happy voltage range without stepping the voltage common 12Vdc components typically expect and wouldn't cause conflicts. It might be that even with buck losses it makes...
  2. rotarypower101

    Towing with the new 16v battery

    Is there anywhere that details this technically well? Would like to learn more about how they have gone about it and any Pros/Cons as a result. I assume with a Li Ion based system, there is more "usable" capacity over the voltage range for 12Vdc based components? But there are certain losses...
  3. rotarypower101

    Towing with the new 16v battery

    Other than working with Li Ion, I'm not sure I understand any advantage gained from a 16Vdc system VS a 12Vdc system. Wouldn't a LFP LV system have retained full DC compatibility, and offered nearly the same advantages of the Li Ion 4S system?
  4. rotarypower101

    Skid plate justification

    Does anyone know when that change was made to the Model3, changing from the fiber to the plastic?
  5. rotarypower101

    Towing with the new 16v battery

    So the voltage output, " Aux 12V+ Charging" pin is Not active? If true, then this Curt Echo device I don't believe will operate, as it requires this #4pin to pass current to the "Trailer Brakes" #2pin. Possible anyone can test to verify? Some of the choices they make are confusing from a...
  6. rotarypower101

    Towing with the new 16v battery

    Has anyone tried one of these Curt Echo BT Brake controllers with the 4S voltage output? Is this controller fully compatible with the Increased voltage?
  7. rotarypower101

    Woodpecker noise from dash

    Is that a common HVAC actuated louver sound? Incredibly hard to hear on the video, but that is the closest equivalency with the lack of any associated information.
  8. rotarypower101

    Any suspension "upgrades" or cabin sound improvements for the Model 3 over the years?

    Interested to know about these two details over time, as I don't see much talk about them. I think they brought the dual pane glass to the front door windows in 21', how much of a quantified improvement as well as a perceived improvement was that? Has any other changes made as much of an impact...
  9. rotarypower101

    Seeking advise on possible used Model 3 purchase.

    I hesitate to ask, as I really don't want to take any of the joy away, congrats BTW (and its possible its a timing thing), but hoping to learn from others if they would comment... Did you consider holding as the used market has time to digest the Not insignificant price cuts that just happened...
  10. rotarypower101

    How far will current selling prices fall after Jan. 1 ?

    How will the new early 23' pricing changes combined with IRA incentives effect used pricing? What kind of an offset from current used pricing might we see for the used market for various trim levels if any?
  11. rotarypower101

    Suggestion: How Tesla could implement Vehicle to Load

    People that are interested in V2L (ignoring all the outside factors of why it's not include), assuming your purchase price is not extravagant already, how much "dollar" value would that add to a EV to have V2L functionality built right in? Especially if it was intelligently integrated/managed...
  12. rotarypower101

    MYP 2023 with USS.. odd?

    To go as far as to delete them from the bumper skin mold , rather than making a blank "filler cap" for the USS sensor is a strong indicator IMO
  13. rotarypower101

    Actual capacity used traveling from ~Fremont bridge to Mt Hood Meadows OR and back round trip?

    Your car might not even be a heat pump car? Which would noticeably compound the losses from the HVAC system? Dont get me wrong, Very appreciative for the comments and sentiment of reassurance that these are capable. But I am truly seeking (if at all possible) "cold hard figures" actual sample...
  14. rotarypower101

    Actual capacity used traveling from ~Fremont bridge to Mt Hood Meadows OR and back round trip?

    Yeah, it was always the only choice far a myriad of reason. Was just using the RWD/SR+ as a example that Im trying to do my homework, and resources like ABRP says its "easily" possible to make that 200 mile trip with ~25% to spare...which was never going to happen unless optimized conditions I...
  15. rotarypower101

    Traction control devices for snow (California)

    How difficult is it to install Z chains on a Tesla? Do the wheel wells have enough wheel to fender gap to "easily" manage the small clasps while there is ice build up in the fenders and chains? Anyone have to regularly use chains and can give some feedback on that experience? Use the split...
  16. rotarypower101

    Actual capacity used traveling from ~Fremont bridge to Mt Hood Meadows OR and back round trip?

    Yes, always a great safety net as the sparse current network is built out. Explicitly hoping to understand that trip as a A>B>A nonstop, and what it takes in difficult conditions. How many miles round trip did you travel, and what was you finishing range/capacity left over?
  17. rotarypower101

    Going crazy about Performance brakes? [Tesla using caliper covers on rear brakes of Y performance after supplier switch]

    Based on that information, does that mean the current Performance Model will accept the 18" unmodified wheels now if that is a desirable attribute for the application? Does the current Performance model still have the "stepped" center hub that limits which wheel correctly mounts to the hub?
  18. rotarypower101

    Actual capacity used traveling from ~Fremont bridge to Mt Hood Meadows OR and back round trip?

