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  1. huzz1970

    Lifetime Average Wh/mi

    We have about 83000 miles on our 2014 S 85. We still trip charge above 250 miles (about right for 4.5 years of use). Usually, I charge to the break line between Daily and Trip. We have used average of 279 kWh/mi since delivery. We have gone on trips of 1000, 3000, 4000 and 6000 miles with...
  2. huzz1970

    Hello Danny i want to update our group logo. I can see the file name, but cannot alter it...

    Hello Danny i want to update our group logo. I can see the file name, but cannot alter it. Can you help? thanks, John
  3. huzz1970

    Out of curiosity, what do you hate about your Tesla?

    Also not much to "hate". The service guys in Scottsdale and Tempe have been great, always helpful. We did have some dash vibrations, fixed by the service people. The only real annoyance is the floor mats- the stick-on velcro pads do not work in AZ- gets much too hot, and the glue simply lets...
  4. huzz1970

    frunk versus $#!?%

    This is a real bummer. I had a similar occurrence in a Home Depot parking lot- all I know is that a white pickup truck left a long white streak over the left front fender. I parked in the middle of nowhere, 8:30 on a Saturday morning, came out to find the crease. The HD people would not let...
  5. huzz1970

    Updating my MS - Abstract Ocean upgraded led lighting kit

    finally got around to taking a picture of the puddle lights (see the post on the first page). The lights are actually the same color, just a different reflection on the garage floor.
  6. huzz1970

    Anyone NOT have a Sun/Glass roof? And...?

    Solid roof. We live in Phoenix, and have had the sunroofs in cars for the past 10 or 15 years. Never opened them. Too hot regardless of the e-factor in the glass, plus the hair is thinning on top:p
  7. huzz1970

    Tesla Projector Puddle lights

    Just checked, the Amazon link from ABVA works, could put the items into a shopping cart. Seem to be pricey relative to others, and only 66% rating on the seller. Just an FYI.
  8. huzz1970

    My non-PUP has puddle lights

    ETW- sorry, that is NOT the wrong connector- the wiring color code is constant in all of the doors, at least in my car. You can reach it with an 11 inch long nose plier. The lights only turn on when the door is opened, go off when it is closed. i have not done anything with door handle lights...
  9. huzz1970

    Updating my MS - Abstract Ocean upgraded led lighting kit

    There are several places to buy overseas. I cannot find my original link, but here is one... Pair Logo LED Auto Door Welcome Projector Ghost Shadow Laser Light For Tesla Red | eBay
  10. huzz1970

    Updating my MS - Abstract Ocean upgraded led lighting kit

    Here is the play-by-play: First, remove the light from the door. Use a spudger or a spatula with some tape on the end to prevent scratching. Then take a Dremel tool with a cutting disk, and carefully cut off the clear plastic ears. Try not to cut into the black LED housing. It will resemble...
  11. huzz1970

    My non-PUP has puddle lights

    See my response. You do not have to pull the door panel!
  12. huzz1970

    My non-PUP has puddle lights

    The easiest thing to do is to cut out the hole in the rear door. The hard plastic shell acts as a template. Use a small blade, like an Xacto knife. Just cut the opening. Look into the hole from below. A small flashlight will help. The wires with the plug are just taped together. Reach in...
  13. huzz1970

    Puddle Lamps

    Hello-- Here is a short "How to"- First you pop the light assembly out of the door. Then, using a Dremel tool or similar with a cutting abrasive wheel, cut the clear ears off of the lens. Work carefully to not damage the black LED block. Cut both sides in this manner, and the black block will...
  14. huzz1970

    Brighter interior lighting and Tesla T puddle lights

    Hi I forgot to complete the reply to ABVA on April 13. To widen the existing hole in the door, i used a Dremel tool with a sanding drum. I carefully widened only enough to allow the back nut to clear the black vinyl and plastic door casing. This is a remove a bit, test, remove a bit more...
  15. huzz1970

    3D Printing

    We have about 35 printers operating, ranging from Lulzbots and Maker Bots up to Fortis 250 and 450MC, Connex 303, EOS poly, and Objet24 and Objet30, as well as Concept M2s and Mlab for metals. For release, the students use AquaNet- after three years, this is the most reliable release material...
  16. huzz1970

    Puddle Lamps

    THis is what the assembly looks light with the pigtail and the connector added.
  17. huzz1970

    Puddle Lamps

    Akikiki- thanks for the info. I bought a bunch of parts from Mouser, and assembled a set of taps and splitters to route the in-door and rear area power from the existing lamps to other lights I have added. Thanks a lot for the part numbers- made it really easy. Also, a trick- I used long...
  18. huzz1970

    Parcel shelf rattling - any good home fixes?

