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    Is there any camera assistance when overtaking on European roads?

    If a head on collision is likely then the car will certainly warn you with sound and vision and apply emergency breaking.
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    Data limit reached?

    Why is 15mins very arbitrary? Whatever limit is applied is just as arbitrary, and you can't expect to live stream video without some limit on data usage.
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    Stated Range vs Real World

    What makes you think Teslafi prevents your car from sleeping, it doesn't mine. Maybe you should look at Teslafi settings or avoid using the app to check on the car.
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    Model Y UK Delivery

    They will not stay with the car, they are tied to your account.
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    screen cleaning

    "dehydrogen oxide" What is this?
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    Teslas and UK ‘don’t touch your phone’ laws

    Or getting a chewed up tape out of the tape player, finding a radio station, adjusting the heater ......
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    [uk impact] Tesla Vision - Removal of UltraSonic Sensors

    I presume you bought "just any old crap" otherwise I don't see how you cold make a valid comment.
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    Q4 collections, tales and experiences

    Put in a service request they will fix it remotely.
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    What is tyre drag

    Without "tyre drag" you wouldn't get far. "Tyre drag" = traction
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    Frozen windscreen washers

    Have you not heard of homeopathy?
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    FSD visualisations in the UK

    The visualisations you see are only a small part of what the car actually sees and identifies. There is not room to show all.
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    Model Y UK Delivery

    Fasten the seat belt.
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    Super Charging Kings Lynn

    Isn't it easier just to not get a ticket by following the instructions?
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    Octopus Energy, including Intelligent and go

    Check in Google maps it's probably wrong there which is the reason. You can get Google to update the house number, although it takes a while to be done.
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    MYLR all season tyres

    Glad I got them 2 weeks ago. There was bound to be a rush once the media started on their "we're all going to be snowed in" annual bad news.
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    MYLR all season tyres

    My insurance was ok. They would not payout if I claimed when doing 130mph so the fact that the car top speed is a theoretical 135mph is of no consequence.
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    MYLR all season tyres

    Try ATS Euromaster for cross climate 2 suv. I had them fitted 4 weeks ago.
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    Model Y UK Delivery

    You really expect Tesla to allocate you a car and a reg number without paying them anything?
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    MYP UK Waiting Room

    If you look back a few posts you will answer your first two. Car will appear in your app when the owner (lease company) enable it.
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    UK and Ireland Marketplace - For Sale / Wanted / Free

    I have 4 original tyres >2000 mikes hankook Ventus S1 evo3 255/45R19 104W Recently taken off.
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    Model Y UK Delivery

    They will refund it to you, check with them if you're unsure.
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    Model Y UK Delivery

    Just cancel the MYLR and order the MYP easy.
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    EV's to pay Road Tax from April 2025

    When were you told you were exempt from VED, it was always stated that certain vehicles were zero rate, this is not the the same as exempted. Electric vehicles were exempted from luxury vehicle tax which is a different tax.
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    UK and Ireland Marketplace - For Sale / Wanted / Free

    For sale 4 Hankook Ventus S1 evo3 ev tyres for Model Y LR 255/45R19 104W original tyres <2,000 miles no punctures or repairs. Collect from Hutton Rudby Nr Yarm North Yorkshire. Would consider delivery or meet within 25 Miles. Looking for c £400 or reasonable offer.
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    Winter with a Tesla

    Tyre speed rating for MOT test state that it must be higher than 70mph. As it's illegal to drive at a speed higher than 70mph I don't think you could be legally or insurance wise penalised for fitting H speed index tyres. I have just fitted Crossclimate 2 suv and am very happy with them. I found...
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    MYP UK Waiting Room

    What boat would that be!
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    EV's to pay Road Tax from April 2025

    If I'm still alive and driving in 2925 I'll happily pay VED or road tax whatever you want to call it.
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    New feature, pop the door on latest app

    No, you'll get it when your time comes.
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    Unprovoked road rage...

    If I were you I would turn my spell check on!
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    Tesla account(s) advice, I'm confused

    I can't see you would be able to see it using your work email as that would be a different account.
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    Tesla account(s) advice, I'm confused

    You will be able to add the charger to your app and see the usage from that.
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    [uk impact] Tesla Vision - Removal of UltraSonic Sensors

    I quote BMW. "Soon to be released, the very first BMW i7 pushes the envelope further in the luxury electric saloon market" Unless you know different!
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    [uk impact] Tesla Vision - Removal of UltraSonic Sensors

    How do you know that it's not even available yet.
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    What's everyones insurance renewals this year?

    They don't live in London!
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    Car Wifi Signal

    Not it is not. It's in the right hand side wing mirror.
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    Car Wifi Signal

    Make sure you connect at 2.4MHz as Tesla vehicles do not seem to like 5MHz WiFi.
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    Q3 collections, new owners tales and experiences

    Check the voice control language setting, mine was set to Dutch despite all the others being set to English UK.
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    Myenergi Libbi Battery

    Tesla powerwall with a gateway provide seamless power in a power cut, and allow solar PV to continue to provide power.
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    Octopus Energy, including Intelligent and go

    It is a VPP, Tesla is a registered energy generator and at times of high demand they take power out of the powerwalls to supply the grid, and at times of low demand they put power back in to the powerwalls. The import and export tarrif is the same so that the customer does not pay for the import...
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    Octopus Energy, including Intelligent and go

    Have you not seen the Tesla Energy Plan available to powerwall owners via Octopus.
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    UK 2022 Orders to Delivery inc the shipping thread for posts with no shipping news

    If you looked a couple of posts back you would see the answer is no.
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    Model Y Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Gen-3 - Tyre options

    Speed rating does not need to match as I assume you won't be driving above 130mph. MOT only requires tyres to be rated for over 70mph. You do need to check with your insurance company though.
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    New hazard light update

    If you read the information the H.E.L.P system is only for USA and does not operate in other countries. This is not provided by Tesla but a separate company.
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    Q3 collections, new owners tales and experiences

    If you are on a lease this is one of the things you won't see.
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    MYLR all season tyres

    Hi, Anyone fitted all season tyres, not much choice if you want speed and load to match OEM tyres.
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    No TACC or Autopilot - Genuine issue or bad service?

    Do all your camera's work? You can check some of them when in reverse.
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    UK Model Y owners

    It runs on to dry the system out to prevent mould growth.
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    Model Y UK Delivery

    Prefix is related to the place the vehicle is registered with the DVLA.
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    [UK] 2022.36

    In a left hand drive the same problem would exist only it would be your right hand blocking the view.
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    UK 2022 Orders to Delivery inc the shipping thread for posts with no shipping news

    Actually they buy the car and rent it to you long term.

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