    BTW, absolutely adore Baker! Its been a while but we would spend a week camping in the parking lot up there almost every year! There in the late 90s when they were setting records. When it is hitting at Baker there is just no place like it! Riding at chest depth, not embellishing, is just...
  19. rotarypower101

    Actual capacity used traveling from ~Fremont bridge to Mt Hood Meadows OR and back round trip?

    Completely understand that it is Highly variable. But I am explicitly looking for real data points of an actual constrained trip and description of conditions if possible, preferably in difficult conditions to get an understanding of worst case and have a build in a buffer when not as cold...
  20. rotarypower101

    Actual capacity used traveling from ~Fremont bridge to Mt Hood Meadows OR and back round trip?

    Curious to know what peoples Actual Observed capacity utilized to get to Mount Hood Meadows and back in Cold weather is? From the Fremont Bridge to MHM, it is ~70 Miles travel, ~140 Miles round trip. Is there possibly a better metric to ask this question with, to get an actual observed point to...
  21. rotarypower101

    Why did Tesla remove option to disable regenerative braking?

    All the more reason to leave those settings exposed, we are still transitioning, there are many NEW users that need to feel comfortable and instinctual on the controls, for people that can easily cope with the benefits of higher efficiency control logic, Great, adjustable setting will benefit...
  22. rotarypower101

    Spare Tire Installed!

    What are the ~dimensions on the Vredestein Space Master (when collapsed) when looking to size a suitable space? Possible you have a thread you could link detailing this or have seen a thread describing the sizing attributes of this collapsable spare for those interested in understanding the...
  23. rotarypower101

    Going crazy about Performance brakes? [Tesla using caliper covers on rear brakes of Y performance after supplier switch]

    What are the smallest wheels that will now fit on the "Mando" calipers included with the performance since the change? Are there other differentiating components or features that limit what size wheels now fit without issue?
  24. rotarypower101

    2021 Model 3 Tire Fell Off - Get your bolts checked ASAP

    Has there possibly been a user tutorial on how to check and service these items? Guessing the interface tolerance on the threaded section is not quite tight enough to create the interference required to secure the fastener reliably? Does anyone that has looked into this issue have...
  25. rotarypower101

    2021 Model 3 Tire Fell Off - Get your bolts checked ASAP

    Was the issue the control arm bolts? *Edit, too slow to post, looks like it. Just grabbed my screenshot from my notes, so apologies for the size and quality. Not to marginalize the issue, as its a significant issue that is hard to understand is allowed to persist...but think this is a fairly...
  26. rotarypower101

    The number of used Tesla 3/Y available is staggering

    Any good resources that track used prices on discrete trims and models
  27. rotarypower101

    2018 M3 No heat in first six minutes of drive

    How long/many minutes does it typically take the heat pump to saturate a cold soaked condenser and feel heat on a normal temperature day VS a cold day?
  28. rotarypower101

    For prospective EV buyers: "How much range will I actually get?"

    Are there tools to more accurately define atmospheric temperature VS estimated range loss? Do tools like ABRP have that weather factor baked in? Is it built into estimates the vehicle exposes? Also Really interested what the graph looks like for the Model 3 with/without Heatpump? As the COP...
  29. rotarypower101

    HVAC Feature Not Available on US Model 3s?

    Only spitballing here, as other than purely as a curiosity I was interested to ask as I have commonly seen complains about the lack of independent on/of per side. But I trust they could come up with a reasonable way to do it fairly easily? Maybe add a second fan icon, one on each side of the...
  30. rotarypower101

    HVAC Feature Not Available on US Model 3s?

    If there is a physical flapper door that controls the vent OFF position to the passenger when Not present, then why can't there be a exposed setting that allows the vent to be closed when the passenger is present? If true, might that be able to be a setting/functionality that could be tapped...
  31. rotarypower101

    Always carry the key card

    Anyone know, does iOS support this feature, and if not what if anything is the limitation? Wondering about strategies how to reduce required items to 1 carried item. Possibly just keeping a keycard nested in a phone case if you don't carry a wallet commonly when leaving/parking the car on trips?
  32. rotarypower101

    Spare Tire Installed!

    Possible you have a more detailed post or thread on that option? Really interested in what is possible or how to optimize that detail, to the point I would DIY a new sheet metal lower storage structure were it possible to do in a clean way and store a full sized spare capable of normal freeway...
  33. rotarypower101

    Spare Tire Installed!