    Hi You can take some black felt with adhesive on the back, and cut into 3/8" strips and lay them along the top of the bump out where the shelf rests, both sides. This will quiet the shelf.
  19. huzz1970

    Updating my MS - Abstract Ocean upgraded led lighting kit

    There are two locations- some cars have the extra lighting wires in the pocket under the front seats below the carpet flap. Others (mine) have the wires and plug taped to parts of the wire loom under the seat bottom. Take a flashlight, move the seat to full up (watch the headrest position)...
  20. huzz1970

    Model S: Clever Vanity Plates

    Ours is R TESLA. Double entendre.
  21. huzz1970

    Puddle Lamps

    ghost projector lights tesla | eBay Try these sites. I got mine in about 2 weeks. Good luck
  22. huzz1970

    Puddle Lamps

    Yes, the lights are agnostic to any car, just decide on how you want to fit them into the openings. For those interested: ghost projector lights tesla | eBay Delivery took about two weeks.
  23. huzz1970

    Puddle Lamps

    I added the Ghost lights months ago- no fade so far. I choose the white/red T to keep a brighter light image. Very easy to install. Similar to other replies- just popped the old lights using a thin spatula. Then, disassembled the light unit, keeping the old black light assembly. I carefully...
  24. huzz1970

    Brighter interior lighting and Tesla T puddle lights

    Hi ABVA Yes. i removed the lens from the light assembly using a small spatula. I kept the old light unit- I might put in different LED buttons. i used my drill press and a gum rubber support (like you would use to clean a belt or disk sander). Slowest speed. If you align to the central dot...
  25. huzz1970

    How to get rid of swirls on paint after hand wash/drying?

    I use either Aurora 3000 or Meguiar's Swirl-X. The Aurora is a silicone, kind acts like a filler rather than an abrasive The Swirl-X is a super-fine abrasive in a carrier. A soft sponge pad at low (2000 or so) speed on a polisher seems to work well. Wax now and then- Meguiar's Gold or Blue...
  26. huzz1970

    Brighter interior lighting and Tesla T puddle lights

    By the way, the granularity in the image is our coated and textured garage floor, not the light!
  27. huzz1970

    Brighter interior lighting and Tesla T puddle lights

    Hello Here is the link. It took about 2 weeks to arrive. Pair Logo LED Auto Door Welcome Projector Ghost Shadow Laser Light For Tesla Red
  28. huzz1970

    Superchargers super-slow

    We have been using the Phoenix-LA I-10 corridor a lot in the past year. We have seen noticeably slower charging at Quartzite, Indio, Carbazon and Fontana. Have not been to Culver City chargers since last year. We were in Palm Springs when Carbazon was vandalized. Two weeks ago a colleague...
  29. huzz1970

    Lifetime Average Wh/mi

    So far, 56600 miles, 15.92MWh, 281Wh/mi. Lots of highway, Pretty happy so far. We have "lost" about 6 or 7 miles gross at full charge after 3 years. Usually charge to about 85% except for prepping for a long trip.
  30. huzz1970

    Road Noise 19" vs 21" Wheels

    I have the 19" because of the road noise. I have had loaners with 21's and do not like the ride or the noise, mostly the noise. I have ridden in other S models with 21's, same issue. I replaced my first tires at 48000 with the same Michelin MXM4s. I run at 45psi, quiet ride. I have 56000...
  31. 2017-03-12_19.43.28


  32. S85 At Home

    S85 At Home

  33. huzz1970

    Brighter interior lighting and Tesla T puddle lights

    I added LED strips to the Frunk, Abstract Ocean interior lights under dash, glovebox, under the front seats. I added strips under the guide rails of the rear shelf and changed the puddle lamps to projectors. Much improved, total cost about $60 and a little time and shaping in the door bottoms.
  34. huzz1970

    Upgrade interior lighting

    I have been upgrading interior lighting using low current LED strips, and Abstract Ocean high brightness replacement parts (under dash, under seat clips and lights). I added Tesla symbol projectors to the doors (puddle lights), strips under the shelf in the frunk to give some illumination from...
  35. huzz1970

    Arizona - Phoenix and Tucson Corridor

    Gig103- We registered our S in early March of 2014. We went to the AAA office in Mesa to avoid the DMV lines. Took about 10 minutes because we were the first Tesla that the AAA office had handled. We paid a tax (I forget the amount), and licensed for two years with a custom plate. The...
  36. huzz1970

    Lifetime Average Wh/mi

    Just crossed 33k miles, since March 2014. Pulled from Phoenix to Boulder CO on the Supercharger network. Stopped at Lone Tree Tesla S/C and talked to Brock at the sales shop in the mall- and ended up talking to another person from Phoenix! Too funny. Their chargers are near the Mall entry...
  37. huzz1970

    Dash covers?

