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  • The final cut of TMC Podcast #34 is available now with topics timestamped. We covered Tesla's rollercoaster prices, Toyota pushing junk science, Mike's new Model 3, Optimizing track mode for snow driving, FSD V11 apparently coming by the end of this week, and more. You can watch and check out the chat replay on YouTube.

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  1. Ivan Abundance

    Supercharger - Placerville, CA - Broadway (LIVE Aug 30, 2019, 12 V2 stalls)

    I really like this station, as the drive up to Placerville along 49 is just splendid. I plug in, hit up the Teriyaki Bowl, and watch whatever's on in the car as it charges. Going back to Galt, the downhill saves me a few miles compared to the (slightly closer) Folsom chargers. However, the...
  2. Ivan Abundance

    Supercharger - Napa, CA (EXPANDED Jun 2018, 12 V2 stalls)

    Stopped in for my usual fill on 1/2/2020 and found the upper-left ring terminal deformed and un-insertable on Charger 1B. Still messed-up a week later, but now there was a piece of plastic broken off inside. I wrote Tesla and told, but as of 1-29 it was still broken, but coned-off. No huge...
  3. Ivan Abundance

    Received Red California HOV Stickers for Model 3

    Welp, just one thing I'll point out where our DMV fails- California won't tell you what color a car is. Oregon, among others, does. There's times it matters. Of course you can re-paint a car. You can also dye your hair, or wear tinted contacts, yet these items are used on Driver's Licenses.
  4. Ivan Abundance

    Received Red California HOV Stickers for Model 3

    I don't think the State gave us Tesla. And Elon almost didn't, either. But when you could pick up the Numi factory for $8/square foot, in the heart of the Bay Area.... well, sometimes genius is palpable.
  5. Ivan Abundance

    This Safety Trick—Good Idea or Bad?

    It used to be a good idea. But today, cars are so much plastic and wind-screening that you're liable to find a soft place.
  6. Ivan Abundance

    How to improve Model 3 braking feel?

    I'll be darned. There is a brake pedal down there. I wish I could stop half so smoothly as the single-pedal does.
  7. Ivan Abundance

    Metric or traditional inch system?

    Could be worse. Could be Whitworth. Then again, if you're plumbing, it just might be.
  8. Ivan Abundance

    HVAC question. What does "AUTO" do?

    Same as any other car. Turns the A/C compressor, temperature settings and fan speed to whatever the car (and its sensors) thinks is most appropriate. Teslas aren't really magic. They just feel that way.
  9. Ivan Abundance

    Received Red California HOV Stickers for Model 3

    2020, and the State demands we mail (must be envelopes here, someplace) with a stamp (stamps? What are those?) a check (I thought I left that book in this drawer...) to them. On top of it as always, California.
  10. Ivan Abundance

    Putting plastic/vinyl UNDER your HOV stickers.....?

    Do you mean to imply that taking away a lane when commute most demands it is some kind of political folly? Me, too. Just idiots.
  11. Ivan Abundance

    Any other large drivers have problems getting into Model 3?

    I'm 6-1 and 280. And old. My trouble is getting my pachydermal buttocks into the seat without beating the living daylights out of the weatherstripping on the front edge of the B-pillar. So I put in my right foot, pivot sideways to sit on the seat, and then turn again to pull in my left and make...
  12. Ivan Abundance

    How noticeable is the acceleration boost from a dual motor long range to a performance Model 3?

    I got a Performance at the end of last July. Love it dearly. Last month I picked up a Dual Motor, non-P. The smaller wheels/taller tires and suspension differences were stunning. It also does away with thin-little-Hotwheels-tire road damage anxiety. Unless you're truly racing, I'd skip on the...
  13. Ivan Abundance

    Did I receive a paper owner's manual?

