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    Supercharger - Batchawana Bay, ON

    There's only a single phase available on that road, though, which was one of the reasons cited for not being able to install a full supercharger. They'd only be getting 208 if there were two phases available from the grid. It's pretty inconsequential because if 212v is all that's available...
  2. M

    Supercharger - Batchawana Bay, ON

    Only 212v on single-phase? That's odd, and unfortunate...
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    Time to cut over after grid is lost

    Wow! I wasn't expecting anything quite as good as UPS response time, but even close to that is impressive. Thank you! That's an interesting detail, I suppose it takes it briefly longer for the inverter to 'wake up' when it's gone into standby. I'm comparing the Powerwall against other...
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    Time to cut over after grid is lost

    Those of you who have Powerwall 2s, can you give me an idea of how long it takes for them to start providing backup power after grid power is lost? I realize that it isn't instantaneous since there's time required to flip the ATS, but I'm wondering if it's under a second or if it's more on the...
  5. M

    Panels in Hawaii not generating power several days / month?

    Something sounds wrong here; even on a cloudy day you should still be seeing some production. I'd definitely give them a call.
  6. M

    Wiki Sudden Loss Of Range With 2019.16.x Software

    I've got an 85D delievered in April 2015 with 68k miles and I haven't seen any noticeable signs of supercharging limitation or range/voltage capping. I'm still on 2019.16.3 since this entire debacle has made me leery of updates, but that should be recent enough that if my pack were at risk I'd...
  7. M

    Preventive eMMC replacement on MCU1

    I find it very hard to believe that the SC has the ability to tell how close to failure the eMMC is, I suspect they were either confused and telling you some other stat or they were outright making that up.
  8. M

    Wiki Sudden Loss Of Range With 2019.16.x Software

    If you want to be certain that your car won't download updates you need to open up your MCU and yank the SIM card. Connecting to a 'dead' wifi may be enough to prevent normal-priority updates, but it's silly to think that the MCU is incapable of passing data via LTE at the same time that it...
  9. M

    Warning: Vehicle Systems Over Temperature Limit

    Ah, I stand corrected then! Don't rule out the charger module. :)
  10. M

    Warning: Vehicle Systems Over Temperature Limit

    Just a quick bit of advice... if you're only seeing this error when supercharging then it is unlikely that the onboard charger is related, at least for model S/X. Supercharging is DC charging, and it bypasses the onboard charger and goes directly to the battery via the high-voltage junction...
  11. M

    Software Locked Batteries - Do they ever Balance their cell/module Voltages?

    Typically balancing is done at 100% but in theory I think it should be possible to balance the pack near the bottom end of SoC as well. The tricky thing about balancing at mid-SoC is that the SoC/voltage curve gets very shallow so it becomes very difficult to tell which groups of cells need...
  12. M

    I need to do what? Jiggle the plug like an old toaster?

    Does being rather firm when you insert each piece into the next help at all? This is a habit I notice I've developed over time that seems to help, especially when the J1772 connector is involved.
  13. M

    If you fast charge, Tesla will permanently throttle charging

    You are seriously underestimating just how much time is consumed even just stopping at a gas station immediately by the side of the interstate and hooking up to a charger. I'm not sure even 3x the charge rate would be enough to keep up for 12 hours of driving with an S100D that's starting out...
  14. M

    Voltage Cliff (Electrical Wire Length Limitations)

    Congratulations on your imminent new arrival, and from another Atlanta resident, welcome to the club! Hope you enjoy your car as much as I've enjoyed mine. :) I didn't see anyone else address it yet but you explicitly asked about possible damage to the battery pack caused by using the thinner...
  15. M

    "Early" supercharging throttling: common problem?

    Today on our way back from Florida I stopped at the Supercharger in Auburn, AL with my battery at 1% (was aiming for more of a buffer, but didn't anticipate a 12mph headwind!) and plugged in to stall 1B. The contactor kicked in, and within a moment I was happily charging away at 115kW...
  16. M

    Supercharger - Chattanooga, TN

    Yeah, this is unusual. I've charged there several times for 30-60 minutes and have never had to pay. Sounds like it might just be a new guy at the gate.
  17. M

    Where would you want to work?

