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  1. sllvgl

    2021.4.3 falcon wing doors and trunk not operating properly

    I had my FWDs set to fully open when I’m parked in front of the house and it’s definitely not behaving this way anymore. There are tree branches hanging above the car and it seems more sensitive to them now, those branches aren’t low enough to risk a collision though.
  2. sllvgl

    Navigation system really is not even close to TomTom....

    I have many grievances but navigation has been pretty good for me, coming from Audi, Porsche and Volvo. What specific issues do you have?
  3. sllvgl

    Model X 2019 Raven Sound Deadening Doors Project

    Thank you Rossy for your work, I’ll be looking for all your upcoming observations. Btw it’s 2020, your Husky could be a rich influencer dog doing car reviews on TikTok. Don’t miss the opportunity!
  4. sllvgl

    3 years on, I have decided to move on from my beloved X

    With all the wind noise coming in I bet the arm rests got scrapped because they had a negative aerodynamic impact in the wind tunnel tests
  5. sllvgl

    3 years on, I have decided to move on from my beloved X

    I’ve been shopping for an X7 as well. How’s the cargo space on that compared to the MX? I’ve been concerned that the ICE and rear drive shaft would take up from the frunk and deep rear cargo. I have 3 kids and one needs to sit in the 3rd row.
  6. sllvgl

    Don't Let Your X Lock You Out in the Cold!

    Following up on this. My fob stopped working altogether so at this point I replaced the battery and it’s working fine again. I was not in range of the car when I replaced it, and for reference I’ve had the car for 15 months, I never got a low battery message but my wife did with hers. I’ll...
  7. sllvgl

    Don't Let Your X Lock You Out in the Cold!

    I've started having this issue in the last 2 weeks as well. Twice in same scenario, briefly stepped out of the car to drop off my son to school, fob is in my pocket, doors are open. I seat back in and car is off and says key not inside although it's in my pocket. I had to unlock/start the car...
  8. sllvgl

    Clek Oobr for third row?

    We have a Britax Frontier back there which seems bulkier and haven’t had any issues. Latch is usually optional and you eventually reach its weight restriction anyway. Looks like the Oobr is Latch optional as their manual says “if available” FWIW I personally prefer the 5 point harness seats...
  9. sllvgl

    interior lighting - front row ceiling light?

    All these little things drive me nuts and really make the MX experience worse than other vehicles in this price range. No back seat storage, no grab handles, no armrest on captain chairs, ridiculously small sun visors, flimsy rear cup holders, poor sound deadening (cheap glass and seals) and bad...
  10. sllvgl

    Pedestrian Warning Sound now in X? Wait, what?

    It does sound like a malfunction to me, it doesn't make sense that it would be so loud and uncomfortable from inside the cabin. Maybe try a reboot and see if the behavior changes?
  11. sllvgl

    1st Baby inbound-best car seat and #of seats!

    Congratulations! With one kid I think any option is fine and 5-seats makes sense if you care about cargo. The X is spacious enough to accommodate any car seat you’d like, even rear facing. If you are 6’ or taller you probably will be limited in the front (passenger or driver) if there is a...
  12. sllvgl

    Efficient Tire/Wheel Comobo for road trips

    Would love to hear back from you on power consumption once you’ve done a few hundred miles, keep us posted please!
  13. sllvgl

    X Ideal Ride Height?

    I once realized that standard provides a noticeably more comfortable ride on highways, so I disable lowering unless I’m on a road trip and care about range. I also use auto rise in various locations in San Francisco as the roads here are a reflection of how the city is managed. The settings...
  14. sllvgl

    Model X Coat Hook

    The after market ones you saw are probably a copy of the ones Tesla sells. We use those (3rd party not Tesla’s) to hang the kids’ backpacks after school pickup and they work fine. Coat Hooks
  15. sllvgl

    Raven wind noise?

    I shake my head every time I see the “the ICE drowns out the noise ” answers. Is the ICE also making our conversations and music louder because I sure can hear those better in my wife’s car than in the X
  16. sllvgl

    Is it possible to remove/adjust window trim?

