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  1. Razdds2

    How in the world does one lower rear center console??

    Find a small button on the back of the headrest on that center seat
  2. Razdds2

    Car in repair shop since July 1st, no ETA on missing part. What to do?

    Got my car back finally. Have to take it back though because the parking sensors in the front weren't installed right and it is giving me an error message. Oddly enough, doesn't allow auto lane shift on the highway autopilot because of this.
  3. Razdds2

    New delivery - missing close windows on lock

    Same with my dad's Model Y picked up yesterday, I was setting up all the ideal settings and had to find this thread to understand why Windows Close on Lock was missing. Not a big deal, I just always enjoy watching the the windows close together on the MS.
  4. Razdds2

    Car in repair shop since July 1st, no ETA on missing part. What to do?

    Part came in after I harassed UPS many times and finally got a manager to do something about it. Still haven't gotten my car back, they are doing last checkups and all. I will let you know how the diminished value recovery process goes. Insurance handler told me they can only start after I...
  5. Razdds2

    Car in repair shop since July 1st, no ETA on missing part. What to do?

    I figured it is time to ask and seek about other remedies. The at-fault drivers insurance company has been paying for the repairs and my rental since July 1st. The collision repair shop is waiting for a seat belt restraint part, and just today told me they have no ETA on it. Car is a 2021...
  6. Razdds2

    2021 MS Plaid accident, radiator support is structural or not?

    So the other insurance company already admitted liability. They rented me a Kia. Got hit from the front, no airbag deployment. Hood, bumper, lights, other front parts being replaced. I am going for a diminished value claim and loss of use claim. The body shop said among the parts they are...
  7. Razdds2


    What's the yoke buzz?
  8. Razdds2


    I don't see any icon to for the windshield wiper, would have liked something for raise suspension as well. Also, after this update my Boombox doesn't show options for sounds while driving or summon sound, only horn now.
  9. Razdds2

    Yoke horn

    Can someone with a post Nov horn comment if it feels like it can be pushed in. Mine is a Sept.2021 build.
  10. Razdds2

    Taillight upgrade for 2021 refresh?

    It's also surprising an aftermarket manufacturer has not come up with new lights for the Model S. The Model 3 has options, but the Model S has been around since 2013.
  11. Razdds2

    Taillight upgrade for 2021 refresh?

    Any thoughts on if us 2021 model s refresh owners will get an option to swap out for the new tail lights? Very disappointing that Tesla sold refreshed cars only to change the tail lights 6 months later.
  12. Razdds2

    Boom box custom horn won’t stay selected

    I thought this was only me...looks like it's the common issue.
  13. Razdds2

    Anyone tried active noise cancellation in 2021.40?

    On wifi every night and no updates here
  14. Razdds2

    Pre-$5K hike Model S LR reservation, best way to transfer/sell after delivery ?

    I wrote an email to his advisor and copied him, then spoke on the phone to them. At first they didn't know how to do it, but then it was transfered to my account via switching emails and then registration was easily changed. Wish I could say more details but on my end that's all I know. If the...
  15. Razdds2

    Getting new arachnids powder coated and brakes painted

    No more pictures at the moment, the car is quite dirty so I will be washing it on Sunday. The calipers were painted and black decals put on them.
  16. Razdds2

    Getting new arachnids powder coated and brakes painted

    I went with semi-gloss, just wanted it to closely match the black trim on the car. Really happy the way it turned out.
  17. Razdds2

    Getting new arachnids powder coated and brakes painted

    Dropping off the black plaid today for a new look. Brakes will be painted yellow with black Tesla lettering. Wheels will be full gloss or semi gloss, hard to choose but leaning towards full gloss because it'll match the trim. Does anyone have pics of yellow brakes or glossy wheels on their S?
  18. Razdds2

    Reflective wrap on my brake calipers (w/ pictures)

    Curious how these have held up. I am considering using reflective yellow to wrap my calipers.
  19. Razdds2

    Pre-$5K hike Model S LR reservation, best way to transfer/sell after delivery ?

    Not only transferred, but I took delivery on Sept 29th!!!!
  20. Razdds2

    No more kW in energy widget

    On the refresh, you can see below your car on the autopilot visualization a bar that is white when accelerating and green when regenerating. No values, just a plain bar that moves in either direction.
  21. Razdds2

    Love/Hate the Plaid

    Can't say anything bad about the yoke either. I pressed the wiper button once and just learned to keep my right thumb away. I've said this in other threads, but if you fundamentally can't use it then you have been driving incorrectly your entire life.
  22. Razdds2

    Buying older 21" turbines to replace Arachnids on Plaid Model S

    TSportline may make some. I originally started this thread because in pictures I wasn't a huge fan of the new arachnids, but having driven my Plaid for over 100 miles I actually appreciate the curves and shadows of the rims and may just powder coat them satin black down the road. I don't know...
  23. Razdds2

    P100D owner thing of Plaid

    Plaid has much more power on the highway. In my Model X P100D I felt slow above 70mph, it just didn't accelerate the way I wanted. This Plaid is just nuts, much happier with the interior too. It is by far the most refined car Tesla has ever produced.
  24. Razdds2

    Plaid Vibration around 38-42MPH....

