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  1. drmanny3

    How do I know when I receive FSD beta?

    Seems to me that most of the model X vehicles that have FSD are the newer 2021 and 2022 model Xs. Is this the case? Would that suggest that the computer needs to be CU 3 rather then 2 or lesser? My software has updated often and I am at 2022.28.2 so I am past the update with FSD.
  2. drmanny3

    Brake controller recommendation

    I have a 2020 model X long range plus. Can anyone recommend what brake controller to use. Does thus work with one pedal driving? Thanks
  3. drmanny3

    Circuit board that is housed inside the rear view mirror structure

    Oh very interesting. I seem to be experiencing problems with the cameras. I have tried calibration, but it has not resulted in the system working properly. It keeps telling me the cameras need recalibrating. I have lost the blind spot monitoring, as no other cars are showing up On the...
  4. drmanny3

    Circuit board that is housed inside the rear view mirror structure

    I have a 2020 Model X. The rear view mirror structure Houses the forward view cameras as well as a small ribbon circuit board. What does the circuit board control? The connector has separated. is It for the sentry function? Or does it help with how the cameras see?
  5. drmanny3

    Rear Cargo Cover for 5 Seat 2020 Model X

    I realized that I should have posted pictures of what I wanted and needed. The first pick is with the front panel removed showing the open area between the two. This is what I would like a cargo mat to cover. The second pic shows the very rear panel removed showing the storage area. The next...
  6. drmanny3

    Rear Cargo Cover for 5 Seat 2020 Model X

    So I have removed several of the trays in the cargo area. I removed the one closes to the bumper. I then removed the tray that is just behind the rear seats. That gives me over 7 inches more of depth which help accommodate our Great Pyrenees dog Viola. I tried ordering a cargo mat for the...
  7. drmanny3

    Model X 2018 Tire rotation left and right

    There is no technical reason why you cannot rotate your front tires as well as your rear tires by switching sides. The only time this I not a good idea is when the tires are unidirectional. These tires are not unidirectional so as long as the outside is outside then you are ok. Having said...
  8. drmanny3

    Safety Score Question

    So we recently acquired a Tesla 2020 mod X. I am interested in the full driving software and understand that I need to request the Beta version. No problem. I also installed and paid for the TeslaFi ap on my iPad. I am assuming that this is the only way to see your safety score? Anyway I have...
  9. drmanny3

    Model X brake calipers(new)

    Did you sell these? Thanks, Manny
  10. drmanny3

    Speed bumps, adaptive suspension, and height adjustment question

    From what I have read, the 2020 Model X will remember based upon GPS where you raised the car to engage the speed bumps. I as yet have not experimented with this to really verify. On another note my NSX has 4 corner adjustable struts. If I have the car set on comfort and hit one of the speed...
  11. drmanny3

    Anyone try Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season Plus II tires?

    For what it is worth I had these tires as OEM on my 2017 Volvo XC90 PHEV. They worked well, but we’re a bit noisy. I replaced them with Mich equivalent tires and find the ride smother and quieter. I was -landing on replacing my Conti with Mich when they wear out.
  12. drmanny3

    UVA and UVB ray Protection

    I went ahead and purchased a UV meter that measures the combination of UVa and UVb. I was pleasantly surprised that the meter remained essentially at zero for UV coming through the windshield but especially the roof. The side windows do in fact allow some UV rays to enter. So now I am having...
  13. drmanny3

    body PPF worth it?

    My take is that doing half of the hood, fenders and front facia is pretty much going to cover 80% of the chips. Having said that, if you are handy you can purchase the kits online (eBay) and watch some videos on YouTube and do it yourself. I purchased 3M gloss precut for the X. The hood and...
  14. drmanny3

    Low dust ceramic brake pad recommendation

    I noticed that you had a 2022 Volvo XC40 Recharge. What made you get rid of it? The low range? I am coming from a 2017 Volvo XC90 T8. I like the Napa leather seats and the Bowers & Wilkins Stereo over what I have in the 2020 Model X LR+. But it is hard to argue with 350 mile max range.
  15. drmanny3

    Low dust ceramic brake pad recommendation

    Thank you for the recommendation. I will pursue. I noticed that you can purchase two piece rotors for this car. The site suggested that the larger rotors are on back vs the fronts. Which seems backwards? Anyway, while they are not necessary they certainly look good.
  16. drmanny3

    Mirror Tap not powerful enough for radar detector

    I read a couple of posts where Model X owners tapped into the rear view mirror for power to work their radar detector. I tapped into the connector that powers the mirror on my 2020 Model X LR+. I verified that it was putting out 12 volts. But my Excort Max 360C would not power up. I verified...
  17. drmanny3

    Low dust ceramic brake pad recommendation

    Just got a 2020 model X long range plus. Low miles, but I noticed brake dust is significant. I thought of changing out pads to ceramic pads. Are there any recommendations as to brand? I would like to do both front and rear.
  18. drmanny3

    UVA and UVB ray Protection

    Having had melanoma in the past, Can someone provide the UV protection provided by the large windshield in the model X? I am concerned with the UVA and UVB rays.
  19. drmanny3

    Air conditioning in the cargo area of the 5 seat configuration

    That is good to know that the vents are at the back. I Will definitely give that a try. Thanks
  20. drmanny3

    Air conditioning in the cargo area of the 5 seat configuration

    Really? Wow, that certainly makes things difficult to impossible. Is there a site I can go to where I can see the details?
  21. drmanny3

    Air conditioning in the cargo area of the 5 seat configuration

    I just bought a 2020 5 seat model X for the larger rear cargo area. We have a Great Pyrenees and we need room for her. My concern was insuring that she is getting cool air. Can I purchase the interior panels associated with the 6 and 7 seat configuration and somehow connect to the air...
  22. drmanny3

    Just purchased a used 2020 Model X

    I called the Tesla Service Center that is local and asked the Rep if he could check for me. Super kind. He verified that my car has the hitch unit attached and should include the piece that fits into it. He also verified that I have the full software that allows (future autonomous driving)...
  23. drmanny3

    Just purchased a used 2020 Model X

    Oh, and do all the 2020s come with the hitch already attached to the car?
  24. drmanny3

    Just purchased a used 2020 Model X

    I will get the car next week as it is being delivered by Carvana. I checked with our local Tesla Dealership Service Department and asked about whether the car comes with Full Autonomous driving. She checked the Vin and said YES, it was activated. That is about all I know about this particular...
  25. drmanny3

    Charging question

    What if anything can I do as far as charging away from home while waiting for the registration process? The car is coming from Carvana and they don’t start the registration process for 7 days which represents the time for me to make sure I like the car. So I won’t have a registration document...
  26. drmanny3

    Charging question

    I am soon getting a used 2020 model X from a private party. I want to utilize the Tesla Supercharger charging stations. What do I need to do to be able to charge the car? Is there an account that is set up? Very much a nubby question. Thanks. The car is the long range plus. How does that...
  27. drmanny3

    How to charge powerwalls from grid with solar

    I commend your efforts in energy independence. I have recently added two PowerWall2 batteries to our Solar Panels. So we should be covered in the case of a power outage. I have a question about charging your batteries. I want to be able to charge my batteries during the evening hours when...

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