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  • The final cut of TMC Podcast #34 is available now with topics timestamped. We covered Tesla's rollercoaster prices, Toyota pushing junk science, Mike's new Model 3, Optimizing track mode for snow driving, FSD V11 apparently coming by the end of this week, and more. You can watch and check out the chat replay on YouTube.

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  1. hmgolds

    Supercharger - Minocqua, WI

    Early 2023 probably means June.
  2. hmgolds

    Supercharger - Minocqua, WI

    Hoping to use this SC in a few weeks. Seems like delays over and above the typical construction schedule.
  3. hmgolds

    Massachusetts EV Off-Peak Charging for National Grid customers?

    I vaguely remember seeing that Nat Grid in NY has an off peak program. If so, that would explain why this program is not available in NY.
  4. hmgolds

    Rear Seat Liner Recommendations for the Y

    We are considering this one because it accommodates the split rear seat (I think the earlier version of this one did not): https://www.amazon.com/Topfit-Waterproof-Covers-Protector-All-Weather/dp/B093BDJYWT/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_bdcrb_top?ie=UTF8 One note of caution is that some thought the velcro on...
  5. hmgolds

    Supercharger - Escanaba, MI

    Nice. I've thought about this route in trips to east coast from Minnesota. But reliance on the destination charger at hotel in Escanaba was a concern as it could be in use, iced, or broken. This provides a backup and the opportunity to choose a different hotel if necessary.
  6. hmgolds

    Recommendations for how to measure kWh used to charge my model 3 in my condo garage

    Clever idea. The required meter base isn't too expensive. A bit bulky though.
  7. hmgolds

    Recommendations for how to measure kWh used to charge my model 3 in my condo garage

    You're correct; the car won't know whether I'm charging at the condo, a SC, my son's house, or the L2 charger at the grocery store. So that's out. I could, of course, keep meticulous records - but that's not likely. Besides, one of the drawbacks of condo life is that people should be...
  8. hmgolds

    Recommendations for how to measure kWh used to charge my model 3 in my condo garage

    Not sure I understand the breakeven comment. I'm not the OP and based on the first post he/she has a similar, though completely independent situation. I'm simply looking at the simplest way for me to meter my usage at the condo so I can properly reimburse my neighbors.
  9. hmgolds

    Recommendations for how to measure kWh used to charge my model 3 in my condo garage

    It would be time consuming to track. For example, I often charge at my son's house (10 min away), using his solar. So far, the roughly $300 submeter might be the best option. Less when you factor in the credit.
  10. hmgolds

    Recommendations for how to measure kWh used to charge my model 3 in my condo garage

    Thinking about this a bit more. Not all my charging (nor even all my L2 charging) is at the condo. So wouldn't this overstate the "community" power used?
  11. hmgolds

    Recommendations for how to measure kWh used to charge my model 3 in my condo garage

    That will probably work for me as I've been here a while and people trust me. Whether that would work for the new people that just moved in, I don't know. All it takes is one person to raise a question. I might take a look to see how constant our bills are. If there isn't much variation...
  12. hmgolds

    Recommendations for how to measure kWh used to charge my model 3 in my condo garage

    2 interesting options. There is even a less expensive Emporia device that does 8 circuits. What's interesting is that we need to monitor 2 circuits, this one device would do both. Need to figure out what happens if not connected to wifi but, at first look, appears wifi required. But if it...
  13. hmgolds

    Recommendations for how to measure kWh used to charge my model 3 in my condo garage

    I am now in a somewhat similar situation. 7 unit condo, common garage (with 50amp service to the garage), and no cost-feasible way to bring power from my meter. So the only power in the garage is shared power billed to the association. An no easy internet access in the garage. The other...
  14. hmgolds

    What if FSD doesn't materialize?

    As to regulatory approval: U.S. DOT releases new Automated Driving Systems guidance And while they may not expressly certify, they could in theory order a recall of a vehicle with FSD that was felt to be unsafe. Also, don't forget that insurance companies could refuse to cover a vehicle with...
  15. hmgolds

    Difficult situation with a Condo, advice appreciated...

    Glad someone brought this up. There are a lots of suggestions in this thread that might make sense in a single family home, when you are doing your own wiring, but not feasible in a condo. First, your condo association may - or may not - allow you to increase your electrical capacity. Why...
  16. hmgolds

    Anyone else dislike the new UI?

    How can you say that? Haven't you tried the fart sounds? My phone may not work reliably as a key but I can instruct my car to make a fart sound when I activate the turn signal. On a more serious note, I don't think their software engineers suck. But I think there's a distinct lack of...
  17. hmgolds

    Michelin vs. Goodyear, what to get?

