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  1. Pmurphjam

    No audio, silent turn signals

    Try a hard reset , press both scroll wheels with break pedal and wait 5 minutes you should see the Tesla logo if successful. After a major firmware update where lots of new features have been added this is always a good idea, it clears all the memory and reboots the MCU so now your car has the...
  2. Pmurphjam

    Another power and range software enhancement coming in a few weeks

    This is supposedly the 32.12.4 update, but on TeslaFi as of 10/27 there’s only been 21of these updates and it looks like they’ve stopped so they probably encountered bugs they need to fix. It will likely be another couple weeks before it rolls out to everyone. My average is around 16 days...
  3. Pmurphjam

    Spotify app in v10 not quite ready

    I had intermittent Spotify after 32.12.2 firmware update, music wouldn’t stream if you did too many skips, would only play a single song even though there were many on the play list, would just stop streaming with the activity indicator spinning endlessly. To fix some of these issues I would go...
  4. Pmurphjam

    JEDA Model 3 USB Hub

    Same issue with Jeda Hub replaced it with my Sabrent mini USB Hub and it’s been working flawlessly for 3 days now. The warning message states it needs 4Mbs speed which most any USB Hub should have which means they likely used the wrong wiring in their hub or they used a really bad USB chip.
  5. Pmurphjam

    JEDA Model 3 USB Hub

    Bought the Jeda Hub and was working fine prior to 2019.32.11 release, but now I’m getting a warning indicator stating the USB hub isn’t fast enough to write data to the thumb SSD drive. Latest firmware is writing more data now since rear camera is now added. Because of this Dash Cam gets...
  6. Pmurphjam

    connectivity problems with iPhone Xs and Tesla?

    I have a Model 3 & iPhone XS Max and it has connectivity issues also. Sometimes iPhone won’t open the car and I need to use the card key. Quite frequently the iPhone connects to the car music and initially starts music and then it readily disconnects and you manually have to reconnect via the...
  7. Pmurphjam

    Problem continues -- no sound for nearly two weeks

    Had a similar problem on my Model 3, turned out to be related to sleep mode and iPhone Apps and TeslaFi. To fix it I deleted all my iPhone Apps, changed my Tesla password so no other existing App had access to the Tesla API’s and set Sleep mode on TeslaFi and relogged into TeslaFi. Now...
  8. Pmurphjam

    Model 3 Key FOB

    Got my Model3 KeyFob, Setup Summon on Dashboard, but when I press the center button Summon starts, then when I press the rear button the charge port opens and Summon stops. On firmware 2019.20.1. Everything else works. Anyone else having this problem with Summon and the KeyFob?
  9. Pmurphjam

    Cruise control not available

    So I've been running fine now with my Tesla Model 3 for 2 weeks with autopilot now working. It has turned off for 30 seconds on occasion, but turns right back on thereafter. Only change was setting TeslaFi Sleep Modes : Time To Try Sleeping : 15, Idle Time Before Trying to Sleep : 30, Reset Idle...
  10. Pmurphjam

    No recording for DashCam

    Try reformatting it, and adding the TeslaCam folder back. The car doesn't like any data on the USB drive at all except it's own. Needs to be FAT32 format for AP 2.5
  11. Pmurphjam

    Juicebox charger users? Level 2 charger, 40 or 32 amp. Plus kilowatt hour tracking

    If you got the 40 Amp Juice Box you need a 50 Amp breaker and #6 AWG wire to be safe to the Nema outlet. If you use a Tesla WC you can get 48 Amps from the WC which charges at 44mi/hr which is the most you can get for a Model 3 LR. Then you can just use TeslaFi to get your charging graphs which...
  12. Pmurphjam

    AWG to future-proof installation for HPWC

    Yes, #6 AWG 3 conductor will work. Black and Red are power and white goes to power neutral on your panel. It doesn't need ground. The Home Depot link below shows the wire that will work. You can tac this to your wall with clamps if it's in the garage where your main circuit panel hopefully is...
  13. Pmurphjam

