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    Interesting scenario here with grid charging PW

    have had snow on my PV for the last 3 days..... zero solar production. PW's were down to 90% with vampire drain today and we have another snow storm in forecast for tomorrow (e.g. likely grid outage). I just toggled Grid Charging to On on the app and the PW's immediately began pulling from the...
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    Break Even Achieved!

    i'm just north of you in Orange County NY. I had 20 x 330 panels and 2 PW's installed in late 2018. Your system is exactly 2x the size of mine but your productions #'s are more like 2.25x that of mine. I'm curious as to what direction(s) your panels are facing? Mine are on a single...
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    14.4 kW Solar Panels, 2 Powerwalls 2 day instalation!

    I had Tesla install a 6.6kw array and two PW's and they were done in about 5 hours. They came in here with a big crew...maybe a dozen total. I was very impressed.
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    Tampa FL area forum members- thoughts and prayers

    One more thought... I would NOT want to be standing in waist deep water next to two submerged live Powerwalls that are feeding the house.
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    Tampa FL area forum members- thoughts and prayers

    completely submerged for hours???.... i'm not buying that.
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    Tampa FL area forum members- thoughts and prayers

    Looks like it's going to be pretty bad. If you've decided to dig in and ride it out please keep us posted. Be safe and take care.
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    Tesla Solar and Powerwall Price Increase, May 2022

    I just went back and looked at my contract from Summer 2018..... my cost for TWO (2) PW's, gateway, permits, and installation was $14,458.75. My 6.6kw PV, part of the same contract, was $25,350 all in. Seemed insanely expensive/over-priced at the time. I guess not. Glad we didn't wait.
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    Powerwall installation location advice for hot climate

    Under no circumstances would I put the batteries in a direct sunny location in SoCal. I would do everything possible to get them inside even if it requires a costly reconfiguration.
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    How long for solar to "wake-up" in grid outage? It used to trigger at 97% capacity. Not now.

    Nevermind!.... solar just came back online as soon as PW's dropped to 94%.
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    How long for solar to "wake-up" in grid outage? It used to trigger at 97% capacity. Not now.

    Grid has been down here for about 30 minutes and counting. Powerwalls were at 100% when grid went down. They are now down to 95% and i'm still not getting any solar production on a bright sunny day here. If I recall correctly, solar used to come back online for me when PW's dropped to...
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    LA County Powerwall Installers

    Very nice. Congrats. My advice is to put out a nice spread for the install crew.... donuts and coffee for breakfast, sandwiches or pizza for lunch, and a stocked cooler of cold beverages all day. Also get the personal cell phone # of the project lead and/or master electrician.
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    Schedule Service option not on the App

    i do NOT have the request Request Service button showing up in my app (4.10.0) and my PV/PW's were installed by Tesla in late 2018.
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    Solar roof production before PTO vs after PTO

    in my experience the Tesla support reps have terrible communication skills and are poor listeners. i would bet that the support rep was telling you "peak" output would improve after PTO because they were confusing the meaning of "peak" with the meaning of "total"
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    Solar roof production before PTO vs after PTO

    I think you might be misunderstanding what they are saying. I'm assuming that if you do not have PTO you are not feeding to the grid. If that is the case, keep in mind the energy you are generating from solar needs somewhere to go. If your batteries are fully charged and your solar is...
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    Solar roof production before PTO vs after PTO

    @uscpsycho It has to do with the ambient temperature. The panels lose efficiency at higher temps. I have a 6.6kw array and a 7.6kw inverter. In full sun with low 70's outdoor temp I've seen my production as high as 7.2kw. On very hot summer days in full sun I will only typically see...
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    Solar roof production before PTO vs after PTO

    @uscpsycho you will never see peak production on a hot 100 degree day. my system will only reach peak if it is less than 75f outside. another variable I didn't see you mention is your inverter's rating which could be a limiting factor
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    Anyone regret switching to electric heating?

