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  1. benclear

    Model x blocking in Model 3 at Supercharger

    I don’t do a lot of supercharging so this may be common but today I saw something new to me. I was queuing up in my M3 at Maidstone (due to all 6 stalls being used) and an X pulled up, pondered, then parallel parked across two stalls, blocking in two cars and then shared a stall with an M3...
  2. benclear

    Silverstone Track day in a Model 3 Performance

    My brother was at this track day (that’s him in ‘German M3’ disappearing off passed the Lotus). He told me all about the M3s there, he was quite impressed. Nice clean lap mate. I’m not convinced to take my M3P on track yet, I love my car on the road but on the track I worry the excitement is...
  3. benclear

    Panelling coming off

    I've had a similar issue, clips dislodged as they weren’t seated properly. A gently managed but nonetheless firm push reseated the clips and saved me the hell of dealing with service
  4. benclear

    Anderson A2 Charger

    I have the Anderson A2, looks great, cable management is near prefect, especially the brush seals that clean the cable off a bit as you coil it round. I deleted the pretty hopeless app and use third party stuff to control charging/battery prep etc. Works off our WiFi network but I did stick...
  5. benclear

    What were you driving at the start of the '10s.....

    Our car history is a bit similar, I reckon we both used to only buy Evo 5* rated cars! I’d sold my 350z by turn of the decade though, I was onto BMW’s first ever low pressure turbo offering, the numerically pleasing 123d. Was outright dangerous in the wet when the turbo spooled up at...
  6. benclear

    What were you driving at the start of the '10s.....

    Used to love borrowing my mums MGB GT V8 years ago, a real driving experience, petrol additive, a proper choke, a live rear axle that helped it leave black lines round hairpins, I’d happily own one but would constantly deem it outmoded and leave it at home like my other ICE cars!
  7. benclear

    What Wh/mi are you getting in this wet weather?

    Two Ben C’s on the south coast, eerie
  8. benclear

    My ongoing Model 3 troubles since day one!

    Mine had a few minor issues at collection but I didn’t even log them, I knew within a few weeks it would be kerbed, eaten in, car park dinged, muddy all over etc. I love cars, but like anything, it’s easy to get bogged down in the crazy minutiae of things. Take a fine tooth comb to any new car...
  9. benclear

    What Wh/mi are you getting in this wet weather?

    Im proudly in the bottom 7% of user efficiency in TeslaStats app. Aiming for bottom 1% one day on a really cold, very brave drive...
  10. benclear

    2019.40.50 beginning to roll

    It was a good submarine Al
  11. benclear

    Issues with on first drive: 2019.40.50.1

    My voice controls worked near perfectly till this update, now they are completely Mutt and Jeff.
  12. benclear

    2019.40.50 beginning to roll

    Mines limited to ‘Pedo Guy’ for ’creepy bloke knocking round the neighbourhood’
  13. benclear

    Acceleration Boost Upgrade/option inbound?

    I have the P+ and find that it’s full force acceleration is met by some with nausea and/or anger. A fair amount of people laugh, but a fair amount hate it. I’ve cricked my wife’s neck, and I have to go easy with children in rear facing car seats whose head is thrown away from their seat not into...
  14. benclear

    Any Model 3 owners near TN22? Referral up for grabs

    I’m in your area but mines a P+. If you want to come over to the dark side DM me.
  15. benclear

    20” wheels, recommended for U.K. roads?

    I really don’t see the issue other than the potential damage issue but you can still damage an 18 on a decent pothole unless you go for some proper tall sidewalls. I find the 20s surprisingly compliant and I do most of my driving on B roads and back lanes. It’s a much softer ride than any of...
  16. benclear

    Lightweight alloys 20” M3 Performance

    Me neither, came across flow forged too which is another new one on me!
  17. benclear

    Lightweight alloys 20” M3 Performance

    Cheers. How do you find the larger sidewalls on track? Fun and pliable or a bit too squishy?
  18. benclear

    Only for newbies like me! Santa!

    Santa can’t cover the world in one night at 240 wh /pm
  19. benclear

    Tesla test drive - London Gatwick??

    from another thread where I had a similar question
  20. benclear

    Lightweight alloys 20” M3 Performance

    Cheers All, should mean some good unsprung weight savings then and some genuine gains, nice
  21. benclear

    Lightweight alloys 20” M3 Performance

    Anyone weighed their existing tyre/wheel combination yet or know of any Tesla quoted weights? I want a spare set and want to take the opportunity to switch to the lightest possible new alloys (without a crazy price) but I’m wondering whether Tesla have made them very light already so not much...
  22. benclear

    A Christmas Tale

    I entirely support the sentiment of this message, but I can’t help but point out where you went wrong. You tried to buy a Fiat. It’s ok though, the world spotted your mistake and corrected it before any real harm was done.
  23. benclear

    Tesla showroom in Winchester

    I’m 37 and I laughed out loud
  24. benclear

    Octopus Go Faster

    Ignore me, I type too slowly!!!
  25. benclear

    Octopus Go Faster

    could you share more information on your heating system Jeremy? I build sustainable homes and I’ve not come across an electric system yet that I can make work effectively and responsively? Plenty of good wet systems including air source but no good electric ones yet. This has to be the future...
  26. benclear

    Waiting impatiently

    Waiting impatiently
  27. benclear

    Stranded M3?