    Hi You can order from DashMat. Also, there is Dash Covers in Tempe (but i have not used them) DashMat Custom Dashboard Covers John P
  38. huzz1970

    Average Wh/mi

    Hi This value seems very high. My 85 now has 26000 miles, average is 284 wh/m since delivery in march 2014. My commute is 50 miles per day, 80% highway- 70mph in the hov lane. We have taken trips to LA and Palm Springs from Phoenix, Flagstaff (6000 foot climb), Tucson, and other places in AZ...
  39. huzz1970

    Lifetime Average Wh/mi

    21650 miles, 284Wh/mile. AZ car, 19", AC and radio on most of the time.
  40. huzz1970

    Lifetime Average Wh/mi

    Just hit 17000 miles since March 14, 2014. Lifetime avg 284Wh/mile. Went to LA from Phoenix last weekend with three and luggage, used Quartzite, Indio and Culver City chargers. Experimented with just holding the speed limit this trip to set the boundary conditions for the next time. Only...
  41. huzz1970

    Lifetime Average Wh/mi

    Hi to all I have not reported in some time. I am driving about 55 miles per day, 75% highway at 70-75, gentle rolling on the highway. 14500 miles in 10 months, averaging 283Wh/mile. One of these days I will post a picture of the dash.
  42. huzz1970

    Lifetime Average Wh/mi

    Hi to all Just hit 10500 miles. Average is now 284Wh/mi. Most of the driving is 65-70 mph in the diamond lanes. 26 mile commute each way. Typically 300 to 310 going, then about 250 returning. About 20% in urban traffic at 40-45mph. A/C on, fan 7 or 8, lights on, radio on Slacker. Long...
  43. huzz1970

    Prescott, AZ October 25, Meet-Up / Road Trip

    Hi to all Murphy's has set aside the mezzanine level for us. Just let Kelli know that you are part of the group. Parallel parking on Cortez, Willis, and they will let us park behind the restaurant if we need more. Time of arrival is noon to 12:30, lunch, chat and plot our next trip. We can go...
  44. huzz1970

    Prescott, AZ October 25, Meet-Up / Road Trip

    Hi Not sure how many children, maybe 1 or 2 others. Restaurant is family type. Let mark or me know if you are coming. regards, john parsey (huzz1970)
  45. huzz1970

    Supercharger - Cordes Junction, AZ

    Thanks Stealth We need Cordes running for a loop trip we are planning on the 25th for the AZ Tesla group (see the Groups section, AZ group). Everyone is welcome. We are working on details now. Huzz1970
  46. huzz1970

    Supercharger - Indio, CA (8 V2 stalls, expansion in progress)

    Hi to all I get the TESLA emails regularly. My son also gets them in Santa Monica. With the Indio charger, LA-Phoenix will be a nice 80MPH cruise. WOO HOO!
  47. huzz1970

    Lifetime Average Wh/mi

    Just passed 7600 miles since March 15. 286 Wh/mi. About 55miles per day mixed, but about 2/3 hiway at 70-ish in the diamond lane. No complaints...
  48. huzz1970

    What?! $1,331.47 for 15' NEMA 14-50R Install (Georgia)

    Hi Lots of replies already. I had 53 feet from box to garage, 4 wire run, trenching, conduit, through the stucco wall, etc. We get 242V at 40A at the plug when the Tesla is charging. I did get quotes that ranged from about $600 to $1650. The Solar City guys were the highest. Another one was...
  49. huzz1970

    Lifetime Average Wh/mi

    So far, 6800 miles, average is 285Wh/mile. Went from Prescott AZ to Phoenix- energy consumption was down to 78Wh/mile as I entered Phoenix!
  50. huzz1970

    Prescott, AZ October 25, Meet-Up / Road Trip

    Hi to all I stayed at the Springhill Suites- huge rooms, nice people, but no power until late this year or early next year. Suggestion to anyone with 60s- leave with a full battery, reload fully in Wickenburg. The 85s- it is marginal to go all the way to Prescott on our proposed route- the...

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