    I'm looking at this thread because I'm considering the Pilot Sport All Season. But I love that line: "QC tends to be top notch when manufactured by properly nourished individuals with benefits."
  18. hmgolds

    CCS Adapter for North America

    The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency just put out a RFP for a network of charging stations for travel around the state - mainly off of the interstates and mainly off the Tesla SC network. Grant $s available. Requires CCS and J1772 (as backup); silent on CHAdeMO. Minimum of 50kw. I would...
  19. hmgolds

    Strategy on Long Drive

    +1. Not all superchargers are equal. Even ignoring the fact that one might have amenities (such as restaurants) you prefer, there are some superchargers that are just off the highway and others that can add as much as 20 minutes (I'm talking about you Peru, IL) to get to/from.
  20. hmgolds

    Long Road trip with Y or ICE????

    First, you know your family better than any of us do. You can only drive as long as the smallest bladder in the vehicle. When it comes to food, are you grab and go or sit down and enjoy a meal? Do you like to stop and stretch. I figure that, on road trips, it takes 10% longer. But I can't...
  21. hmgolds

    Thinking of selling....Oh My

    That may be true, but it's completely immaterial. First, the article you referenced compared depreciation of Teslas vs other EVs. Unless the OP was considering buying another expensive EV (MX and MS depreciate much faster than the M3 according to the article). Second, depreciation of the M3...
  22. hmgolds

    Thinking of selling....Oh My

    $900 per month is a lot to spend for something that depreciates in value and doesn't get used much. The technical term for that is a "boat". But, as others have said, you're unlikely to get $43k for it now. And it's not valid to compare a loan (which eventually get paid off) with a lease that...
  23. hmgolds

    Should I Cancel Y?

    My take is that there are production "teething" problems with the Y. Likely to be resolved in the near future. Of those, many/most can be addressed via mobile service if you're 4 hours from the SC. Personally, I would postpone delivery for a couple of months if I could. But if it meant...
  24. hmgolds

    Own vs Lease?

    That is a valid point. Of course, you're also guaranteeing a level of depreciation.
  25. hmgolds

    Own vs Lease?

    I do not understand the implication - in some posts - that leasing is somehow better with a depreciating asset. Every lease has depreciation built into the lease payment. Sometimes their estimate of future value is high, sometimes low, sometimes spot on. A lease also has an interest rate...
  26. hmgolds

    Accident - Got hit from behind

    Over the years, I've had a couple of occasions where "the other guy's" insurance raised all kinds of objections that disappeared once they were dealing with my insurance company as opposed to me. First thing I would do with an accident like that is see a reputable orthopedist.
  27. hmgolds

    Road trip planning tools [ABetterRoutePlanner and EV Trip Optimizer]

    Thank you. I know it can be difficult to adjust to a new UI/version, but - after trying on about 6 routes - this did not seem a step in the right direction.
  28. hmgolds

    Road trip planning tools [ABetterRoutePlanner and EV Trip Optimizer]

    I have been a fan of abetterrouteplanner but after the recent changes to it's UI, I'm searching for an alternative. I find it much more difficult to: "Force" a charge at a specific SC Avoid a specific SC Alter route Maybe its back to EV Trip Planner.
  29. hmgolds

    Sheltering in Place - Charge or not

    Note that I said "material" downside. Show of hands, how many of us only charge to 80%? How many of us would have bought a Tesla if you could only charge to 50% on a regular basis? Further, we don't necessarily know how Tesla's battery management comes into play. While putting a Tesla logo...
  30. hmgolds

    Sheltering in Place - Charge or not

    I can't argue with that for you. But the OP charges on house current (I take that to mean 15a, 120v). And what would concern me (especially for a 75yo in California) is the possible need to drive 100 or even 200 miles to get to a hospital accepting patients. Since there is no material...
  31. hmgolds

    Sheltering in Place - Charge or not

    Earthquakes, wild fires, power outages, etc - even before this latest crisis. Why would you not maintain your battery at (close to) 80%?
  32. hmgolds

    NoA is worthless, Autopilot is essentially unimproved from 2016-2017, and everybody has caught up.

    I don't have NoA, so I can't comment on functionality. But I do remember how one analyst was discussing how Tesla had a significant advantage over other companies when it comes to self driving. The advantage was that Tesla has 10-20x the number of driving data points compared to other...
  33. hmgolds

    Loud pop, Model 3 died?

