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    Where is the gps antenna on raven cars?

    Old GPS design engineer here. Way back when GPS was still new, we designed a GPS receiver for an aircraft customer. They wanted to test the effect of moving the aircraft into a hangar, where the GPS signal would be very attenuated. They had a test set, with the antenna up on their roof. One...
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    Just because Teslas can (but beware the reputation)

    Be careful! Remember what happened to Peter Fonda in easy Rider!
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    12v battery issue, Tesla unsatisfactory response

    I have a 85D model S (2015) with 110k km. Early April I got the message "replace 12 v battery". I contacted Tesla and they sent out a ranger with a new battery. Total cost to me? $0. Excellent service. It does happen now and then!
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    Windshield Wiper Feature Request

    Another request - I have had my 2015 MS for about 8 months. Just ran out of windshield washer fluid the other day. I looked around for the idiot light that should have warned me to fill up. There isn't one. After a while I noticed a little white triangle on the navigation screen. When I...
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    Charge Port Issues

    Well, this is embarrassing! After writing my complaint yesterday, I tried using the charge handle to unlatch the charge port today. And it worked as intended! Doh! I don't believe I did anything different from previous tries - but today it worked, twice. I will monitor and report back if it...
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    Charge Port Issues

    I have a different problem related to the charge port. I have a 2015 85D. The charge port door is motorized. My problem is getting the charge port to unlatch after charging has stopped. The manual says to press the button on the charge handle (it says nothing about the button on the left). When...
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    3 Unintended Acceleration events when parking my Tesla S P in my garage.

    Is it time to consider moving the brake pedal to where the clutch pedal used to be? That would require the driver to use the left foot to access the brake. Might reduce the error rate. I have noticed that I occasionally touch the brake pedal as I reach for the accelerator - the two pedals are...
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    Washington Post Tesla Fire hit piece

    Agreed. And this fire doesn't seem to be anywhere near the battery. What lives behind the passenger front tire?
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    GPS tracking issue

    Ex-GPS design engineer here. I don't know whose GPS Tesla is using, but all modern GPS units will provide both a position and a quality estimate. For example - position is Lat,Long,Alt and probable error is 'X' meters. Usually X is around 3 meters these days, maybe less. I would guess there are...
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    Nannypilot Killed the Autopilot Star

    Thanks for the tip. I never thought of it. Too busy griping, I guess.
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    Nannypilot Killed the Autopilot Star

    I have a 2015 MS. It has something called Autopilot (beta) which is mostly TACC and lane keeping. Works well, and it reads speed limit signs. And it limits speed to the speed limit + 10 km/hr. Where I live the roads are mostly 80 km/hr, so I am limited to 90. When the limit changes, the car...
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    Charge Port not Latched

    Thanks to DerbyDave and Rocky_H. I am now better prepared for the next time. Does anyone know if my Tesla has a heating coil near the charge port? It would seem to be useful up here in the frozen North.
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    Charge Port not Latched

    Could it be caused by a bit of water in the catch? I just went out to see if I could get it working, and noticed that there was some water around the catch. I dried it off, and now the car is charging? I would be surprised if such a small bit of water would prevent the catch from latching.
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    Charge Port not Latched

    Today I found a new failure mode, and I have no idea what I can do to fix it. I plugged the car into the usual 240 V outlet, and the lights surrounding the socket turned orange. Inside the car, a message said "Charge Port latch not engaged." Eventually it started charging but at a much reduced...
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    Recalibrating the battery

    Thank you for this clarification. I have been wondering how the car 'knows' when the battery is at 100%.
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    Diagnostic Port Index

    Thanks for the offer, but you were a few hours late. I had already ordered the parts.
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    Using SMT "nominal full pack" to figure degradation?

    Thanks. I have learned a lot and have ordered cables and OBDLink.
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    Diagnostic Port Index

    Thanks Krash and JWardell. I have placed orders for the cables and ODBLink. Should arrive in a week or two...
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    Diagnostic Port Index

    Krash - Here is the link for the HRN-C T06A11 HRN-CT06A11 | Geotab GO | Geotab Adapters | GPS Fleet Tracking Here is the link for the OBD device. The comment about "not used for electric vehicles" is on this page under the 'Details' tab. OBDLink LX Bluetooth Scan Tool
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    Diagnostic Port Index

    I am doing some research to add ScanMyTesla to my late 2015 Model S. When I go to the ScanMyTesla website, I am told that I need 2 things: 1/ An adapter cable 2/ OBD2 Bluetooth adapter For the cable, I went to the gpstracking site. There they tell me I need an HRN-C T06A11, which includes an...
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    Using SMT "nominal full pack" to figure degradation?

    All this is very mysterious to me. New owner, so a newbie. How did you get all this info?
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    65 mph Speed Limit Signs "invisible" to Tesla

    Here in my rural area, there is a sign that says "50 km/hr Ends". I know that that means I can now go 80 km/hr, but my AP1 Model S does not, and remains at 50.
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    IRO Dashcam for AP1 doubts and questions

    Based on these comments, I ordered an IRO for my AP1. No problems until I tried to mount the camera unit to the mirror assembly. I could not get it to insert. Tried for 20+ minutes with no luck. I gave up and replaced the original housing (which just snapped into place as it should). IRO does...

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