    Last month I was laid off from my job of 9 years. I was doing general tech/ops work for an algorithmic trading company, and while I loved the company and the people I was working with, I didn't feel like the work I was doing had much benefit on society in general. It did pay well, however, and...
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    Tesla blog post - Charging Is Our Priority

    We'll probably get there at some point. In the meantime, don't overlook the potential of making L2 charging available streetside. BlueIndy is an example of where this is already happening; they have charging stations set up throughout Indianapolis that, although they are primarily there for...
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    Supercharger - Chattanooga, TN

    The superchargers are behind an automatic gate that you pull a ticket from, which is normally what they use to charge you for your time spent in the lot (though I've never actually incurred a charge in the times I've charged there). I believe the gate that opens once you pull the ticket from...
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    Tesla batteries designed last to 10 years

    I'd be surprised if you'd need to do any disassembly to make a car's pack into something that could be racked into a cabinet that would provide shelter from the elements. Of course, this assumes that the grid storage scenario can make use of the pack in its existing 96s configuration.
  21. M

    Cleaning the vehicle charge port pins

    Nice pictures, and thank you for posting! I've never been remotely that thorough when cleaning my charge port, I've found that just prodding it carefully with some cleaner-soaked q-tips seems to clean off quite a lot. Are you able to reach other bits by disassembling it like this?
  22. M

    Non tesla owners using tesla chargers.

    Just my opinion here, but if I came to a destination charger that were in use by a non-Tesla I'd be no more bothered than if it were in use by a Tesla. Driving electric and not running out of magic pixies is still quite a challenge compared to driving on gas, and I empathize with anyone who...
  23. M

    Am I unplugging the wrong way?

    I've noticed this finickiness as well. My solution has been when I walk up to the car if the handles don't autopresent I make sure to touch the passenger door handle that's near the charge port to 'wake up' the car and make sure it's unlocked. Once you do that it should respond instantly to...
  24. M

    72 kW for a bone-dry S 70D?

    Since I suspect the contacts need cleaning fairly regularly, I wonder if Tesla would approve of owners periodically cleaning the Supercharger contacts before plugging in. Assuming we're careful about it I can't see it doing much harm, but there's probably still a possibility of a safety hazard...
  25. M

    Range at sustained high speeds

    For real. I can't wait until Superchargers (or an equivalent alternate-DCFC option) are located at rest areas right along the highway.
  26. M

    SuperCharging - Station not charging at optimum level

    I notice this occasionally and it usually clears up if I move to a different stall, making sure to choose one that isn't paired up with the stall I originally had trouble with. Also, you might consider cleaning your charge port terminals (the two big ones that carry current) by spraying some...
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    Tesla Taxi fleet SC abuse in Montreal!

    Actually, I just noticed this thread: Looks like you can buy a Supercharger Is it possible that you were actually at this 'private' Supercharger? That could certainly explain the slow charge rate, if the stations were limited to 60kW then the 30kW that you were seeing would make sense if you...
  28. M

    Tesla Taxi fleet SC abuse in Montreal!

    I'm a bit surprised that your charge rate was throttled as badly as it was, if it was in fact due to the heavy use of the superchargers at that time. To the best of my knowledge, if you plug into a station whose paired charger is putting out the maximum power available you'll start out severely...
  29. M

    Why does TACC not respond to the distance control setting when AP does?

    I haven't noticed this behavior either. I do notice that OP is in the UK; is it possible that the behavior is different there due to local laws?
  30. M

    Low Battery Supercharging - 0 Kw and 90 minute charge time

    I'm not sure if this is a difference between the 75 and 85kWh packs (I really doubt it's a difference between MS and MX) but on my last major roadtrip in my 85D I rolled into a supercharger at about -2% (yes, dipping well past "0%" ;)) and I didn't encounter this. The charge rate immediately...
  31. M

    110V charging, now even slower?

