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    To upgrade panel from 100 to 200 amps or not.

    Of course it would! But then again 200 amps would probably still be too small for our home's average draw without cutting it really close while charging 2 cars and running a heater at night in Winter along with a 50 amp hot tub line. So we were stuck either way... the costs of caring about if...
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    To upgrade panel from 100 to 200 amps or not.

    Just as a point of reference, we are in the midst of upgrading from 200 amps to 400 amps. We are about to have 2 Teslas--each with their own 80 amp HPWCs because combined we easily drive well over 200+ rated miles on the average day and sometimes much more, and occasionally will each need to...
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    New Configuration Invites 4/6

    I may be offering my own clarity. It appears that Tesla maintained prior Tesla owner priority with the original run of invitations, but the AWD/P invitations removed the prior owner advantage, and now purely run off of order in which original reservation was received. Thus those with no prior...
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    New Configuration Invites 4/6

    So people who received their original invite to configure their model 3 in April of 2018 have already received an invitation to configure an AWD? I got my original invitation in February and I was one of the first thousand production orders for the model S and I still have not received an...
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    What should my ideal charge percentage be?

    Gotta love it. Just over 1 year and my battery is now elderly. Ha! Cheers
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    Decreasing rated range.

    Been a while since I chimed in on anything so nice to see you all alive and kicking on here. Just recently I noticed a drop in full charge that seems fairly significant. When I got my 60 MS the rated range was 208. About 15 months later and just over 10K miles on it, a full range charge gets...
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    Experience with Piano Black decor?

    I have the piano black interior and think it is very classy. Love it. No regrets. Cheers.
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    60kwh range charge

    I have about 4500 miles on my Odo and my numbers are similar to your SFOTurtle. I get about 206 for a range charge and 180-186 for a full standard charge with the slider to the far right of the standard charge choices. When I first got the car the range charge read 208. So I have seen a very...
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    Kicked Out of a Motel for Charging at 12 Amps

    I have to disagree with the original post on a couple of points. I don't think many of your listed mistakes were mistakes. Your only mistake was in attempting to give an @$$hole motel manager some money. If you can charge your phone in your room, then you can charge your Tesla from the wall...
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    Blue exterior - any comments from those who have seen or purchased?

    Personally I hate blue cars... except the Model S blue. At times in certain lighting it is so dark it looks black. But in the right light it is amazing. Reminds of Jan Van Eyck lapis lazuli blue in renaissance paintings. It is very opulent, deep and dark. I did not order the blue, but it is...
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    How many of you took a "Leap of faith"?

    As P912, I put down my deposit over 3 years before I took delivery. I had rarely seen a roadster at that time, let alone a prototype Model S. I knew what the company was capable of, believed in the same vision, and liked what I saw with the prototype descriptions. I took delivery this past...
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    What should my ideal charge percentage be?

    Hmm. My understanding of paying the difference was if you got say an 85 kwh battery an you owned a 60. So I must have missed something. Seems like it would be quite difficult to keep track of whose battery was whos and ship them back tothe owner and such. To the point that it woul be almost...
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    Tesla wall connector w/ J1772?

    Yep. Those are the ones I was thinking of. And yes, the roadster chargers did not say clipper creek on them anywhere obvious if I remember correctly. Those photos show how they are essentially the same thing though. As an aside, the owners or clipper creek are very generous with free 70 amp...
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    What should my ideal charge percentage be?

    OK all. This is a very involved thread with a lot of data that all seems to potentially be moot unless every person posting here is never going to battery swap, or if all Tesla owners agree to do what we are discussing and stick to it so the batteries are similar when we swap. I am going to go...
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    Highway 101 (CA) Superchargers are now Open!!!

    thanks for that. Usually I have found the elevation trip planner to be pretty accurate so it's nice to hear that this will be quite doable despite the doom and gloom prediction. If anyone gets hard numbers on the drive that would be great too (left gilroy with ____ rated miles, drive ____...
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    Tesla wall connector w/ J1772?

    Clipper Creek made the original roadster chargers if I recall correctly. Many of the clipper creek roadster chargers have been converted over to j1772s for wider compatibility while retaining the 70 amp current. There is even one (maybe 2?) exactly as you decribed at the clipper creek HQ in...
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    Grey interior owners please.. any regrets considering the headboard?

