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    [UK] 2022.44

    They are great when following cars too. I kept them enabled on a 4 hour drive and they only turned themselves on at correct moments, never when I was following cars on single or dual carriageways. The only scenario I have not encountered is dual carriageways when your side is clear but there...
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    LFP SR+ over old LR?

    Test drive a SR+ and an LR first. I had a SR+ and while it went in for repair I was given a LR loaner. As soon as I picked up my SR+ I sold it to get a LR. More info on My SR+ vs LR loaner driving experience - wow
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    [UK] 2022.40

    This isn't new to 2022.40, this has been the case for a while (2020 maybe?). If the battery is near full regen braking is significantly reduced and you have to break manually much more than normal.
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    Model 3 Bodywork repair near Market Harborough/Leicester

    Accidents happen, I can't be stay mad. She is paying the £750 insurance excess and was happy to pay even when I was given a quote of about £7k. She is also going to pay up to £400 for paint correction as an apology; I am the second owner, the original owner didn't care or didn't know how to wash...
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    Model 3 Bodywork repair near Market Harborough/Leicester

    The parked car would have been very clear in the cameras, and it would have been making loud beeping noises. She said "she didn't hear them", I was not impressed. She has probably become too accustomed to hearing them, becuase they beep the whole time we reverse into the narrow drive way. You...
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    Model 3 Bodywork repair near Market Harborough/Leicester

    I had a quote of £4.5k from Wyndon Motors (Tesla approved body shop in Coventry), who were happy to quote outside of insurance. I've already started the process of going through insurance though, because I spoke to 3 body shops on the day of the accdient and 2 out of 3 immediately said go...
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    Model 3 Bodywork repair near Market Harborough/Leicester

    I think we might have to get it done after we're back from Spain. If I went through insurance would the car always have to be classed as a Cat N, therefore reduce the resale value?
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    Model 3 Bodywork repair near Market Harborough/Leicester

    My girlfriend reversed my new to me red model 3 into a parked car and has done extensive damage to the nearside rear. The panel below the charging port is bent, but the charging port does still open. We are due to drive this to the south of Spain for 3 weeks on 23rd September so need it...
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    UK and Ireland Marketplace - For Sale / Wanted / Free

    I'm selling a "Chipex Repair Kit - Small" (Chipex Repair Kit - Small) for a white multi coat Tesla (PPSW?), but I sold the car I bought it for so it's no longer required. Purchased 6/6/22 and it has a 1 year shelf life. It's unused and in original packaging etc. I paid £35.45 but I'd be happy...
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    My SR+ vs LR loaner driving experience - wow

    I loved the LR so much compared to mine, that the same week I was given the loaner I traded it in for a LR of the same year, in red.
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    My SR+ vs LR loaner driving experience - wow

    My partner drove the loaner car for the first time(Model 3 LR) and when she got back she immediately said "that drives so much better than your car". I didn't even ask 😂 Sounds like I have permission to upgrade from the SR (LFP)
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    My SR+ vs LR loaner driving experience - wow

    It's a very comfortable ride compared to the Model 3. It felt like a step backwards for me though; you have to use a key, there's an on/off button, there is only a tiny sun roof in the GT Line S which doesn't let much light in, the built in sat nav is awful so you have to use Apple CarPlay...
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    My SR+ vs LR loaner driving experience - wow

    I have a '21 MIC M3 SR+ which I have been slowly running out of love with. It's been in the service centre for numerous rattles, vibrations and squeaks and I'm slowly losing faith in it. If it's not driving me mad with squeaking it's nice, but a bit of a uncomfortable bumpy ride on most...
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    Best sites for HP for a MY?

    I don't have any HP advise, but what features of the MY are you after that your M3 does not have?
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    Model 3 squeaking from under dashboard. Any ideas?

    This was caused by the bit of plastic under the windscreen wipers that you clip the 12v battery cover bit too. The plastic had warped (possibly because of the heat) and had a lump in the centre of it, allowing more air in or air in an unexpected place? I'm not 100% sure on what the technician...
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    Model 3 squeaking from under dashboard. Any ideas?

    I have a problem with a regular but not constant squeaking sound. It sounds like it might be coming from under the dashboard, but it's hard to tell exactly where it's coming from. It is audible in this video and gets louder after about 12 seconds, but you might have to turn the volume way up...
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    Offside rear click on acceleration/deceleration transition

    Is this the same sound? It gets louder about half way through the video, but you might have to turn the volume way up. My passenger recorded that on the way to a nearby town; it started after some hard acceleration and was present for most of the journey. I did not happen at all on the return...
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    Model Y low speed pedestrian safety sound

    It's not part of a recent update. My Model 3 has done it since day 1 (June 2021). Going forward it's very quiet, but in reverse it's rather loud.
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    Wiki UK and Ireland Supercharger Site News

    Do you know if idle fees still apply to these? It's in an underground shopping centre car park. 2 hours of fee parking is great, but it'll take considerably less time than that to charge. Are you expected to either wait in your car and charge then go about your day, or shop nearby then come...
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    Wiki UK and Ireland Supercharger Site News