    I'm looking at electric options for augmenting my oil furnace as we speak. I'm leaning towards high-quality wall-mounted 120v units from Steibel to put one in the master bedroom, one in the home office, and two in open great room / kitchen area. We got crushed with heating oil fees this past...
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    Powerwall Outside Direct Sun Florida

    100%.... make them put them in your garage. They are weather resistant, not weather proof.
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    Just had Powerwalls kick in - grid outage [06.21.2022]

    Loss of communications can be as traumatic as loss of power. I live in a rural area with extremely poor cell phone service, frequent grid outages, and unreliable cable ISP strung above ground on utility poles. Solar and PW took care of the power problem for me. I'm now on Day 3 of having...
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    Tesla Solar and Powerwall Price Increase, May 2022

    this pricing reflects a 30-35% increase over what I paid Tesla for a turnkey 6.6kw/2 PW system in late 2018
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    Should I wait?

    i was in the same boat in late 2018.... initial design had panels on both east and south facing roof sections. I changed it to south section only and they pretty much did it on the fly with no delays. i guess things have changed. good luck.
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    New Powerwall Advanced Options [Toggles for charging from and discharging to grid from powerwalls]

    Grid charging! I am so excited. This will come in handy in and around weather events. Super pleased to see this thread... THANK YOU!
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    ConnectedSolutions Demand Response Revisit

    when I got my system in 2018 I was told by the sales rep that the volume/frequency of battery draw down degrades performance over time and also shortens the overall lifespan. I'm pretty sure that there was some language in my original contract on this topic as it related to warranty. I will...
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    Sol Ark 12 inverter in off grid situation without batteries?

    will that allow solar to feed the house in a grid outage?
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    Sol Ark 12 inverter in off grid situation without batteries?

    @nwdiver thank you. he is looking to replace his existing inverter with something that will feed his panel during times of solar production. not considering storage at this time (despite my strong recommendation) because of finances
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    Sol Ark 12 inverter in off grid situation without batteries?

    I'm trying to get an answer for a friend with an existing grid-tied solar array. He is asking if there is any inverter available that can direct power to the house without battery storage in grid-down situation (obviously only at times when there is solar production). It looks like the Sol...
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    200kwh battery? [in the new hummer]

    @ucmndd While I agree with your Tesla comments, I respectfully disagree with your comments on GM. These EV Hummers are currently selling at 2-3x MSRP with dealer markup or through flippers on the secondary market..... So GM is actually charging a far cry from what the market will currently...
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    How long should a Powerwall maintain power in a standard 1800 sqft SFH in the event of a power failure?

    yes, thanks. obvious typo. i can keep average draw to 450-500 WATTS
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    200kwh battery? [in the new hummer]

    @Ampster I understand the distinction, but the $100k cost of the EV includes wheels, tires, suspension, frame, body, glass, electronics, infotainment, interior, etc. etc. etc.
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    200kwh battery? [in the new hummer]

    i'm probably late to the game here, but I just saw that the new Hummer EV has a 200kwh battery pack and an approx $100k msrp. what percentage of that $100k represents the cost of the battery to GM? 200kwh capacity is the equal of 15 PW's. It seem incongruous to me. If GM can engineer...
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    How long should a Powerwall maintain power in a standard 1800 sqft SFH in the event of a power failure?

    To the original poster..... it will be a learning experience for you, it certainly was for me. If you are not beholden to AC, electric heat, electric dryer, electric range, and/or electric hot water in a grid outage, you should be able to keep your household consumption down around 10-12kwh...
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    NYSERDA : Change in Rebate stipulations has Tesla not participating

    I would NOT want to lose 100% control of my energy in the arrangement that @Charlesz mentions. I would forego the additional tax credit in order to remain autonomous. Completely unrelated, for the benefit of the original poster, I have a friend in Nassau County with solar and PW's. He said...
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    Tesla solar installed today. Can I turn on

    That is definitely more of a guideline than a rule. I turned my on immediately and ran it for 3 weeks before my provider showed up. No one said anything to me.
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    How much power does your home draw overnight? (Baseline energy use)