    On the A27 in Sussex, near Drusillas roundabout, been there possibly all last night and looks likely heading into another night tonight. 69 plate, white, SR I think. Anyone on here? Need any help? Hope you (and the car) are ok. Before anyone who doesn’t know the area starts questioning the...
  28. benclear

    LV insurance states tracker required ?

    I had a similar issue with an XC90 T8, it took a long time to squeeze a definition out of the insurers but I’ve copied what they said verbatim below in case it helps. I appreciate it will differ between insurers but I suspect this would be deemed a reasonable definition; Having referred this to...
  29. benclear

    Fancy a laugh?

    Cheers Luke, That is my backup option, getting reasonable quotes for private cover, just need to get the insurers to agree the company is the registered keeper. Things will shift soon, so many Model 3’s heading into fleets due to the amazing incentives, insurers will have to catch up.
  30. benclear

    Fancy a laugh?

    Collect my M3P next week. My insurance broker contacted Aviva who currently do our fleet policy (it’s a company car but it’s my company). Aviva were as helpful as I think they could be but they told the broker the following: We’re concerned that Teslas will catch fire We think they are quite...
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  32. benclear

    What else do you drive?

    Agree with that wholeheartedly, there’s so much to explore that’s reachable in an EV now it’s an easy argument to ditch almost all flying, for my family at least.
  33. benclear

    What else do you drive?

    Stop spoiling the mood pgkevet! We all know the risks of such sweeping and polarising generalisations, we should all be pretty much expert at keeping it in check by now. This started as a nod to car enthusiasts who ARE getting value from their cars, they love them. My slant was that many of...
  34. benclear

    What else do you drive?

    Gretas not buying it Spon!
  35. benclear

    What else do you drive?

    Point accepted. My constant cyclings of cars does nothing good for my carbon footprint irrelevant of where they get their energy from.
  36. benclear

    What else do you drive?

    You could have the most diametrically opposed garage in the UK
  37. benclear

    What else do you drive?

    Getting rid of my DSG or any box for that matter is a massive plus, gears are so yesterday now
  38. benclear

    What else do you drive?

    Exactly the same. regretted selling one for ten years, finally succumbed and bought another one. I adore the handling, totally adjustable with the right foot, strong diff response, feels like it pirouettes. But, if it helps with your regrets it doesn’t feel the same as it did, I just feel too...
  39. benclear

    What else do you drive?

    One of my favourite things about cars is the constant mental (and actual) search for the new ideal car to compliment or replace one. Porsche have got to make a convertible Taycan or perhaps even a 911 sometime haven’t they?
  40. benclear

    What else do you drive?

    Exactly the same. regretted selling one for ten years, finally succumbed and bought another one. I adore the handling, totally adjustable with the right foot, strong diff response, feels like it pirouettes. But, if it helps with your regrets it doesn’t feel the same as it did, I just feel too...
  41. benclear

    What else do you drive?

    Just the sort of answer I was hoping for! A car for every occasion equals the perfect garage in my eyes.
  42. benclear

    What else do you drive?

    M3 is the new People’s Car then, it’s official. It was never going to be ID3 at those prices and the late to the party design was it. Got to say though all my Volkswagens have been near perfect. My Golf GTE was nearly the perfect everyday car. Nearly.
  43. benclear

    What else do you drive?

    You still own it, I think that counts!
  44. benclear

    What else do you drive?

    I suppose Merc shouldn’t be a great leap to Tesla’s, quiet, refined, comfortable
  45. benclear

    What else do you drive?

    Another massive power shift! Must be like night and day, especially back to back with the Zoe
  46. benclear

    What else do you drive?

    That power upgrade must have been quite enjoyable!
  47. benclear

    What else do you drive?

    After seeing another member reference their rather special weekend car and noting how many people are trading in Golf R And 3 Series for M3P’s it got me thinking, we all come at this from different places. I’m a true peteolhead but have been conflicted for years so have balanced the driveway...
  48. benclear

    More Uk-bound Ships?

    Who knew waiting for a new car could be this entertaining. I’ve spent much of my adult life waiting for new cars with the full mushroom philosophy deployed by most manufacturers. This is worlds apart; html source code, ship tracking, speculation, conspiracies about trim priorities, year ends...
  49. benclear

    10,000 miles in a Model 3 (nearly) - Review

    I got 5000 miles out of a set of fronts on my i30N Performance over the summer, without even visiting a track! In my defence I do have an exceptional bit of road to play on en route to work. In the winter though, no such fun.
  50. benclear

    Gatwick Service Centre

    It’s a 4 yr contract hire, if it doesn’t need a visit to a SC in that time I’ll eat my hat

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