    Printed copies are available on eBay. Not from Tesla, but the same info.
  14. Ivan Abundance

    No spare tire caused a huge inconvenience

    A repair kit is of course a good idea, but if the sidewall's damaged, or if a nail gets through near the edge of the tread, you're going to have to get a new tire. Same with all tires. I do hope this new Tesla Michelin has a better market life than the Michelin TRX disaster.
  15. Ivan Abundance

    Model 3, AWD Tires

    Are you Dual Motor and 18 or 19 tires? If so, and if you drive like the family's in the car, I think you and the car should be fine with the stock tires. The 20-inchers are meant to be dry-pavement only, although mine have performed flawlessly in rain. Apparently they're just not good in cold...
  16. Ivan Abundance

    The biggest surprise I have after two weeks of Model 3

    I didn't read all five pages, but I wanted to chime in that I too have never driven a car so slowly as I do the Model 3. I've been a speed demon forever (although with good luck, knock wood), but I'm content with loping along in the 3. Maybe part of it's in knowing I'm probably in the fastest...
  17. Ivan Abundance

    What kind of changes or improvements do you hope...

    Yes on the silver, yes on cooled (usually just circulated cabin air, lots cooler than a body) seats, and my passengers would love handles but I suspect the air curtains/bags/bombs make them missiles.
  18. Ivan Abundance

    About to purchase 2019 M3 AP Question

    I nosed around quite a while for a used 3. I wound up with new. Glad I did, although I really don't have much in the way of reservations about a used one. I'm just a people, and we all know how wacky those are.
  19. Ivan Abundance

    First road trip in brand new Model 3 LR (with pics!)

    Road trips rock. Good job.
  20. Ivan Abundance

    Automatic fog lights?

    The cameras are just cameras, they see fog. The radar helps with fog. We don't get rear fog lights over here in caveman land. It's just as well, really, since those who have cars that do have rear fogs have no clue toward turning the effing things off. And fog lights don't really do much to...
  21. Ivan Abundance

    What kind of changes or improvements do you hope...

    The new DM is on 18s. It had 3 miles on it. The Performance was stock-on-hand at the end of July. The DM definitely seems to have more sound insulation, but doesn't feel like it's not there.
  22. Ivan Abundance

    One year ago today

    Those are good trades!
  23. Ivan Abundance

    When do you get Updates?

    I don't have a great deal of use for Autopilot, but I am trying to use it more often because I'm aware that Tesla is using the feedback "for good" (I think). I have "heard" that your VIN may have an effect over when your car will get an update, but I have neither details nor source...
  24. Ivan Abundance

    Impressions after a week with my Model 3

    Apologies if it was mentioned (I can only read so much before my lips bruise), but the latest update now allows voice control of the temperature setting. That's a cool enough feature. But having it "installed" over-the-air..... just wow. We are truly entering a different world.
  25. Ivan Abundance

    What kind of changes or improvements do you hope...

    I got a Performance at the end of last July, just turned 16K. Absolutely enraptured. Quite possibly the fastest thing I've ever been in or on. I commonly go for a six-hour trip just because there's a supercharger out there that I haven't been to. Through odd and fortuitous circumstance, I got...
  26. Ivan Abundance


    Always carry a jug of kerosene and some road flares. Not for the offending vehicle, of course.
  27. Ivan Abundance

    Upcycling model 3 Aeros

    Clean enough to eat off of. And, convenient pea disposal chutes for the kiddies.
  28. Ivan Abundance

    How does the car know the wiper fluid is low?

    I've not tried the 303 yet (weather cleared up, naturally), but filling the reservoir with some blue still in it (unknown amount), it took just under a gallon jug of water. So I'd call the capacity one gallon.
  29. Ivan Abundance

    How does the car know the wiper fluid is low?

    Mine just came on last night, got the car July 27th, have probably used the washers twenty times, mostly to marvel at how they put the spray nozzles there. No idea how much it had been filled with when new. I'm going to try the 303 tablets and see how they work out, although the as-supplied...
  30. Ivan Abundance

    Ho Ho Ho, no reindeers?

