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    Domoticz Home Automation

    You really need to have a look at home assistant instead of Domoticz.
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    M3 washing by hand (2 bucket method)

    I suppose the final thing I have to say about DI is that I only ever wash off with it. That gives me more litres before a recharge.
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    M3 washing by hand (2 bucket method)

    I have a DI water, pressure washer and ceramic coat. I’m quiet happy to collect dirt until the worst of the season is over. My car like most doesn’t have mud flaps and there is a known issue with micro scratches with salt in the winter months. In the winter the dirt is truly adding extra layer...
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    Epic Fail

    Try a full reboot with boot diagnostics, see my previous posts. That will fix a software issue, does however sound like a sensor.
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    Payment at Tesla superchargers

    I charge everywhere. My advice, download zap map and use that to plan a route. It will select some chargers for you, register for those in advance if you can. Annoyingly each provider is different, be prepared to call them up if for some reason charging doesn’t start.
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    Reversing camera dead? Or some setting?

    Worth mentioning that a full reboot and diagnostic check cures most problems. Getting your car to do this isn’t trivial. A reboot is easy but a full diag check requires the car to go into deep sleep (and come out!). Loads of things can stop the car going into deep sleep, sentry or something...
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    Day 1 Reservation Gift

    I got myself a print. Didn’t even know that was the gift! Turn my rear heated seats back on. That’s the gift I want.
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    SR+ parcel shelf speakers

    Yep interested. I had a look and I think mine are there. I feel quite lucky as I didn’t pay for the premium interior but got a car that had it. Seem to have everything but the sub in the back.
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    [email protected] is a complete waste of time

    Yep, customer service is terrible. Turns out an app and a website are no match for trained staff. who knew? im still waiting over a month on a response from that address.
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    Do I have premium sound??

    If you have a sub in the boot then you have premium.
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    Can front camera be adjusted

    No, very bad things will happen in the software.
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    M3 Struts for Trunk/Frunk Auto-Lift

    Seriously, how much force do you think is being applied here??? The mount points will have been tested to forces orders of magnitude higher that what’s being talked about. You don’t want a scally just pulling your frunk or boot up do you, or it coming open during a crash. I’ve fitted rear...
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    Rear Camera Issue

    Agreed, I think this is a result of the latest firmware.
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    Rear Camera Issue

    Occasionally sentry doesn’t give the cameras back to the rest of the system. This then causes a whole load of faults. No rear camera, no auto pilot usually some SOS warning. Soft reboot doesn’t fix it. In these cases you need to unplug everything (usb devices) and turn off sentry. Get the car...
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    Rear Camera Issue

    Oh the other way is to disconnect the 12v line and cause a full power off. I would do this to save any kind of trip to the menders
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    Rear Camera Issue

    Power off the car and wait until you hear a clunk (15m maybe, make sure that you don’t use the app/api to check on the car). You need the car to go into deep sleep, when it comes out it will do a self test. If a self test ever fails you tend to lose the camera.
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    Aero or Not to Aero

    I’m no Aero. I spent a long time looking for stats. A US owner had shared a spreadsheet of 6 months of daily commutes with and without Aeros. He worked out that it saved him a few cents a week. I was going to spend £££ on better wheels. For 2p a week I don’t have to.
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    Software Update & Spotify

    When the car comes out of sleep it seems to cure most things. Problem is Spotify functionality is buggy as hell.
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    UK customer service gone insane?

    I sent an email back saying that someone should call me, no response to that. I also went on the Tesla site and wrote a more official complaint, no response to that either. Separately I’ve got a mobile repair unit coming to fix my charging port this week.
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    UK customer service gone insane?

    The problem is I have outstanding defects that I haven’t had a timescale for a fix. I don’t really want to sign anything until that’s in the works.
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    UK customer service gone insane?

    I don't really want to name names, post emails etc but the main body of the message is <RE the paperwork> There was an error when you signed for your vehicle and until all the documents are signed the car will continue to be property of Tesla. If signed documents are not received today then we...
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    UK customer service gone insane?

    Threatening me with my car being taken away is a way to get exactly 0% of what you want.
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    UK customer service gone insane?

    Its a 'Sale Declaration and Certificate of Examination' The email is from a tesla.com address with a valid digital signature. The VIN on the paperwork is correct.
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    UK customer service gone insane?

    Long time lurker first time poster. Took delivery of my M3 a few weeks ago, all the paperwork was filled out on the day. Today I got an email saying that there was a 'system error' and that I needed to return some paperwork ASAP. But that's not all. In the email the Tesla rep actually...

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