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    Roof rack -- difference between glass roof and sunroof?

    I gather that roof racks for the Model S are different, for glass roof vs. sunroof models. Is that right? Does anyone know how they are different? What I really want to know is whether a roof rack intended for glass roof would fit on my 2017 Model S which has a sunroof.
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    How to not clear snow from your Tesla!

    I can think of someone else with a son named Wilf, someone well known. That person is too craven to buy an EV. Even so, I'm enjoying the idea of his pain from an episode like this.
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    Currently have a Model S as a loaner and...

    Don't they value listening to Radio 4?? How would they cope without Dead Ringers???
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    Charging help for France, pls

    Schuko adaptor for your UMC: Schuko Adapter
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    fantasy charging system

    Someday I'd like to have solar panels; I'll have to move to a different house (not least so that I can have a driveway, for the charging component of this scenario). I gather that solar goes well with a big battery for the house. But that's expensive, in part because the battery doesn't last...
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    Type-2 cable damaged while on holiday (France) -- where to buy replacement?

    It seems that a charging station at a village in France has destroyed my Type-2 charging cable. (The charging session stopped, and when I went to figure out why the cable was very hot. If I try to use the cable at a different charger, I don't get anywhere -- I get a message on the main screen...
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    Is this the most northerly supercharger?

    I think there's one further north: Honningsvåg.
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    Self-driving car users should have immunity from offences - UK Law Commission reports

    I figure the real reason to write the law this way is that it will force the manufacturers to get it right, before FSD is released into the wild. As things stand, FSD is whatever Musk says it is -- a situation that means decisions on release, operation mode, etc. will be influenced by...
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    £100 deposit refund

    I succeeded in getting a refund of the £100 deposit as well. The first few responses they sent tried to stonewall: "the deposit is non-refundable". I persisted as follows (and in their subsequent response they agreed to process the refund): Accepting returns and giving refunds: the law...
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    Model S frunk latch recall -- USA only??

    As discussed on the main Model S board: M3 & S Recall This recall appears to involve the USA only. But surely if there's a defect there, the car is defective here as well?
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    CCS Found: Is it yours?

    Duct tape with permanent marker would be easier.
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    Diagnose home-charging trouble?

    Thanks -- that's what I did yesterday. Sequence: 1. Problem with UMC on Saturday 2. Success at Tesco Podpoint yesterday 3. Problem again with UMC today. We have some 3kw lamppost chargers in the neighbourhood. I'll give one of those a go tomorrow, just in case...
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    Diagnose home-charging trouble?

    With apologies for what is likely to seem like a really dumb question: for a replacement, does it matter if I get Gen 2 instead of Gen 1? (I mean, they're both "universal", right? Is it just a difference re the join of the 13A adaptor segment to the rest of the cable leading to the car?)...
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    Diagnose home-charging trouble?

    The car is from early 2017 -- I would have thought the warranty is no longer useful for this component (only drivetrain and battery, no?). If I'm wrong and the warranty is the way to go here, please do tell me!!
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    Diagnose home-charging trouble?

    I've now tried the UMC at a neighbour's house, without using an extension lead -- same result. So, the underlying problem is not the socket at home, nor the extension lead itself. If the UMC is now faulty, is there any possible remedy for it -- or do I simply need a replacement UMC?
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    Diagnose home-charging trouble?

    The initial voltage, *very* briefly, seems to be in the high 300s. It drops very quickly to zero. I'm using the same socket I always use. I tried using a shorter extension lead; no change...
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    Diagnose home-charging trouble?

    I've had a go at cleaning the pins. No joy so far. More info: on the app I can press "start charging" -- but the result is "Start charging failed; charging in progress". And: I charged successfully yesterday at a pod-point charger, using my separate Type-2 cable. This was after the first...
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    Diagnose home-charging trouble?

    I'm having trouble getting charge from 3-pin socket at home. The charger has power -- there's a solid green light on the unit (but not the flowing green indicator as with normal charging). But the car says "AC charging interrupted; check power source and charging equipment". When I connect...
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    Rising electricity costs, reflected in big increase in supercharger rates

    Brexit means that the UK is a totally sovereign nation, completely in charge of its own destiny 🤣🤪 A country that can sell fruit & veg using pounds and ounces (avoiding the tyranny of kg) can do anything!
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    Rising electricity costs, reflected in big increase in supercharger rates

    Just home from a trip to France, I used the Northampton supercharger last night, was shocked to see a rate of 37p per Kwh. I know there's a gas shortage here, leading to a rise in electricity prices -- but a ~20% increase in the rate is pretty significant. (I have no idea what's happening with...
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    EU breakdown cover

    It would be interesting to hear something about how often breakdown service is used by Telsa owners. What goes wrong, leading to a call? Do the services actually manage to fix anything?
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    CCS upgrade on Model S (2017) -- but failed charging at newer supercharging

    I very recently paid the £280 for the CCS upgrade -- but on my first attempt to use it at a newer supercharging station (Leicester) today I didn't succeed in getting a charge. The message on the screen was "starting to charge" -- but the Kw figure never left zero, and the message then went to...
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    Model 3 glass roof broken

    The force of a football coming down is roughly equivalent to the force of the kick that sent it up. It's as if someone gave your car's roof a strong kicking. Perhaps the roof shouldn't shatter from being kicked -- but it doesn't entirely surprise me.
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    Restricted supercharging

    Just to emphasize: this is nothing to do with the car. Instead it is Tesla trying to increase efficiency of supercharger usage, facilitating access for more users.
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    Wife, kids and dogs in a M3?

