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  1. AMPUP

    Wiki Sudden Loss Of Range With 2019.16.x Software

    I made my appt. a month ago for this coming Friday(for several other issues as well like not being able to reset my TPMS after changing wheels). But this week the car will not charge above 20%.. Says Battery capacity has been reduced. So maybe my Battery is F'd and Ill get a new one, or maybe...
  2. AMPUP

    Wiki Sudden Loss Of Range With 2019.16.x Software

    MIne went back down to 208 on the charge yesterday so its gone from 228/9 every time to 208 to 220 to 208... Super strange... So I also received a TPMS error "cannot read Tire pressures fault" today, I was like ok let me just reset them, but that option no longer exists (it has been removed in...
  3. AMPUP

    Wiki Sudden Loss Of Range With 2019.16.x Software

    I had posted here that my range dropped overnight to 208 at 90% from around 227, I received another SW update last week 2019.32.12.7 b728e1d and at the weekend had a trip that required supercharging as well as being able to run down the battery SOC to around 6%. Supercharging yesterday at...
  4. AMPUP

    Wiki Sudden Loss Of Range With 2019.16.x Software

    I haven't posted in some time but I charged my S today and for the first time in two months I looked at the rated Miles (I have it set to % on the car). its 208 rated at 90% WTF!!! - Two months ago it was 226. I'm on V10 but didn't realize they were now sucking the life out of my S. P85+ 68,000...
  5. AMPUP

    New CHAdeMO adapter - Never used - $350 NoVa Pickup

    As the title says, this is a never used in the box CHAdeMO adapter . One just sold here for $350 I'll do the same, Item is located in Northern Virginia and my preference is to NOT SHIP if possible so I'm opening it up to only folks that are willing to pickup from Northern Virginia (Tyson's...
  6. AMPUP

    Got my Model 3 in ONE DAY

    Congrats... anyone knocking it is #jelly. You got the car you wanted immediately, most folks would give their left or right nut to get what you did and you were able to test drive and inspect prior to driving home... congrats again and enjoy.
  7. AMPUP

    Firmware 8.0 - For Classic Model S

    I noticed it only happens if you don’t have music on the center console. The icon doesn’t change, if you leave music on one half the center console then the icon on the IC changes correctly.
  8. AMPUP

    Firmware 8.0 - For Classic Model S

    For Me very similar 1) Album art appears on 17" screen but on IC the first album art appears and then stays when subsequent songs are played and never updates 2) Navigation and Maps both 17" and IC spin when stopped, as if the COMPASS has gone haywire, its fine when you are moving but sometimes...
  9. AMPUP

    Album art doesn't update anymore.

    yep last update caused a few bugs for me, album art updates on center screen not on driver screen between songs, keeps first song as the image when playing next song. Also noticed the Map spinning as if the compass is going crazy when stopped.
  10. AMPUP

    Rockville delivery feedback

    Rockville are one of the oldest/original SC’s, always great service and awesome folks.
  11. AMPUP

    Larger battery size around the corner?

    Whilst I use my S for commuting I also use it to travel to family 350 miles away, that requires a stop for 45 mins or more whereas my wife’s Ice can get there in one go.. Utilizing the 3 battery tech with a 100 pack and the 3’s more efficient drivetrains I’m pretty sure they can get the S/X to...
  12. AMPUP

    Should I add FSD to my existing order?

    There will be people coming off lease soon that paid for FSD when they “purchased” their Tesla... There's an old saying in Tennessee — I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — hmm... you can't get fooled again. You get my gist...
  13. AMPUP

    Got the dreaded "battery charge level is restricted" message yesterday

    Not after V3 of the 90 which should be all that’s left.
  14. AMPUP

    MX P100D vs M3P

    But you can get two M3P’a for the price of one loaded P100D/DX
  15. AMPUP

    Firmware 8.0 - For Classic Model S

    I tried those sites and they loaded real slow, I was supercharging at the time and right after they loaded the dash screen rebooted (partially, the charge % was zero and then the odometer reset to Dashes temporarily) the main screen froze for a min and then it all recovered. So whatever they use...
  16. AMPUP

    Can you install 21-inch Arachnids staggered wheels on a 75D that came with 19" standard wheels?

    Yes... you just have to select the 21 option when relearning TPMS and you should probably get the car re-aligned after installation.
  17. AMPUP

    Model X + Personal Property Tax = Expensive

    I think it works out that including sales tax and personal property tax in Virginia you pay anywhere upwards of $15k for 5 years of use. Taxation at its finest. Also we get screwed on tesla as the tax is supposed to be on a base model. So for my wife’s Lincoln they tax based on KBB fair market...
  18. AMPUP

    Firmware 8.0 - For Classic Model S

    Which websites and I’ll check (as long as it’s not youp0!n) :-)
  19. AMPUP

    Caps win the Stanley Cup! Visiting DC for the parade

    Not just hard to park, it’s hell on a normal commute let alone the tolls... There are superchargers on the way out of DC in each direction, so charge on your way out (or in) park up and metro...
  20. AMPUP

    Caps win the Stanley Cup! Visiting DC for the parade

    Take the Metro, thats what you should do and what I and others will do,, Drive to either a Md Metro or a VA metro (Park up) and take the metro in. Dunn Loring/Merrifield has good parking as does Vienna if you are close to the Virginia side and its a fairly easy ride in from there.
  21. AMPUP

    Radar Alerts

    Those are showing up and it’s well done, thankyou!!. However, most say Unknown? So it’s hard to understand what they are, any chance of adding the feature to tap them and get the details like in the other app? Stella update though, I like this app/site.
  22. AMPUP

    Radar Alerts

    So I did get to use the app on my trip, I found it really useful. I would switch back and forth between Tesla waze and radar and found the notifications and alerts accurate to what was on waze. I really like the countdown feature to a police speed trap, that is really well done, the flashing...
  23. AMPUP

    Radar Alerts

    No other notifications (road closings, hazards or anything else). I think it only shows actual speed traps rather than all cops. I’ll know more this weekend.. ses like they could get wat more revenue if they showed more information.
  24. AMPUP

    Radar Alerts

    I signed up and went for a spin, very few police show up compared to teslawaze and no traffic or other hazards show... not sure it’s that great, so unless it improves or it’s useful on my trip I can see me cancelling this. If $5 a month is the cost then it has to show more useful info, if they...
  25. AMPUP

    Radar Alerts

    I’m going on a trip tomorrow so I’ll try this and compare... I need something !!!
  26. AMPUP

    TeslaWaze updates (was: TeslaWaze is Done!)

