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    Getting our 2021/2022 Model S and X Screens motorized

    If ever there should be a complaint to the NHTSA about a safety issue, it should be about the horn button and the unlikelihood of hitting it during an emergency. But to complain about the screen tilt?…. And from the perspective of “but we were promised this” or even just that it was infered...
  2. M

    2022 MS Long Range - What you seeing?

    Resurrecting this thread. I’m getting 349 miles at 90% charge on my refresh S with 19s and 7,000 miles on it. That puts my max at 388, which is about what I see the few times I charge to 100%. Definitely nowhere near the 405ish miles it would get up to when I first got it this past September...
  3. M

    Enhanced autopilot US

    I really want lane change on turn signal. Summon would be nice to have a couple times a year. That said, $6K???…. Would have had me at $4K or under
  4. M

    Wiki 2021+ Model S Refresh - Missing/Incomplete Software Features

    Fascinating. I love my refresh S but it does suck that things like tiltable screen and ambient lighting were hyped by Tesla prior to release yet are completely absent. And even more annoying to think that they’d release it to new productions but wouldn’t retro it to a car purchased less than a...
  5. M

    Munro Yoke Teardown ***spolier: no horn***

    Adding one voice to the mix - I love the yoke, hate the horn. I wouldn’t even consider trading the yoke for a round wheel. I do hate the horn placement though, along with the fact that covering all the buttons doesn’t trigger it, and the fact that my early build won’t have one in the center...
  6. M

    Refresh S Stereo

    Have the folks saying it’s the best system they’ve heard spent time with the premium-level stereo in the 3 or Y? The S sounds great IMO, just not as good as the 3/Y, and way too front biased
  7. M

    Wiki 2021+ Model S Refresh - Missing/Incomplete Software Features

    Anyone else having trouble with Slacker radio? Songs buffering and taking forever to play. It’s not happening with Spotify, which tells me it’s not an issue with the connection.
  8. M

    Accessories for 2021 Refresh Model S Plaid/LR

    How long would you estimate it takes to put on and take off? Thanks
  9. M

    Accessories for 2021 Refresh Model S Plaid/LR

    This is terrific. Thanks for the videos. Is there a video or photo showing Xpel 50 vs nothing? I might have missed that and would love to see the impact of tinting at 50% for the overall aesthetics. (The video does a great job of showing that 50% doesn’t impact the brake lights/safety, but I’m...
  10. M

    Still calibrating cameras - seems stuck at 97%

    That seems so long. I feel like my refresh was fully calibrated and able to use AP within 100 miles or so. It was like day two of ownership.
  11. M

    Work in progress: stalks on 2021 Model S. (and optional round-y wheel)

    It does sound fun. Then again, for those who haven’t driven one yet, you might want to actually do that rather than assuming this is necessary... Lots of folks out there (myself included) who very much like the yoke and don’t miss stalks. That’s especially true after the latest software update...
  12. M

    Refreshed MS LR/Plaid Firmware status

    I’m enjoying the turn signal/yoke update on .36. It seems to do a great job of turning off the signal once your turn is over, or more importantly, once your lane change is complete. And now that it knows when you’ve switched lanes and when to turn off the signal, it makes the soft touch (which...
  13. M

    Refresh S Stereo

    Glad to get confirmation that it’s not just my ears. I personally wouldn’t go so far as to say it blows, as it still outpaces every car I’ve owned other than maybe the Model 3, but the soundstage thing is a bummer. Hopefully there can be software updates to better balance it.
  14. M

    Refresh S Stereo

    Running 2021.32.20. Curious if I’m alone in feeling that the refresh S’s soundstage seems to be heavily toward the front. I like the stereo overall quite a bit and the subwoofer sounds great after the latest updates, but I don’t recall ever having this issue before and certainly not with my...
  15. M

    Refresh cup holder ?

    Yes. They stay until they’re tapped to retract again. Seems something might be wrong with yours.
  16. M

    Wiki 2021+ Model S Refresh - Missing/Incomplete Software Features

    Anyone else find it annoying that superchargers no longer show on the map when zoomed out? You need to zoom into a smaller geography for them to show up, which makes it impossible to see them along a long route. Not sure if this is an issue with just the S or the latest software for all...
  17. M

    iPhone 13 Pro (and Pro Max) -- does wireless charging work in Plaid / Refresh S?

    My 13 pro works in my refresh S front chargers (haven’t tried the rears) using the Apple leather case.
  18. M

    An honest review of the yoke

    I’m about 500 mile into my MSLR, and while I’m surprised to say it after reading these threads for months, I love the yoke and might actually prefer it. The only real con I have is the turn signals are occasionally activated accidentally. I find that to be far outweighed by how nice it is to...
  19. M

    2021+ Model S LR Delivery Tracking

    Took delivery today (Feb order, 1145, MSM, Black, 19s). Home delivery and trade-in on my Model 3 went flawlessly. Such a great way to buy a car! (Albeit after 6 months of delays and *sugar* communication…) Car was in great shape, except for a couple of seemingly wide panel gaps that I’ll need...
  20. M

    Refreshed MS LR/Plaid Firmware status

    Just took delivery, called and asked for the latest software push and got 2021.31.101. Stereo doesn’t sound impressive. Really want .32
  21. M

    New CAV Decal Color after September 30, 2021?

