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    Photos of my 2022 MSP

    Gorgeous! The S is proving to be a timeless design for a luxury cruiser/sedan. Love the little subtle detail improvements in the refresh like wider body.
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    2020 Model S usb drive issues

    This worked. I formatted the USB drive on PC and created a "TeslaCam" folder and then inserted into car. It works and sentry mode and dashcam are both now operational. Thank you everyone.
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    2020 Model S usb drive issues

    Hello, I am trying to enable Sentry mode and interior cameras. I have tried two high quality / high write speed USB drives - inserting into the center console right by the cigarette lighter socket. My 2020 S says "formatting drive" then "success!" but then goes right back to "please format to...
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    2500 Mile Road Trip Report

    Great report OP, thanks for sharing. I live in DFW area and frequently drive to Houston. Keep in mind the winds are a major factor near Houston. There is almost always a 12-15 mph headwind as you head south towards Houston and that same wind becomes a tailwind on your way back.
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    Front Parking Camera - My $150 / 15 min. installed Solution

    well, apple. that's your problem. haha, just kidding. I am sure they are all the same, but for what it's worth, my exact model was 'SunGo2' from 'Cargoplay' on amazon. It came with solar for $143 including tax.
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    Front Parking Camera - My $150 / 15 min. installed Solution

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    Front Parking Camera - My $150 / 15 min. installed Solution

    OK @Stirthepot and @WilliamG , you both convinced me - nice writeup and feedback report. I got the solar version and installed it today. Like they both said, its a very easy install. I don't know if the solar panel will get any light to charge the battery, but desk charging the camera every 2...
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    Floor Mats Again

    I got these "car mats customs" mats recently. $150 for pair of fronts. Fitment and coverage are excellent. Definitely will not be as durable as weathertechs or spiders but changes it up for a bit. P.S: I take no accountability for what's playing on radio, its my wife's car! :p
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    Vendor The New Aero - 19” directional aerowheels for Plaid/LR PREORDER

    Always loved these wheels! Any intention of offering them in 19s?
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    2021 Model Year Refresh: Owners' Thoughts?

    I am trying to understand the discussion and emotions surrounding it - sitting in your car in the garage or driveway and playing cutting edge video games is a thing? And that is better than a game console in the house because?
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    2021 Model Year Refresh: Owners' Thoughts?

    Based on everything I have heard so far, that is correct :( I can confirm that 2020s have all the supporting infrastructure (my car is a 2020 and I retrofitted the jump seats successfully)
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    EVOFFER power frunk on 2020 Model S - what a no-brainer

    Once you get past how a $100k car doesn't come with a power frunk (glad they fixed this with the refresh cars) and you buy the EVOFFER kit, its only upside from there. I have no affiliation with Evoffer, paid full price and and there are other kits out there too. Well thought out kit and makes...
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    2021 Model Year Refresh: Owners' Thoughts?

    All this talk about screens in the refresh is great, but what about 3rd row compatibility people!! One of the big hidden gem features of the pre refresh Model S is factory third row. Do those station wagon jump seats still fit the refresh cars??? (someone lie to me and please say yes)
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    2020 Model S with BMW wheels including range impact

    My CS ran 265 front on a 19 inch wheel and 285 rear on a 20 inch wheel. The 763M wheels look pretty awesome. Refresh cars with wider track should definitely get the 763 and they are even lighter than the 437s!
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    2020 Model S with BMW wheels including range impact

    Unintended side benefit of these wheels: SUPER EASY to clean. Almost entire barrel is easily accessible.
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    Does Tesla lowball you to trade in your Tesla?

    There is a reason carvana is very rapidly going out of business. If I am trading in an S for another S/X and the transaction value is high, its a wash between tesla offer and carmax offer once you factor in sales tax savings.
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    Lucid Air Grand Touring vs Tesla Model S Plaid.