    I was guessing that he lives in a datacenter
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    Conduit painting

    they did a really nice job on mine....every bit of exposed conduit paint matched perfectly. but this was 3 years ago.
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    How much power does your home draw overnight? (Baseline energy use)

    When we shut-down for the night our house is typically drawing about 500-600 watts..... 2 fridges, modem/router, a couple of C-Tek trickle chargers in the garage, fireplace insert fan, clock radio, USB phone chargers, and a few outside LED lights.
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    Solar roof, powerwalls... and generators/reverse charging...

    I have a 6.6kw array and two Powerwalls and also have a 5kw Yamaha gas genset that I can plug into a sub-panel that has essential circuits for my well pump, fridge, LED lights, and few outlets. The genset scenario for me comes into play with 3+ day grid outage with zero solar production due...
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    Midwest Snow w Solar Panels and Cold w Powerwall

    i'm in Hudson Valley NY too..... western Orange County. Snow and ice on the panels is a problem for me. I have the same roof rake linked to above. If it is just snow on the panes it works OK. however, in rain/snow/ice events with big temperature drops, fairly frequently we'll get a layer...
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    Boston and parts of New England under NWS Blizzard Warning [01.28.2022]

    good luck to those in that area..... assume that Storm Watch has been activated? Please share your stories in the event of grid outages. i'm west of the heavy stuff....hopefully only 4-8" here.
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    Server Maintenance message on mobile app.... no data displaying [1.26.2022]

    "Tesla is performing server maintenance. We expect the service to be available soon." Anyone else seeing this?
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    Why didn't Stormwatch activate in NY?

    I'm in the Hudson Valley too and Stormwatch did not activate for me. It only activates on NWS Warnings....it does not activate on Watches/Advisories. I'm curious, do you have net metering with your utility provider? I have net-metering and flat rate KWH fees with O&R. I keep my PW's...
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    PWs lose power overnight

    it's normal. mine behave the same way. it fluctuates a little up and down with each software update.
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    Clearing snow from panels

    i've spent many hours researching this.....until I was blue in the face. there is no magic bullet. the foam bladed roof rake mentioned in this thread is not completely useless but it is very far from an actual solution. try and keep the snow and ice clear on the 18" of roof space between...
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    Is it a problem to leave the PW at 100% Backup Reserve?

    i have flat rate and net-metering so there is no reason not to leave them at 100%. I have done so for the entire 3 years i've had my system.
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    3 years today with Tesla Solar and PW's

    our house is on the side of a pretty steep mountain and the south facing roof section is facing the hillside. very heavily wooded with 50'+ tall trees. unfortunately we just don't get alot of direct sunlight here. that being said, i'm very happy with a 57% offset with net metering as it is...
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    3 years today with Tesla Solar and PW's

    i typed too fast.... I intended to state that at the time 3 years ago we were getting ready to spend $$$ on a Generac LP backup.... backup during grid outages being the sole motivation. That is why this is all icing on the cake for us.
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    3 years today with Tesla Solar and PW's

    Today was the 3 year mark that our system was turned on. At the time we got a 30% Fed credit and a 25% NYS credit...... so essentially paid $20k for a $40k system. 6.6kw array on a single partially shaded south facing roof section. 2 Powerwalls, 7.6kw Delta inverter. 18.7MWh lifetime...
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    Strange PW discharge behavior last 24 hours.... help please?

    @gpez yes, set to Backup Only. See attached. @wjgjr i'm on v3.10.14, do I have to update something to move to v4.0? Or is it automatic? thanks again
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    Strange PW discharge behavior last 24 hours.... help please?

    Seeing some strange behavior. I have a 6.6kw PV and 2 PW's and my system is always set to Backup Only. For the last 24 hours the mobile app is alternatingly showing Discharging and Charging on the Power Flow screen. I typically see 2-3% vampire drain daily at which point the PW's will...

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