    Can attest I have no vibration. VIN 442***. Tried cruising on my local roads in the 35-45 MPH range but could not replicate the vibration. Seems more likely to be a tire mount/balance issue that can be readily resolved.
  25. Razdds2

    Has anyone had to reject a car?

    Very happy to report my Plaid was flawless except for the little worm on the yoke as everyone else has. It came with all the covers, keys, floor mats, and I noticed mine has paint protection film on the side in front of the rear wheels. The arachnids look much better in person than in pictures...
  26. Razdds2

    Yoke Steering

    It's possible that people who complain so much about it were not driving properly to begin with. Turning is very simple with the yoke, but if you spent years of your life turning your steering wheel by doing the "hands over hands" thing then you were simply driving incorrectly from the start.
  27. Razdds2

    Yoke Steering

    Just picked up my plaid. Drove down the highway and then through city streets, parked a few times doing errands. Very easy to use the yoke, it took a few minutes to position property but from there it was easy to use. Not sure how people manage to have issues with it.
  28. Razdds2

    How many miles did your NEW 2021 MSLR or Plaid come with?

    My VIN is at 442*** 15 miles for pickup today, so I second what was said about the older build date.
  29. Razdds2

    Has anyone had to reject a car?

    Scheduled to pickup today around 1pm. Very excited but nervous, which is not something I have ever felt about a Tesla before. I never had any fears in my head picking up three previous cars from them. Maybe it is all the reading on this forum...
  30. Razdds2

    Reflective brake calipers

    Picking up the Plaid on Wednesday and want to get the brake calipers wrapped in 3M reflective vinyl in either black or yellow. I ordered samples but can't seem to get the results I see in videos on Youtube where the calipers appear to glow. Has anyone does this to their brakes and do they like it?
  31. Razdds2

    Why is the glass roof so dark tinted on the refresh?

    All good to hear, having to tint that big piece was a concern but not anymore since most people says it's really dark from the factory.
  32. Razdds2

    Why is the glass roof so dark tinted on the refresh?

    I'm glad to hear you say it seems really dark, I was hoping to not have to tint it more in south Florida.
  33. Razdds2

    Noise when moving in reverse

    Have you never seen a model 3 reverse? It's a special noise coming from your boombox by design.
  34. Razdds2

    Picking up Plaid Wed 29th, any common issues to watch out for?

    So the time is almost here after such a long wait...and reading these threads has me nervous about finding issues with a brand new $140k car. I know only the complaints get posted so you are dealing with a skewed perspective here. Besides the common worm on the yoke, what else to watch out for?
  35. Razdds2

    Has anyone powder coated the new Arachnids?

    Yes but I'm not confident in that lasting through a bunch of car washes.
  36. Razdds2

    Has anyone powder coated the new Arachnids?

    Curious if anyone here has changed the wheels from gray to black, maybe even with plastidip. Pictures to show off your wheels!
  37. Razdds2

    Has anyone had to reject a car?

    Ok that sounds like a good plan then, I'll just show up on delivery day and after inspection will go to the online account and submit the ACH.
  38. Razdds2

    Has anyone had to reject a car?

    Got it, will just check it in advance of delivery day and then wire and drive back to get it. I'll ask if they will accept personal check on delivery day to avoid the double drive.
  39. Razdds2

    Has anyone had to reject a car?

    I'm curious what happens when you paid for your car right before delivery and then reject it due to unfixable issues such as bad paint. Has anyone done that here?
  40. Razdds2

    Model S "Team September"

    Same, have a VIN now and EDD of Sept 22-28!!
  41. Razdds2

    Model S "Team September"

    That's probably more accurate. I have the same Sept 17-30 dates but guy at the store said it is likely mid October.
  42. Razdds2

    Model S plaid vs Model X plaid for road trips?

    I've had both the S and now an X six seater and can confirm the S can fit way more stuff. Now if the X had the 5 seat configuration it would fit more though, but the 6 seat arrangement is more attractive looking.
  43. Razdds2

    2021+ Model S Refresh - white interior thread

    My backup order placed late August for MSM, White CF, 21's is now Late Dec to Jan
  44. Razdds2

    Second Model S Plaid just got VIN assigned: Keep the first one or sell it and take second?

    I wish I could have that CF one...my order is pre 10k increase as well but with the FSD
  45. Razdds2

    South Florida Plaid thread

    RN1142 order, Black, cream CF, 21s, FSD. EDD is Sept 17-30 What about you other guys?
  46. Razdds2

    2021+ Model S Refresh - white interior thread

    That'd be fantastic, are you searching from pics on this forum? I'd do it if I knew how.
  47. Razdds2

    2021+ Model S Refresh - white interior thread

    Anxiously waiting to see how a pic of cream seats with CF look. Haven't seen that yet, and that's my order.

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