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    Tesla Solar in Houston & Surrounding Area’s

    2/1 = 8.2
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    Tesla Solar in Houston & Surrounding Area’s

    Same (got 2)...told my friend to get more than 2, he waiting to get an install date
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    Tesla Solar in Houston & Surrounding Area’s

    I started to think about trying to use weather data to adjust how much to charge the PW then send the rest to the grid but not sure I want to spend that much time on it.
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    Tesla Solar in Houston & Surrounding Area’s

    I guess it's supposed to be set and forget it...but the AI is a bit off so that's why I created a c#/.NET app using the Tesla API but it does requires a PC so it can be scheduled to run at certain times. I can change different options (backup percentage, operating mode and storm mode) probably...
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    Keeping PW+ at fixed charge percentage

    I can't guarantee these settings will work for you...I think the AI may play a role in it not always sending to the grid... Using "Peak", I use buy=.26 and sell=.03 from 7am to 9pm. When I switch to time-base mode, it will send to the grid instead of the pw.
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    Tesla Solar in Houston & Surrounding Area’s

    Currently, the way I do it, is to be in self-powered mode, till 9pm and switch to time based. Then, 7am switch it back to self-powered. I wrote a c#/.net app and it scheduled on a pc so I don't have to manually switch. I need to add the storm alert mode to be disabled till 9pm to prevent the...
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    Tesla Solar in Houston & Surrounding Area’s

    The normal 90%
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    Tesla Solar in Houston & Surrounding Area’s

    I was getting decent response until going PTO... I guess I'll have to be a little more forceful 😀
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    Tesla Solar in Houston & Surrounding Area’s

    Yes, at that point you can "grid" charge the PW and charge your cars etc... This will also help during cloudy days and you'll probably end up with money as you'll never take from the grid (pay wise). I'm in Pearland and tried to get them to enable grid charging and still get no response...
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    Tesla Solar in Houston & Surrounding Area’s

    Mine was scheduled June 23-24 and they arrived as scheduled and finished the next day 17kW and 2 PW PTO was approved Sept 15 (almost 3 months)
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    FSD beta expansion to new beta testers June 2022

    Quick question, I thought you didn't need to pay for FSD to be part of the beta program? Is that a possibility some people are stuck.
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    Has there been an update recently

    I've have 10.10 beta FSD (2021.44.30.15) 2019 MX
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    Is it possible to install a radar sensor myself on a "no radar" Model Y/3

    Not sure how up-to-date the site is but it's interesting to read... https://tinkla.us/index.php/Welcome_to_Tinkla!
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    FSD FW stuck at V10.5

    I'm on 10.6.1 (2019 MX), you're not missing much. I think 10.8 is a better update to get anyway...
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    The unofficial "when do I get my FSD beta update" FAQ

    Reboot after getting to your destination. The data will not get sent to Tesla, you'll lose the miles but it won't effect your score. Just me, I think everyone needs to do more "manual" driving and not use auto pilot. I was sitting at 98/99 for at least a month, then I thought about it, maybe...
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    Just me. But when I did a couple days of manual driving I got beta where as waited a few weeks at 98 and nothing. Worth a shot since whatever we are doing is not working to see if we get it faster...
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    I was at 98 for a while (3+ weeks) then moved into the 99 and was there for a while (1 week+) then I realized something. Auto pilot miles will not count even though it shows it on the score, so do more manual driving and after a day or two I got beta. Might want to try that and see if it helps...
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    Blog Lucid Air Dream Edition Rated at 520 Miles of Range

    I'll take the MS Plaid and live with less range for $125k
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    Blog Tesla Plans to Sell Energy to Texans

    Unfortunately, ERCOT doesn't know anything about freezing temps with NG, coal... Looks like for us Texans that it might be a one stop shop: car/solar/backup/power/etc
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    Blog Report: Apple Talking to Korean Suppliers for EV Project

    3rd party addon will void your warrantee :)
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    Blog Long Range Model S/X Get $5,000 Price Increase

    Prices for all goods are rising, just not cars...
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    Opening owner's manual crashes Tesla M3 computer.

