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  • The final cut of TMC Podcast #34 is available now with topics timestamped. We covered Tesla's rollercoaster prices, Toyota pushing junk science, Mike's new Model 3, Optimizing track mode for snow driving, FSD V11 apparently coming by the end of this week, and more. You can watch and check out the chat replay on YouTube.

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  1. efxjim

    Roadster PEM failure

    Latest Tesla Roadster Newsletter. Might be worth swapping out the caps as well. There are several of us in San Diego/ L.A. thinking about a Pem Party.
  2. efxjim

    Assuming you have a Tesla - S, X, or 3 - what would you want as a second vehicle?

    Everyday driver was Roadster for 2 years, then S for almost 5 and then wife got an X. Guess the next one will be a model 3 to replace my kids car which is on its last legs. Is 4 Teslas to many? So far the Koolaid still tastes great.
  3. efxjim

    Which cooling louvers open during supercharging?

    I have taken to shoving a 1" square stick in the louvers when I hear the fans running. Guess I need them serviced.
  4. efxjim

    HPWC v1 Meltdown

    It is good to feel the charger temp after an hour and keep track over time if it starts to feel hotter. It might be time to re torque the terminals if that temp increases.
  5. efxjim

    Lost Power Brakes

    Congratulations! Sorry no pictures. The area the pump is in gets a lot of mist/water. seal it up best you can and possibly add a weep hole.
  6. efxjim

    Lost Power Brakes

    Black sealant was on mine as well.
  7. efxjim

    Lost Power Brakes

    I had this happen several years ago. Your vacuum pump electronics in the bottom of the pump housing may have gotten wet. The circuit board is not coated very well against moisture and the housing leaks water that cannot drain away. It is not hard to remove the pump and get to the pc board. I...
  8. efxjim

    Superchargers super-slow

    I find when the connector gets hot the power is throttled back. There is a temp sensor in the connector to prevent it from getting too hot. I think the connectors are having trouble with the wear and tear of a lot of use. So if the cord end or the car inlet side is dirty or worn charging starts...
  9. efxjim

    Poll - how many multiple Tesla Owners?

    One of each, Roadster, S and X with model 3 on order
  10. efxjim

    Roadster Tetris

    I arrived at a tech scout and pulled a 90lb jack hammer out of the trunk. That got their attention.
  11. efxjim

    Buying a Roadster now - what to be aware of?

    The Roadster is "Raw" fun, the S is refined fun.
  12. efxjim

    Way too early guess at the Tesla Urban Transporter (Spacebus)

    Kids love the rear facing S seats
  13. efxjim

    Slow supercharging in hot weather?

    i experienced this at buttonwillow several days ago. The logic of slowing down your charge rate does not affect the amount of power used. Each car will just stay longer and overlap the charging of other cars still using the same amount of power. No peak limiting will occur. It was very...
  14. efxjim

    V2grid (Vehicle to Grid) and Tesla

    Wear and tear on a warrantied battery with no financial benefit to Tesla would be reason one. The Chademo spec supports bidirectional power flow. Has anyone checked to see if it is enabled on the Tesla?
  15. efxjim

    Update on mirrorless cars

    If head tracking were used it could be similar to using a real mirror.
  16. efxjim

    Air cooled battery modules

    I think helium instead of air might be used as the cooling fluid. It has about 6 times the ability to transfer heat as air and about 1/4 the ability of water. Since the cell can be completely covered in flowing gas it has about the same efficiency as water. The battery pack could be helium tight...
  17. efxjim

    Auxiliary 12 v battery for refrigerator

    I have been running a similar fridge in my S for over 3 years. I feed the fuse for the 12v adapter from an all ways on source (electric seat fuse). My fridge has 3 settings for how low it will pull down 12v battery in the car. I leave it on the middle setting and have never had any ill effects...
  18. efxjim

    Wiki Model 3 Reveal Event Coverage (3/31/16) 8:30PM PST - Discussion/Pictures/Video

    Cup holders? Frunk photo? Trunk photo?
  19. efxjim

    Repairing a Flooded Tesla Model S : HOW-TO

    Unfortunately federal law makes resale of airbags illegal. Must buy from dealer/manufacturer. If you buy some other part perhaps the seller could pack the item in free airbags!
  20. efxjim

    Summon failed and hit my garage.

    On a similar note I use auto close for my garage door. My S is a 2012 and has no sensors. I backed in to my garage instead of nose in and the auto close must have been confused and started closing the garage after I had moved only a few feet. I hotfooted it out and just got under the door before...
  21. efxjim

    Repairing a Flooded Tesla Model S : HOW-TO

    We prepped a car for full immersion in Long Beach harbour. My employee decided he wanted to buy the car after the shoot. He removed all of the electronic modules, sealed up the engine trans and other items 100%. We immersed the car several time in the water and when the shoot was over the...
  22. efxjim

    Update: Model X has a single charger, but only 48A capable

    I'll throw in my two cents for at least 72 amp charging. There are times when it is very helpful. How about 2 48 amp chargers 96 Amps:love:
  23. efxjim

    Model X has single 72A charger

    Sounds like there will be a need to put the chargers outside the car and use a supercharger like dc cable to charge with. Link several 15k chargers to your home or business. 2 for single phase 3 or 6 for 3 phase. Think of as supercharger lite. Or you could install a Chademo.
  24. efxjim

