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  1. JBare

    80K mileage check-in

    I just got 50k on a 2018 Mid Range and so far my maintenance costs have only been on tires (~30k) and in-cabin filter. My 12 V battery was replaced at no cost over the summer and within the first year I had a vertical green line showing up on my screen so they swapped that out for free. My...
  2. JBare

    Virginia DMV Mileage Choice Program for Highway Use Fee

    Great info on this thread, thanks for doing the legwork and posting here! I was about to start the sign up process as my renewal is coming up but no chance I'm giving my vehicle login info to any site.
  3. JBare

    18" aeros - max tire width?

    I've searched and looked through a few pages so I think I know the answer but would feel better with confirmation from some of you more knowledgeable tire guys. I'm not a huge fan of the thin tire look although I understand they help with range. Will I have any issues replacing my stock aero...
  4. JBare

    Tire Install in Gainesville/Centreville/Chantilly area?

    I'm about 30k in and have been dragging my feet on tire replacement, which has been easy to do over the last few months. I need to get it done and am nervous about shops near me (Vint Hill/Warrenton) having experience with Tesla's ie using correct kack points. Can anyone recommend a shop? I...
  5. JBare

    Tempered Glass Screen Protector for polarized sunglasses

    I ordered the matte protector from abstract ocean and it doesn't mess with my view while wearing 2 different pairs of polarized shades
  6. JBare

    Now thats it Nov, any Black Friday Model 3 acc deals?

    I've had great experiences with Abstract Ocean. I looked at those struts but worried it would make my drunk even harder to shut completely, and I don't want to add stress to the latch
  7. JBare

    Now thats it Nov, any Black Friday Model 3 acc deals?

    Love my Heatshield!
  8. JBare

    Will the tires survive a 20k mile lease?

    I'm approaching 21k and just had a Ranger come out to fix a display issue. He mentioned my front tires were at 2/32 and rear at 4/32 so I may want to consider a new set before winter. I rotated once at 11k and had planned to do it again this weekend but will hold off for now. I rarely peel...
  9. JBare

    My model 3 says full at 210 miles

    I have a MR with 20k on it and with all the talk of a power boost coming I wanted to see where my range was at when fully charged. Did it Friday night and Sunday night, both mornings at 99% range read 240 miles. I normally drive on percentage so I'm not sure if this just happened worth V10 or...
  10. JBare

    Model 3 Replacement Wiper Blades

    Thanks, just hit 11 months and 19k so I think it's about time to do some maintenance. Guess I could check the washer fluid too. Only thing I've done so far is rotate tires which I'm sure for another.
  11. JBare

    License Plate

    I might give that a try this week. I don't think I'll pass my Virginia State inspection without a front plate but would rather remove it right after. Would prefer not spend $100 for a short term fix.
  12. JBare

    Did you have to convince your significant other?

    We had a few drinks last Halloween and ended up ordering it the next morning before she had time to back out! Had to get that full tax credit! Haha but the backstory: We test drove an S years ago and both enjoyed it. I waited in line to put down the $1k deposit out of my personal money. My...
  13. JBare

    Tesla V10 software update rollout: post here if you are still waiting

    Me too. Wife already making fun of me for watching Netflix in the garage
  14. JBare

    White Ext / Black Int - Show your tint please

    I was nervous about diminishing my view at night but it has worked out fine for me so far
  15. JBare

    White Ext / Black Int - Show your tint please

    I did 35% on the sides and big rear piece. No need for me to do the sunroof section, it's been done this summer in VA. I should take new pics in the sun
  16. JBare

    Another Anniversary Thread - with data

    My folks moved to Leland in December so I've made 2 trips to visit in my MR that was delivered on Thanksgiving Eve. Coming from Northern VA the supercharger layout is great for the drive. Probably could've made it with one stop in Rocky Mount during the Sumner, no chance on my Dec trip
  17. JBare

