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    Radar and Lumbar support

    You seem to forget that some people when ordering the car were advertise those feature. I don't feel bad for people who order the car now and those feature are already remove and the product information page is already updated. Same like when you when you order your car and the feature you...
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    Passenger lumbar support missing from new MY

    I have to agree with a lot of people sentiment here, if I order the car and it have certain function I definitely would like to have all my function, it does not matter if I used it often or not used it at all. Basically you only get 99% of what you pay for, I guess some people are ok with not...
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    Who has moved from the MY LR RWD to the LR AWD and kept their original FSD price?

    Only FSD price will math to your old pricing from my experience, all other price will be using the current price. I have to give up Black Paint, it was free when I order but not anymore.
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    Who has moved from the MY LR RWD to the LR AWD and kept their original FSD price?

    It should not take you more than 1 day to get a loan and insurance, even when you get a VIN, it may still take about a week before you get a car. They won't deliver your car until you can upload your insurance or finance information. So don't have to feel rush just because you got a VIN, I was...
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    Who has moved from the MY LR RWD to the LR AWD and kept their original FSD price?

    Look up Texas location, they all should know what to do. Look at the fort worth or plano or even southlake location, people at these location is one I have work with.
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    Tesla Cancelled Model Y order and Lost 7k FSD

    I'm surprise that everyone is still having hard time switching from LR RWD to AWD and keep their original FSD. I live in the Dallas area and I'm pretty sure all the people work at these showroom know they can do that. I'm getting delivery soon and already have my FSD price adjusted on my...
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    Who has moved from the MY LR RWD to the LR AWD and kept their original FSD price?

    Here is further proof for you. We are picking up soon and our price just got adjusted. Referral Credit is what they use to do the adjustment. Model Y $39,990.00 Full Self-Driving Capability $10,000.00 Long Range All-Wheel Drive $9,000.00 Seven Seat Interior $3,000.00 Destination Fee $1,125.00...
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    Whoa...just got an offer for $52k

    That doesn't sound like a good deal for a use car at all... Almost the same cost as a new build.
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    Model Y Long Range Rear Wheel Drive (LR RWD)

    What is the old pricing you speak off? are you trying to get the FSD pricing of when you reserve? If that is the case they will do that for you. I actually switch and got FSD for 5000, at the same time, the car cost a bit less vs when I originally order.
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    Price Increase on a 7-seat Model Y 2019 Reservation

    My recommendation to you is to call them and insist that you were told out no other price was going to be change, if they keep insisting ask them to go back and listen to the conversation you had, it should be recorded. The reason why I say this was because I switch from model Y LR RWD to LR...
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    Who has moved from the MY LR RWD to the LR AWD and kept their original FSD price?

    It is in writing as far as I'm concern, they have documented on my account, I have spoken with a few different representative and they all confirm that there is a (ticket) attached to my order that will give me the $5000 once the car is assign and ready for delivery. Also when they did the...
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    Who has moved from the MY LR RWD to the LR AWD and kept their original FSD price?

    Also, most sale person should know about this, if they tell you they don't just ask for the regional manager or tell them to check with their region manager. Seem to get a response really quick.
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    Who has moved from the MY LR RWD to the LR AWD and kept their original FSD price?

    I have switch over from the model Y LR RWD to the AWD. Like the other poster have mention, it is best to just call and they can do the switch, it will update on your account with the current pricing, but will credit you the different on the FSD at the time of delivery/payment. So in my case...
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    RWD LR Order?

    Got a call from a Tesla Delivery specialist that is assign to me to complete all my paper work in regard to my trade in and my financing, so I can get a VIN assign. Once again I have the 3rd row seat on my order so I wonder if they are producing the 3rd row? Also do I have to stick with the...
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    RWD LR Order?

    Just got an email from tesla asking me to complete the rest of my information with in 72 hours. They want me to take picture of my trade in and give them financing information or choose tesla finance option. I order the Y with LR RWD with 7 seater so it super odd to see that email.
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    RWD LR Order?

    Ahh ok I guess that make sense, I guess my option for the Seven Seat Interior cost another $3,000.
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    RWD LR Order?

    So we reserve Model Y the 2nd day it was available. We choose LR RWD, and I talk with a Manager at one of the local store and he told he would be looking into my reservation and could possible do some price match for me to switch to AWD. However I'm not sure how my original quote price...

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