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  1. J

    Hi, Was great to meet you and discuss couple of minutes at Brive la Gaillarde Supercharger...

    Hi, Was great to meet you and discuss couple of minutes at Brive la Gaillarde Supercharger. Enjoy your trip to Barcelona . See you maybe around Marseille or the Netherlands ! Regards, Jean-Christophe
  2. J

    Spotify Tesla Account not working

    Yes me too. Not workkng for the last 5 days. Tesla supports is working on. Update should be sent over the air.
  3. J

    Hi norm. I want to order one for my TMS. I live in France. Can you confirm me the total cost. I...

    Hi norm. I want to order one for my TMS. I live in France. Can you confirm me the total cost. I can pay with PayPal. Thanks Jc
  4. J

    Is anybody creeped out passing a truck on AP?

    It's like the regen brakes...you need to be used to AP1 ...practice it ! Be always ready to take control back.
  5. J

    20% price increase

    Just check some other countries France, Spain, Belgium :4 or 5% Italie : a bit more Germany and Austria : massive increase ! Up to now prices were the same in all euro zone ...that is new these prices differences...
  6. J

    20% price increase

    Testwa, there is something going wrong with Germany...as prices increase by 4 or 5% on French or Belgium tesla design studio. For example prep package is now 4000 instead of 3900€...but not 4500€ like in your country. I didn't check all euro zone countries but Germany has definitively a massive...
  7. J

    Free Supercharging on CPO's

    On the US inventory page you can already see some S60 without the free supercharging. CPO cars will all have free supercharging for a while...but for inventory in 1 month we could already expect to see only 50% with.
  8. J

    Buying a CPO

    Excellent news...congrats !
  9. J

    Finally Picked Up My CPO S85D!

    Hi Carter. Congrats & greetings from France. I will get my S85D CPO this Friday !! Exactly same configuration as yours except the color (Titanium) and the 21" rims. I pushed the booking button on Feb 3rd...so quite quick delivery process..but the car was already in the SC closed to my location...
  10. J

    For Sale in UK - 2015 Model S 85D in Obsidian Black

    very good price. good luck for the sale
  11. J

    Inventory car & unlimited Supercharger

    100D will not reach Europe before April.... time to manufacture + time to ship.
  12. J

    Inventory car & unlimited Supercharger

    Confirmed by my sales advisor : currently all tesla sold by tesla here in Europe (new order, inventory or CPO) have unlimited suc access. Will be true at least during next 4 weeks.
  13. J

    Inventory car & unlimited Supercharger

    I called Tesla. It seems Inventory car are like CPO entitled to unlimited supercharger . I didn't feel the advisor 100% confident ...but he said yes it is.
  14. J

    Inventory car & unlimited Supercharger

    If you select today an inventory car (< 50 miles), will Tesla gives you unlimited access to the Supercharger network? The car has been manufactured before April 2017 but is sold after Jan 15th. I read Tesla answered Yes to the CPO cars...but what about new inventory cars ?
  15. J

    Can we now expect a 360° "birdview" parking camera ?

    tweet Elon & tesla to ask 360 birdview feature ! it's much better than summon or auto parking..too slow.
  16. J

    How does the S90D handle in the snow?

    Nice video !
  17. J

    Fog lights

    So your fog lights are always on with the headlights? How can you upgrade the software to get the fog button, is that possible?
  18. J

    Fog lights

    Thanks for the reply. Impressive saving from Tesla!
  19. J

    Fog lights

    quick question : does the Model S come with fog light if you don't take the PuP? PuP brings LED fog lights... but without the PuP do we have non LED or no fog lights at all? Thanks
  20. J

    Tesla to remove ventilated seat option

    yes and before (December) you could get the multi-pattern black seats with PuP..combination they removed when introducing ventilated seats even on 60&75...Seats are not ventilated anymore..so doesn't make sense to package PuP with leather seats anymore...but they still do..and price didn't drop...
  21. J

    What's the latest on perforated ultra-white premium seats?