    Sun shade for my Model 3

    I'll second or third the Heat Shield. Works great, easy to roll up, I keep it on the rear floor. My 4 and 6 year old have no problems manuevering around it en route to their car seats
  18. JBare

    Damaged Screen? Purple line

    I have a little line issue that comes and goes but hasn't bothered me yet. I took delivery Nov 18 so maybe I should make an appt soon to be safe.
  19. JBare

    Go Ahead -- Grade my Vanity Plate Idea

    Me too :)
  20. JBare

    Energy Efficiency and Cost Spreadsheet + Chart

    Good idea. I've kept track of my electric bill and compared the increase year over year since T3Z was delivered in Nov and as of yesterday I'm at $55 a month increase, or roughly 53¢ a day. Beats paying $280/month in gas on my old F150.
  21. JBare

    Clear vinyl handle wraps - reduce heat?

    I did not and am still rolling unwrapped. So far no issue here in Northern VA but it's just starting to get really hot so we'll see how the next couple weeks go
  22. JBare

    Formula One Stratos Window Tint

    I went with Pinnacle 35% on the sides and rear. Total came out to $625 after tax. I'm pretty sure the rear 1 piece was about the same price as all sides combined. I didn't want too dark so this fits the bill. Prob look better at 30 or 25 but didn't want to worry about being pulled over
  23. JBare

    Disappearing Destination Chargers? - Southwest Virginia

    I'm heading down to the spring game next weekend. I'll charge up in Lexington before arriving at my in-laws Smith Mtn Lake house in Hardy Friday evening. Its gonna be close going from Lexington to Hardy to Blacksburg back to Hardy and then to Lexington again. There a chance I can make it with...
  24. JBare

    Mid-Range Battery Warranty: 100,000 or 120,000 miles?

    Under my account on the website I see 8 yrs/120,000 for battery and drive unit. 4 yr/50k for new vehicle limited warranty
  25. JBare

    Poll - energy or distance

    Same here, figuring every 10% is ~26 miles on my MR works for me. Only really take notice when I'm in the yellow (50 miles to empty) and them briefly panic to find a charger/home I'm the only Tesla at work and I like people's reaction better when I tell them I use roughly 30% of my battery per...
  26. JBare

    Llumar Window Tinting?

    I opted to not get the roof above the front seats tinted as it was already much darker than the rear. My tint shop said I could come back and get it done at the same price that they would do it with the others so I'll wait til summer hits and see how it goes
  27. JBare

    Llumar Window Tinting?

    Before and after. Both on cloudy days
  28. JBare

    Llumar Window Tinting?

    I just got my Pear White done in Pinnacle 35% on sides and one piece on the back. I was more worried about heat rejection vs the limo tint look after seeing how that car holds heat from the sun even on cold days. 50% front/35% back is legal in VA but I wanted a uniform look and 50 wouldn't be...
  29. JBare

    Ski pass thru?

    I had a back seat down to bring home some 8' pieces of pvc trim and hated the way it came to an end a few inches from my touchscreen. No way I'd ever stick a 8' 2x4 in there. I know skis aren't that long but I'd hate to see the screen after an abrupt stop of those aren't secured....
  30. JBare

    Go Ahead -- Grade my Vanity Plate Idea

    Love EAP
  31. JBare

    SR Model 3 owners getting more than they ever could have hoped for

    I agree. The price on the MR I configured for Thanksgiving delivery is slightly higher than today's LR RWD after factoring in new option prices and tax credit. A little bummed but what are you gonna do. I love this car and hope to keep it a long time. Those extra 60 miles would come in...
  32. JBare

    Supercharger - Haymarket, VA

    Grab some Outback while you wait! Ha
  33. JBare

    Putting the car in neutral

    I typically try to avoid these too, just had no other option and couldn't deal with that nasty road salt sitting on the white anymore. While I've never had a bad experience that's a lot of pressure shooting all over your car, assuming it could chip the paint (water) or loosen up door seals?
  34. JBare