    Yes, I had it happen on our 2020 MYLR, it caused the air conditioning to go MAX and the screen locked up. Took a while before it rebooted. So I started driving back home and it started to come back after a few blocks.
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    Blog AMD RDNA 2 Architecture to Power Tesla’s Infotainment System

    Will it be as hard to get as a PS5 :)
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    FSD V9 Beta

    It was more scope creep than any boss from my experience. Business requirements change or added all the time but the deadline never changes (normally). Building a big software package is very complicated, you have multiple groups/programmers making changes everywhere.
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    Cruise control / Auto Pilot is Garbage

    The map they use maybe out of date or the road has been moved/shifted recently, if you can repeat the braking at the same spot most likely it's the map. It does not total use the cameras or map sort of a combo of both.
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    It's probably a checksum as previous post has suggested. So 13 would be bad also? Don't sweat it...
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    Think this more of a maps issue than the car firmware...especially if it happens at the same spot
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    TeslaFi Stats - Is this consolidation a clue?

    It can be done but I've not seen any Tesla firmware do this.
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    RWD 3-row Model Y order cancelled by Tesla

    They are supposed start deliveries in Dec. per Elon in a tweet in Oct.
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    Software Update 2020.44.10.1?

    The FSD beta was probably built in that version so if they do another release they will have to build with 2020.44.xx. Not sure if they will rollback anybody at this point...
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    2020.40.8 Performance MY no range update

    Range/battery anxiety...also, everybody drives differently so not everybody will get the same number. Just change to percentage and stop worrying about it. Imagine if your phone was in minutes....:p
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    Model Y Firmware Poll

    I'm at 2020.40.3 as of yesterday, make sure your connected on wifi.
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    Texas Model Ys

    I've been waiting longer...
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    Future of FSD after "traffic light & stop sign response" release

    You can't be the lead car right now...there has to be a car in front of you to have it "auto" go
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    Teslacam captures the idiot drivers...

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    Battery Degradation - Two Model Y's - P vs AWD

    You don't want to start the car by trying to cool below 78 is what I found on our MX, let the AC build up the pressure for a minute or so then you can lower the temp. Otherwise, it will sound like a Falcon 9 blasting off...
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    Tesla Delays Semi Deliveries Until 2021

    Probably because of the judgement against them so they will need to modify the outside cab to avoid the "lawsuit".
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    RWD LR Order?

    Been like that for awhile... "you don't need LR RWD"..."it's not the car your looking for"...
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    Model Y White Interior Deliveries?

    At this point, I don't think interior color is an issue any more... The only thing seems to be 3rd row that may need to wait...
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    RWD LR Order?

    Everyone will have "prepare for delivery" It's just the first step, you will be contacted when your car is ready to be built... Take a deep breath....relax
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    Will Tesla upgrade 18 in wheel to 19 for free?

    Same mine is now 20" wheels looks like no more chrome as well...
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    SpaceX F9 - Comm Crew In Flight Abort - LC-39A

    I don't think they ever disclosed whether or not they survived the initial "break up" but most people believe they did and probably talked on the way down (probably from the recordings), NASA will likely never release this info.
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    Jaguar I-Pace

    I really think they do not want to change their business model (see music industry and how well that went), they want to keep their service/dealers centers in place because there is a lot of money to be made there. Also, the dealer's don't want any of this "new" stuff because we still make...
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    I need to change from cash to Tesla financing. Will this push me back in line?

    I don't think so, as long as you have the financing approved with Alliant, you should be good to go.
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    Can't refer for a Model Y?

    I think you'll be able to once they contact you about the configuration, etc. you can have them put in a referral code at that time. Until then, just have to wait...hopefully soon
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    Cybertruck in the Wild

    Usually, the software will allow you to scale the object. As long your printer can print that particular size, otherwise, you'll have to cut it into pieces and glue/join it together.
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    Doors not opening fully first thing

    It might be the location setting for your garage, try taking the car outside of the garage (so the door will fully open) and set open "fully" at this location.
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    model y vs bmw x4 ,x6

    The X6 is closer to the Model X in size so you should probably use the X4
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    Slacker and Spotify Observations

    I get that on streaming as well, I usually exit and come back it's fine. Like the connection was not good the first time but fine the second time.

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