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    100% Battery charging not stopping even though the app says 100%

    100% doesn't mean it's actually at 100%. It's good to let it keep charging past 100% every once in a while to help recalibrate the battery.
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    Desperate for advice

    ^Tesla should send a flatbed to pick the car up. Unacceptable.
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    Thoughts on the Feasibility of OEM Automatic Frunk Retrofit?

    aren't they a chinese company? I wouldn't count on a response. Just hit up Wilson at Parts3xpress he knows all about it. He's great. Does lots of installs here in Los Angeles
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    Auto High Beam keeps showing up on the screen after I deselected it

    I've noticed similar bugs happening when I used to use easy entry. Try not using that anymore to see if that stops happening. Otherwise, if you have FSDBeta then beta always auto turns it on (very annoyingly)
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    Thoughts on the Feasibility of OEM Automatic Frunk Retrofit?

    There was some talk about it a while ago since I believe Tesla China was going to offer it but it never made it to North America. Your best bet is a 3rd party accessory kit
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    Love the blacked-out look! How are you liking the car so far?

    Love the blacked-out look! How are you liking the car so far?
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    Congrats on the Model Y! Got any modification plans?

    Congrats on the Model Y! Got any modification plans?
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    Only supercharging

    It won't affect you that much. Of course, the slow charging is better but these cars are made to last and take the abuse. If you ever start to notice a big drop in range I would just do a battery calibration by draining the battery down to 1-2% and then charging up to 100% and let it trickle...
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    Model 3 lowered - How many of you guys are using Camber Arms in the rear?

    If you lower or raise your car more than 1 inch that's when it's almost guaranteed that you'll need rear camber arms for a perfect alignment. I have the Unplugged Performance rear camber arms on my car as well as on my old SR+.
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    Tesla Maintenance [for model 3]

    Besides the comments you've already gotten, keep an eye out for any potential issues: worn and torn FUCA and FLCAs or any unusual tire wear (you'll need some aftermarket rear camber arms, I suggest Unplugged Performance).
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    What do you show in a demo of your Tesla?

    Acceleration, GPS mapping including charging stations, and my Unplugged Performance mods :D
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    Ceramic coating on windshield voids warranty

    Take it to a different service center, or if that's too far go back and ask for the service manager. The ceramic coating does not void the warranty. Especially if the issue is between the 2 panes of glass! In my experience, I've had some techs try to work around a problem by voiding a warranty...
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    Front sway bar bushing and brackets needed for 21 MY

    Hi, if you buy the upgraded sway bars from Unplugged Performance they come with everything you're looking to replace. Easy way to fix and upgrade from your situation
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    Ingenext Boost Modules [aftermarket]

    Hi Pauline this is related but you’re the only other person that had the same issue as me with the BoostSR and fog lights. They never sent me the required update for that feature! Could you send me a link to the download to that update?
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    Subwoofer box

    I have a 2019 Model 3 SR+ and audio is one of the things I've been upgrading. I connected the unused speakers with a wire harness, installed the NVX boost and just installed light harmonic front door speakers. But with the light harmonic front door speakers also came an upgraded 8" subwoofer...

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