    Putting the car in neutral

    There is a lot of good info in there but for some reason I couldn't comprehend their description to move to neutral.
  35. JBare

    Mid Range Road Trip

    I did a similar trip from DC to Wilmington NC. Charged more than needed but loved EAP. As long as I can get my wife and kids to pack less (they get trunk, I get frunk) I'll never drive our other cars on a road trip again. TRIP REPORT – Northern VA to Wilmington NC ~380 Miles
  36. JBare

    Putting the car in neutral

    I just went thru one the other day to get the salt off and luckily the carwash guy saw me frantically reading manual and moving from D to R to P so he knocked on the window and showed me how to do it
  37. JBare

    Dent Repair Northern Virginia

    Thanks! Hopefully I won't ever need to refer back to this thread.....
  38. JBare

    TRIP REPORT – Northern VA to Wilmington NC ~380 Miles

    I agree, even stopping in Chester (vs Glen Allen) would make it tough to get to Wallace.
  39. JBare

    Software Version 2018.50.6 - No new features

    I'm with you, for some reason wipers annoy me and I only want minimal usage. (Annoys my wife ro no end) The lowest setting isn't low enough for me so I'm mainly a "stalker".
  40. JBare

    Reveling M3P Awesomeness

    I would also agree although Mine is the cheapest/slowest option for sale. IIwent with MidRange with aeros so I'd have funds for EAP and Peal White. I let a friend drive mine and then he went out and test drove all the performance models and tried to get me to do the same....I think I'd rather...
  41. JBare

    Painted aero caps came out great

    I'm sure others have better advice in terms of wheels, something I haven't tried. I did paint the door hinges on my old Jeep black and they held up great for 15 months or so. Way more durable than I expected
  42. JBare

    Painted aero caps came out great

    Might have to try this out with plastidip once the weather gets nicer in March
  43. JBare

    How can I delete recently played Slacker stations

    I just go through a bunch of my favorites so the non-favorited channels get pushed out. But then the next morning hits and I succomb to my 4 yr olds request for "it's a small world", a remanent of our recent Disney trip
  44. JBare

    Enhanced autopilot - worth it?

    It was not the primary reason I bought a 3 but up near the top for sure. After 4k miles I have no regrets. Works great in stop and go traffic where I spend at least 5 hrs a week in. I just took my first long trip (375 miles one way) and used EAP 85% of the time.
  45. JBare

    About to order a Model 3

    This is how I feel about my MId Range, all that I could afford. I let a friend test drive mine then he went out and test drove an x, s, and p3d and was telling em I had to go try ludixludi mode. I think I'd rather not know what I'm missing
  46. JBare

    Enhanced autopilot - worth it?

    If Tesla needs an influx of quick cash at the end of a Quarter I could see a free trial followed by a " x% off if you purchase by end of month" deal but who knows.
  47. JBare

    TRIP REPORT – Northern VA to Wilmington NC ~380 Miles

    Not sure if this is the best place to post this but here we go. Sorry for the length! Last weekend I took my Mid-Range Model 3 on it’s first Long-ish distance trip and wanted to write something up 1) to reference back in the future as I’ll be taking this trip a couple times a year and 2)...
  48. JBare

    Trip Planning

    Just did the trip last weekend and Warrenton to Rocky Mount would've been too close for me, so I stopped for a breakfast sandwich in Glen Allen for 35 min (54% to 83%) then RM for 40 (19%-80%) and pulled up to Wilm at 13%. I'm assuming if the avg temp was warmer than 45° maybe that would've...
  49. JBare

    Your comments on Elon's letter to Tesla employees

    I hate to agree with you but never the less do. My MR ended up at $54k, a bit of a stretch for me, but in the long run the tax credit and gas savings made it doable and I freaking love this car! Keep building/selling these and in 12-24 months there should be plenty on the used market coming in...

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