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  • The final cut of TMC Podcast #34 is available now with topics timestamped. We covered Tesla's rollercoaster prices, Toyota pushing junk science, Mike's new Model 3, Optimizing track mode for snow driving, FSD V11 apparently coming by the end of this week, and more. You can watch and check out the chat replay on YouTube.

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  1. Camera-Cruiser

    service center survey - pissed off customer

    Just expected to be unhappy, and you might be pleased, then you can unhappy about being pleased which will make you happy.
  2. Camera-Cruiser

    Passenger side mirror not folding out

    This type of stuff only happens to my wife. She calls me while driving..... I tell her when traffic permits (We are in Los Angeles, so traffic always permits, it should actually be a setting), to go to quick controls and press the fold button. "How am I supposed to do that while driving?" she...
  3. Camera-Cruiser

    Passenger Side Mirror Glass Popped Out - Parts Prices are Ridiculous!

    I've always hated that if you had to build a car from the service department that it would easily be 5X to 10X purchase price. By the time you replace a $70 timing belt in a Toyota Land Cruiser, your out $1,000, and I have have two of them besides the Tesla. Ouch! At least it's only every 100K...
  4. Camera-Cruiser

    Mach E: Your Reservation does not guarantee a set price for the Vehicle

    ...and your reservation doesn't guaranty priority, per Ford's reservation site! This is really just a way to show dealers that there is X amount of interest to get them to become dealers. But a dealer could simply receive your car and add a $10,000 premium on it and see if it sells to someone...
  5. Camera-Cruiser

    Mach E: Your Reservation does not guarantee a set price for the Vehicle

    ...and remember, and this was true of Tesla too, that you are giving Ford Motor Company an interest free loan. Item #3. Ford needs to clarify the benefit side of this equation to its customers. In essence, the dealership closest to you may not sign-up (since they are independently owned) to...
  6. Camera-Cruiser

    Mach E: Your Reservation does not guarantee a set price for the Vehicle

    Under Item #1 in Fords online reservation for the Mach-E. So business as usual, the dealer will set price and markup for "stuff". Here is the entirety of item 1 of 15 of the reservation details: 1. Reservation. You may be able to configure a Ford Mustang Mach-E vehicle (the “Vehicle”) through...
  7. Camera-Cruiser

    Disappointing Range in P3D. Is this normal?

    I’m at 275 Wh/mi average over the last 15K miles on my P3D+ on stock 20” wheels. Like @Jedi2155, I’ll average in the 260ish Wh/mi range commuting in LA OC traffic. Today, being a holiday in the US, meant lighter traffic and higher speeds (70-80mph) so I averaged 278 Wh/mi covering 85 or so...
  8. Camera-Cruiser

    Let's talk about audio: Immersive Sound

    I been fortunate to work in a limited capacity with professional recording artists and engineers over the past 30 years. The joke is which AM talk radio station to listen on the way to and from lunch if silence won’t do, because music is work to most of them. I had dinner with one of them last...
  9. Camera-Cruiser

    P3D Mildly Rear-Ended - how long to remove rear bumper fascia

    Thanks to all. I’m mulling it over. It is so minor, and if I knew that here was nothing wrong underneath, I’d probably live with it. My OCD wants to check behind the fascia. Ugh. A door ding would be worse, and my rear passenger side wheel road rash would catch someone’s eye sooner. After 13...
  10. Camera-Cruiser

    P3D Mildly Rear-Ended - how long to remove rear bumper fascia

    Thank you. It was just a bit more than a "love tap" according to my wife. I doubt that there would be any scuffing If the other driver did not have her front plate on. If this would have happened to my Land Cruiser I wouldn't give it another thought. After I buffed it out myself, you can barely...
  11. Camera-Cruiser

    P3D Mildly Rear-Ended - how long to remove rear bumper fascia

    No, I am not planning on taking the rear fascia off myself. I was more curious if I was going to be down a day or two while they removed it, examined it, and then put if back on so I could drive it until the parts came in, vs maybe a few hour wait. In essence hate being without the car because...
  12. Camera-Cruiser

    P3D Mildly Rear-Ended - how long to remove rear bumper fascia

    Our P3D got mildly rear ended last week. The bumper was scuffed etc., but no visible body damage. What I am worried about is that the rear energy absorber was probably damaged. Any idea how long it takes to remove the rear fascia and check it out? From watching the video (Thank you TeslaCam)...
  13. Camera-Cruiser

    Possibility of a 500 mile range Plaid Model S?