    I snapped these 2 yesterday. Not much has changed since them first being reported in November. I wonder if idle fees will be different considering these are inside a shopping centre car park? You get a ticket upon entry and have to pay to park.
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    Phone key locks car no problem, But doesn't unlock it as quick

    I occasionally have this problem with an iPhone. This post by exlatccatsa is the solution that works for me.
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    [UK] 2021.40.x

    Yep, you have to kind of think backwards. I did a round trip to test it, ended up having to put home as my destination, then adding where I actually wanted to go as a stop. I wish there was a way to re-order them once you've added stops. Once you reach your stop a new "Continue Trip" button...
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    [UK] 2021.32.x

    Unfortunately you need 2021.36.x to use the features mentioned in the app update
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    iPhone notifications stopped working

    I got that notification after updating to 24.5, that might be the difference maker, but possibly not.
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    iPhone notifications stopped working

    My notifications started working again today, after not working for 2 days I received the 100% charge notifcation at ~3am this morning.
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    New M3 with only 6mm of tire tread

    I have a June 2021 MiC SR and part of a service centre visit yesterday they did a "courtesy inspection" which involved checking tread depth. It's a SR so real wheel drive. I think this means more wear on the rear wheels, so I would guess it started with ~6mm. This post, 18 inch tyre rotation...
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    Software update [battery % SoC changed]

    If you updated to 2021.12.25.10 it included a "Range Display" change: "Your vehicle's range estimation has been modified to better represent real-world conditions."
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    Window not staying down when door open

    This happened on my friends 2021 M3 LR. His wife closed the passenger door after the window went up, even though the door was still open. This was the result: Apparently the service centre had never heard of the issue, but it is being repaired under warranty.
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    Climate control - How to get a consistent temperature?

    I'm driving a 2021 MIC SR+ and I cannot simply set the climate control to a temperature and leave it. I have to adjust it by .5 or 1 degree as it fluctuates between too hot and too cold. In my old ICE car within a week or 2 of ownership I discovered I liked it at 21 degrees and never had to...
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    New windscreen fitted - Model 3.

    I just got back from Autoglass. According to the technician (for lack of a better word) they have to setup targets in the workshop, then Tesla remotely connect to the car and calibrate it so it all lines up with the targets. Autoglass then take it for a drive while the software finishes the...
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    [UK] 2021.24

    Don't the automated car washes scratch the paint? Either way the rest of the update looks good. It's nice to see an update that's not cold weather improvements or games.
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    New windscreen fitted - Model 3.

    When the chip happened: The morning after, this was during the heat wave last week: Autoglass Peterborough fitted this yesterday: It "only" cost me £75 through my insurance, Direct Line. Tesla quoted £900 to replace it. Based on impee's post above I assume they calibrated it. Over the...
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    Wiki [UK] V11 UI Changes and Features

    Can't edit my original post but all I do is press the brake down and keep it pressed while entering the pin, then push the gear stick all the way down (or up) - super simple.
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    Wiki [UK] V11 UI Changes and Features

    Press down on the brake to trigger the PIN to drive input, then move the stick all the way down (or up) to put it into drive or reverse, don't just tap it up or down. I'm pretty sure that's what I do, but I will confirm after I drive it next.
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    Computer failure - car not waking from sleep

    This happened to me the day after I picked up a brand new MIC m3. I was about to drive my parents out for lunch, but the screen was black and didn't respond to anything. I didn't know about all the reset procedures at that point, but walking about 50 metres away from the car then back again...
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    Wiki UK 2021 Orders and Pending Deliveries

    Picked up today from Birmingham NEC and it was painless. I had paid the final invoice on Monday and they called me later that day to confirm they'd received it all and asking if I had any questions. At the NEC they only asked for my name, they didn't even ask to see my driving license. A few...
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    Wiki UK 2021 Orders and Pending Deliveries

    I was asked to pick a date yesterday. Earliest available was 18/6/21 from Birmingham (delivery was not an option), a week on Friday! No registration yet though, so I cannot sort out insurance. It finally feels real :D
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    Home Charge Points Discussion and Suggestions [megathread]

    I was quoted £750 for a Zappi, or £1125 for an Andersen A2. Definitely going with the Andersen as it fits the aesthetic of the house and overall is much tidier. It's reassuring to hear that someone has one and likes it.
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    Wiki UK 2021 Orders and Pending Deliveries

    Ordered from inventory on 4/6/21 and I can see a VIN in the source of the product finalise page, but I didn't receive a text about that yet. The VIN ends in 242 but I'm not within delivery range, so collecting from Birmingham. I haven't been asked to pick a date yet :(
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    Home Charge Points Discussion and Suggestions [megathread]

    Has anyone got an Andersen a2? They look much nicer than the other chargers and seem to comparible features, but they are a few hundred more.
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    VINs and Vehicle Deliveries - where is my car?

    Ordered from inventory on 4/6/21 and I can see a VIN in the source of the product finalise page. How do I know when to expect delivery? The VIN ends with 242XXX. Based on Mr Miserable's tracking I'm assuming it's on the hyperion ray due in Southampton on 10th June.

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