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    Replacement Battery Model 3 long range with 22K miles.

    Wouldn't this fall in comprehensive or even an collision claim under your insurance?
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    Superchargers in Southern California (location speculation)

    isn't most of them have the 1st or/and 2nd hour free?
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    Superchargers in Southern California (location speculation)

    its about .60/kwh during peak hours. I think right now its .30/kwh the ones I goes to.
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    Farmers insurance compared to Tesla insurance?

    Here is my policy right now with Tesla. I am 24 with 7 years with a driver license. Paying 167 a month.
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    Supercharger - Commerce, CA (LIVE 13 Jul 2021, 20 V3 stalls)

    This was great news for me this morning lol. Now I have a SC near my home. Woke up, got in my tesla, and shows commerce had one!
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    Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    I just recently charged to 100% ( probably my 5th time doing so ), my range stated 270 miles. Now I read it has to deal with the BMS not calibrated, but here is my charging habit. Every two day, I charge from 10-15% to 90% either supercharged or L2. This is just a 10% loss if it was really...
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    High mileage check-in

    17k miles. 2 tires needed to be replaced. Paint is chipping.
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    HOA Charging Station

    My garage is shared with a different unit. The HOA describes the garage as a common area, thus why I submitted an architectural request.
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    HOA Charging Station

    I just had my HOA request to install a charging station in my garage declined. However they are going to install community charging stations that will be residential accesses only. Is this a workaround for Civil Code 4745 in California?
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    To live and own a Tesla in Cali
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    What happens after $100 deposit?

    You should be fine. Above 700 should get approved. It will come down to your debt to income ratio. Credit score is what give you the best interest rate. Debt to income is your front end of debt ( monthly bills). Back end is your total debt.
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    Help with Sentry Recordings

    Do you have your Sentry Mode set up where it deactivates when you are at home? Recent Clips are the clips you manually saved. Sounds like you have it off.
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    Crazy to place an order June 30?

    It is actually the best time to place an order with the Auto Loan Rates are low.
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    Holding my breath

    Is Ohio not the same as California? You can't do gift license plate and then register it once you get the car?
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    How often do you get pulled over for Tint?

    To take it as a grain of salt, almost every car in So Cal has their windows tinted. Yes it is illegal to have them under 70% i think in the front, no cop is going to go out of their way to pull you over for tint. They have bigger problems they can take on. If you do get pulled over here in...
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    Tesla website and App down?

    My App is working just fine. page source?
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    Buying P3D, what to look out for?

    Grammar Nazis as it finest. Funny to find them in Tesla Forums lol.
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    Tesla not charging, please help!

    That is true. At the end of they day, Tesla's are huge computer on wheels!
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    Anyone getting their VIN information

    It goes by batches & specs & Region within quarterly time frame, East coast is on last 4-5 weeks of the quarter.
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    2020 20-inch wheel touch up needed already...Ugh

    I wouldn't mind. I already have it dent in my rim from the inside of the rim. Just beat them up and get a 3 pc forged wheels that are ligher lol.
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    Help: Stain on white seat

    Yikes. The magic eraser should of it job because it semi- abrasive.I hope you didn't put any muscle to it damaging the seat itself. Last step for me will be Dawn & Water .
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    Tesla not charging, please help!

    I wouldn't say the adapter. I feel like the is the outlet. A bad adapter just wouldn't pull any amps.
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    This is what I did when I took my M3P. Next day, I did all steps of detailing a car only using Chemical Guys. Rinse & Wash using two bucket method. Dried, then clay-bar Polished any imperfections Sealant Ceramic Coat Wax. Now Every week, just a rinse & wash will take at most 30 minutes. Wax...
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    Budget Track Package for a Daily Driver (Under $4k)

    Your best thing you can upgrade for the track is brakes and tires. Suspension helps for handling and cornering, but the Model 3 has already a good center of gravity. I would put my money a good set of track tires and brakes. You could fine very good coils for under 800$. I know eibach makes...
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    Can I load a 65” TV into my Model 3?

    Do you have the dimensions of the box it is coming in? If its no longer in height of 4 feet and width of foot, should fit perfectly fine in the back row.
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    Is there a reason for no Surround View when in reverse?

    BMW has the feature. I don't think its Patent.
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    Anyone else having trouble getting PS4Ss?

    Tire rack mate. They have buck loads. I know Costco is the way to go, but needed ASAP, get it in two days.
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    Is it possible electric rates can go down with oil crash?

    Nothing Really. My Southern California Edison Bill statement has Tier 1 as maximum 250kw. Then tier 2 is maximum 250kw after tier 1 has been used, but both are same rates? lol We are under Clean Power Alliance for our distribution and they charge a flat kw every 6 months ( winter / summer)...
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    About Tesla insurance

    I am paying 200$ a month 500 deductible Mid-coverage 22 years old for a Model 3 Performance with one accident 2 years ago. Saved 34% switching from Mercury Insurance.
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    Anybody who's 5' 0" or under driving a 3?

    I am 5'5 and I have the seat all the way low with the back rest around 80 degrees. I still feel like I am in SUV or Truck seating. She should not have a problem with visibility and comfort ability with the ergonomics and functionality of the Model 3 seat.
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    Washing & Protecting Roof Window

    I was looking through all the threads and I couldn't find the answer to my question. I detailed my M3P Monday, and everything came out looking so good, except for the roof. Next day I had dust and dirt already accumulated. just on the roof window. What is the best way to prolong dirt & dust...
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    Thoughts on Future Resale

    Watching richrebuilds,its at least 15-20k for the battery pack. If this holds true in the next 5-10 years. I would see at least 34% deprecation value depending the condition of your vehicle.
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    Temporary Registration during COVID19

    I took delivery before the shutdown as well. I received my plates last Friday. I think CA DMV is Main office in Sacramento still maybe in operation and doing them slowly.
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    About white interior

    White Seats ALL DAY! They are super easy to clean with some baby wipes. Every Sunday when I wash my car, Quick minute wiping it down, and looks brand new. They only issue I have is the vegan leather, tends to crack / wrinkle easy on the bolsters.
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    Air quailty in California in lockdown

    Air quality is the same, its the visibility that changed. You can basically see DTLA at least 25 miles away now. Where it used to be only like 10. Our mountains look beautiful as never before.
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    error autopilot cameras available

    This happened to me before. It fixed itself while driving.
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    Can Homelink be included in a lease?

    I mean 300$ isnt too much to put on CC. Have you spoke to you SA about it?
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    Not Much Driving These Days

    SF rush hour must be different from LA rush hour. LA is no more than 15 mph on an average day.
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    Not Much Driving These Days

    Yup. My job is considered essential so I am still doing the same commute. Only this I am wasting more energy because there no traffic so higher speeds lol.
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    Tesla Advice Appreciated

    +1 All those scuffs and dirt come off really easily.
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    How much does gas have to be to match Model 3?

    Here in socal ( well for me ) SC rates are basically the same as home rates. Even not peak hour rate is around .20 cents per kw. So if i would charge my M3P 0-100, it will be about 15$ if I can even charge during off peak hours. A SC will run me 22.4. Gas i. socal for premium is about 3.30...
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    Autopilot Trial or glitch "purchase"?

    you can't purchase EAP. Its only FSD now.
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    Anyone know if there are delays after factory shutdown?

    You might of missed you cut off time to push for end for Q1.
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    Performance Waiting Room

    Be sure to inspect your car good. Sucks cause if you do find something, you do have the option to have fix it on the spot as if you were picking it up at DC.

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