    To me, we need 500 mile rated EVs, at least with current battery tech. Because.... If you charge a 500 battery to 90% then you are at 450 rated miles, throw in some vampire drain, realistic driving (over rated Wh/Mile rate), hills and valleys, and anything but perfect Southern California...
  14. Camera-Cruiser

    Model Y LR AWD vs Performance

    My 20's have made it 13 months. Yes, I have had to dodge debris and potholes, but so far, I've been lucky. Hopefully the OP will watch the road and enjoy.
  15. Camera-Cruiser

    The average Tesla owner and their knowledge of their car's features

    You don't know what you don't know. And this is meant for the OP, not the Tesla owner. You don't know if the Tesla is the homeowner's or a visiting friend's that has marked it as a favorite, so maybe Sentry is set to Off. Maybe they just don't like the vampire drain. You don't know if they...
  16. Camera-Cruiser

    Model Y LR AWD vs Performance

    If you're like me, you'll end up getting the Performance model and then after a few months start wondering how low you can get your Wh/mile rating. In essence after having a non-performance S for a few years I was always wondering how the performance set lived. Now I know! I use the performance...
  17. Camera-Cruiser

    Free supercharging became enabled; but why?

    I just logged in to my Tesla account, saw the issue and reported it there. Click “Request Help”. Easy. Be patient.
  18. Camera-Cruiser

    Free supercharging became enabled; but why?

    Funny, I got free Supercharging as part of my purchase and it showed it on my account for 10 months, then poof, gone. My account page updated to say that I now have paid Supercharging. I wrote a nice letter to service within my account page. A few days later I got an apology and my account was...
  19. Camera-Cruiser

    Warning, rebooting v10 on MCU1 while driving

    There is a bright side for the OP, and all of us beta testers. You did not have to take your car in to a service center for them to reboot it, then test drive it, then try to sell you something. I've always looked at rebooting my car the way I do my computer: 1. What if it doesn't restart? 2...
  20. Camera-Cruiser

    Here's My Dilemma

    Awesome! Enjoy. No point in giving you the AWD pitch. They are great cars.
  21. Camera-Cruiser

    Day Trip charging options in San Diego area?

    As others have said, this is easy peasy. Just convenience supercharge either going or coming. I can’t see it taking more than a few $ at a Supercharger and more than 20 minutes. It’s worth asking the hotel too. Maybe there is 110 outlet you can grab a few mile overnight if at a motel. Also, I...
  22. Camera-Cruiser

    New owner, have a question on battery temp management

    You can’t put more gas into a full tank, or more charge to a full battery. Regen needs space to go. You gave it no space. I wouldn’t worry to much about temp management unless you are an edge case (meaning your daily commute is always using up most of your battery to the point of range anxiety)...
  23. Camera-Cruiser

    Vendor Vossen CV10 for the Tesla Model 3

    Nice picts! No problem in home office.
  24. Camera-Cruiser

    Charging software limited pack to 100%?

    14 hours later... Wife: “Honey, come to bed!” You: “I can’t, I think everyone on the internet is wrong.” Charge your car to 100% daily. Enjoy. In a few years when you have a greatly diminished battery, you can tell the service center that a guy on the internet said it would be ok, because you...
  25. Camera-Cruiser

    Charging software limited pack to 100%?

    Why not just weigh the car? Large recycling centers and metal shops all have auto/truck scales. Drive up, get out, go to ticket window, get print out with weight. 5 minutes tops.
  26. Camera-Cruiser

    In case I've forgotten something about physics (thruster question)

    Bravo! This is the most reasonable explanation of the future roadster's abilities.
  27. Camera-Cruiser

    Today I learned "rattles" are not covered under warranty (Estimate attached)

    Yup. This. Service just has to write up something so that both parties acknowledge what the potential problem is. It will be a warranty thing, otherwise they will have to show how you somehow broke loose whatever is loose. They fixed my S this way. All under warranty. That said, when you get...
  28. Camera-Cruiser

    Looking to Purchase a 2012-2014 Model S w/ under 80k miles & warranty remaining

    And why are you not en route to snatch it up? Seriously, if you find the right private party that has all the records, and is transparent about the car, then I think you’re pretty safe. I sold my 2013 S85 with 113,000 or so miles on it to an associate last year for $28K. He is still grinning...
  29. Camera-Cruiser

    Help me decide which color I should order on my P3D. Go!

    Get the first color that pops into your head. Otherwise, you will go crazy. I really really wanted blue, but I like the storm trooper look, so I got white. Plus easier to keep clean, easier to see, so safer, etc. Wife hates black wheels or satin black wheels, so no storm trooper look for me. So...
  30. Camera-Cruiser

    Tint in Las Vegas vs San Diego

    Buy local, if there is a problem, you don’t have to drive.
  31. Camera-Cruiser

    "Tesla": The word that will get you a better Mercedes lease.

