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  • The final cut of TMC Podcast #34 is available now with topics timestamped. We covered Tesla's rollercoaster prices, Toyota pushing junk science, Mike's new Model 3, Optimizing track mode for snow driving, FSD V11 apparently coming by the end of this week, and more. You can watch and check out the chat replay on YouTube.

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    Tesla Radar Speculation

    Have you seen how much progress they’ve made in the past year? Even if FSD never gets past L3 it’s not for lack of trying or a “skeleton crew”. More likely the price increases will cover retrofitting older cars, and even that isn’t a sure thing.
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    Camera Calibration Won’t Stick?

    Hoping it wasn’t that. My car is out of warranty.
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    Camera Calibration Won’t Stick?

    Strange. I forced a software reload, did a brake pedal reset, and the last thing I tried was sitting in the car for 10 minutes after pressing “power off”. The power off actually fixed the issue or so I thought. Had one long drive with everything working as normal, but the next trip it’s broken...
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    Camera Calibration Won’t Stick?

    I watched it get to 100% though, that’s the weird part.
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    Camera Calibration Won’t Stick?

    I received a message on FSDb 2022.20.18 that camera calibration was required. Autopilot wouldn’t turn on, so I cleared calibration data and drove around until I saw the message calibration was complete. I also looked in the autopilot menu and saw that there was additional calibration needed for...
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    Uberturbine Aero Covers

    Thanks! I ordered the tires online and took them to Walmart to get mounted. I had an extra set of Aero rims so it was easy to install on the car myself.
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    Uberturbine Aero Covers

    Got my covers from AliExpress (seller TSL Model3 Y Store) and new tires installed today. I think it looks great and quality seems surprisingly good. I did use the foam tape around the outside of each cover and they feel solidly in place. Only complaint is the center caps don’t have a logo which...
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    Will Tesla Stop Using 12 Volt Lead Acid Battery as the Warranty Replacement?

    Catastrophize much? You’re describing what happens to any car when the 12v dies. In fact, a Tesla performs better than an ICE with a dead battery since it will likely just keep the car awake on the traction battery. Plus it almost always gives a warning on recent software updates.
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    FSD Beta 10.13

    Bold prediction 😂
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    Tsportline Silver 18"wheels w/ Michelin tires for Model 3 $1,100 obo

    Bluetooth tpms or the older RF version?
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    Tail Light Retrofit- AMBER turn signal

    Here’s a quick reference for what to expect using the adapters from @Nomisal Everything works perfectly except when the brake is depressed and turn signal activated the first blink is skipped as noted by others. Watch the repeater with and without brake applied. 2018 LR RWD and model Y US...
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    Tail Light Retrofit- AMBER turn signal

    eBay. Correct, only the outer is needed.
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    Tail Light Retrofit- AMBER turn signal

    Received my adapters from Amazon and installed model Y tail lights on my 2018 M3 and they are working flawlessly. Thanks @Nomisal !!
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    tire pressure

    Yes, people do it. Better range, varying degrees of increased tire wear, less comfortable ride quality. The tire has a “max sidewall pressure” listed on the sidewall. I usually pump up 1-2 PSI below the max.
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    Phantom Braking - Has it gotten better?

    There are almost never cases that extreme. Recently the beta update broke something and beta testers experienced false emergency braking. That was a bug and doesn’t reflect “Phantom” braking as it’s typically discussed here.
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    Safety Score: parameter dependence

    Be real though, how often does that situation happen? Hard braking is much more likely to be caused by driver inattention and/or following too closely.
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    Benefits of HW3 v. HW2.5 besides FSD?

    FSD computer doesn’t run the user interface, so I’d be shocked if there is any difference in responsiveness. I didn’t notice any difference after my 2.5>3 swap back in may 2020. Side note, after seeing the hardware upgrade cost I’m really glad I bit the bullet and paid 2k for the EAP to FSD...
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    Mysterious Model 3 squeaking and flapping noise

    +1 on this. I stuck some electric tape along the inside wheel well liner and the rattling disappeared after driving me crazy for months!
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    How much would you pay for...[a used 2017 model 3]

    Does it have the Alcantara headliner? That would be a nice bonus.
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    WTB: Gen 1 UMC

    Looking for a Gen 1 UMC, preferably for pickup in the NJ area but also open to shipping. I can also trade my barely used gen 2 UMC with 14-50 adapter + cash.
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    Pedestrian Noise like sound on 2018 Model 3

    If it’s less than ~55-60F the car puts the motor in an “inefficient” mode to generate heat for the battery. I’ve noticed that the motor “whines” a lot more when the car is in this inefficient mode, especially during regen braking. My car is RWD so obviously I only hear it from the rear motor.
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    Will four 18" wheels fit inside the M3?

    Yes. Both back seats need to be folded down, but they fit no problem.
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    Model 3 owner in a loaner Model S: impressions

    This is a minor annoyance, but I noticed on a loaner S75D that there’s a 10-15 second “systems are starting up” message that pops up before you can drive on the first trip of the day. The 3 doesn’t have anywhere near the wait time, you just get in an go. Definitely makes the S feel like older...
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    LR RWD Pricing..

    I’m in central NJ and made it through winter just fine with my LR RWD on stock 18s. If you’re really concerned about traction, winter tires will do more than AWD anyway. I’d definitely go with the LR pack, range decreases by 20-30% on really cold days.
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    PSA: Use PIN-To-Drive or Keycard if you have small children

    Have you tested this? My model 3 automatically goes to park when the driver’s seatbelt is unbuckled and no weight is detected on the seat. Not the same exact case, but it seems inconsistent that sometimes it will accelerate with no driver in the seat. This bug definitely needs to be corrected...
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    Model 3 snow tires

    Definitely 18s for winter. The 18 inch tires have a wider sidewall that will take more of a beating from winter potholes. I would keep the 19 all seasons for spring/summer, and get aero wheels with winter tires for the winter.
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    Would anyone want a beep when the car distance sensors get into red

    This. It’s super annoying at drive thru windows too.
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    intermittent motor whine

    I hear it sometimes from the rear of my rwd model 3, usually when accelerating hard or during regen. I like it, sounds like a spaceship. Pretty sure it’s normal, I had the same type of noise in my bmw i3.
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    Another tragic fatality with a semi in Florida. This time a Model 3

    I’ve seen this stated quite a few times, but it contradicts the 2016 NTSB report from the original Model S underride accident. The report states that Euro spec underride guards are only designed for ~35mph and would not have been effective in that collision. Not sure what my point is, but felt...
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    Suggestion for Improved Windshield Wiper Interface

    I was thinking the same thing! This would help so much with mist coming off other cars on the highway.
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    Model 3 19" Sports Wheels & Tires - $1,600.00

    Hey I sent you a pm early this morning. Let me know if you’re interested. Thanks!

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