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  1. Jsvette56

    Further discussion and analysis on why the yoke is not good

    15 months with a yoke and it is so much better than the wheel. I'm sure in 1908 when Ford switched from a tiller to the steering wheel that there were many complainers that couldn't deal with the new technology.
  2. Jsvette56

    Is this unusual to have to replace the rear drive unit and rear calipers at 95K miles on a model S (2013)? And is it a reasonable cost?

    I had two DUs replaced under warrantee on my 2013 Model S. Both due to noise.
  3. Jsvette56

    Is this unusual to have to replace the rear drive unit and rear calipers at 95K miles on a model S (2013)? And is it a reasonable cost?

    I had 2 DUs replaced on my 2013 Model S in a two year period due to increasing noise. Both done under warrantee.
  4. Jsvette56

    Electrical tire inflator pump for model Y

    I've used the Slime inflator on my Plaid and Model 3. It's pretty inexpensive and does the job.
  5. Jsvette56

    2013 rear drive unit failure

    I had my 2013 DU replaced twice under warranty.
  6. Jsvette56

    2013 rear drive unit failure

    My 2013 S had two drive units replaced under warrantee.
  7. Jsvette56

    Older Tesla curious

    I suggest buying nothing earlier than late 2016 when Tesla did a fairly major update.
  8. Jsvette56

    Advice on tires

    I wanted a quieter riding tire for my Model S so I bought Bridgestone Quiettrack tires. They have a Consumers Report of excellent on noise abatement and are definitely quieter than factory tires.
  9. Jsvette56


    My 9 month old Plaid with 15K miles has 277. Weather I think has a huge impact on Wh/mi.
  10. Jsvette56

    FSD beta expansion to new beta testers June 2022

    Had a 98 score on my Plaid and got FSD beta yesterday. Tried it on the same corner that the fired Tesla employee's infamous Youtube video showed FSD running over a bollard in downtown San Jose. FSD turned left into an oncoming left turn lane, recognized the problem and jinked right to get out of...
  11. Jsvette56

    Anyone have experience with Bridgestone Quiettrack tires

    I bought a set and found they were quieter than factory tires, but not much.
  12. Jsvette56

    Should I Buy a Used 2013-2014 Tesla Model S?

    I had a 2013 S and had the drive unit replaced twice under warrantee. If you can hear a whine from the DU you can be assured it's going to get louder. Apparently a design error that was finally fixed.
  13. Jsvette56

    First Software Update

    I've had 2022.4.5.3 for a couple of months at 11K miles no FSD yet
  14. Jsvette56

    Picked up my DIRTY CPO

    When I got my 2013 S the SC in Sunnyvale they washed the car every time I brought it in (2 DUs replaced). But then the drought stopped carwashing as they didn't have the water recycling system required by the state. But for used and new cars at least they could take them to the local carwash.
  15. Jsvette56

    Old Model S + Original Drive Unit = Good Buy

    I had a 2013 S and had the DU replaced twice due to increasing noise. Apparently a design issue.
  16. Jsvette56

    What would I "lose" if I opt for AP instead of FSD?

    My wife has FSD on her M3 ver 10.0. It drives worse than my grandson did on his very first time behind the wheel. It made lane mistakes, pulling into a lane of oncoming traffic and made very creaky turns; it shouldn't have been released to anyone. IMHO FSD will always require a driver behind the...
  17. Jsvette56

    Any Plaid owners with FSD?

    My wife's M3 got FSD a few weeks ago. My Plaid is still waiting. We both had identical safety scores. Just wondering if any Plaid owners have gotten FSD.
  18. Jsvette56

    spare tire

    I also suggest just carrying a small compressor that plugs into the car's 12v socket. Since 2013 my wife's M3 and my MS has had several punctures caused by nails and screws. The leaks are slow and shows up on the display with a warning of low pressure and typically take more than a day to be a...
  19. Jsvette56

    Driving ICE car forgot to shut off engine

    Did this often with my wife's Prius. She come out to the car in the morning with the radio still playing.
  20. Jsvette56

    No floor mats for $149K Plaid? REALLY?!!!?!!

    I took delivery of my Plaid at the end of August. I too was surprised to find the floor mats missing as well as the trunk organizer and trunk cover. When I got the car I was a few days away from taking the Plaid on a long trip and really wanted the trunk cover to make sure our luggage wasn't...
  21. Jsvette56

    Model S plaid vs. Model 3 Performance

    If the 3 had the suspension and quieter ride of the Plaid I would prefer the smaller car.
  22. Jsvette56

    Model S plaid vs. Model 3 Performance

    My daughter has a 3P, my wife has a 3 and I've had the Plaid for 4 months now. My Plaid is a far, far better car, the performance is there if you want it (but I drive Sport mode instead of Plaid mode), the ride is superior in that the car is much quieter, the ride far better and the user...
  23. Jsvette56

    Model S Plaid - 6 Months Later

    Four month owner: 7500 miles, 275 Wh/mi. Love the yoke, hate the haptic buttons on it.
  24. Jsvette56

    Plaid Impressions, Road Noise & Real Solutions

    My Plaid is quiet on a smooth roads at 70+. It's possible you have a door gasket issue. I've got friends that have had M3 wind noise issues corrected by the SC.But I am really ready for NC to be released for rough roads.
  25. Jsvette56

    California, how long do you wait for your plates to be delivered?

