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  1. ccudmore

    Supercharger - Langley, BC - 204 Street

    The first picture is missing the item from the second picture. And that can take a while. One of these days I'm going to write a pinned post about what to look for when taking pictures of a site under construction...
  2. ccudmore

    Possible Location - Brockville Ontario

    I 100% agree with this. Although there wouldn’t be as many amenities as there would be in Brockville, a Prescott location would better serve traffic coming across the border from Ogdensburg. There’s a Canadian Tire parking lot right off the 401 in Prescott with a McDonalds and a single CE L3...
  3. ccudmore

    Adding Flo stations to Plugshare

    I received the definitive answer from Flo. The chargers are owned by the school board (whose parking lot they’re in) but managed by Flo. Private owners can choose to have the chargers not show up in the app even if the charger is available to the public - as it is in this case.
  4. ccudmore

    Adding Flo stations to Plugshare

    No, these chargers don't show up on the Flo app either. They seem to be forgotten about.
  5. ccudmore

    Wiki Canadian Trip Planning

    Use the A Better Route planner app or web site. It’ll plan the entire route for you and shows you the charging times and costs along the route. Montreal to Orlando is an easy trip for charging.
  6. ccudmore

    Adding Flo stations to Plugshare

    A couple new Flo l2 stations were installed near me a couple months ago but weren’t in Plugshare so I dutifully added them. It lasted a couple days and was removed. Are Flo stations only allowed to be added by Flo (like Tesla supercharges?). If so, And any idea why they wouldn’t add a charger...
  7. ccudmore

    How would you handle this...

    You may want to leave another note that points out the fines for how they’re parking along with the text from the provincial law on EV parking.
  8. ccudmore

    Supercharger - Gatineau, QC

    Installed by the same company that built the Olympic Stadium in Montreal.
  9. ccudmore

    Supercharger - Gananoque, ON

  10. ccudmore

    Supercharger - Madoc, ON

    Still not seeing a transformer.
  11. ccudmore

    Supercharger - Maple Ridge, BC

    That's what converts the utility provider's service into the voltage and amperage the supercharger needs. No it’s never in the white cabinet. It’s much larger and purpose built and installed by the local electric utility, not Tesla.
  12. ccudmore

    Tesla Supercharger Voting page

    Sadly Renfrew, ON isn't one of the options :-(
  13. ccudmore

    Supercharger - Madoc, ON

    I don’t see a transformer in that picture.
  14. ccudmore

    Supercharger - Wynyard, SK

    It didn't make sense to only add them in Wynyard... it makes for a dead-end on 16. To fully fill out 16 you'd need at least Yorkton and Russell. Maybe Neepawa. I have someone in Russell keeping an eye out for construction. There's a Co-op store planned for Russell in the near future.. maybe...
  15. ccudmore

    Supercharger - Wynyard, SK

    Building out the Yelllwhead highway - the second most important interprovincial highway route across western Canada. This will fill in a gap between Winnipeg and Saskatoon.
  16. ccudmore

    Supercharger - Castlegar, BC

    https://supercharge.info/charts Last chart on the page
  17. ccudmore

    Supercharger - Madoc, ON

    Agreed. This will save a good 30 minutes by not having to drive into and through P-Boro.
  18. ccudmore

    Wiki Canadian Trip Planning

    Don't try to take any Kinder Surprise eggs back with you.
  19. ccudmore

    Supercharger - Laval, QC

    Mabye they just swapped the pedestals between the two sites (RdL and Laval). If RdL was only giving out 50kW, why go to all the bother of having 150kW pedestals.
  20. ccudmore

    Supercharger - Madoc, ON

    I drove through but totally forgot to stop.
  21. ccudmore

    Supercharger - Peterborough, ON

    All 12 plus the new four.
  22. ccudmore

    Supercharger - Peterborough, ON

    I plan to charge in P-Boro tomorrow morning.. will take some pictues.
  23. ccudmore

    The Cabot Trail

    I did the Cabot Trail in an SR+. Took some patience and planning but it was do-able. It was an awesome experience seeing the range go up as I went down the hills.
  24. ccudmore

    Supercharger - Kemptville Ontario

    If it does get busy (which I'm not sure it will), when/if Brockville opens it will take up a bunch of the demand.
  25. ccudmore

    Travelling in Maritimes, looking for advice

    I did 2 weeks in Cape Breton a year ago. Required patience and flexibility. Very few hotels with any type of chargers. The single Flo Chademo charger was always busy. But out on the Cabot Trail, there are destination chargers are many of the main hiking trail parking lots.
  26. ccudmore