    OK they removed perforated seats...but we still have to take leather seat option to get the premium package : Total non-sense now !!!
  22. J

    217 miles at 100% on my 60D

    it has been confirmed even by Tesla representatives that the software limitation is on the top of the battery..meaning with 60 option, you can in fact charge your 75 battery to 80% (=100% of 60kw). That is also confirmed by several videos where you can see that the chargeload remains high up to...
  23. J

    Anyone ordering without EAP and FSDC?

    It's written : Activate this option after delivery for 4500€...They cannot change the price in 2 or 3 years, right?
  24. J

    217 miles at 100% on my 60D

    you can charge every day to 100% on a 2016 TMS 60 !
  25. J

    Le déploiement des SUC prends du retard

    en été ça se fait...!
  26. J

    Should I get a 90D instead of 75D?

    wrong! charging a 2015 TMS 60 takes 50min from 5 to 100%. TMS 60 are TMS75 software limited...so you charge the battery to only 80% (75*80%=60kw). TMS 60 is a very interesting option if you compare to a 90 : price difference is huge.
  27. J

    Le déploiement des SUC prends du retard

    Bordeaux-Angers : il y a le SuC de Saintes et Saintes-Angers ça se fait en passant par Thouars même avec une TMS60 : 240km, 2h50 Brives-Chateauroux : 210km...42kwh consommé...pas difficile non plus
  28. J

    EV-CPO.com CPO Consolidator support thread

    All 2016 S60 are software limited (& so can be upgraded to 75). There was no S60 in 2015 (& maybe 2014)...so it's easy
  29. J

    A Better Routeplanner

    excellent planner ! thanks a lot. Accuracy on charging time for the new S60 model is great ! Useful featurewill be for me to get " avoid tolls" button.
  30. J

    EV-CPO.com CPO Consolidator support thread

    Hi, yes listing for Europe inventory is not up to date. for example most of TMS 60 have been sold but still appear in your listing 158679, 161696 161809 162627 162749 166083 anyway, excellent tool and the hunter is a must for selection of European countries for example ! Thanks
  31. J

    Order confirmed today. Will I get free supercharging IF tesla delays delivery to April?

    All cars ordered now in Europe will be delivered in April...but Tesla didn't change the wording regarding supercharger..we don't know if free access to supercharger is still included or not...last 4 days for ordering!
  32. J

    New Multi - Pattern Seats

    new multi-pattern seats not compatible with Premium Package.
  33. J

    Difference between Multi-Pattern & Next Generation Seats?

    The new textile seats (coming from TMX) are great..but not comaptible anymore with Premium Package..what a shame !
  34. J

    Obeche decor options removed from Design Studio today

    You can't now get the Premium package without premium seats...
  35. J

    Road Noise with All Glass Roof

    I have some concerns about the glass roof and sun high in the sky...not too dazzling?
  36. J

    EU finalize and deliveries

    ordered yesterday a TMS60..delivery before end of March...so long compared to the US...but still acceptable ! Didn't find one in the Europe inventory...think about, good option to get it in less than 2 weeks time ! Anyway,the beauty of this waiting time is to expect Tesla will add something...
  37. J

    EV-CPO.com CPO Consolidator support thread

    Thanks to you ! awesome website !
  38. J

    EV-CPO.com CPO Consolidator support thread

    Could you check VIN 166083...it appears as TMS 75 on ev-cpo...and as TMS 60 on the Tesla webpage...So which one is it? Thanks,
  39. J

    EV-CPO.com CPO Consolidator support thread

    OK thanks...as I'm using your tool on the Europe inventory..I never saw the Glass option...didn't reach our continent yet ! Thanks again,
  40. J

    EV-CPO.com CPO Consolidator support thread

    Hi, how can we know if the roof is the new glass roof or a sun roof on the recent inventory ? Thanks in advance! (Great&useful website by the way...)

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