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  1. MissyMcBee

    Elated Tesla Owner

    Elated Tesla Owner
  2. MissyMcBee

    Loud noises from M3 roof while driving after freezing rain

    I've experienced the same loud noise and thinking that a rock had hit the windshield. I was so upset but only to find no marks. My husband was riding in the passenger seat and heard it one night on the way home (and no other cars around). Temperature was probably in the 40-50's (fairly mild)...
  3. MissyMcBee

    Has anyone received any recent updates over CELLULAR?

    i'm also on 39.7.1 and i was originally getting updates every 15 days but it has been over two months. i think i'm going to drive over to the service center soon and have lunch in their parking lot to see if i can get any updates.
  4. MissyMcBee

    Review: Magnetic Power 2 XVIDA Qi Charger - The perfect Model 3 mount?

    I like your wood stain...what did you use?
  5. MissyMcBee

    Back of tablet hot/warm to the touch...

    Has anyone noticed that the tablet on your Model 3 is hot to the touch on the back side? I've noticed it several times and each time the heater was not on but it was a sunny day...but not really too hot (60's-70's). Curious if anyone else has noticed and should we be concerned about overheating?
  6. MissyMcBee

    Model 3 Charge Port Cover - Broken Flap (Auto close or vandalism?)

    Wow, that's terrible. hope you can get a ride to the train in the future...
  7. MissyMcBee

    Autopilot Engaged and Override

    black ice??
  8. MissyMcBee

    Autopilot Engaged and Override

    First of all, why were you driving AP in town and taking a turn? I drive through my town in AP but i also disengage before entering an intersection due to the 'unknown' conditions unless i know the light will stay green and I DON'T need to TURN. My questions is why anyone would take a turn...
  9. MissyMcBee

    Happy EV Owner

    Happy EV Owner
  10. MissyMcBee

    Phone Mounts in the Model 3;

    Edit: Today Tesla Nav beat Waze surprisingly... This has happened to me several times where Tesla maps beats Waze....pretty cool! i still use both....and i use the xvida phone charger and its works great! i place it to the left side of the telsa tablet. there is a whole discussion about...
  11. MissyMcBee

    Noisy Handsfree Calling

    I've been told that when people call me while driving my Model 3 that it sounds like i'm in a loud tunnel....frustrating!
  12. MissyMcBee

    Model 3 Dog Hammock

    I have that same hammock and it works really well but my dog still can stand on his hind legs and get his paws on the door under the window so i purchased the doors protectors which are so easy to use. ...And it does not come out unless you take it out...
  13. MissyMcBee

    Chastised by my Model 3

    Upon delivery of the car, i did try to close it too fast/hard but I never got the message. I only got the message when my screen cleaning cloth got in the way (unknowingly) and when i tried to close the lid (unsuccessfully), it gave me the message. I think Elon has programmed some AI in our...
  14. MissyMcBee

    Chastised by my Model 3

    I got that too! i thought how sensitive my car has become! LOL!
  15. MissyMcBee

    glass roof - production change (July 2018)?

    My car was built July 6, 2018 and while it's pretty i'm not sure it means it's as functional... i'm more concerned that my back glass sits about 1/16 inch higher in the middle as it meets the top glass...
  16. MissyMcBee

    Model 3 annoying beeping sounds like 'morse code'

    i got a notification from Teslafi today that someone in Kentucky got a software update of 2018.32.3 so maybe tesla knows there is an issue and is already getting the fix out? fingers crossed!
  17. MissyMcBee

    Model 3 annoying beeping sounds like 'morse code'

    My model 3 software update 2018.32.2 came a few days ago and the next day I was driving home in the evening and suddenly this odd beeping started to occur but it sounded like a techno song so i changed the song and the channel but the sound continued and it would vary its frequency and beats. I...
  18. MissyMcBee

    Should I Trade In My 2017 Model S 75 for an AWD Model 3?

    The "3" is more nimble and enjoyable to drive Funny that you say the air filtration because that was one of the things on my list of wants for the model 3 so when i found out that the model 3 would not have air filtration i was bummed. HOWEVER, with that said, I did end up ordering one and...
  19. MissyMcBee

    i1Tesla reviewed "The Bandit" license plate holder

    Folks, a group buy is not appropriate for this. Tony is not PPF installer or a large company or an RPM...he is an individual who came up with a smart idea and found a way to develop the idea/product in small quantity's for the Tesla community. If you support the entrepreneurial community, then...
  20. MissyMcBee

    CA Special Plates question

    the earliest appointment i could get at my DMV is september 4th! :mad: ugh! i may go in early one day and wait cause I refuse to put the plates Tesla sent on my car! No Bueno! Red Rover needs to be able to send Winglz right over...LOL!:D
  21. MissyMcBee

    CA Special Plates question

    ordered mine in May and just got the letter saying they are ready to pick up and i got my car in July
  22. MissyMcBee

    To get Carpool Sticker now or wait until 2019

    Bill Text - AB-544 Vehicles: high-occupancy vehicle lanes.
  23. MissyMcBee

    Review: Magnetic Power 2 XVIDA Qi Charger - The perfect Model 3 mount?