    Nice write-up OP. Any new EV is a good step forward and Lucid looks like a good looking car. As someone said above, the decision to go trunk instead of hatch is a deal breaker for me as well. A hatch makes a sedan so much more useful (dogs, cargo etc.) that I don't see myself ever going back to...
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    2020 Model S with BMW wheels including range impact

    I love it!!! man that white is sharp too on the Model S. What spacers are you running? Looks flush.
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    2020 Model S with BMW wheels including range impact

    They are easily available in the used market. Look on bimmerpost or your local facebook marketplace. "437M"
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    2020 Model S with BMW wheels including range impact

    Got the custom center caps on (Purchased from 'BongaParts' on Etsy. 68mm diameter and it's a metal dome with 3M tape pre-applied that just sticks on top of the BMW caps. The seller can make whatever color/pattern you want - I went with the Red tesla logo over a black background with a chrome...
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    2020 Model S with BMW wheels including range impact

    Why are you still here? Don't you have better things to do like naming your car and putting 'loaded' in your signature? That is so cringe-worthy and amateurish! Really, it's ok to go. We won't miss you.
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    2020 Model S with BMW wheels including range impact

    Precisely. The whole catalog of BMW M wheels opens up many inexpensive options for Model S guys like us: I have always liked the 437Ms, their offset is pretty close to stock Model S 19 offset (in fact, slightly better in my opinion). For the refresh cars with wider track, I would suggest 12 or...
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    Snippiness 2.0

    Hey dumbass, I have an F80 M3 CS as my trackday car, I'm well aware of how much they weigh. They don't weigh "50%" of a model s. If you are going to run your mouth, at least Google search first. "Internet commando battles" (funny and the only useful thing from you all day) start when you take...
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    2020 Model S with BMW wheels including range impact

    A very unintelligent post, but thank you. If you want to drive a stock car, power to you - why are you even on an online forum? Some of us like to modify/change and that's part of the enjoyment for car enthusiasts. I didn't select the wheel to save pennies. And a forged wheel made for a BMW M...
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    2020 Model S with BMW wheels including range impact

    Thought I'd share for anyone looking to upgrade to better looking and performing non-Tesla 19" wheels. 2020 Model S Performance. Here was my original setup: First photo below is a drive from Dallas to Austin yesterday with that wheel setup. 19" aero wheels. 8.5 inch wide, 245x45x19 square...
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    Wider Model S stance and improved aggressive appearance with wheel spacers

    yes, very very good tip and thats what I did too. The little grease on the end of the stud is to check to make sure you have ground enough. Mount the wheel, then remove. If there is grease on inside of wheel, you need to grind some more.
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    Wider Model S stance and improved aggressive appearance with wheel spacers

    Yes you have to grind the studs down to where the thread begins. You don't lose any thread so its ok to do. Take your time.
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    Tire Blew Out on PLAID - 1.5 month wait on tires ?!

    Tires are not proprietary magic and I have never ever bought a tire from a dealer. I would buy a tire that is more or less that size and there should be plenty of tires available if you expand size. 275/285/295 should all work well and you can also change aspect ratio slightly and go from 30 to...
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    Any documented cases of 22+ cars with 3rd row compatibility?

    Yes there is a reinforced cross-member that is installed underneath the rear bumper crash bar. Tesla installed it for me at the service center, part is still readily available from Tesla.
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    Recall Service Resulted in 45,000 miles lost from odometer!

    I would get that fixed asap as it would mess up carfax / autocheck reports and you will have some annoying hassle on your hands when you get around to selling the car. Thanks for sharing the interesting incident!
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    Any documented cases of 22+ cars with 3rd row compatibility?

    Anyone with newer refreshed S / Plaid - can you please check if your truck area is prepped for 3rd row from factory like the 2020 and prior cars?
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    2022 Model S range?

    Forged aftermarket 19s and factory size rubber (245x45x19) is the way to go - preserves range, adds ride comfort due to beefier sidewall and still looks great. For instance, most BMW M3/M4/M5 factory wheels are forged and weigh less than Tesla 19 wheels - same bolt pattern though you have to get...
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    Help Me Decide Which Plaid!!

