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  1. Aikidoka

    Any way to report errors?

    Not that I want to try it or recommend anyone else try it but the way to get Tesla's attention is to have an accident and blame it on FSD beta. All the articles on accidents that I read about where FSD may have been on gets a thorough review by Tesla, everyone's lawyers and the authorities.
  2. Aikidoka

    Those with a 2020 LR/P that had a 322 mile EPA rated range, how many miles does your car now show at 100% charge?

    My 2020 MY LR has 33,452 miles on it and shows 300 miles at 100%. Of course, I've never gotten close to that many miles because of my driving style. I think I could come close if I stayed off the highways and drove the speed limit. Fortunately for most of my driving there are Superchargers where...
  3. Aikidoka

    Passing Lane Issue on Model Y FSD 2022.4.5.21

    Unfortunately, you're not alone. My 2020 MY does the same thing. I've gotten nervous and frustrated enough in these situations that I just turn off FSD.
  4. Aikidoka

    Texas Tesla Insurance - Cost Experience

    I had a minor parking lot bumper bender that cost about $6,000 after my $1,000 deductible. Because of the cost my Safeco insurance went up about 60%. My big mistake was not having rental car coverage a year ago when rent car rates were ridiculous. I paid over $1,000 for a rental car for the 3...
  5. Aikidoka

    FSD 2022.20.17 Coasts forever from a posted 55mph Speed Zone to a posted 35 MPH Speed Zone

    I noticed the same thing today. Traffic wise it wasn't inappropriate but going into a school zone it would be. It's the usual two steps forward and one back.
  6. Aikidoka

    Android 13 update phone key not working

    I had the same thing with my Pixel 6 Pro and MY. I'll figure it out when i have time tomorrow. I hope. Thanks for bringing up this topic.
  7. Aikidoka

    Is it worth it to get PPF and/or ceramic coating? What is a fair price?

    My price in FL for PPF was about half your price. It's saved me from a number of dings from rocks and car doors. I'd do it again. My ceramic coating costs about the same. I probably wouldn't bother with it again. Read the warranty for the ceramic coating. Mine says that I need to have it touched...
  8. Aikidoka

    Underside View on New Vehicle Pickup

    I'd be nervous not looking. They forgot to install the muffler on mine. The more practical reason they'll say no is their insurance most likely prohibits non-employees in the work area. Good luck though. I hope they don't forget your muffler.
  9. Aikidoka

    TeslaFi's ok but..

    Thank you. That works and I didn't find that in about 45 minutes of looking.
  10. Aikidoka

    TeslaFi's ok but..

    This is on and off topic. I started using TeslaFi again a few weeks ago. I have to put my MY in long term parking for 8 days and can't charge while parked. What's the best way to stop TesliFi from polling during that period. I couldn't find a way to just stop all polling but the Deep Sleep Mode...
  11. Aikidoka

    Fitting a bike inside the Y

    I'm tall and the bike in the picture has a 61 cm frame. I have to take the front wheel off. I've not tried removing the rear truck cover and maybe that would work but be more of a hassle. I keep my tools, pump, etc under the rear trunk so removing the cover will only give a couple of inches of...
  12. Aikidoka

    Tesla Service [tesla not swapping winter tires for summer tires]

    Read your manual about using car lifts. Then buy the required lift puck and take them with you to the tire shop in case they don't have them. Print a copy of the instructions for the tire shop. This will save you time and money. I've had my tires patched, balanced and rotated a couple of times...
  13. Aikidoka

    Tesla 400h panel, qcell equivalent?

    Suggestion to Florida residents. FPL and probably the other power companies have instituted a large liability insurance requirement if interconnect to the grid. My longtime insurance company said that they would cancel my insurance immediately if I had solar power. Two other companies said that...
  14. Aikidoka

    Bad XPEL Installation?

    Try just calling them instead of a text.
  15. Aikidoka

    6’6” tall. Is the M3 for me?

    I test drove a M3 and immediately ordered a MY. I'm 6'3" and didn't like the hassle getting in and out and just couldn't find a comfortable position in the M3. I'm very happy with the seating and the rest of my MY.
  16. Aikidoka

    Software 2021.44.30.5 FSD Beta Fleet Update

    I'm getting more sudden swerves to the right with this version. I have to aggressively correct the swerve and kick out of FSD. It is doing better on most other driving aspects other than small breaking actions, about 1 mph, when driving down a road with intermittent shade from trees on the road...
  17. Aikidoka

    receive and end calls

    As of an hour ago any update for this didn't work with my MY and Pixel 6 Pro.
  18. Aikidoka

    A stone on a driveway dented rocker.