    Mine has not needed any significant cleaning. I have a work bag that has some black rubbery parts and if I set it on the seat it can leave a little black mark (think similar to a pencil eraser leaving a vague pink mark on something). If I wipe it with a damp cloth it comes right off...
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    Battery Swap

    I agree that would make sense. However, they still have this up on the forum at the official website: WHEN IT COMES TIME TO REPLACE MY BATTERY, CAN I EXCHANGE IT FOR A DIFFERENT SIZE BATTERY PACK? [email protected] | JANUARY 17, 2013 No, you will not be able to replace your current battery...
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    Battery Swap

    Well, I agree with the assumption that the swapping machine will have all 85 kWh battery packs at the ready. The question really becomes what will happen with 60 kWh cars that use them. Will they be allowed to access the entire battery? Or will Tesla limit the access to 60 kWh with software...
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    Highway 101 (CA) Superchargers are now Open!!!

    So for those of us who own 60 kWh MSs, I would love to hear a real-world report on going from the Gilroy supercharger to the Atascadero supercharger. I plugged it in at typical highway speeds and got about 8%-10% battery remaining from a range charge at the elevation trip planner website...
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    Liquid Glass

    FWIW I am really happy with the 4 coats of LG I put on my MS. Here is pic to show mine with LG next to one of the same color without who just happened to park next to me at an EV charging station: Of course mine is the highly reflective one in the front. But to be full disclosure, I coat on...
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    Grey interior owners please.. any regrets considering the headboard?

    I have the grey interior and think it looks great. Would be nice if they matched it but with the current color scheme it looks good. Cheers.
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    P+ Dead in Garage

    Has anyone done this replacement? I looked into it when I got the car then gave up. Is there a drop in equivalent that will fit the Model S with a Li Ion 12 v? I would totally be in on that even for 3-4x the price if it made my car more reliable. Hey Tesla Motors: Add it to the Tesla...
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    Been gone for far too long... a long overdue delivery update

    Now I'm going to think of Raffi and his song Baby Beluga every time I see a white Model S. BABY BELUGA - with Lyrics - YouTube Hahah. cheers. - - - Updated - - - Aww shucks. Much appreciated. I should also add for anyone else contemplating wearing a kilt to the factory tour that during...
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    Best mattresses for Model S

    I love you for this. Haha. Cheers.
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    Pictures of Matte Blue Model S (lots of pictures)

    When I was debating with my wife about what color to get, I favored white with a matte vinyl wrap and black trim/interior so the car ended up looking like a stormtrooper and could be effeciant in not soaking up solar heat while also being easy to clean. She nixed the idea since she doesn't like...
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    Lighted Tesla T for nosecone

    Love this. Stoked to get one when they go commercial. :) Cheers.
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    Been gone for far too long... a long overdue delivery update

    First of all, I must apologize for the tardiness of this post. It should have been made in late January or early February. I got P912, one of the first 60kWh versions to roll off the line, at the end of January. I picked it up at the factory (while wearing a proper clan tartan kilt) in late...
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    Winter Floor Mat Options?

    FWIW: WeatherTech told me "in 1-2 months" repeatedly over a 12-14 month period for availability of mats for the new Sienna when it first came out. I hope they have a better time frame for the Model S, but in my case the "check's in the mail" syndrome was quite accurate. For that reason, I...
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    public parking experiences in garages

    You've been on here long enough to know this Kip, but for the sake of others who might not, if you use this tactic, make sure to check the height again before pulling out. The car can lower/settle while parked and you are away. Some owners have damaged their cars by pulling out after doing...
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    Neighbors jealous of the Model S :(

    Sorry to hear that your adult neighbors handle their jealousy less well than their own children. I am not a fan of having to provide adult daycare. Seems like their mommies and daddies forgot to tell them about how to play nice with others. No reason at all for grown adults to behave in...
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    I'm on my way to work after a very crazy day. A full delivery story will be forthcoming with some photos in the next few days but just as a data point, I picked up my car today and love it. I also think I may be able to claim a 1st but would like to hear from anyone who may have beat me to the...
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    Connectivity: When is iPhone/Android app coming out?

    Checking daily as well. Just searching Tesla Model S since I have no idea what the official name for the app is. Time for me to go to bed now. It's my Tesla eve. Pickup in the am... Like a kid before Xmas. Looking forward to dashing away all. Cheers
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    Creating a warning label not to slam the frunk?