    I thought if one applies now and they get the blue before year end, they get the rest of 2021, plus three full years 2022-24. It expires Jan 1, 2025. Most importantly, when do they typically announce the new color?! I’m tempted to put the paperwork in now, even if I’ll miss using it from...
  22. M

    2021+ Model S LR Delivery Tracking

    And, within about a day of getting the VIN, am now scheduled for a delivery date next week. Didn’t expect delivery to home in the LA area, as it’s typically the Marina Del Rey distribution center, so that’s a pleasant surprise. Also got a Tesla trade-in price on my 3 that’s higher than what...
  23. M

    2021+ Model S LR Delivery Tracking

    Got my VIN yesterday with EDD narrowed to next week. Feb order w 1145. MSM with black, 19s, no FSD.
  24. M

    Refresh - Included Charger Adapters

    I’ve read the S refresh doesn’t include all of the charging adapters older models have included. I have a three year-old Model 3 (North America) that came with a kit full of charging adapters. I’m selling the 3 once I get the new S but want to hold onto the one (or more?) adapters the 3 came...
  25. M

    Basic AutoPilot on Model S Refresh

    Just to confirm - If you have a non-FSD refresh, are on autopilot on the freeway and trigger the turn signal, the car will not switch into the adjacent lane on its own? If so, that’s a bummer. I’ve had FSD on my Model 3 for three years and it has been completely useless, so there’s no way I’m...
  26. M

    Phone Mount for Model S Refresh

    Check out the Airvue by Kenu https://www.kenu.com/
  27. M

    2021+ Model S LR Delivery Tracking

    I might want to do the same. Do you have a guesstimate on how much that might cost?
  28. M

    2021+ Model S LR Delivery Tracking

    1145, Feb order, MSM, Black, 19s, just went from blank to Sep 19-30th. Just got the same email. Seems like quite a big day for date assignments.
  29. M

    2021+ Model S LR Delivery Tracking

    Another 19 here that had August for the past two weeks, after being blank for many months, and just went back to blank. :( RN1145//Feb//MSM//Black//19s//No FSD
  30. M

    2021+ Model S LR Delivery Tracking

    Is this accurate? I thought the three years for the HOV sticker was based on when you apply, regardless of when the car was purchased. Thus, if you mail the application in on Jan 1 2022, it’ll be valid through Dec 31 2024. At least that’s how it used to work. Did something change?
  31. M

    2021+ Model S LR Delivery Tracking

    I hope so, then again the rims under the black/gray caps on the M3 are silver.
  32. M

    2021+ Model S LR Delivery Tracking

    1145/Feb/MS/Black/19s. August showing as of today. First time it’s shown a month for the entire time, other than when it said end of June for about 24hours back in May
  33. M

    2021+ Model S LR Delivery Tracking

    Feb 21st LR order here. RN1145. Midnight silver with black. Been blank for the entire time, except for a month or so ago when it said end of June for about 36 hours. Based on these posts, I’m beginning to put a lot of stock into the idea that they’re only delivering 21”ers
  34. M

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    The lack of robust ambient lighting is a bummer
  35. M

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Might be missing it - Has anyone posted initial reviews of how the yoke driving experience is?
  36. M

    21” arachnid or 19” base

    Is it not a common thing (or possible) to paint/plasti dip/powder coat the stock wheel covers? I don’t want to sacrifice the range or ride comfort on my refresh, but I hate the look of the silver portions on the new stock covers.
  37. M

    Change in Bluetooth recognition

    Thank you for this thread. After months of my iPhone X working flawlessly, it started to act up and delay entry. Simply turning Bluetooth on and off solved it.
  38. M

    Model 3 wrapped In 3M Satin Dark Gray + chrome delete

    Looks gorgeous! How do these wraps work with minor scratches and dings?
  39. M

    Any Southern California VIN assignments/deliveries for folks who configured after 6/27??

    Same VIN. They claimed it was held back with a batch that needed small paint corrections.
  40. M

    Any Southern California VIN assignments/deliveries for folks who configured after 6/27??

    Just had a flawless delivery experience in Marina del Rey. Makes the annoyances of a cancelled delivery last week seem like a distant memory. Nice job Tesla! RWD Midnight Silver, 18” wheels No reservation (actually 2 prior reservations but both cancelled due to indecision) 7/26 order date 8/2...
  41. M

    Any Southern California VIN assignments/deliveries for folks who configured after 6/27??

    Marina del Rey delivery tomorrow AM was just cancelled for my LR RWD midnight silver 47xxx No reservation (actually 2 prior reservations but both cancelled due to indecision) 7/26 order date 8/2 contacted for delivery date 8/9 delivery date that was just cancelled tonight (8/8) My sales agent...
  42. M

    Tesla needs to give us more music options like Spotify

    I’d love to have access to Sirius, Spotify or Apple Music, but have come to terms with the omission and the fact that Tesla doesn’t want to or can’t strike a deal with them. I also know CarPlay is a dream that’ll never come true. The above is what really drives me nuts though! Every car I’ve...

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