    Motor in my 2018 build M3 failed prior to delivery. 10 day delay. Fine since. I have these printed out and in the glove compartment. Easier than trying to find on phone. Or M3 screen.
  34. hmgolds

    Getting ready .... need some outdoor charging suggestions

    I don't keep my mobile connector in the car when driving around town. Or even on short, frequent road trips along familiar route. Just my J1772 adapter. But I think you're right that the wall connector is best option. For inspiration: Plans and Tips for Library Builders - Little Free Library
  35. hmgolds

    Getting ready .... need some outdoor charging suggestions

    One thought might be to plug the mobile connector inside the garage and pass the cord through a "port" in the wall. I'd still like some type of enclosure over the coiled cord on the outside. And some sort of switch on the inside (a breaker could work, but I don't think they're designed to be...
  36. hmgolds

    Free supercharging on some used?

    I'm a fan of Tesla, recognize that they're a young organization, and willing to tolerate some level of administrative incompetence. But at some point, you have to get your state AG office involved.
  37. hmgolds

    Working with HOA for EV-Charging; California law

    Good news! So what did you do with this "EV-hating", "unresponsive", "slow" HOA board to convince them? https://www.amazon.com/Leviton-1K240-1SW-1000-Indoor-Solid/dp/B007V9AVQ6/ref=sr_1_6?keywords=leviton+submeter&qid=1581006166&sr=8-6 (This is but one example. Note that many require...
  38. hmgolds

    Lost Premium Connectivity - I think I know why

    No, I added correct CC information. What I did not know that Tesla apparently maintains CC for prem connectivity separate from the CC in the Tesla account. So when I changed the CC in the Tesla account in mid January, it did not affect my February prem connectivity charge. No notice from...
  39. hmgolds

    Lost Premium Connectivity - I think I know why

    First, I would argue that since I had updated my CC in my Tesla account, I didn't create the problem. Therefore the point is to alert others that changing their cc in their Tesla account won't change the cc for premium connectivity.
  40. hmgolds

    Lost Premium Connectivity - I think I know why

    Updated CC (on the prem connectivity page) and resubscribed. Premium connectivity back right away.
  41. hmgolds

    Lost Premium Connectivity - I think I know why

    I subscribed to premium connectivity in Dec (starting in Jan) using a credit card. I received a charge in Jan. After that I switched credit cards (cancelling the old one) and updated my Tesla account. Today, I noticed that I no longer had premium connectivity. Looking online, I could see...
  42. hmgolds

    New Federal EV Charger installation rebate for 2020 is retroactive back through 2018

    It's not clear to me whether installing an outlet (14-50 for example) used for EV charging would be eligible for the tax credit.
  43. hmgolds

    Valet gave my card key to another Tesla driver. It’s gone.

    I found (and bookmarked) this a while ago: Valet Instructions Download - Link Updated | Tesla
  44. hmgolds

    Getting ready .... need some outdoor charging suggestions

    I've used on of the "Wattzilla" chargers he mentioned at the end of the video. But I found that the coiled cable is very heavy and exerts a lot of downward force at the connection of the charger handle to the vehicle. I'd be uncomfortable using that too fequently.
  45. hmgolds

    Getting ready .... need some outdoor charging suggestions

    6-50 is more commonly used for welders. 14-50 seems much more common for EVs and (increasingly) campgrounds. I have both adapters as there are a couple of routes where range could be an issue and I know I can find a 6-50 in almost any welding or machine shop. Never had to use it though. If...
  46. hmgolds

    Best Charger for Condo?

    May not be too difficult getting my neighbors to agree (for a couple of reasons). Getting the electric company to install, manage, and bill for sub-meters - when they can't even to time-of-day metering yet - would be impossible.
  47. hmgolds

    Tesla should offer an incentive to leave crowded superchargers.

    For me on road trips, I find the reduced charging speed past 80% plenty incentive to leave unless I really need the extra range. And in my interstate travels (midwest, mid-Atlantic, New England, and Ontario) I've never encountered a wait to get into a SC stall. I realize CA is a different...
  48. hmgolds

    Best Charger for Condo?

    Things get complex in a large building. And there is a lot of variability. For example, in the condo I used to own (with about 190 units) each parking spot was deeded to the condo owner. So changing spots is doable, but involves legal work. As to capacity, a 50a charging circuit basically...
  49. hmgolds

    Buying a used S from a Lexus dealership?

    Notwithstanding the fact the the OP has made his/her decision, what would be the difference between buying a used Tesla vs a used ICE? If the seller can provide documentation of any options when originally purchased, that leaves options purchased after the initial sale. Wouldn't they be...
  50. hmgolds

    Best Charger for Condo?

    Simple is in the eye of the beholder, but there are many under $500 submeters that could be used. But I wouldn't underestimate the effort to manage and bill the electricity measured by those meters. It has to be monitored, tracked, billed, received, and audited. Not difficult, but has to be...

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