    Go to one of the companies that pull-out dents. They can probably make it look great for $100. Any scratch in the paint looks like it will be low enough that it isn't visible or can be touched up.
  19. Aikidoka

    Backed into post below eye level

    Ask one of the dent puller companies to look at it. They've done wonders on even Teslas. I did something similar and it was a pain dealing with the Tesla approved body shop because of delays in getting parts. I showed pictures to a dent puller company and they would have charged me $200 and been...
  20. Aikidoka

    FSD 10.4 Unavailable in rain

    It definitely doesn't work in heavy rain. I've had no real problems in light rain.
  21. Aikidoka

    No Garage and also no home charging - should I just get another car?

    Unless it's a short walk to home from where you would leave your car to charge I'd buy a gas car. Or move. Home charging makes life with a Tesla simple, fast and easy. Anything else is a real hassle.
  22. Aikidoka

    . . . but what do you miss from your old car?

    My last car was a Chrysler Pacifica Plug-in Hybrid. It was a fabulous vehicle for my needs at the time. What I wished my MY had: 1. Automatic windshield wipers that always worked well and were very quiet 2. Ventilated front seats that increased comfort and reduced use of AC 3. 360 degree bird's...
  23. Aikidoka

    Getting "Charge Rate Reduced- Wall Plug Temperature High"

    I had the same problem with my Gen 3 wall connector after about 8 months use. Tesla did some over-the-air testing and then had me use my notebook to upgrade the software. I still had the problem so they sent me a new wall connector. The new ones been working fine for a few months.
  24. Aikidoka

    What brand did your Tesla replace

    I sold my Chrysler Pacifica Plug-in Hybrid to a friend so I could buy the Tesla. I recently borrowed it for a week and realized it does some things MUCH better than my MY. For example, the AUTO wipers work very well and are quiet. There's almost no road noise. It has a glasses holder above the...
  25. Aikidoka

    Got my Model Y, Got my wall connector installed... now what?

    Drive your car. Take time to discover details that are important to you.
  26. Aikidoka

    Weird issues on brand new MY

    My Y acts different depending on how far away the bicyclist is. As a bicyclist that's had some interactions with cars I now click the Drive Stalk (shift lever) up to take me out of Autosteer for FSD when the bicyclist is anywhere near the edge of the travel lanes. Sometimes the sunlight will be...
  27. Aikidoka

    Cruise control even twitchier after last week's update

    I received 2021.12.25.7 about 10 days ago. It is very twitchy in Autopilot and I have to intervene on roads I've traveled hundreds of times. It also not consistent on where it has trouble. It feels like a definite, big step backwards.
  28. Aikidoka

    Charge Rate Reduced- Wall Plug Temperature High

    I had the same problem with the Tesla wall connector in my garage a few months ago. The garage is semi conditioned so the temperature seldom gets over 80 deg. I confirmed all the wiring was proper and connectors tight in the panel and the charger. After some phone testing and software updating...
  29. Aikidoka

    Any after market for Hitch Cover Plate?

    I just ordered the cover from Amazon and will post pictures when it arrives. If it works I'll gladly sell the original on eBay and make $100.
  30. Aikidoka

    What would/will you pay for heated steering wheel?

    I live in Florida and wouldn't pay anything for a heated steering wheel. I would pay extra for vented front seats. That being said my prior BMW and my Pacifica Plug-in hybrid cost less and had heated steering wheels and vented seats.
  31. Aikidoka

    Thoughts on carrying a tire patch kit instead of

    I had two flats on my MY a week apart. One was patched for free at a local Firestone store and the other for $89 at a Tesla service center. They both now have about 6,000 miles on them with no problems. I carry a patch kit that I've not used yet and hope not too. But, there are places a tow...
  32. Aikidoka

    Model Y Navigation Sun Shade Visor

    I have about 15,000 miles on my MY and haven't needed one yet.
  33. Aikidoka

    Audio Weaver in Model Y

    The Teslarati website just an article on Audio Weaver and noise control. Below is an extract: "DSP Concepts, the company that develops the sound platform used by Tesla called Audio Weaver, recently announced a new collaboration with premier audio company Bose. The collaboration gives Bose the...
  34. Aikidoka

