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    How noticeable is the acceleration boost from a dual motor long range to a performance Model 3?

    Haha, good way to describe it. We've got a his (Red P) and hers (white LR AWD)....Her's has a great kick most people have never experienced in an ICE, but mine is holy crap That said, I've done the launch several times on a S-100P with full battery and that is WTF
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    it includes stop at lights/signs beta (nothing else in the release notes)
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    same for me, I just got my 2018 M3P upgraded to HW3 2 weeks ago and got 12.11.1 last night (from 12.5).
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    Model 3 HW3 retrofit questions, wait time, issues

    just got his and her's M3's upgraded at the Santa Clara Service center this week. Used mobile app to book and quick turnaround, easy...
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    Supercharger - Kettleman City, CA (LIVE 15 Nov 2017, 24 V2 + 16 V3 stalls, lounge)

    wow, 40 in line....but Fresno was worse this afternoon, 17 in line and only 9 working V2 Chargers. Took 90 mins to get on one :( and no good option for most people out there
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    Should I buy this Inventory or Order New Raven?

    As mentioned, save the money and don't get the 22's. You will ding them like the other person said...and I've seen >10% range hit.
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    Question about cell phone and 3

    It's only at startup or unlock that you need it. But get a wireless charging pad from Nomad or Taptes to always keep your phone going anyway :)
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    Model X For Family of 6?

    If you go with an X, I would get the 6 seater, not the 7. Getting in the back with 7 is a PITA, and also it feels a lot more cramped because you dont have that space up the middle each kid can stick a leg. With 5 I would get a 5 or 7, but the 6 is much better for 6. I have 2 kids (teenagers)...
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    How many Model S owners are moving to Model 3 (and why?)

    Generally people move to the 3 if they want a smaller/nimbler car (and at a more attractive pricepoint). The 3 compares better to the BMW 3 series, alot of people I know who came over from BMW 3's thought the S was too big (and more of a big sedan than a sports car). Both Great cars
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    Not in Sales, but I can see inventory. Appears to be a few Black w/White interior around LA...none w/Black interior. Suggest going to a Store to have them help (especially if you are near Buena Park)
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    Supercharger - Sunnyvale, CA - W. McKinley Ave (LIVE 12 Mar 2018, 12 V2 stalls)

    They were letting cars use it as of an hour ago :)
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    Brand New 22" Turbine Wheels & Tires (Set of 4) - For Sale

    If anybody wants a set of 22" Onyx, I've currently got my a referral set on my X with 1400 Miles on them (and absolutely no dings) which I'm going to take off soon. They look really great on my Titanium X, but for practical purposes (like I have a Ski Boat to tow) I'm going to switch back to...
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    Taking a road trip to Yosemite this weekend

    I've been driving 4WD SUVs up to Tahoe/Yosemite for a long time and never been asked for chains (and never carry them). Here is the Caltrans chain guides Winter Operations I've never seen a major road that goes R3, they typically just close them if too many cars start spinning out in R2 (ie...
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    Bumper Repair

    You can turn Parking Chimes On/Off under Controls - Settings - Safety and Security I believe. It's still going to show you distance & Yellow -Red on the Dash, but some people like to turn the chimes off
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    How to calibarate self presenting door

    Simon, did you doublecheck that autopresent is still on (under controls/settings/vehicle/doors)? It might have been set to default/off in the latest firmware update
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    How fast is the charge for a NEMA 14-50 outlet?

    i get 25/26 mph using the UMC to a NEMA 14-50 plug (with a 50A breaker/40A to my X90D) in my garage
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    It must have been a construction zone (or recent zone that wasnt updated) where it was tagged as 55 (and because of that only +5mph). I take it you didnt notice a speed limit icon on the AP display? If you see that again, check the speed it sees on the dash display (and should also get an...
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    Model X Boat Launching

    I haven't but I dont think the recommendation is unique to Tesla...In another boat thread one of the guys found pretty much the exact same recommendation in his Truck manual (when he actually opened it and looked) There is one ramp I know of where I would though because it's steep and...
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    Model X Boat Launching

    I've got a Sanger V210, also about 4500lbs with Trailer...I'm not concerned about it getting wet any more than my GMC (you get plenty wet going through a car wash with bottom blaster, or large puddle or a snow storm that you park it overnight if your afraid of electrical)
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    Very loud fan noise from frunk area with AC on...