    Re-do the dear deer, dammit.
  31. Ivan Abundance

    Model 3 Invades Central West Virginia for Thanksgiving

    "Their" favorite? Doesn't everybody love fart mode? Chevy would never have the courage to put it in one of their oxcarts.
  32. Ivan Abundance

    A few (early) 3 questions

    Don't sell yourself short. Doing the console wrap isn't all that tough, and the kits are only about $20 so it's not a back-breaker if you mess it up. Tint shops charge on the order of $50 to install a kit, and I don't know how much if you buy the wrap from them as well. By this time, any shop...
  33. Ivan Abundance

    Model 3 Trunk Lights Don't Always Turn On

    The stock bulbs are so damned dim it's hard to tell if they're on or not. First thing I changed out on my car.
  34. Ivan Abundance

    Auto Hi Beams can’t “see” fog; shouldn’t they turn off and turn on the fog lights?

    You'll be in better shape to call "fog" lights "cornering" lights. Nothing the consumer can get is really able to do much with fog. I've not tried it, but won't the 3 let you turn off the headlights and run just the running lights with the fog lights? In other cars, I've had better luck with...
  35. Ivan Abundance

    3 or Y

    I wonder if the Y entering the market might cause a temporary flood of used Model 3 cars. Surely many are salivating over the idea of the tailgate and a bit more room. I don't plan on leaving the 3 at all, but I am curious to check the "feel" of the Y and compare it for overall size. Oddly, the...
  36. Ivan Abundance

    The M3 really drives like what they say

    Same as so many others. Twenty-minute drive in a friend's new dual-motor 3, and I was ruined. All the insane crap they're doing with engines and suspensions, and now the Tesla makes them all look like bulk wrap, and virtually no maintenance to boot. And, Tesla keeps tweaking things up more and...
  37. Ivan Abundance

    Digging out of snow using Summon

    Snow is wonderful. On TV. I'm a delicate blossom. I'd have to move from there.
  38. Ivan Abundance

    Is this normal (gap between body and frunk)?

    Same gap on mine, from last July. Seems normal and harmless, I don't know if there's any aero aspect to having it open that way instead of sealed.
  39. Ivan Abundance

    MASTER THREAD: Auto Wiper functionality, complaints, praise, etc.

    That's about where I was, coming back from Poor Red's, but on 49 and then into Ione and home on 104. Didn't seem to have any issues, although they did seem to speed up a bit frantically a couple of times. I'm still optimistic about them.
  40. Ivan Abundance

    Pedestrian Warning Sound

    Not if you hit them hard enough....
  41. Ivan Abundance

    Making the Model 3 trunk lid close more easily

    I highly recommend the lighter spring swap for the frunk latch. Huge difference, no apparent function change. I also did the strut swap front and rear for auto opening.
  42. Ivan Abundance

    Concerned about rear collision when car slows on its own

    Get in the habit of cruising the local strip mall in the evening about every two weeks, and do a slow circle so your can check all your lights in the window reflections. Not to be confused with a stripper maul.
  43. Ivan Abundance

    Water/dirt in the door jam. Is this normal?

    I think Elon would tell you to be sure you knew where your towel is, at all times.
  44. Ivan Abundance

    MASTER THREAD: Auto Wiper functionality, complaints, praise, etc.

    You guys make me feel lucky. I got my car at the end of July, and we'd not had any rain until Thanksgiving. I guess I've had five or six software updates, so I was curious how the sensor-wipe would behave. Well, no real complaints, but a '37 Cadillac with vacuum wipers taught me to stop bitching...
  45. Ivan Abundance

    Loose Windshield Wiper Fluid Hose - Repairs Anyone?

    If it doesn't have enough friction to hold itself in place, I'd consider a zip tie over a hose clamp. Or, motorcycle shops have wee-tiny wire spring clamps for fuel lines. You also might try getting it nice and dry, and giving the nipple a shot of hair spray, and then sliding it on. Make sure it...
  46. Ivan Abundance

    Thoughts? Ideas, insights welcome, On two things?

    Just a personal slant: I lost interest in an S when I saw one parked curbside in SF. Just too big for the practical world. Delighted with the Model 3.
  47. Ivan Abundance

    Traditional Odometer

    Jeeze. An MG-B making 100K? And a rubber-bumpered, jacked-up model at that? Was it single carburettor as well? My '69 Datsun 2000 made over 250K. It now reposes in quiet solitude in my garage. Electric has ruined me for engines and transmissions. Especially for things like the Roadster's...

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