    Supercharger - New Minas NS

    Do you have your J1772 adapter with you? Plugshare shows a charger in Shelburne that you can use right there. You'll just have to wait a while. If not, how much charge do you have? Again, Plugshare shows Tesla destination chargers in a handful of spots not too far away: East Kemptville...
  27. ccudmore

    Atlantic Canada Superchargers

    I haven't spent a lot of time in the area, but the Irving seemed like the most promising location. The only other place that came close was the Alexander Bell Centre, but it's way off the highway and already has destination chargers. The Flo L3 always had a lineup.
  28. ccudmore

    Eastern Canada Superchargers

    With online gambling now legal in Ontario, perhaps we need an Odds column in these lists. Brockville is probably a 1000-1 long shot.
  29. ccudmore

    Atlantic Canada Superchargers

    It's really too bad that Baddeck was removed from the list.
  30. ccudmore

    Supercharger - Napannee, ON

    Napanee’s town slogan is “Greater for many reasons”. They now have one more.
  31. ccudmore

    Supercharger - Napannee, ON

    Yes, but there’s now a site plan application which shows actual progress
  32. ccudmore

    Western Canada Superchargers

    Apparently The Montreal river power station feeds directly into the high powered grid and doesnt provide a lot of power to the local area. The local grid isn’t built to handle superchargers. At least that was what was discussed a few years ago when Batchewana Bay disappeared from the...
  33. ccudmore

    Western Canada Superchargers

    There was supposed to be one in Batchewana Bay but they didn't have enough power available (despite being 50km from a huge hydro generation station at Montreal River), but they did install free destination chargers. It's also a long haul for ICE cars as well... there's signs warning of no gas...
  34. ccudmore

    Atlantic Canada Superchargers

    There are also Flo chargers in Stellarton the way if you can get a Chademo adapter. Although any time I've been through there, there was a lineup to use it.
  35. ccudmore

    Ottawa to Victoria in a M3 SR+

    Thanks for that info! When you say the CCS Stations weren't functioning, could you tell if they were totally not working, or just not working with the CCS adapter? And what kinds of charging speeds did you get with CCS?
  36. ccudmore

    Supercharger - Goderich ON

    I haven't seen anyone confirm that this is indeed Goderich. It looks like Huron County landscape (I grew up not too far from Goderich) but if you look at Google Maps Sat view, there isn't any agricultural land around the Canadian Tire - and this looks like farm fields beside the SC.
  37. ccudmore

    Atlantic Canada Superchargers

    I needed Flo to make it
  38. ccudmore

    Supercharger - Cobourg, ON

    I agree. Short of putting them on the shoulder of the highway, that's as good as you'll get in Kemptville. Coming off the 416 the only place to go is onto the roundabout, and the SuperChargers are right off the roundabout in the CT parking lot.
  39. ccudmore

    Supercharger - Saint-Louis-de-Blandford, QC

    I've never been when there wasn't a lineup, with at least one SC out of order. You've been super lucky.
  40. ccudmore

    Supercharger - Trenton, ON

    I'm not sure who missed the sarcasm here... me on Macchina's post, or Macchina on CanadaGoose's post :-S
  41. ccudmore

    Supercharger - Hope, BC - Klassen Road

    I thought if it's on TIkTok, it must be true. Is that not the case????
  42. ccudmore

    CCS Adapter 1537264-00-B

    Likely not. The vehicle status page will tell you for sure once you get the car.
  43. ccudmore

    Supercharger - Ottawa, ON - Iris rd

    Just because a box has a Tesla logo on it, doesn't mean it's a SuperCharger. Otherwise the box of touch-up paint in my garage would be on the map.
  44. ccudmore

    Ottawa to Victoria in a M3 SR+

    It is a large gap given the large elevation changes. "5 Mile Hill" north of SSM can really drain you. If you're in a pinch there's free destination chargers in Batchewana Bay. There's even signs posted on the SuperChargers in SSM suggesting a 100% charge (not unlike the signs just north of...
  45. ccudmore

    Supercharger - New Minas NS

    People from Nova Scotia are awesome!!!!
  46. ccudmore

    Supercharger-Prince Albert, Saskatchewan

    Umm.... New Minas (pre-fab) has been waiting since the fall.
  47. ccudmore

    Supercharger - Castlegar, BC

    I think someone needs to write a pinned thread that explains each part of an SC installation, what it looks like, who is responsible for its installation, etc. Kind of like a field guide for Superchargers. It would help people know what to take pictures of and understand the true status of an...
  48. ccudmore

    Supercharger - Hope, BC - Klassen Road

    Episode IV - A New Hope Supercharger

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