    Enjoy your test drive, but as another person recommended, renting a Tesla for a day or two would really let you live in it. You have 22 years of brand loyalty and muscle memory. That says a lot for the brand. I have our Tesla, two Land Cruisers, and a Subaru. I will move any of the ICE cars...
  32. Camera-Cruiser

    P3D+ Sheet metal pop sound

    I had the issue on my October 2018 P3D and was too lazy to take it to service. The noise stopped after the first 3,500 miles or so and I forgot about it until I saw this thread. Magic!
  33. Camera-Cruiser

    Latest Price Drop Discussion

    More back on track, however interesting one's mortgage obligations or lack thereof, is how much depreciation will befall ICE cars during the transition? It appears that BMW if falling all over itself to transition to electric. Who wants to own the last ICE version of any particular model? Do you...
  34. Camera-Cruiser

    Latest Price Drop Discussion

    The above is probably the most important thing brought up in all 23 pages, and often forgot.
  35. Camera-Cruiser

    Latest Price Drop Discussion

    Way back on page 2 of this never ending thread, I posted: Car prices can and do fluctuate by thousands daily. Manufacturers do this via their dealers often dropping prices $5k or more. Right now (July 2019) take $8K of an Escalade, I'd say that was premium vehicle - More $$ than a P3D. I just...
  36. Camera-Cruiser

    Latest Price Drop Discussion

    Hell, you go back to the SGI Octane days. Points all around for that. I used to sell those, and publishing systems, etc. back in the day, and the businesses that needed them, generally got their return on them too. Consumer computers are dirt cheap today. The new Mac Pro is an awesome machine...
  37. Camera-Cruiser

    Latest Price Drop Discussion

    I was going to bring this up. Thanks. We could be sitting in the same Starbucks on our separate mobile devices buying tickets on the same flight, same day, same row and pay different, if not wildly different prices. I just got back from a round trip LAX to Italy with a family of four. Painful...
  38. Camera-Cruiser

    Latest Price Drop Discussion

    Car prices can and do fluctuate by thousands daily. Manufacturers do this via their dealers often dropping prices $5k or more. Right now (July 2019) take $8K of an Escalade, I'd say that was premium vehicle - More $$ than a P3D. I just googled best new car deals July 2019 to find this...
  39. Camera-Cruiser

    Sentry Mode - hit and run - what would you do?

    Same thing happened to me, but it popped a part of my rear bumper off it’s clips and nicked paint and ever so slightly bent sheet metal. The guy had no idea he did it. But my insurance company (AAA) tracked him down via his plates that my camera captured. He apologized profusely after the agent...
  40. Camera-Cruiser

    MASTER THREAD: Removing marks from white seats

    What if there was cleaner residue on the seat from detailing at delivery. In essence not so much the hat but something that was there aiding transfer?
  41. Camera-Cruiser

    Random silent seat heater activation, or is it just my imagination?

    Yup and a back seat passenger noticed it too. I should have rebooted, but had other things going on too. But it has happened more than once.
  42. Camera-Cruiser

    100 charge to 300 miles

    I’m back up to 280 miles at 90%. Weird. No firmware update, just slowly chugged up a mile or two per week after bottoming at 269ish. Is it the BMS? Summer? Both? Don’t know, just happy that it’s crawled back and above my normal 279 at 90%. 9,377 miles on P3D. Lifetime efficiency at 282 kWh.
  43. Camera-Cruiser

    How ridiculous is NOT installing a 240v service?

    I’ve been in “the might be moving” camp for the last 10 years. Same for the house before this one too. The number of projects that I put off that I really could have used, benefitted from, or enjoyed is countless. Get quotes for a panel upgrade and two 40 or 50 amp circuits, and get it done...
  44. Camera-Cruiser

    I stared down Lane Departure Assist, and it BLINKED

    You should get paid for this. Maybe we all should. Gracias.
  45. Camera-Cruiser

    Tesla forced an update of my P85D to 2019.16.2

    If Tesla pushed V6, everyone would be high fiving each other. Icons with depth, an interface that remained static. Muscle memory just worked. No double taps to bring up what never should have been hidden. Full screen browser. No maps if you didn’t need them. It kinda just worked. Then some new...
  46. Camera-Cruiser

    Pressure release sound. Like venting an InstantPot

    Interesting, and possible as this is something new after the dog mode was introduced - at least from what I remember. Didn’t happen in the first several months of ownership. Yes, yours sounds identical other than your microphone was better placed. Did a Service Center explainn this too you...
  47. Camera-Cruiser

    Possible Class Action Suit - Please Read

    I’d try a different SC in person for the screen, be nice as a Spring day, and ask if they can make an exception. I have had tremendous luck, but always had the attitude that I need their help, and yes it’s out of warranty, but just by x amount etc. I wouldn’t bother with trying to get them to...
  48. Camera-Cruiser

    Pressure release sound. Like venting an InstantPot

    Nothing yet. Just got it recorded for first time. You can hear this 30+ feet away. I’m hoping I can get it repeatable, then go in. Basically, something is getting compressed, and then released. Maybe I have a beta air suspension unicorn.
  49. Camera-Cruiser

    Pressure release sound. Like venting an InstantPot

    Finally captured the big air pressure whoosh sound. The clip starts quiet, then the fan turns on all by itself (yes, I know the car does it's own thing, I had a S for years - but this is different). It had been sitting in the garage about 7:30pm, plugged in quietly waiting for its 2:30am charge...
  50. Camera-Cruiser

    SR+ vs LR RWD. How much more pain on a long trip?

    Putting it another way. Once you go EV, you won’t want to compromise, so you will work really hard drive to drive your EV. Get the LR so you can drive it more without the work. I did a trip from So Cal to Utah and back with the family. I spent days with a better route planner trying to make it...

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