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  1. Gordeee

    Oil leaking from rear

    Turns out mine was leaking axle seal. They replaced under warranty.
  2. Gordeee

    Oil leaking from rear

    Turns out mine was a leaking axle seal. They replaced it under warranty.
  3. Gordeee

    Speed Sign Recognition in BC

    mine recognizes the yellow recommendations about 50% of the time and ignores them the other 50% really sucks 🤷‍♂️
  4. Gordeee

    Oil leaking from rear

    Thanks for the confirmation! Pulled the plug and checked the level, it appears to be about an inch below the hole but at least there is oil in there. Filter wouldn’t budge is it’s tight. I will hold off driving until I can top it up or limp it in to the service centre in a couple weeks.
  5. Gordeee

    Oil leaking from rear

    Earliest appointment I could get in the app is 2 weeks from now. It would sure be nice to check the level if someone can confirm the plug pictured is actually the fill/level plug?
  6. Gordeee

    Oil leaking from rear

    This is the info I was looking for. I doubt it has leaked 2.75L but hard to know I guess. I took a closer look and it appears to be coming from the filter area. Filter also has some significant rust on it. Appears to be tight, I didn’t want to disturb it too much. If someone is able to...
  7. Gordeee

    Oil leaking from rear

    I have noticed a rainbow slick coming from under the rear (in the centre of the belly pan between the rear wheels) the last week or so when its raining. After putting some cardboard under the car in the carport it seems to leak a few drops of an oily substance after each drive. From what I have...
  8. Gordeee


    I was wondering the same thing Here are some Boombox Custom Sound Thread
  9. Gordeee

    Boombox Custom Sounds (not working)

    I think it's by design that it resets to the stock horn every time you start the car. It's a one time use thing and you need to go to Toybox on every single drive that you want to use the cool sounds on. Kinda lame that it doesn't stick ...
  10. Gordeee

    Autosteer Stop Sign and Stop Light Warning - 2020.48.10

    Pretty sure it only works if you have FSD
  11. Gordeee

    Speed Sign Recognition in BC

    My experience is a bit hit and miss .. though it does seem to be getting better sometimes it misses signs when people are parked by them or your on a 2 lane road and there is a car blocking it in the right lane.
  12. Gordeee

    Premium Connectivity in Canada

    Seems to come with the latest software update 2020.40.4. Do you all have that update? Just our luck they will take it away again with the next update....
  13. Gordeee

    Premium Connectivity in Canada

    Do you need to manually turn wifi ion every time you shift from park to drive? That is what annoys me most.
  14. Gordeee

    U-Haul Hitch for M3

    How do you work on things if all the doors are closed? Is there any documentation on using this power source? I couldn’t find much ...
  15. Gordeee

    Setting max cruise control to actual speed

    It’s been years and still no fix for this? Hmmm it bugs me all the time
  16. Gordeee

    Tesla store still offer test drive in GTA during non-essential business shut down ?

    i hope not. Doesn't seem very essential to me.
  17. Gordeee

    Tesla Semi Spotted in BC

    too bad it was on a trailer
  18. Gordeee

    Enabled the rear speakers and added Sub to my SR+

    Where is this well documented? Any links?
  19. Gordeee

    Stats App no longer turning on my AC

    How to do re-record them? I would like to set some up
  20. Gordeee

    Auto High Beam Icon issue

    Auto high beam means that when you switch to high beams they will automatically turn off when another car is coming toward you. If you turn auto high beam off in the settings then your high beams will stay on when another car is coming towards you. The headlights will always re-set to low...
  21. Gordeee

    Has anyone’s referral KM’s expired ?

    Mine appears to have started with 372 Kwh
  22. Gordeee

    Financing Tesla vehicles in Canada

    I think you get what you get ... I only got a Scotia quote. Rates have slowly been creeping up so 3.95% isn't terrible
  23. Gordeee

    Phone text message UI removes active phone call screen

    I wonder if swiping left/right where your tire pressure info is would get you there?
  24. Gordeee

    BC EV Charger Rebate Program $700

    Did the electrician install the dedicated meter as well? Was the whole shebang more than $1400 to get the full $700 rebate?
  25. Gordeee

    Model 3 - Volume Change When Turning Wheel

    Me too ... but I know i'm doing it. I think they would know too.
  26. Gordeee

    Would Kal tire replacement another set of winter tires within 30 days without question?

    They probably just didn't put enough air it! Most cars only take 32 psi so they probably just forgot to put 45 in one of the tires. Or you picked up a nail. Top up the pressure to 45 psi yourself. Or return to the store and I'm sure they will take care of it. Not likely a bad tire
  27. Gordeee

    Insurance Q: Anyone get replacement cost coverage w/ Aviva?

    i got the 5 year plan from Aviva too. i still need to sit down and read the fine print ...
  28. Gordeee

    Does Canada get all the features of 2019.40.50.1?