    Model Y or BMW X5 45e

    As part of your decision process ask the BMW dealer whether or not they have someone certified to work on the X5 45e. I had a BMW i3 for a while and some warranty services took almost a month because they either didn't have the parts, didn't have the tools or didn't have a technician. In one...
  35. Aikidoka

    Lift Gate Damage

    I just had an almost identical dent in my hatch lift gate. The local high end body shop said that due to the way the bottom of the lift gate is connected to the aluminum backing that's up a few inches it can't be pulled out and made to look and fit right. The local body shop also said that they...
  36. Aikidoka

    Front end sloshing sound

    Add washer fluid and see if the noise goes away. I only get that sound when the tank is less than 1/2 full.
  37. Aikidoka

    Total Loss or Repair - as it happens.

    My wife had an almost new Volvo that slid off the road on black ice. Our insurance estimated $15,000 US to repair. We called the Volvo dealer and asked them where they recommended we get it repaired. We had it towed to the body shop and the estimator confirmed that there was structural damage...
  38. Aikidoka

    Features we didn't know we wanted?

    I was hoping your Smoke-em Mode was a black smoke generator that we could trigger when we blow past a diesel pickup truck that just smoked us at a stop light.
  39. Aikidoka

    Tire needs replacement but OEM not available until 2021??

    I had a larger bolt in my tire in about the same place. Discount Tire patched it when I agreed to write on the ticket that there is no warranty on the patch. That was about 6,000 miles and and no troubles.
  40. Aikidoka

    FM Radio Gone in 2020.40?

    With 44.10.1 I can hide various sources. I kept the radio and my favorite FM stations show up and when selected they look like they are working but there is no sound. Other sources look and sound as normal. I did a soft reboot and a power off but still no sound. Any further suggestions?
  41. Aikidoka

    C-bond Nanoshield (windshield sealant) 1 year review

    Has anyone noticed any impact on the Auto Wiper function? Currently, without any coating, the Auto Wipers are the worst I've had on the last 4 or 5 cars. The speed varies for no reason and with little rain will switch to a very fast speed. This sounds like a great product - I don't think it...
  42. Aikidoka

    Did Tesla Fix Your Y after Delivery?

    I picked up my MY July 15th and have 410 miles on it. No problems with fit or finish or operationally. The autosteer can be a bit sketchy. I dropped it off for PPF and some tinting today. The shop has done about 30 M3 and three MY before me. He says my fit and finish is better than he's seen on...
  43. Aikidoka

    This was the rack with what looked like the lowest wind resistance that was available.

    This was the rack with what looked like the lowest wind resistance that was available.
  44. Aikidoka

    13,600 miles and need new tires?

    When you get your tires have them check the alignment. I chewed through tires until I finally got the car aligned.
  45. Aikidoka

    Price drop

    My 5th scheduled delivery date is 7/15/20. All delays were from Tesla's side relating to delivery delays and a cracked windshield that they noticed just before I started my drive to pick the car up. I've only paid the $100 so far. I'll be curious to see how easily I can get the $2,000 adjustment.
  46. Aikidoka

    Locked IN my Tesla

    When I first decided to buy a MY and started reading these forums I decided to print the manual and keep it in the car for a situation just like this.
  47. Aikidoka

    SoCal 240V Circuit Install Info

    I used a non-Tesla certified electrician that I've used on other jobs. It took him 70 minutes from start to finish and about $30 worth of materials. He did not commission the charger. It took me 20 minutes to read the commissioning instructions and then do it. Everything works well...
  48. Aikidoka

    Essential or Useful apps to have

    With a recent update of Google Map you can select to have the map show various charging options. You can select by type of charger you can use such as Tesla and J1772. There is a screen that will show distance to the chargers.
  49. Aikidoka

    Cracked glass roof on MY ... Risk to have service center replace it?

    Just before I left to pickup my Model Y they called to say the windshield was cracked and needed to be replaced. The SC said they've done a number of them. I'm scheduled pick it up next Thursday and will thoroughly inspect it. The inspection will include pouring a few gallons of water on it...
  50. Aikidoka

    Hatchback hits bikerack

    This picture shows the Thule Helium folded up against a Tesla. It is very obvious when the bike is on the rack and I just have to remember to look. My old Sea Sucker roof rack creates to much drag for long drives and I'm not sure how well it would work on a MY's roof. I agree with one of the...

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