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  1. JenniferH

    Big Island- Lex Brodie's Pahoa experience

    I recently had a nail in my model 3 tire that happened to go flat while parked in my garage. I called Tesla roadside assistance and they provided a flatebed tow for the time I had requested. I took it to Lex Brodies in Pahoa and they did a terrific job. They had and knew to use the jack point...
  2. JenniferH

    Is anyone impressed with the overly-hyped "holiday update"?

    I thoroughly enjoy the reconfigured UI (although haven't had much time to get familiar since I was just updated last night) and the new games and boombox. Yes the pedestrian sound options are not exactly game-changing but they are hella fun, especially since you can use any sounds at all, not...
  3. JenniferH

    Safety inspection Big Island

    I am due for a renewal of the safety inspection and wondering if anyone has used a particular place they can reccomend? I have never had an electric car safety inspection before, do they drive your car for this or just sit in it and work the horn/lights?
  4. JenniferH

    Since update 24.6.9 I have no sentry viewer capabilities

    I really don't understand where exactly the problem stemmed from, but I removed my ssd and deleted files, then reinserted and used the car's new automatic format option and everything immediately went back to normal. The dashcam icon returned and sentry viewer has now also returned.
  5. JenniferH

    Since update 24.6.9 I have no sentry viewer capabilities

    I have tried a reboot with no success. I have no option to use the sentry viewer in the car anymore and my dashcam also no longer works, despite having a proper formatted ssd that has worked fine for months. When I get back in the car and it says "3 sentry events occured" there is no option to...
  6. JenniferH


    Mine updated a couple if hours ago and in that time I had to reboot three times in the dashcam viewer. It would glitch during a clip, then freeze completely. I wonder if it is an issue with the software or if my storage device is the cause?
  7. JenniferH

    light hearted request... your car name? - and why

    Jenneral Electric my name is Jennifer
  8. JenniferH

    Hawaii - Let's Count Teslas!

    Finally got my plates today! Model 3 , pearl white, 794J
  9. JenniferH

    Hawaii - Let's Count Teslas!

    Overall, delivery went well. I was very thankful to be able to take delivery on my island instead of flying to Oahu (I ordered 2 days before the policy change and Tesla upheld that despite initially trying to make me go to Oahu.) The only real problem was some paint damage on the trunk near the...
  10. JenniferH

    Hawaii - Let's Count Teslas!

    Aloha, I am a new Tesla owner on Big Island still waiting on my plates (took delivery Dec. 24, 2019.) Do the plates go sequentially by letter such that my new plates will likely start with a 'J' also? I don't know how this works but I would be stoked to have a J plate since my name starts with a J.
  11. JenniferH

    Happy with your exterior Paint?

    It has been a little exasperating actually. I was referred to a 3rd party guy who does detail work here and he at first suggested I take it to a random person who works out of the parking lot at the mall? I had to specify that this was a Tesla issue that came with the car upon delivery and he...
  12. JenniferH

    Happy with your exterior Paint?

    I'm quite happy with my pearl white multicoat except for two flaws. I took delivery Dec.2019. I am still waiting for Tesla to arrange for a professional to remedy them (have to go 3rd party as there are no service centers on my island.) When I received the car, I noticed what looked like water...
  13. JenniferH

    Hawaii - Let's Count Teslas!

    Do we need to have our liscense plates in order to add our car to the count? I received my model 3 just before xmas.
  14. JenniferH

    Moisture condensation in taillights, fog lights, etc

    I live in a comparably humid climate (Hawaii.) I picked up my model3 SR+ this past weekend. I have noticed water getting into fog lights, tail lights and due to sagging/generally piss poor weather sealing, in all doors when I wash it with a regular water hose. I am going to put in a service...
  15. JenniferH

    Big Island, Trouble getting follow-up

    Hi, can I ask you a delivery question since you recently took delivery on Big Island? I am finally picking up tomorrow morning at Young Brother's (I ordered in September) and am just now realizing there will likely NOT be a Tesla employee there to take delivery from and get any sort of initial...
  16. JenniferH

    Minor damage found after delivery

    Yes, from what I understand mobile rangers can do all but the major in-shop repairs which would have to ship to Oahu. It is 2 to 3 days to transport inter island but I sincerely hope I get a good one lol.
  17. JenniferH

    Minor damage found after delivery

    I am receiving delivery in Hawaii and since Tesla uses a "third party" to ship from Oahu to outer islands (where I am) they mailed me the paperwork (including the delivery document) to sign before I even see the car. I elected to sign everything BUT the document stating I received the car to...
  18. JenniferH

    Washing Car w/Ceramic Coating

    Cool, that's is what I use on my yard already so that's easy.
  19. JenniferH

    2020 Model 3 Deliveries

    I think they meant MY=model year
  20. JenniferH

    SR/SR+ (Model 3 RWD) Waiting Room

    My sales associate told me personal check is acceptable as well as ACH transfer up to 3 days prior to delivery.
  21. JenniferH

    SR/SR+ (Model 3 RWD) Waiting Room

    I just want to get on this thread one last time. The last 80 days have been torturous as I have watched everyone on here who ordered well after me get deliveries. Yet I kept coming back! I ordered Sept.26 and have FINALLY been given a VIN and will receive my car on Big Island next week, Thurs...
  22. JenniferH

    Model 3 waiters in California - please post here

    My SA told me today a personal check would work as well as ACH transfer to Tesla account prior to delivery.
  23. JenniferH

    Anyone fitted a charge port light?

    What about a glow-in-the dark sticker/decal? It would not be as bright but conceivably could be seen enough to guide. Maybe one that encircles the port?
  24. JenniferH

    Carpet floors : Do anybody use them at all?

