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    WTB Gemini wheels or Induction NJ

    Yeah I’m still in the market for them
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    WTB Gemini wheels or Induction NJ

    WTB Model Y induction of Gemini wheels with tires New Jersey area.
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    Does rated range decrease in cold weather?

    Cold weather kills the range of electric cars especially if you use the climate because that alone uses tons on electric
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    News for Model X owners with the dreaded shudder

    Just dropped off my vehicle for the shudder repair. They are doing half shafts and clevis mount. Hopefully I get it back tomorrow. I'm not a fan of the 2013 model S I'm in at the current moment.
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    Just placed an order for a Used p90DL

    close to the same price as yours. I had a problem with the backup camera and mobile service came and replaced it. I had 22" on mine not sure if yours are the same.
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    Just placed an order for a Used p90DL

    I got my P90DL a month and a half ago and its been so much fun for me. I love it and don't mind AP1 what so ever. I do wish I had the entertainment options the newer ones have but whatever save 50k for almost same performance.
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    v10 Vent?

    Can anyone confirm this on the iPhone version of remote? Also if so where is the button to roll up windows
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    Blackvue installers

    I live in New Jersey and looking for a place to have the blackvue cameras installed in my vehicle. Does anyone know of any installers in the area that you’ve used before?
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    Model X Vent Feature

    The windows do go up slightly when the door is closed so hopefully they can figure a way to make it go all the way up eventually.
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    Beat Sonic Screen mirroring....

    Has anyone installed the Beat Sonic screen mirroring system? I was thinking about getting it since we most likely wont be getting any screen mirroring in the future for MCU1 systems. If you have done it can you tell me how your experience has been. Is it worth it in your opinion.
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    Model X Vent Feature

    I hope they do add it to the X it would be a shame because like the other poster said close is much more useful than vent.
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    Model X Vent Feature

    Mine the rear ones open too.
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    Model X Vent Feature

    Well that sucks.... I wonder if it’s because we don’t have window up remote relay.
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    Model X Vent Feature

    Is it just my 2016 Model X or every year that has v10 get the Vent function but not the Close button after?
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    P90D → P100D upgrade?

    Would this even be an option anymore?
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    2016 Model X AP 1 V.10?

    That suck ass!
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    V10 questions 2016 Model x

    does anyone know the details to the V10 software update for 2016 MX? I trying to see if we’re going to get theater mode and other new features or is it only beneficial to the newer models?
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    Clicking Noise coming from wheels

    I will definitely check my tires tomorrow. Thanks for the suggestions
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    Clicking Noise coming from wheels

    The seems to drive fine so I’m pretty much going to just live with it until I can’t stand it.
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    Clicking Noise coming from wheels

    I don’t think it’s the wheels after all. It might be something loose in the convenience package. I’m gonna have Tesla look at it next time I’m in the area
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    Clicking Noise coming from wheels

    I recently started hearing a clicking noise coming from driver side wheels. It happens when I accelerate and decelerate at low speeds. The sound is exactly the sound of a torq wrench when it meets the amount of torq you set it to.
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    KEY in MX & other ?'s

    Problem if you keep the key in the car at a spot where the car reads it, it keeps the car on and drains your battery slowly. If you keep the key in the spot I said it can put the car to sleep after a certain amount of time
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    KEY in MX & other ?'s

    You can leave the keys in the car as long as you leave it in the dead spot that’s located in your trunk. There’s a spot in the rear trunk that is a dead zone meaning the car can’t read the key. Tesla service leaves the key in car for people to pick up their car using their phone all the time...
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    Model X Key Fob Battery Issue

    Tesla mobile service had to replace my fob completely because it took a crap on me and I took delivery just 2 weeks ago on a model x 2016
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    Model X 20” Slipstream Wheels/Rims

    if only you were in the east coast
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    Vendor For Sale: Blackvue Dash Cams - Surveillance for your Tesla *NEW*

    Interested in the blackvue camera shipped to 07740 open box or new if you could PM me Thanks
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    X hit by 17 year old kid who just got his license, what now?

    That damage is gonna be way more than 30k. I think in airbags alone is 30k if all deployed. I remember in my rav4 they told me if driver side airbags and driver side curtain airbags deploy its 12k minimum. You look like all of them deployed. Your best bet is to have them total that vehicle...
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    Tesla Model X P90DL Price check & questions

    I just took delivery for a used model x p90d on August 30th. So far the car itself has been amazing. The vehicle is very fun to drive as long as you have somewhere to charge it when you’re home (my first mistake). I had to go to a super charger every few days until yesterday my wall charger was...

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