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    Blog Tesla Recalls 285K Cars in China for Autopilot Concerns

    Recall for a software update? Tesla? Seriously? My Tesla gets OTA updates frequently.
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    Tesla legal claims MCU is a wearable part, like tires

    I think Tesla tries to get away with the least effort - in the first instance. In the end they do the callback or offer an upgrade, as we can expect for such an expensive product. If they had been aware that this emmc chip get's worn out quickly, they would have designed an easy swap module...
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    Tech Improvements Unveiled on Battery Day

    Great summary, thanks. What I missed in Teslas presentation (or didn't get it) was actual figures about current price per kWh and planned capacity for the plaid Model S. Those graphs without units on one or both axis are more or less sales presentations/castles in the sky. Not much worth, 50%...
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    Ordered my MS Plaid

    In Germany there's a guy (Mr. von Gemmingen) who drove > 600,000 miles with his 2014 Model S. He is on a second battery pack because there was this "contact issue" in his series. The replacement was of same age and size, therefor he could be seen as "on the first battery". Actually he is...
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    Finding it hard to remain passionate about Tesla

    I think one fine day Tesla will also have an eye on service. Actually they just want to grow and sell cars - likely to new customers. Probably 95% (wild estimation) of customers have no issues with their cars or don't care about it. But they should not forget the remaining 5%. In a couple of...
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    Salvage Car Owners Support Group.

    Hi, maybe someone got a hint for me. In March I posted here that the MCU of my 2017' X burned off. Being out of warranty I decided to try a used MCU. In the meantime -thanks to a helping hand from here at TMC- we got a used MCU 1 running in the car. Car keys are gone as the chip was lost (so no...
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    Lucid Air Will Be Better Than Model S, Says Former Tesla Engineer

    I think this article reflects in detail the balancing act those new companies are in: - Build a perfect best in class brand new EV -> very expensive, few customers or - Build a mass market model (-> less efficient) medium price (still not cheap), more customers. The mass model won't be luxury...
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    M3 long term low battery and alarmingly bad service

    >> low battery 15% should be no problem and I guess you can insist to charge on site in case they didn't do it before pickup. -Though it will cost you some time in case the superchargers are not free. >> alarmingly bad service This seems to be quite usual (also here in Germany), I am also...
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    Strange Spare Part Prices

    I recently ordered a new wiring for dashboard and console for my 2017/2018 model X (defect MCU scorched the cable). Tesla service center accidently ordered an older version (1032436-90-F). Price tag was 390 Euro (~420 USD) net, seemed quite resonable price level to me. Now this turned out to...
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    Lucid Air Will Be Better Than Model S, Says Former Tesla Engineer

    I go with wipster, we can believe it when we see it. And yeah, Model S was designed 8 years ago ... On the other hand I would even appreciate competition for the Model S, maybe Tesla then will deliver an even better facelift than the plaid story. The other issue is the price you have to pay...
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    Will the Cybertruck Float?

    With respect to the weight, he'd better ask: Does it dive?
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    Chinese-Made Tesla Model 3 Orders Skyrocket: 10 Orders In 1 Minute

    Remember, China has 4,470,000 millionaires (on USD basis!). If only 1/10 of them wants a Model 3/Y then Shanghai GF is sold out for two years ...
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    Sold my Model S after 5.5 years...moving on

    Reduced battery capacity over the years is normal and maybe even slower charging. But what Tesla did is too much to accept it without compensation (and without announcement), whether they had a good reason or not. I think this is a cut of functionality (distance+charging time) - what people have...
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    Salvage Car Owners Support Group.

    Ok, I see. Thanks for the update!
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    Salvage Car Owners Support Group.

    Among the ashes I now found a chip, size about 1 x 1 cm. The upper side says "Analog Devices..." (cannot read all anymore). Could this be the EMMC chip? And if so, is there still a chance to get some data out of it? - The surface shows some slight bubbles.
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    Salvage Car Owners Support Group.

    Today I disassembled the main board of the MCU or rather what was left (pic 1). I was hoping to find a EMMC chip in a good shape, where some data may be recovered from. But if I do not mix it up there's nothing at all (shouldn't it be where the red circle is?). Btw: Also the Nvidia chip got...
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    Salvage Car Owners Support Group.

    Ibuza, that is a good hint. Thank you!
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    Salvage Car Owners Support Group.

    Hi, thanks for your response. These are really many useful hints! Though it is quite a young car I do not really worry about some features like Tesla app. To get it running (and charging at home) would be enough for the first instance. I just learned that some parts I bought do not fit...
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    Salvage Car Owners Support Group.

    Hi, I am also new to this forum as a member, though I read a lot before and am really impressed by all the helpful topics here. Thanks to all of you! So far I have been driving a 2015 Model S without any issues. Now I got a European 2017 Model X 100D where the MCU burned off. Not just black...

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