    My 2020 SR+model3 is coming without floor mats of any kind, only the carpet that covers floors. It is just as well, because I would have had to store them to use my all weather mats.
  25. JenniferH

    SR/SR+ (Model 3 RWD) Waiting Room

    Do you have a VIN now? I don't see anything but null on my source after delivery estimate...
  26. JenniferH

    Just spoke to a SA today regarding delivery to Los Angeles

    Having a source VIN doesn't necessarily equate to immanent delivery, mine appeared before Thanksgiving and still no update to page or delivery date.
  27. JenniferH

    How does the car know the wiper fluid is low?

    Since we are on the topic of windshield wiper fluid, I am curious if anyone has a problem with the blue stuff spattering on a white car? I am awaiting my pearl white one and saw a YT video of it being quite messy and having to spray clean around the windshield after using the wipers. Is this the...
  28. JenniferH

    SR/SR+ (Model 3 RWD) Waiting Room

    That explains why Hawaii must be very last on the list ordered 9/26 and still waiting for the call.
  29. JenniferH

    Just spoke to a SA today regarding delivery to Los Angeles

    As I understand, the big ship from California arrives to Oahu first. They are supposed to let me know when it arrives there and then I can schedule their smaller ship that carries from Oahu to Big Island. If they don't enable me to get it by the end of the year they said I will have to fly to...
  30. JenniferH

    Just spoke to a SA today regarding delivery to Los Angeles

    I see people in Australia tracking theirs on the container ships, perhaps it is possible. I have pestered my SA enough I think so for the time being, i'm trying to stay busy and not think about it too much.
  31. JenniferH

    Just spoke to a SA today regarding delivery to Los Angeles

    I ordered 9/26 I have a VIN in source but not on my page, and no delivery estimate yet.
  32. JenniferH

    How and why higher speed charging is more efficient

    That alien box is my favorite part of my garage lol, especially glowing at night. Are you on Big Island by chance? That is where we live.
  33. JenniferH

    Question about VIN assignment

    My VIN showed up in source Nov.27th and I have yet to be contacted about delivery or have my account display it so there is quite a bit of variation with VIN timeline, with location being factor number one.
  34. JenniferH

    What is the max $ amount you can pay Tesla with a Credit Card?

    Yeah, I ordered when it was $2500 and I put it on my credit card. Assuming my car does ever get delivered, I have a negative balance at this point ( price changes after my order) so I assume Tesla will just deduct it from the monthly loan payment, not sure.
  35. JenniferH

    I see my VIN. How long before I get the car?

    It has finished production, but how long it takes to ship is dependent on many factors, mainly location.
  36. JenniferH

    Outer Island Service Experience

    I am not referring to the outer sensors used for autopilot, I just mean the computer sensors that detect errors in function. All of my previous cars indicate when a light is out.
  37. JenniferH

    Outer Island Service Experience

    Thanks for this info, I appreciate any insight on outer island Tesla ownership. I am on Big Island (awaiting delivery) and happy to hear Tesla took care of your problem in a professional manner. It is indeed strange a car with that many sensors would not indicate a light out! Did they say...
  38. JenniferH

    When is Tesla gonna start producing for U.S?

    Yes, I definitely expected to wait longer than others, but I didn't expect Tesla to wait 2+ months before even manufacturing it. I have been waiting so long, the edge has worn off and I am more just resigned to, "I'll get it when I get it."
  39. JenniferH

    When is Tesla gonna start producing for U.S?

    9/26 for me, have source VIN but no delivery scheduled yet.
  40. JenniferH

    many people in the Bay Area have received their Model 3 VINs while waiting for delivery

    It would be one thing if they would be upfront with the timeline. If you know going into it that you have a two or three month wait, you can plan accordingly while managing expectations. When they tell you 4 or 5 different estimates that keep getting further and further out is when the...
  41. JenniferH

    SR/SR+ (Model 3 RWD) Waiting Room

    In source code, yes. It couldn't have come on a better day,
  42. JenniferH

    SR/SR+ (Model 3 RWD) Waiting Room

    Me too, after waiting 60 days, it seems the car might actually exist! Cheers
  43. JenniferH

    When is Tesla gonna start producing for U.S?

    Yes, it seems order date has very little to do with delivery date. I ordered 9/26 and I will be very fortunate to get it by end of year on Big Island. They keep pushing manufacture date further and further away.
  44. JenniferH

    SR/SR+ (Model 3 RWD) Waiting Room

    It could be even more depressing, you could be me who ordered 9/26. I am starting to lose hope.
  45. JenniferH

    When I get a VIN where does it show?

    you can download "Tesla VIN Finder" on Chrome and while on your "My Tesla" page (on Mac) click Manage. to the right of your car image, hold control to right click. Select 'view page source' and this reveals source code. You can then click the VIN finder icon and it will pop up results for you...
  46. JenniferH

    White Interior Deliveries SR+

    Day 57 over here, white interior, no VIN, no texts. Elon time+ Hawaii time= be lucky to get one at all I suppose.
  47. JenniferH

    Cybertruck Poll

    Exactly. I foresee this being a common sequence of feelings towards acclimation.
  48. JenniferH

    Official Thread: Cybertruck (Cybrtrk) Event - Nov 21, 2019

    I am impressed he was able to regroup and continue after the glass debacle. And to have to stand in front of it for the remainder was painful. He handled it about as well as one could.
  49. JenniferH

    Official Thread: Cybertruck (Cybrtrk) Event - Nov 21, 2019

    And as long as you don't throw lead balls at it it will be fine lol.
  50. JenniferH

    Watch Tesla’s Cybertruck Livestream

    I feel the same, it grew on me as the minutes passed. People are not ready when first confronted with extreme change. People will acclimate.

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