    Surprised to learn that Mitt Romney is a member of this forum. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mitt_Romney_dog_incident
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    Tesla ordered to pay $16K to each customer for batterygate

    Okay -- how low can they (be allowed to) go, then? Okay to cut it in half? ten percent of original?
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    Tesla inventory - 2 year old cars sold as new

    I came close to buying a "new" car along these lines -- it was a demo, heavily discounted, and it seemed like a really attractive price (almost to the extent that I thought it was an error I could capitalise on). Turned out the car was >4 years old. It was only "new" in the sense that it had...
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    Question about FUSC and ownership change

    I've been fighting with Tesla about this issue today, to no avail. I bought a 2017 Model S, registered on 28 March 2017; purchase from a secondhand dealer who advertised it as FUSC. The charging screen says "no recent supercharging" -- indicating the car did have FUSC with the previous owner...
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    New Navigation Maps for Europe Rolling Out 2021.8

    I find it kind of shocking, the way my "smart" car doesn't know the current speed limits (which are indeed different for certain roads, relative to what they were in the past). It's hard to see that it would take years to get this aspect of navigation updated.
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    Put cycle rack on rear of Model S?

    Last month I bought a 2017 Model S 75D -- really love it. I still have an old cycle rack I used with my Volvo V60, and I'm exploring whether it works to use it on the Tesla. I'd be very grateful for thoughts on whether what you see in these photos seems like a good vs. bad idea. The upper...
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    BMW Mini charging (?) at Tesla Supercharger

    How would the car be associated with a Tesla account?
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    Free unlimited supercharging transfer?

    Have you claimed ownership of the car with Tesla yet (so that you can e.g. use the Tesla app)?
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    HELP! Shipped my Model 3 to the UK from States, Can't get Tesla Service Here

    Told in writing, perhaps? I brought a car to the UK when I moved here (from USA) 20 years ago. It required only a bit of modification (rear fog light, perhaps?). But a Tesla seems a bit of a stretch... Good luck getting it sorted.
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    Features we would like to see

    I'm not as sure; when I speed up on motorway I have to turn mine up (and vice-versa).
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    Features we would like to see

    In my experience so far (1 month of Model S 75D), I think the sound system does not adjust the volume to the speed of the car. I don't see an option along those lines in the settings. To which I can only say: really??
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    Leicester Owners Thread

    I'm still a relative newbie -- so, grateful for help with what I think is a relevant question. From what I can tell, the chargers in Leicester are "V3". I have a 2017 Model S75D, with a Type 2 charging port -- do the cables in a V3 charging station fit this port? I know that I can get the...
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    Wiki UK and Ireland Supercharger Site News

    I've just tried to use Leicester, ~8:30pm -- couldn't get in, there were gates blocking the entrance to the car park where the charging points are located. Surely these chargers will not be limited to store-open hours...
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    Green number plates

    I'm thinking someone with entrepreneurial drive and the required technical knowledge could produce something that meets the specified standards (including reflectivity). It's not hard to see a potential market. But yes, it would need to be legal.
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    Green number plates

    What about an add-on green strip? Surely no need to replace the entire plate...
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    Bought 2017 MS 75D, in UK; process for getting set up with app & superchargers?

    I've now bought a 2017 MS 75D, really pleased so far. The main task still ahead of me is to register ownership with Tesla. I'd be grateful for help gaining clarity on what this involves. My understanding: The seller (dealer) will notify DVLA of the sale; I then get the V5C, perhaps within...
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    UK For Sale / Wanted / Free [closed for new items]

    I've sent a PM re the Mennekes cable. Thanks...
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    A "new" Model S (90D) -- from model year 2016! (a demo) what to do...

    I thought I had gotten lucky -- I found (as Tesla UK existing inventory) a "new" Model S, 90D, a demo with ~9k miles for just under £47k. This was being represented as a £30k savings on the new-car price -- it seemed like a really good deal. What I've now learned is that it's a car from 2016...
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    Demo Purchase

    Hoping it's okay to revive a thread like this. Last week I happened upon a demo Model S 90D, with a crazy discount, £30k off the showroom price of £77k. I'm in the process of arranging the financing -- worried that someone will decide it is an error and withdraw the order before I can collect...
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    New member from Leicester (UK)

    Hello all -- I'm working on getting my first Tesla -- pretty excited, but really glad to find this resource, I've already benefited quite a lot from reading...

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