    Still have premium connectivity with SR+ ? Read in another thread that browser etc only works on wifi? I'm still waiting to get the update here ....
  29. Gordeee

    where to find NOKIAN HAKKAPELIITTA R3 winter tires beside Kal Tire?

    Super happy with my Toyo GSi6's
  30. Gordeee

    Drove by a Model 3 in the dark... taillights weren't on?

    You shouldn't have to check. When the lights are on there is a Green headlight icon. If its not there then the headlights are not on. Easy to see at a glance.
  31. Gordeee

    MASTER THREAD: 2019.40.50.x - Driving Visualization improvements, new voice commands, Camping Mode

    this will be great waiting in the ferry line up
  32. Gordeee

    Moisture condensation in taillights, fog lights, etc

    mine has been there for a week. they told me its "normal" no warranty :( at least they are both doing it so they match
  33. Gordeee

    2020 SR+ if they aren't fog lights what are they?

    Thanks for all this info! Do the orange lights come on and stay on with the headlights?
  34. Gordeee

    2020 SR+ if they aren't fog lights what are they?

    There is an orange lamp in place of the fog lamp. As far as I can tell from reflection in other cars they never come on when i'm driving. I can only make them come on when parked by turning the park lights on? What are these lamps?
  35. Gordeee

    Moisture condensation in taillights, fog lights, etc

    Just got mine last week ... both lower lenses are already foggy, they said this is normal :(. Mine is a SR+ and they are orange, not fog lights, I can't really figure out what the orange lights are or when they come on? What I have figured so far ... They come on when in Park if you manually...
  36. Gordeee

    BC Hydro step 2 rates

    Ya i was thinking about this. I think the reason some locations get away with off peak rates is because they are typically warmer locations where people use a/c during the day and then almost nothing at 2-3am. The problem in BC is that some people use electricity to heat their house 24 hours a...
  37. Gordeee

    Lights from app

    I tried this ... when I unlock from the app only the orange lamps flash. Lights don't come on. I can flash them from the app but only for half a second.
  38. Gordeee

    Lights from app

    I used to remote start my ICE car all the time simply to have the lights come on in dark parking areas. This made it much safer and easier to approach at night. You can flash the lights, pop the frunk and even start the car from the app, why can't you turn the lights on?
  39. Gordeee

    Use phone apps VENT function to crack frozen windows loose?

    Silicone spray on the rubber seals
  40. Gordeee

    What’s coming next in V11?

    Why would you want the turn signal off in reverse? If your backing into a parking space i would think you would want it to stay on.
  41. Gordeee

    Winter Tires on Model 3

    I went with Toyo GSi6 on Aeros ... going on this week we will see how they do.
  42. Gordeee

    Defog with minimal heat

    I wish there was a way to display the current interior temp? Maybe there is and I haven't found it? Then you could just set it to that (with a/c on as this removes moisture) and recirculation off.
  43. Gordeee

    Autopilot Calibration Day vs Night

    got mine at night and calibrated quickly ... seems pretty good !
  44. Gordeee

    Model 3 Mud Flaps?

    I'm in BC ... just picked up last week and no mudflaps (as expected) i ordered some off amazon but these look much better. Anyone know if tesla is selling them yet?
  45. Gordeee

    Insurance in BC

    Just got back from BCAA and got the following quote for 2020 SR+ with $1000 deductibles. ICBC Basic $806+40 (underinsured motorist protection) Third party liability $306 Collision $398 Comprehensive $130 New Vehicle Replacement $718 Total $2398 BCAA Basic $806 +40 (underinsured motorist...
  46. Gordeee

    Model 3 Canada - Confirmed Orders Only thread

    Nov 21 here, SR+ White/Black in Vancouver ... nothing yet ... SA says after Christmas :(
  47. Gordeee

    BC EV Charger Rebate Program $700

    With Tesla HPWC you can use any 240V circuit from 15A to 100A circuit breaker. There is a switch inside that you set to you circuit size.
  48. Gordeee

    A good source of knowledge for ev owners

    It's really well written! I think i've been doing too much research though as I didn't learn much. Just makes me wish tesla had a ccs adapter. Sucks being limited to 50kw on chademo .... looks like some new stations don't even have chademo only ccs
  49. Gordeee

    BC EV Charger Rebate Program $700

    It wasn't totally clear to me is this rebate for $700 or 50% of cost of charger/install up to $700. For example if total cost is $1200 do you only get a $600 rebate or do you get the full $700?

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