    I just hooked my UMC up to the 5-15 adapter and plugged it into my trusty Kill-a-watt. Car reports that it is charging at 12/12A while the Kill-a-watt is showing it hovering at 10.96. You're definitely on to something.
  32. M

    Apply parking brake at speed - effect

    I can confirm from my own experience that you can go directly from reverse into drive (and vice versa) all the way up to the breathtaking speed of 5 miles per hour. This is actually a source of annoyance for me as my Volt will let you slam between modes at any ol' speed, and it handles it quite...
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    Weird Supercharger Incident (Reduced Charge)

    So last night I got a bottle of contact cleaner and some cotton swabs. I sprayed a bit of the cleaner onto one and then holding onto the swab with insulated pliers I swabbed out the contacts on my charging port. After 18 months and 32k miles, I was impressed by the amount of crap that came off...
  34. M

    Weird Supercharger Incident (Reduced Charge)

    I've noticed several times now where my car has started charging at 115-125kW but started tapering far more severely than I would normally expect and I've found that moving to another stall (even the other stall on a particular pair) results in much faster charging. My theory is that there's...
  35. M

    Center Screen Freezes

    The service center is feeding you a line; something is definitely not right with your MCU. I've had perhaps 10 occasions over the year and a half I've had my car where I've needed to reboot the MCU, and they've all been due to features (almost always problems with internet radio) misbehaving; I...
  36. M

    Not confident this is a good road trip vehicle for me...

    I'm sorry to hear about your bad roadtrip. Glad you were able to get back home without any further trouble. Your point about needing to carry a spare child seat on road trips is a valid one; the storage penalty that comes with those seats is something that people might not consider when they...
  37. M

    Do I need 400 amp service?

    Would 25kVA necessarily be undersized for six houses if everyone's using gas appliances? I count 8 homes (and a small church!) on my 25kVA transformer and I've had no trouble even on summer afternoons with everyone's AC running. We're all on gas, though; if we were all using electric heating I...
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    Daily Life with Version 7.0 Autopilot

    I agree with this. The first thing I noticed is that I was able to use the attention I'd usually devote to not staying within the lane to better observe my surroundings. I think if this is the habit most people settle into when using AS then we've got a definite safety benefit with this feature...
  39. M

    Model X Safety & Bioweapon defense

    Doesn't "creates positive pressure" describe the climate control in essentially any vehicle that has the windows up? :)
  40. M

    Porsche Mission E

    I agree that the jump to 800V is primarily about reducing amperage on the charging end of things in order to allow the required power flow needed to charge the pack as quickly as they're intending without requiring impractically thick cables and unwieldy connectors. On the drivetrain end of...
  41. M

    Comed RRTP (at least in Chicago area) is great!

    I'm curious, do these prices include delivery as well, or is there a separate fixed-cost per kWh for that?
  42. M

    Thank you Jerome

    Is there ever going to be a point in the next several years that isn't "make or break" for Tesla? Sometimes you just have to step back for a bit, or else you risk stepping out for good.
  43. M

    Model S Software/Firmware wishlist

    I've got the standard audio in mine and when I had a loaner for a few days while they swapped out my 12v battery it was a P85 with the upgraded system. The only thing I really noticed that was different was that the sub crossover seemed a bit too high, and I got a bit tired of all the extra...
  44. M

    Charging Addiction

    This is also a really good point, especially for chargers that aren't part of networks where they're being monitored.
  45. M

    Charging Addiction

    If there's little chance of all 4 stations being used by cars with shorter range (thus needing a charge more than you) then what's the harm? The way I see it, letting the infrastructure that's out there so far go unused doesn't do much to encourage further buildout of L2 charging.
  46. M

    How does a Supercharger work?

    This thread had me wondering about this, and it's neat to hear that someone's actually tried it. Too bad it'd probably set off some alarm bells over at Tesla if something went wrong and they had to pull the logs, since I'm certain the wall voltage shows up there. I'm also guessing that the...
  47. M

    Into the heart of (supercharger) darkness.

    Oooof. 50' of 6/3 + 8/1 would be a monster to deal with. My solution for long runs has been to build my own 50' NEMA 5-20 extension cord out of 12/3 SJOOW which is reasonably flexible and coils up quite nicely, which I then will plug into a 10-30 or 14-30 to 5-20 adapter I've made (marked...
  48. M

    Atlanta CHAdeMO loan?

    Ah, good idea; didn't know about that! Just sent in a join request...
  49. M

    What do you make of the thinner Supercharging Cable

    One thing about this does worry me, though; liquid cooling a Supercharger cable is going to add to the already pretty steep inefficiencies involved in supercharging (all of that battery heat doesn't create and then subsequently remove itself ;)).

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