    I for one would pay, I use it everyday and have for over a year and it has saved my butt numerous times.. With the recent GUI update its faster and tracks much quicker now. I’ll be disappointed if we can’t figure out something around subscription on this. I did see a post with the new pricing...
  27. AMPUP

    New Maps Update - Still Don't Have it?!

    Once you get .16 the maps download a day or so after and you get the release notes on the screen advising you it’s now active.
  28. AMPUP

    Firmware 8.1 - Classics

    Well I'm still on 2018.6.1.....maybe the update fairy will come soon.
  29. AMPUP

    2014 P85 Gets a 2017 facelift using OEM parts

    Nice Work..... do you have a front shot?
  30. AMPUP

    Did you name your Model S, and if so, what?

    TARS and I call him 'Slick' now and again :)
  31. AMPUP

    Firmware 8.1 - Classics

    Anyone in a classic having issues with the rear park aid not chiming? Fronts work fine but no sound on rears and I have toggled the chime and mute buttons and rebooted multiple times. Just started happening on 2018.6.1
  32. AMPUP

    Car accident and now I can't open doors to the car? any ideas?

    Can you not get in through the rear lift gate?
  33. AMPUP

    New VA Tax Credit for EV's

    Tax credits are not the way to go here, we’re already screwed in Virginia with personal property tax and sales tax. If anything they should try to do something in those two areas.. sales tax exemption for EV’s would help both the new and used EV market and personal property tax exemption would...
  34. AMPUP

    Model 3 tries to jump creek

    Looks ok, a quick clean and buff and it will be back to normal... wtf though, speed, weather no doubt.
  35. AMPUP

    Slacker radio stuttering?

    See here, many folks including myself have seen a stark improvement this evening... we shall see if it stays that way. LTE Throttling since 11/3/17
  36. AMPUP

    LTE Throttling since 11/3/17

    Drove home tonight and I had a constant 2.8-3.2 Mbps on LTE, all was good. I have been on 50.2 for over a week so whatever ‘fixed’ it tonight wasn’t on my end. I’ll report back when I am next in the car as I’m flying out of town til Saturday.
  37. AMPUP

    LTE Throttling since 11/3/17

    It’s funny that 3g isn’t impacted, I leave my work underground lot each day and for the first 10 mins only get 3G, at 2.1 MBPS!! Then it picks up LTE and I get 160kbps!!!!!! I paid for the LTE upgrade too, wish I could select or go back to 3G!
  38. AMPUP

    Falcon Heavy - 7&8 Reuse - Elon's Roadster Demo - LC-39A

    Rollout and upright testing has begun
  39. AMPUP

    LTE Throttling since 11/3/17

    My guess is that come Jan 1 all data will be back to regular speed, reason? Because I suspect Tesla exceeded their data plan with ATT and it will reset Jan 1.. speculation yes, but this isn’t a software problem (other then the regular bugs with slacker and tune in).
  40. AMPUP

    LTE Throttling since 11/3/17

    Well it’s not fixed for me on 50.2
  41. AMPUP

    Battery preheat released

    Is there a control in the app? I can’t find it or is it based on just turning on climate control? I’m on .50.1 just updated the app but don’t see a specific control.
  42. AMPUP

    Slacker streaming jumping issues

    See here for more details LTE Throttling since 11/3/17 For those of us that jumped on the 3G to LTE upgrade it’s been very frustrating considering 3G isn’t being throtttled. Only when you’re on LTE (99% of the time) is it really slow.
  43. AMPUP

    Worthless internet browser?

    It’s good for Tesla Waze and also for fast.com to tell me how miserably slow the current LTE speeds are LTE Throttling since 11/3/17
  44. AMPUP

    LTE Throttling since 11/3/17

    I received this email from Tesla “We are experiencing a nationwide issue with slacker and tunein. The Engineers are fixing this issues as we speak. The most updated ETA is this will be completely fixed by the end of the year. ”
  45. AMPUP

    Make Slacker Play the Whole Album?

    I’d be happy if slacker played one full song
  46. AMPUP

    LTE Throttling since 11/3/17

    Already done that, received correspondence 3 weeks ago, it all stopped a week ago. Utter crap quite honestly... this was something working fine for 3 years up to 6 weeks ago... #annoyed
  47. AMPUP

    2017.48 a774ed8 Is out!

    There is direct correlation to speeds showing on fast.com on the Tesla web browser and the current slacker/Tune in issues. Fast.com 100-200 kbps then slacker and tune in suck, 1.5-2.5 mbps and slacker/tune in work great and load fast.
  48. AMPUP

    LTE Throttling since 11/3/17

    Couldn’t even play one full song on the way back from work tonight... silence from Tesla on this.
  49. AMPUP

    LTE Throttling since 11/3/17

    Same for me, back to crap speeds again, tried all sorts of combinations (WiFi off, always connected on and off) just trying to figure out what is causing the bug with no luck, this has been going on now for over a month, quite disappointing.

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