    My CA plates arrived almost exactly 3 months after delivery.
  26. Jsvette56

    Auto shift

    I find it convenient. Works most of the time but as previously discussed you have to pay attention. I like it!
  27. Jsvette56

    The Yoke Experience

    I got Plaid about a month ago and immediately went on a 3500 mile trip up and down the west coast; it took about a 1000 miles to get use to the yoke and now that I’ve driven it 4500 miles I really like it and would not even consider replacing it with a wheel. Change is hard for people and I...
  28. Jsvette56

    Plaid: Is there a trip log similar to every other Tesla models?

    1) I haven't found a way to view the 30 mile graph. But you can view trips and see the energy usage just as before. 2) Yes, you click on Navigate and 3 lightning rod icons appear and when you click on them the SCs appear. I liked the old style much better. 3) No. It is non functioning and the...
  29. Jsvette56

    A yoke or a joke?

    The yoke is fine, easy to get use to. But the touch buttons are a problem. Especially the windshield wiper which I frequently brush against while changing the speed on autopilot. The turn signal is not terrible. But raised push buttons would be best for all.
  30. Jsvette56

    Thinking of selling my 2014 S but have some questions

    I think the Tesla's superior range, user interface and supercharging wins.
  31. Jsvette56

    Model s plaid deliveries

    I've had a VIN for a couple weeks now and the the delivery is scheduled for the week starting the day after tomorrow, but everyday the schedule moves out by one day. It's like Lucy pulling the football away from Charlie Brown. How long after you get a VIN do deliveries normally actually take...
  32. Jsvette56

    Drive Unit Replacement Frequency?

    I had a 2013 Model S90 and had 2 drive units replaced. My current 2016 Model S75 has started making an increasingly loud hum, but I doubt the SC would replace it until it gets more objectionable.
  33. Jsvette56

    Delivery dates moving around VIN assigned

    My delivery date is day after tomorrow and every day it moves out another day. I've had a VIN for a couple weeks; how long after a VIN is provided should you expect actual delivery?
  34. Jsvette56

    I want to purchase 2017 Model S

    I have a red 2016 S 75, with FSD, unlimited supercharging and upgraded electric trunk and trunk that I going to sell when I get my Plaid.
  35. Jsvette56

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    I don't see a delivery date for my reservation anywhere in my account info while soome of you seem to have this information. Where can I find this info? I did, however, get an email after my order that indicated a June delivery date, it didn't specify the year though.
  36. Jsvette56

    Call from Tesla asking me to cancel Plaid+ and take a Plaid

    I suspect the salesman is just trying to make sales this year.
  37. Jsvette56

    Out of Warranty Drive Unit Replacement and Cost

    GO to small claims court. I've been to small claims court twice and have found the defendant typically settles before the case is heard. The filing fee is probably less than $100. I had my 2013 MS drive unit willingly replaced by the SC twice due to noisy bearing.
  38. Jsvette56

    What happened to the T?

    I like the new feature that the icons for SCs also show the number of available stations.
  39. Jsvette56

    What happened to the T?

    Got an update and the T at the top of the screen disappeared. Where is it? You use this icon to access release notes, version info etc.
  40. Jsvette56

    Trick to order parts?

  41. Jsvette56

    Portable Air Compressor

    I use the $30 Slime compressor to top off both my S and 3. Seems to do the job and I keep it in the S for trips.
  42. Jsvette56

    Where to get power liftgate installed in SF Bay Area?

    Larry Lee has a link on the Hanshow website and installs lift gates for both S and 3. I had him do the frunk/trunk on my Model S and my wife's Model 3 recently. He does a good job and can do both the frunk and trunk or just the trunk and they work seamlessly with the app and the car's touch...
  43. Jsvette56

    New Model S - pre delivery checkup

    You only need a 240v receptacle and then you can use the mobile charger that comes with the car. IF you think you may ever get a second EV then be sure to provide enough power for both cars otherwise you may have to have the electrician come twice. Which is what happened to me.
  44. Jsvette56

    Do I need a 50amp outlet? SR+

    Certainly the lower amp circuit is adequate for overnight charging. IF you are paying for an electrician to install a circuit you may want to put in a 100A circuit if you think you might want a second EV. I installed a 50A 14-50 receptacle and then another Tesla showed up in the garage and I had...
  45. Jsvette56

    Michelin vs. Goodyear, what to get?

    I put Bridgestone Turanza Quiettracks on my 2016 S for a quieter ride. Costco sells them.
  46. Jsvette56

    Model S Pre-2017 Tire Replacement

    Go with Bridgestone Taranza Quiettrack if you want a little quieter ride.
  47. Jsvette56

    Full Self Driving: To Get It or Not to Get It?

    I too had a decision to make in 2016 whether to get FSD and longer range when I bought my S. Every time I drive my S I regret the decision I made NOT getting long range and NOT getting FSD. Currently I am stuck with HW 2.0 and will not be getting many of the newer software upgrades. If I had...
  48. Jsvette56

    Autopilot - Tesla hugs OUTSIDE of curves---why?

    My S hugs the inside of the curves.
  49. Jsvette56

    How’s the Y

    I own a 2016 S, my wife a 2018 Model 3. A friend wanted to go car shopping so I took him to our local showroom/SC for a new car test drive. They gave us a performance Model Y with only 11 miles on the odometer and it had not even been driven enough for the car to calibrate the cameras and...
  50. Jsvette56

    Listing your car for sale

    I listed my 2013 on Craigslist. Also sold my daughter's I3 on Craigslist. If you do sell this way make sure you accept only cash and do the money transfer and paperwork in a bank lobby as they can run the money through a machine to count it and check for counterfeits.

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