    I put immense value in PPF. Full car PPF is $5-6k and basically enables you to go a brush car wash or whatever car wash as often as you like. That alone is worth it to me, as my car will remain clean for longer and more often. Anything related to correcting factory paint is expensive and full...
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    Battery upgrade

    MUCH cheaper to sell the current car, and go out and buy a 100 kwh car. MUCH. People make too much of the unlimited supercharging. But the breakeven of FUSC to pay for a new battery will be like 30 years.
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    Model S LR 1500 Pickup

    Share the best bang for the buck tips!
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    Model S LR 1500 Pickup

    I love it! Put the car to good use. Lifetime average of 249 wh/mile?? Geez you must drive like a grandma! :)
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    Plaid For Daily Driving In San Francisco

    Welcome. The S ride quality is sublime and that alone makes the trade-off worthwhile. Not to mention the really bland styling of the 3/Y.
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    Model S Refresh Seat Removal Step by Step

    Thank you for sharing. Since you have the seats apart, would you mind please contributing to this thread, it would be much appreciated: https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/posts/6934919/
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    Any documented cases of 22+ cars with 3rd row compatibility?

    Hello @ASMills85 sorry to bug you. Any chance you can look underneath the carpet in your new plaid to confirm please? I would really appreciate it.
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    Good advice in general. However, edmunds did an elaborate study of multiple EVs and confirmed that Tesla has a decent safety buffer built in past zero - more so than other manufacturers. Tesla even confirmed the findings. No one should plan on going past zero, but just know that once your car...
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    I have put about 1600 miles on my 2020 Model S Performance since buying it. Here is the car: 2020 Model S Performance 19" tempest wheels with stock sized Goodyear RS-A2 Aero hubcaps in place Lowered about 2/3 inch front and back with Blox lowering links I always drive in sport mode for...
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    Wear inside front wheel well

    I have a 2020 Model S Performance with the 19" stock tempest wheels and 245x45x19 stock tires. I have rubbing in exactly the same spot as your pictures OP, except mine isn't that bad quite yet. I think someone in a different thread posted that it could be bad alignment (caster angle) related...
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    2022 refreshed tempest wheel fitment on older Model S

    Specs show tempest wheels being an 8.5" wide wheel in front. I don't think that's any wider than other wheel options for the Model S? https://tsportline.com/blogs/tesla-aftermarket-support/the-tesla-model-s-wheel-guide
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    2022 refreshed tempest wheel fitment on older Model S

    Slightly related question - I have the 19" tempest wheels on my 2020. 245x45 stock sized tires. And they rub in front, especially against the wheel well liner in front of the tire. I don't understand why stock sized 19" wheel/tire combo would rub. Anyone else have similar experience? EDIT: I...
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    Replacement Fob for Model S - how much did you pay for the fob and how much to program?

    Made a mobile service appointment. They (Tesla) are scheduled to come to my house with a new key fob and program it. $190 total for parts and labor.
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    Any documented cases of 22+ cars with 3rd row compatibility?

    Thank you for sharing that. It is hard to tell what that picture is of, without seeing the area around it. There are two simple checks hoping you can do for us in your new plaid - (I realize you are very familiar with retrofitting seats in the older cars, so please bear with me!) When you...
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    Any documented cases of 22+ cars with 3rd row compatibility?

    I know there was lots of speculation of whether the refreshed 22+ Model S cars had a 3rd row (aerial photos from tesla parking lot etc.). Are there real owners of 22+ cars who have verified if the older jump seats still fit in the newer 22+ cars? For instance, my 2020 S performance came...
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    Questions from a prospective Model 3 performance owner

    Not looking to get into a back and forth, my posts above are already pretty clear. Tesla PM3 is a fast car, very interesting on some levels. Just not enough value in the whole purchasing and ownership package for me to pull the trigger. My buying decisions are my own, I don't have to...

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