    Joebob, your vin is close to mine and they fixed my condenser lines and all is good now
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    Very loud fan noise from frunk area with AC on...

    Brought mine in this week to Sunnyvale for 3rd seat recall and a few trim issues (had it since March). Told them it sounded like a Jet Engine at the Supercharger and was embarrassing (and also did it with AC on and people looked at stop lights...only a slight exaggeration). Got it back and...
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    is anyone pulling a horse trailer

    Not a horse, but it pulls my 21' (4300lb) ski boat much smoother than my GMC..the funny thing is the X is so quiet in comparison that you can now hear all the creaks and groans from the tow hitch and trailer that it's a little freaky. Only issue is the range impact...but if 100+ miles has got...
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    6 seat versus 7 seat - need HELP please

    it's easier to see the cop in your rearview mirror with 6....but beyond that it actually makes the rear two sits more liveable, from making it less claustrophobic since you have that open space to get your legs through in the back, and also for extra storage on trips or sticking in long objects...
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    Range hit with a hitch-mounted cargo shelf?

    not exactly a match, but I'm seeing 15-20% hit with a Kuat Bike hitch (ie tray mount) and 4 mountain bikes. More than I was hoping, but just made me plan a little more (including the altitude climb +4500ft....still able to make it between Superchargers without a challenge. We left the Minivan...
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    Best Bike Rack for Model X

    Have any of you looked at your energy consumption when carrying 4 bikes? I just tested out my Kuat (before we take a long trip) and was surprised at how much the range dropped. Just went 18 on an 18 mile test run (basically up/down a freeway by my house at 70mph) and average was 418 with 4...
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    2 kids - S versus X

    For 2 Kids I find the 2+2+2 in the X to be great (and the 2 boys love it). No issues without the folding seats,, lots of space and the boys move to the back if we take 2 grandparents out or friends (and still have frunk and undertrunk)
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    New Firmware double click open driver door disable?

    I don't think there is a way to disable it. Personally, I really like it. Why double click at all if you don't want to open the Door, just set the car to unlock automatically when you have the key fob with you?
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    Please post towing scenarios from experience

    That adapter will work fine, it's the same one I use to connect my boat trailer (21" Sanger V210). The only issue is the plug connector is recessed back a bit (as is the connection point for the safety chains) I had to get about 12" longer cables than what I'd been using on my original tow rig...
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    90D vs P90D acceleration curves

    Haha, I'd like to hear that justification/ROI. My friend with a P90DL S says he just pretends he writes a $1000 check every time he shows off ludicrous. I've got a X90D and when I first floored coming home with the wife in the passenger seat she said wow, that was "ridiculous". Then I told...
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    X: What's your 90%?

    I need that extra range since I'm using up more KW with the 25% faster acceleration btw, ended up being 264 Miles when I pulled it off the charger
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    X: What's your 90%?

    jumping ahead...but FYI my 100% is 262 (and 238 @ 90%)...on a 90D
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    Please talk me off the X ledge!

    Another end of march delivery, VIN 17xx and no issues....go for it..the car is truly awesome to drive. I thought about waiting but now I know after having it that I would have regretted having waited as it's like no other.
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    Ultra high fidelity sound?

    If you have SiriusXM as an option on your screen, then it's the premium sound system (you still have to subscribe so Sirius to get the channels, but only the upgraded system has the Sirius system built in and shows up in the menu)
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    X: What's your 90%?

    yes, 90% is the default where the hash marks are. My 90D is 238

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