    Feature request: Self-moderated Threads

    I think it is a great idea. It gives the starter of the thread control over the tone and direction of the thread they created. Posts would still be overseen by the moderators for final say. If someone disagrees with the threads censorship by the originator they could start their own thread. It...
  25. efxjim

    FOB went through the washer & dryer

    I had the same thing happen to my fob. The soap that is left in the fob is mildly conductive. I was using up a battery a week. I took the fob and placed it in wide mouth bottle and half filled it with very hot purified water (reverse osmosis ) distilled would also work. Proceeded to shake...
  26. efxjim

    Do not try it at home - owner charging his Model S at 60kW in Siberia

    A couple of years ago I went to a film shoot that I expected to have a tow plant (big generator). Just my luck, no tow plant. I charged my roadster off a small generator to the tune of 6 MPH. It was not nearly enough to get back to a J charger. So I hooked up to my shop truck with a 2" ratchet...
  27. efxjim

    Can a Model-S Charge from a backup battery directly?

    There is a good chance DC can be fed directly into the built in chargers. A lot of AC to DC chargers can handle a DC input. Your battery pack could have a Tesla whip on it. When plugged in it could tell the car what amp charge the batteries could supply. It would conceivably give around 1 mile a...
  28. efxjim

    Proactive Contactor Replacement

    In for the same thing. On a loaner pack(seems new). Being sent to Fremont. Getting 225 on standard charge 43k miles on an early B pack. Hope the refurbished pack gets more than just the contactor upgraded. :wink:.
  29. efxjim

    New Alcoa aluminum sheet process

    The Mini Mill is used to process the scrap left after forming the car parts. I believe it can be as much as 70% waste. Rather than shipping all these leftover bits all the way back to the foundry they can be turned back into sheet goods at the factory. This saves all the handling and...
  30. efxjim

    LA Area Tesla Video Shoot

    I have a grey P85 in LA. I am also quite familiar with the film business. PM me with details. I should be able to make time.
  31. efxjim

    Harris Ranch is not working 11/18/14

    Once they have a battery bank they can operate the charger without mains power (So they say).
  32. efxjim

    Buzzing at low speed

    I first reported mine at about 20k, said it was fine. Reported it at 38K, still said it is fine. Now at 40k it is so loud people ask what it is. I'm just going to wait for it to fail and then raise hell about them ignoring it.
  33. efxjim

    E-Bike Experiences? Recommended brands?

    I have a Prodeco Storm and it will just fold up and fit in the back. They are assembled in Fl from mainly Chinese parts. Build quality is good and they have several different battery sizes. I would recommend it. Here is a review I just found. Full Size Folding Electric Bike in a Tesla Model S -...
  34. efxjim

    Pasadena Area Owners

    If you are willing to drive to North Hollywood / another couple of miles. I can provide 70a J1772 at my work. PM me for the gate code if you are interested.
  35. efxjim

    False Positives With FW 5.8.4 Charge Current Reduction?

    Same backing off. I wish we had a one time override for specific locations.
  36. efxjim

    Accessing battery terminals for inverter attachment

    I just don't know of any 380v inverters on the market except grid connect.
  37. efxjim

    Short-Term TSLA Price Movements - 2014

    Just gotta suck in a few more shorts.:tongue:
  38. efxjim

    Accessing battery terminals for inverter attachment

    Grid tied inverters need a stiff AC signal applied to the output terminals before they turn on. If this could be bypassed they would make a perfect backup/job site AC power source. I have yet to find someone who has successfully bypassed the safeties.
  39. efxjim

    Accessing battery terminals for inverter attachment

    There is a microswitch under the cover that throws an error code. When the switch is depressed the error goes away but Tesla has a log entry of the access. The switch could be held down with a thin plastic shim slid under the slightly loosened cover. What kind of inverter are you using? I would...
  40. efxjim

    Hum Going Over 70 MPH

    I noticed mine at 20k. Service said it was normal. Now at 25k getting a lot more noticeable. Comes on strong at 80 mph. Also have the minor clunk between accell and decell. When driving next to a wall at about 25 mph in a quiet location a quiet mechanical grinding sound can be heard when at 20kw...
  41. efxjim

    Firmware 5.8.6/7/8/9/10

    Had to reboot twice this morning after service updated to .10 2 days ago. Display froze up when I pressed homelink. Before this I hadn't rebooted for several months .
  42. efxjim

    Variance in hand wound motors of the Sport models?

    I was also told by a store manager mine was the fastest he had ever driven and what did I do to it. The only thing I've done is love it.
  43. efxjim

    Saleen announces their version of a Model S

    The problem is getting heat out of the core (rotor) of the motor. One can fill the motor with oil or water to transfer the heat to the motor case (stater) but a lot of friction is created. A fluid passage can be drilled through the rotor and connected to rotating joints on the ends. This would...
  44. efxjim

    NEMA 14-50 with 120v

    Build a dedicated charger (open evse ) for the Tesla and interrupt the pilot line with a relay when your heat or water heater comes on. Then all appliances can remain on.
  45. efxjim

    NEMA 14-50 with 120v

    Screw a bike hook in next to the charger, cheap protection.
  46. efxjim

    NEMA 14-50 with 120v

    Wire in a tt-30r so you meet code. Leviton 7313 30 Amp, 125 Volt, NEMA Tt-30R, 2P, 3W, Flush Mounting Receptacle, Straight Blade, Industrial Grade, Grounding, For Recreational Vehicles, Side Wired, Steel Strap, Black - Amazon.com Then use an adaptor that connects the hot and the neutral from...

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