    Here's how to solve that problem: Never let a Valet drive your car. If you MUST use valet parking, have the Valet sit in the passenger seat and tell you where to drive it to then ride back with them or walk back with them. Reverse this when getting the car out of the valet lot. The reason...
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    Best Car in The Doctor's Lot

    We may be in the same group :) Maybe not, but I have not seen any others in my lot thus far and pick up the car tomorrow. But at my hospital there is no "Doctor's Lot." there are just the parking lots, a few of which are employee only. But that's everything from Janitor to Physician so I may...
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    Twin Chargers

    Most public charging stations in the US are a wimpy 30 amps. Adequate for Leafs and Volts, kinda near useless for a significant charge on a model S. However, this is the vast majority of J1772 charging stations in the US AFAIK. A single charger would allow you to charge up to a max of 30 ish...
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    No that paint is the Grey. The silver is significantly lighter and more metallic in appearance. That is a great looking car though... Cheers
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    Anybody gone Bay Area to Tahoe yet?

    Thank you for this report. Do you happen to know what the temperature was when you did this drive? Were you running your heater or just the seat heaters? I'm assuming that since you were driving fast that the road conditions were good. Cheers.
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    South Bay to Tahoe at night in winter with a 60 kWh? Advice wanted.

    Thanks for my first reply to this after crickets all day long :D Also thanks for the references to those other threads, hadn't found them. Agree that the first part of our trips would be a bit different, but the rest, especially after Auburn, would be basically the same until arrival...
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    Value Analysis Spreadsheet for those debating 40kWh, 60kWh, 85kWh

    Welcome to the forums Gino. I'm sure others will appreciate your input. I noticed that you are from Chicago, where it can get quite cold this time of year. I would just make sure that if you are considering the 40 that it would be adequate to suit your needs for whatever you want the car to...
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    Tinting FRONT windshield?

    Yes it has been done. digitaltim with a Sig Red reported they had done this and posted photos on one of the other tinting threads. It looked good. He also used the 3M Crystalline. Model S - Window Tinting - Page 2 That links to his explanation, then link from there to the photo. Cheers.
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    First 60kWH delivery notice or email - who will it be?

    Congrats! Not sure what color you are getting, but if it is white, will you be naming it Coool Whhhhipp? Cheers
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    First 60kWH delivery notice or email - who will it be?

    There are many options out there. The one I use is old school and prompts most to dismiss it, but I still like it. It's called Liquid Glass. There are a lot of newer products out there as well. Most of the newer ones dry quicker and are rumored to be easier to apply. LG takes a minimum of 4...
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    South Bay to Tahoe at night in winter with a 60 kWh? Advice wanted.

    Sorry to post a question that is a bit self-serving, but I figured that this is a common route for many so an answer to me may help a lot of others. I considered posting this in the winter driving thread but they are so many pages deep on that I think it would get a lot less traffic thus a lot...
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    Door Handles: Warning! Random Door Opening While Locked!

    Thanks for clarifying and I will be very interested to know if it happens again after the handle replacement. Appreciate your (very) detailed response! Cheers
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    First 60kWH delivery notice or email - who will it be?

    Ditto on picking up this weekend here, although I have to work an overnight shift after picking up the car... ugh. I hope your Tesla party is a bit more rockin' than my drive to work in my Kia that night (gotta seal the paint before I start using the new car as my daily driver). Cheers.
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    Door Handles: Warning! Random Door Opening While Locked!

    This sounds very concerning. But I have not seen anyone ask this yet so just to cover all bases: is it possible that the fob was accidentally hit when you were even farther away from the car? Could you have been carrying something and bumped it so that the car unlocked before you got close...
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    @ Hans: Glad your car came before mine with your earlier reservation #. You deserved it! Thanks for the updates, photos, and driving experience reports. Happy to hear that my "budget" battery won't be depriving me of that much joy... or the infamous Tesla grin (which I have yet to...
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    Running with No Front Plate?

    Yes the law sucks. Yes it makes your car look uglier. But ask yourself this: When you throw a big party at your house, do you place a bunch of signs on your front lawn that read "Hey Police!!! Yes You! Come in and have a look around! Yes, anytime you want!" If not, why do the equivalent...

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