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    Replaced steering wheel, error, seller says I need to update?

    I've been looking it up but can't find anything aside from people saying you can't force updates.. Can you elaborate?
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    Replaced steering wheel, error, seller says I need to update?

    I was trying to replace my steering wheel before returning my lease because they are gonna charge $1k. I found a lightly used one on eBay, and tried to install it. I got an error, something about the steering wheel buttons and horn being unavailable. I asked the seller and he said I need to...
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    Can’t remove steering wheel 10mm hex bolt [resolved]

    It’s REALLY on there. Any advice? I’m assuming it’s got loctite or something. edit got it! Just needed a lot of force. Mods, feel free to delete this but it may be helpful if someone is searching.
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    Good car seat protector that doesn’t stain white seats?

    Anyone find a good one that doesn’t stain the seats? I’m talking about ones that go across the whole back seat area, to protect from dog paws too. Everything I look at has black anti slip on the back.
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    Dog seat protector that doesn’t stain white seats?

    Has anyone found one that doesn’t have the non-slip rubber backing? Every product with the backing has reviews showing it rubbing off on the white seats and creating permanent stains.
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    Auto steer isn’t slowing down in time.. (M3)

    For the most part, the auto steer feature has been amazing. It sometimes gets a bit close to an edge, but overall, solid. But yesterday on the freeway, I had 7 cars lengths as my distance setting, and traffic suddenly cleared up. Once my car was up to 70mph, I noticed the traffic building up...
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    Can’t take delivery out of state?

    Four months ago I was able to buy an existing inventory order from out of state with no issue - I paid a delivery fee and that was it. Fast forward to last week, I grabbed an order in Boston (I’m in CA), got a messaging confirming everything, but then got a call from Tesla in Boston saying they...
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    Mobile Connector no longer included with new cars [posted 04/16/2022 - Tesla confirms adapter included with cars ordered before 04/17/22]

    Wait just checking here.. my father in law ordered a M3 in the 20th, and didn’t know about this. He has no supercharger stations near his house - he was gonna use his 240v connector from his laundry area. He is worried now and says the adapters aren’t available on the site. Are Tesla really not...
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    Delivery / Service Issues (panel gaps, delivery delays / issues / Service problems etc)

    Very confused about my situation. I picked up my M3 two weeks ago, a demo car with 900 miles on it, sold as “new”. I took delivery, the person told me I can contact service within 24 hours to have any issues dealt with on the car. When I got home I noticed a number of minor body alignment issues...
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    Delivery / Service Issues (panel gaps, delivery delays / issues / Service problems etc)

    It’s definitely titled new. When I left, they said I have a 24 hour window to report any issues.
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    Delivery / Service Issues (panel gaps, delivery delays / issues / Service problems etc)

    I got a demo car with 900 or so miles, and went I picked it up today they said I’d have 24 hours to report any issues. I got home and noticed two alignment issues, and a pretty big wheel gash and and tire damage. Additionally, I’m bummed because it’s an Intel processor and not the new Ryzen...
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    Question about switching out stock wheels

    Thanks! What widths and offsets for 21”? I’ve looked on sites like tire rack but the biggest size they show is 20”.
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    Question about switching out stock wheels

    I have a Model 3 LR with the 19" wheels coming in a week. I may end up keeping the wheels, but I want to know my options.. 1) What do a full set of 19" M3 LR wheels with tires sell for (brand new)? 2) Do stock 20" uberturbines work on an M3 LR? Can I put aftermarket 21" wheels on the car...
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    Can't change my order to an existing inventory car?

    Okay but I’m still confused because I know someone who had a model 3 with delivery estimate a few months away, and they called and Tesla assigned an existing inventory VIN to them without issue. So I’m just wondering why they are saying it’s an issue
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    Can't change my order to an existing inventory car?

    I've been told in the past that if an existing inventory order pops up, I can contact a Tesla advisor to assign my order VIN to the existing inventory order. But I just asked, and they specifically said they can't do that, and that I would need to order the vehicle from the inventory list...
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    Suspension automatically lowered itself onto parking curb?

    I'm driving a 2022 Model S, and parked in a parking garage today. Front of car went over the parking curb, plenty of clearance. When I got back in the car later, the Model S had lowered itself onto the curb and I can't get it to rise back up again. I've gone into the suspension controls and...
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    Placing an existing inventory order

    How much is the order fee and is it refundable?
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    Placing an existing inventory order

    When you place an existing inventory order, do you pay straight away? Put a deposit? What info do they need at that point? Do you have to pick lease or finance at that point?
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    2022 vs 2021 LR?

    What’s different?? I can’t find anything online.
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    Are S LR cars actually showing up in inventory?

    I read here that LR model S cars are showing up in existing inventory daily, is that true? I haven’t seen any and I’m checking constantly. I’m in LA so maybe that’s why, can anyone let me know where they are where they’re seeing inventory?
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    Has anyone taken over someone's reservation recently?

    Okay but what if they don’t have a Tesla on the account already?
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    Has anyone taken over someone's reservation recently?

    It sounds like the way to do it is takeover the person's account and change all the delivery details. But I have no idea if this is still do-able nowadays, maybe Tesla cracked down on things? Can anyone confirm that still works?
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    Selling Model S, ~January 15th 2022 delivery

    I’m interested, also can’t DM so if you can message me that’d be awesome. Thanks!
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    Looking to buy Model S reservation (black ext, white int)

    Needs to be delivery within the next month or so. Message me if you're looking to get rid of yours!
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    Can you buy someone’s order?

    My friend is about to go buy a Mercedes EQS instead of a Tesla S LR, because it’s gonna take 9 months to get a Tesla. I’m trying to save him from spending a stupid amount of money for a lesser car. Is it possible to buy someone’s upcoming order?? Or is that a no no from Tesla?

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