    Only when deemed Necessary for the temporary situation, sometimes there are clear reasons why you would want a full sized spare at the ready, and if that were possible without burning up the precious space above deck, I could really see the utility in the configuration. The space back there is...
  34. rotarypower101

    Spare Tire Installed!

    Really interested in this, glad to see a thread on the topic! And someone willing to modify to allow functionality that fits their needs, Thanks for sharing what you have learned OP! Wish fully compatible space would have been built into the design, and allow the user to allocate the space as...
  35. rotarypower101

    Model Y Performance - Track Mode

    Does this include the regen user selectable settings? If included, how is that recommended to set up regen for a user created "snow" setting around ice and snow when slick enough to cause the back to step out?
  36. rotarypower101

    Changes in Air Conditioning in 2021 Model 3?

    Old thread, I know, but was still interested if the newer HVAC system turned out to be perceptibly "noisier" and possibly less BTU capacity if anyone knows? Also has the newer heat pump evolved to address any of these details if it was found to be/seem noisier or slower to heat/cool ? How...
  37. rotarypower101

    Salvage 2022 Model Y LR. High Voltage Battery contactors not closing. Car has the new Li-Ion 12v battery.

    Thank you, been asking around for some time with no leads. Those look like the type of guys I am looking for, resourceful and innovative problem solving. Not the scratched=totaled crowd.
  38. rotarypower101

    How important are regen settings in snow and ice ?

    I invite you to come to the left coast side of NA and try it out on our rapid changes in elevation on heavily trafficked ice covered mountain roads. What kind of grades are you referencing? Downhill is not a fun proposition feeling a tire loose traction for any amount of time, especially when...
  39. rotarypower101

    How important are regen settings in snow and ice ?

    Would be interested to know at higher speeds if you think about it, and are out in conditions like that.
  40. rotarypower101

    How important are regen settings in snow and ice ?

    Completely agree, big proponent of Real winter specific tires, however I am Very curious as to how the system reacts to slipping due to regen, and on Good winter tires there is far less of that with much less effort, so I think that is a good bench mark to request when asking about the regen in...
  41. rotarypower101

    How important are regen settings in snow and ice ?

    With "Track Mode" on the performance models, is this still valid the user can modulate the regen percentage manually through non 3rd party means as well as control the F/R bias? Those sound like features that would be beneficial in very slick environments? And importantly is this equivalent to...
  42. rotarypower101

    How important are regen settings in snow and ice ?

    Read the regen settings, specifically OFF has been removed in 21’ ? Is this accurate? How do regen settings work now compared to how it used to work, before and after 21'? How does the current regen setting do when in very slick scenarios with Sumer tires? Decent winter tires? Does AWD VS...
  43. rotarypower101

    Rear wheel well liner question

    Anyone have an idea if the felt material is for sound damping, and if so how much difference does it make over the traditional smooth plastic fender liners that seem like they would be far more durable and shed off dirt/dust and water so much better? How many manufactures utilize that felt...
  44. rotarypower101

    Filling tires using 12v

    To highlight this point, I dont believe they gave any consideration to the wiring output for the trailer lighting output, its also ~16VDC which causes issues for lighting and trailer brake controllers. Which is why I am SO interested to know how the power socket has been designed for output, I...
  45. rotarypower101

    Filling tires using 12v

    Yeah, FD3S RX7, and a BMW335XI, so acutely aware of the engine bay posts and rear right battery under the side panel. The user name had some strange back history for me, and just stuck, so use it on forums. Yes , the power outlet I am REALLY curious about, have not seen anyone state its output...
  46. rotarypower101

    Filling tires using 12v

    Thanks, the question is more about how the new 16V battery doesn't have traditional battery posts limiting access with that type of connection, as well as the curiosity does the LV DC system via the power socket also have the elevated voltage of ~16VDC? Do people have to be careful what items...
  47. rotarypower101

    Filling tires using 12v

    For pumps with alligator clips Only like the Viair 300 and the newer LV battery, how are people utilizing equipment like that? Is it OK to use that LV DC power even if it is ~16VDC and not ~12VDC? What are the rules people are using with the higher voltage system and accessories?
  48. rotarypower101

    Headrest shatters vanity mirror

    Was this solved on later revisions? If yes, when? What ~production date
  49. rotarypower101

    Loud Aircon Issue 2021 Model 3 with Octovalve

    Is this just how it sounds on most of these M3 cars at that level, or was this sound found to be a issue that was solved via some means?
  50. rotarypower101

    Possible to darken wood trim?

    Is there an overlay that is ~ equivalent to the polestar dark with grain option you can see between the steering column and center screen out there?

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