    Magnetic Qi Wireless Charging Suction Mount for Smartphones They dropped their price a little so its now only $59..seems like a worthy option since I'm tired of always looking down at my phone ... I'm looking to charge similar to RPM as shown by @MikeATL above...
  24. MissyMcBee

    TSportline Red Interior - Stock or Diamond Design?

    neither, i would purchase the third option not listed that has the black suede inset on the seats....would look a lot better in a three (in my opinion)
  25. MissyMcBee

    Hot Glass Overhead

    You've posted this exact same post in another topic and you also posted a second posting stating that you have a model 3 with Tinting that you have measured the heat with so why would you have to go to the Tesla store to check out the heat if you have a model 3 to test. Funny how your first...
  26. MissyMcBee

    Ceramic Coating Cost-Sacramento Area

    Appearance Solutions did mine... Mike is great to work with and they've done lots of Tesla's
  27. MissyMcBee

    Tint and side/rear view mirror visibility at night

    I have XPEL PRIME XR PLUS nano-ceramic 35% rear window tint have no viability issues at night...
  28. MissyMcBee

    Red vs. Blue: Post your best pics and vote

    I also considered the blue but all my cars have been RED and I can't imagine blue after bringing home Red Rover...
  29. MissyMcBee

    3M Crystalline - 20 or 40

    I have a windshield tint strip (at the top of the glass) on my Acura that came stock with the vehicle and I wish Tesla would do that as part of their stock glass! it makes such a difference when that sun hits ...
  30. MissyMcBee

    3M Crystalline - 20 or 40

    I agree, i did 70% on the windshield and it helped. When the sun hits that windshield, it heats up pretty good. It still heats up with 70% but a noticeable improvement. I'm not sure on the long term effects of the windshield tint as per @P85_DA but time will tell....:cool:
  31. MissyMcBee

    Rear window tint - anyone done it?

    I did 50% side windows, 70% windshield and 35% rear and top windows and i think it came out pretty good. I didn't want it to be too dark and i think it is just right for the rear; especially at night.
  32. MissyMcBee

    How do I get a MVPA from Tesla? Time-frame desired: yesterday

    It was prompted by my ISA but came from a Tesla email with the subject: DelyDocs and it allows you to go in and electronically sign. i just checked and i got mine on Thursday 7/12 in the afternoon and i signed and got the final docs back at 4:05pm in time to get it over to the credit union for...
  33. MissyMcBee

    How do I get a MVPA from Tesla? Time-frame desired: yesterday

    My credit union would not release funds without and it was no problem to get. It will come from a Tesla email in liue of your ISA's email based on how it is generated. Did you use a credit union that has done Tesla loans before? it makes a huge difference. I used LOGIX Credit Union and it was...
  34. MissyMcBee

    Just Spoke to Tesla...Reservation date means NOTHING!

    Not sure how you got to 'Reserve' so early but maybe you were able to go "Back to Future/Past" and somehow know back in 0001 that you should reserve a Telsa! I'm impressed! I guess you have been waiting a really long time...;) If you have been following some of the 'postings' from a month...
  35. MissyMcBee

    Road noise caused by roof seams

    i ordered mine a few weeks ago (RPM) and still waiting for delivery so i can install
  36. MissyMcBee

    Phone as Key Issues

    Iphone X and so far (hopefully i'm not jinxing myself) it has worked 100% of the time
  37. MissyMcBee

    Leaving your Tesla behind when traveling

    i left mine at a shop for tinting and PPF and i checked the range every day and it appeared to lose about 5-10% per day of the available range. sounds kind of high but i'm new to EV's.
  38. MissyMcBee

    Lost a sensor. How long to get it replaced?

    mine popped in after washing too. I can feel it in the bumper but cannot retrieve it so i'm going to call SC. I know the sensor still works because the car chimes immediately when i drive forward (just for a few seconds).
  39. MissyMcBee

    New Model 3 - already died

    I'm sorry you have to go through this. I took delivery on the 15th and my car was built on 7/6 so i'm hoping that this is not a wide spread issue. The only problem i have is a front bumper sensor that decided to play 'hide and seek' after hosing off the front of the car (not pressure washing)...
  40. MissyMcBee

    New Model 3 - already died

    What was your production date or month?
  41. MissyMcBee

    100% Charge?

    Ok, that’s very helpful! Thank you
  42. MissyMcBee

    100% Charge?

    I haven’t looked for a percentage... how would I find it?
  43. MissyMcBee

    100% Charge?

    Mine will only charge to 279 :mad: What is going on? I should be getting to 310 at a minimum right?
  44. MissyMcBee

    Model 3 Center Console Wrap

    I had my @Kenriko brushed black center console wrap installed and it looks amazing. The pics do not do it justice. The brushed black does not scuff or show dust. It really goes well with the interior and it would look even more amazing if I had the brushed black to cover the wood!! I had the...
  45. MissyMcBee

    TuxMat Floor Liners

    I ordered mine this morning ... for $210 it was a no brainer!
  46. MissyMcBee

    Very unhappy with Fremont Delivery

    And delivery is not at the factory but a parking lot and building across the highway...
  47. MissyMcBee

    Very unhappy with Fremont Delivery

    Did your delivery person provide you with registration in the window? If not, you left too soon. When I took delivery in Fremont last weekend, there was a lot going on. My car was poorly washed but I just wanted it and my ISA later told me I could take it for a new car delivery wash and polish...
  48. MissyMcBee

    $75.00 for a tire rotation!

    I was told at delivery I could come in and get the tires rotated for no charge...
  49. MissyMcBee

    Pictures of production Model 3s

    Oh no! Did they say what happened?

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