    Cruise control not available

    So the saga continues. Auto-pilot went out again, after being fixed at the Service center by the technician with his laptop. So I went back and read this forum about TeslaFi webApp and also iPhone App Stats. So in the morning deleted all the Tesla iPhone apps on my iPhone except the Tesla App...
  14. Pmurphjam

    Cruise control not available

    Ellsworth, I had pulled the dashCam before I took it in to get serviced, and tried all the different Resets to no avail. The problem did occur when the dashCam was running though, and I almost always used Sentry mode when I parked anywhere other than home. So at the Tesla Service Center the...
  15. Pmurphjam

    Cruise control not available

    Had the same thing happen on my Model 3 Dual Motor running firmware 2019.12.1.2. Always got the Alert, "Cruise Not Available" when trying to turn on autopilot. Tried all the possible reset methods and none worked, so I scheduled Tesla Service call. I took the car in, and the technician reset the...
  16. Pmurphjam

    AP gone on drive home today

    I'm running the same firmware 2019.12.1.2 on a Model 3 Dual Motor and had the same thing happen. No amount of resetting the car fixed the issue. So took it to Tesla and the mechanic reset the car via his diagnostic laptop and that fixed it. Literally took him 10 minutes to fix the car. He stated...
  17. Pmurphjam

    Speakers not working and Media gets stuck, anyone experiencing this?

    I had the same problem with the rear speakers not working, along with rear camera being black and taking several seconds to go live, and the screen resetting while driving, happened three times while on firmware 2019.8.5. One morning got in the car, rear speakers were working, screen reset, and...
  18. Pmurphjam

    USB for Sentry Mode and Splitter

    I bought this mini USB port extender from Amazon, Sabrent Premium 3-Port Aluminum Mini USB 3.0 90/180 degree rotatable, works great in my Model 3. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B013XGK53E/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Also bought this USB stick Patriot 256GB supersonic...
  19. Pmurphjam

    Tesla Model 3 initial impressions (and compare to. BMW 5-series)

    I've got exactly the same Model 3 as you do, Dual Motor with AutoPilot. I'm running firmware 2019.5.15 which is rolling out to most users now. There are some changes in this version concerning AutoPilot so hopefully these will benefit you. AutoPilot requires the car to be going about 18 mph...
  20. Pmurphjam

    Can owners that purchased $2K AP confirm if Auto Lane Change is included please?

    I’ve got the full Navigation and autopilot package on a model 3, running firmware 2019.5.15 and if you select a destination and press Navigate on Autopilot it will change lanes automatically or when you use the turn signal and take the freeway exit most the time. If the exit has lots of traffic...
  21. Pmurphjam

    Tesla wall charger and Charging amps in car

    Wall charger is set to position 9 on rotary dial this is for a 60 Amp circuit which is limited to 48 Amps so you get 43 mph charging rates.
  22. Pmurphjam

    Awesome iOS App called Stats

    Stats has an Apple Watch App now, but it doesn’t do much. Shows charge status and buttons to open trunk, etc. Wish someone would do something better, like showing how much your last drive cost in terms of kilowatts consumed and cost plus time and miles driven.
  23. Pmurphjam

    Gearheads Can Still Enjoy the Tesla Model 3

    Very good write up Gene! Use to drive a Mercedes and always appreciated the ergonomics of that car, very well thought out, but I have to say my Model 3 Dual Motor is better and far more intelligent. From AutoPilot, to navigation, to easy of use and never having to turn on the wind shield wipers...
  24. Pmurphjam

    Do you use a Tesla Wall Connector?

    If your main circuit panel is in the garage of your house like mine was it's pretty easy to do yourself. Just get the #6 insulated wire for the 60 Amp circuit, measure your wire run, and then wire across your garage ceiling by using the appropriate stables no need for conduit if it's the proper...
  25. Pmurphjam

    Do you use a Tesla Wall Connector?

    I bought the TWC and 36 ft of #6 wire from Home Depot and a 60 Amp breaker for $250. My wire run was just over the ceiling of the garage from one side to the other. Took about 3 hours to install and worked first time. Charges at 48 Amps and my commute to work is 40 miles round trip so it now...

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