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    Dilemma - stick or twist re vehicle choice

    We ordered a RAV4 PHEV early in 2022 and whilst waiting for delivery (8 mnths) I was fortunate to find an inventory MY LR in March. I ran the MY for 5k miles and sold it in October when the RAV was delivered. The plan was to run both and then make a decision on which to keep but with electric...
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    [UK] Price cuts

    Check sale of goods act; 30 day window for a full refund on defective goods. Email Tesla your intention and then drop the car back. Order another one if you can face dealing with them again!
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    [UK] Price cuts

    Fab for your situation but with free SC miles, the bulk of buyers collected cars prior to 2022 year end.
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    [UK] Price cuts

    Tesla waited exactly 14 days after the last December deliveries (30th Dec) to update their pricing and hence leave buyers out of pocket and unable to return cars under the consumer rights act. Quite deliberate.
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    [UK] Price cuts

    Now you know the type of company you are dealing with. Tesla wait for the 14 day consumer rights window to close, so the poor mugs who thought they'd made a £4k saving on a MYP before year end, will now find they are £8k down overnight with a car they can't return. Add to that the removal of USS...
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    [UK] Price cuts

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    Lack of promised FSD when sold as having from car dealer.

    Small claims court may be the most economical way to proceed so long as you have proof of the misrepresentation and you can quantify the financial loss caused by the deal..ie to change the car for an equivalent with FSD. It's a shame you delayed > 14 days from purchase.
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    Anyone for the Ioniq 5?

    Style/class of the car reminds me of the Vauxhall Signum from 12 years back...Sort of a giant hatchback.
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    Car wow M3 drag race. Surprising result

    Watching this video and the Bjorn tests would concern me as a potential performance buyer. Why is the P acceleration so diminished when under 80% SOC? Seems to confirm the LR is the better car for UK real world driving on all counts?
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    Higher value EVs not eligible for £3,000 PiCG (grant) anymore!

    Yes that is my understanding too. If you have an order in prior to 10am today (18/3/21) then the order agreement price stands. I guess Tesla are busy deciding how to respond to this change either by absorbing the grant loss or by raising prices. Wouldn't it be nice if the SR+ dropped to £35k!!
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    Why do UK customers have to pay so much more than US customer for a TELSA? e.g. A model 3 performance costs $54.500 in UK we have the cost is $82.000!

    Tesla will charge what the consumers will pay and the UK is a 'cash cow' for Tesla in Europe. IMHO, the current UK M3P price is outrageous in comparison to the LR model; LR and SR+ could do with shedding £3k!
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    Wiki UK 2021 Orders and Pending Deliveries

    I wonder if these cars are unexpectedly on the second ship? Tesla have a lot of logistics to deal with before the next few thousand cars get delivered in a few weeks time.
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    Wiki UK 2021 Orders and Pending Deliveries

    Yes, they have the door cards which look good.
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    Wiki UK 2021 Orders and Pending Deliveries

    No I was passing through the docks on business and rather optimistically thought I may spot the LR I have reserved. I gave up after 20 mins as I was going M3 blind. The 2000 cars in this compound are waiting for transport around the UK. Southampton customer cars seem to be in a separate...
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    Wiki UK 2021 Orders and Pending Deliveries

    Just checked my photos and there is a 171000 vin in there...so looks good for you both!
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    Wiki UK 2021 Orders and Pending Deliveries

    The cars just delivered to Southampton have the MIC chassis numbers between 163000 and 165000. I must state, the build quality of the ones I looked at seem way superior to Freemont cars.
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    Tesla reneges on order agreement car/price

    You make a good point in the last paragraph. Thanks. I guess I could opt for a 2021 inventory model that has just appeared on the Tesla site and try and claim the cost difference. Like you state, do I really want to pass any funds to Tesla right now?
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    Tesla reneges on order agreement car/price

    The first invoice I received was in mid Jan. This was after I was told about the original car being sold and that Tesla had found this replacement vehicle. I have never received an invoice for the discounted numbers shown in the order agreement. I agree with your comments on their end of...
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    Tesla reneges on order agreement car/price

    Many thanks for all the useful comments. I paid the £100 and received the order agreement in my account. I then completed the next steps and awaited the delivery instructions. It's interesting how the order agreement terms mention how the customer will be penalized for withdrawing from the...
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    Tesla reneges on order agreement car/price

    Hello all, I hope someone can give me some advice on how (or if) to progress with this: In December 2020 I pay a deposit on an inventory Model 3 long range. It was a chrome trim model with VIN 772***. Tesla post the order agreement on my account. It's a nice discount @£3.5k. Over the next few...

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