    Sorry I do not have an answer for you but rather a question. How much of a difference did the foam filling of the A pillar do in your opinion? I’m also somewhat obsessed with the road / wind noise as it’s been bothering on road trips quite a bit.
  17. sllvgl

    Bike lane OCR

    Could be map and not vision based?
  18. sllvgl

    Rear-facing convertible car seats for twins in 6 seater MX?

    I’m not optimistic based on my experience with a 2nd-row rear facing seat in the X, but I’m going to follow this thread just in case
  19. sllvgl

    Speed limit sign recognition

    It’s likely the result of a business agreement between both parties and not a court ruling.
  20. sllvgl

    Speed limit sign recognition

    I haven’t noticed any vision based speed limit recognition, only map based. Phantom braking when at 65mph and over speeding in well signaled HW101 construction zones. 2020.20.5 2019 Raven Perf
  21. sllvgl

    3rd Party Wheels & Efficiency

    Is anyone aware of some testing done with OEM vs. after market tires with 22s? There are so many opinions on impact of those wheels, down to people arguing over mathematical equations. I’d love to see some real world testing for a change.
  22. sllvgl

    Apple CarPlay or Android Auto support

    CarPlay does several things much better (in my opinion) and after 3 years with it and now 3 months without it in my X, I miss it very much. My list would be: - Better music interface, Tesla’s struggles trying to unify features of different services vs native apps on CarPlay - Waze routing...
  23. sllvgl

    Phantom slow spot on 65mph highway?!

    Hit one phantom slow down on 101 N in Burlingame CA at Peninsula Ave exit. Slows to 45mph if driving on the right lane, seems okay if on the left most lane. Should be fixable via software update.
  24. sllvgl

    2019.36.2.2 (USA)

    We ended up cancelling a SoCal family trip due to weather, but boy did I dread having to make a late night stop at a SuperCharger with the kids sleeping in the back because of the chime.
  25. sllvgl

    Software Update 2019.40.1.1

    Same here. Raven 2019 Performance FSD Ludicrous.
  26. sllvgl

    Winter Shock : 800kWh?

    I recently became a Tesla owner, I second the previous comment on how these forums make things more complicated than they can be. There are a lot of tinkerers around here, folks who are trying to get the most out of their car and/or explain all its behaviors and request constant improvements. I...
  27. sllvgl

    Need someone to check something since update yesterday

    I think I’ve noticed that but I’ll confirm tomorrow. I just kind of noticed that the car was doing some additional warning but didn’t quite pay attention to what it was exactly.
  28. sllvgl

    Block Gap in Six Seater

    Sorry if this sounds stupid but to clear our any confusion could you please link or detail what floor mat you are referring to. Thanks!
  29. sllvgl

    Will it be totaled?

    No airbags? Looks like you hit that median pretty hard, why wouldn’t the airbags deploy?
  30. sllvgl

    What would make you buy a non Tesla electric vehicle?

    For me it would be the overall finish of the car, my Raven doesn’t feel nearly as luxurious as a Cayenne S or Turbo. Comes down to material quality, precision of design and assembly, and general attention to details. Tesla’s Engineering is outstanding, design and manufacturing skills are below...
  31. sllvgl

    Raven wind noise?

    Same wind noise near driver side mirror here. Have not looked into much yet other than checking window seals. Also looked good.
  32. sllvgl

    good and bad after recent updates

    I’ve had the BSM warning a couple times since 12.2 as well, never before. Also getting Lane Departure warning when I leave home but I think it’s getting confused by my street. Living on long city street, no lane lines and cars parked perpendicular on both sides.
  33. sllvgl

    End Of 3rd Quarter Deal

    It had between 500 and 1,000, don’t remember exactly. It was likely a test drive vehicle. The accident was just a fender bender and it looks like they tried to have a body shop fix it. The whole thing was too shady to take the risk, and now this discount bait & switch...
  34. sllvgl

    End Of 3rd Quarter Deal

    I ordered an inventory MX via an online advisor last Sunday, was told I’d get the wheels and paint free. I went to the showroom in San Francisco where the car I had just ordered was still on display. Asked Manager if I can take delivery and I’m told yes, but car has been in accident and hood...

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