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  1. kong24680

    285s all around- good or bad?

    No pictures but I can report no issues or rubbing with over 10k miles on the setup. MPP was running 305 square so I think it shouldn’t be a problem if you have adjustable control arms and the correct offset wheels.
  2. kong24680

    285s all around- good or bad?

    40 profile would only be recommended on a 19 inch wheelset. I don't see why it wouldn't work though.
  3. kong24680

    285s all around- good or bad?

    Redwood Motorsports Forged Wheels 20x10 +45. I'm now running 295/35/20 Michelin PS4S, but used to run the Kumho Ecsta PS91 in 285/35/20. My car is actually the one on the redwood motorsport website. When the photo was taken I was running the Kumhos...
  4. kong24680

    285s all around- good or bad?

    295/35 square setup
  5. kong24680

    FS: V1.2 Model 3/Y Center Console w/ Carbon Fiber Trim

    Damn that’s honestly a great idea. Thanks for the suggestion!
  6. kong24680

    Redline Godspeed Coilovers for Model Y

    Yeah they won’t compare to any of the brands you brought up, but will still probably be wayyy better than stock
  7. kong24680

    285s all around- good or bad?

    I ran 285 square on my lowered Model Y Performance on an aftermarket wheelset with no rubbing. I now run 295 PS4S square and still dont rub. I think you can go as big as 305 without issue. As others have mentioned, the only downside is decreased range.
  8. kong24680

    FS: V1.2 Model 3/Y Center Console w/ Carbon Fiber Trim

    Looking to sell a Model Y/3 version 1.2 center console with real carbon fiber covers on both the front and rear trim. This console has 1 USB-C and 1 USB outlet in the front, and 2 USB-C outlets on the rear. The black center console trims were wrapped with Xpel PPF day 1 I received the car and is...
  9. kong24680

    Are the Model Y/3 Tapped Out?

    They have aftermarket LSDs for the Model 3/Y already. I don't think many people have bought and installed one though. Tbh, I'm surprised Tesla haven't come out with a track mode for the Y Performance. Since hardware for 3 and Y are essentially the same, they could easily adapt the current 3...
  10. kong24680

    Full Replacement Carbon Fiber Mirror Cap (Not 3m stick on)?

    Does anyone know if there are any vendors out there that sell a full replacement matte carbon fiber mirror cap? Not looking for ones that just stick on the OEM caps. Thanks!
  11. kong24680

    Model 3 roof rack Raleigh NC

    Still available?
  12. kong24680

    MYP Square Setup

    You can definitely go square and run rear uberturbines up front with 275 width tires. I'm currently running 285 square and will be swapping to 295 square soon.
  13. kong24680

    MYP in the market for air suspension

    DM me and I can connect you with someone who can help set you up with air suspension on the Y
  14. kong24680

    Perf y with perf brakes and geminis?

    Nice looks like plenty of clearance. Hoping my Brembo BBK's will fit these wheels too...
  15. kong24680

    Ohlins DFV Coilover Kit Installed!!

    @P3D-R Has extensive experience with all 3 brands
  16. kong24680

    Perf y with perf brakes and geminis?

    Stock geminis will work on stock Performance MY. Just straight swap.
  17. kong24680

    Coilover upgrade

    All you need other than coilovers are rear camber/toe arms to get a perfect alignment. Coilovers will always ride better than lowering springs. Regardless of what brand system you get, proper setup definitely makes the biggest difference.
  18. kong24680

    Coilover upgrade

    Rims are 20x10 +45 offset, no curb rash, sits pretty close to the fenders, but I could probably fit a 5-10mm spacer to be super flush. Tires are Kumho PS91. Car is not louder than stock, maybe a little bit quieter since I switched to 20s. Car is my technically my wifes daily, so didnt want to...
  19. kong24680

    BBK on 19" Gemini's?

    I know they fit on the stock performance brakes. What I need to know is if they fit on cars fitted with aftermarket big brake kits such as Brembo GTs, AP Racing, Rotora etc.
  20. kong24680

    BBK on 19" Gemini's?

    This might be a shot in the dark, but does anyone know if the stock 19 inch Gemini's will fit over a Big Brake Kit (Brembo, AP, Rotora)? I have the Brembo GTs on my Y Performance and want to get the Gemini's as a winter/road trip set up. Any insight/ feedback would be much appreciated!
  21. kong24680

    Coilover upgrade

    20s will ride great. Here's my car lowered on Ohlins + 20s. 285/35/20 square
  22. kong24680

    Coilover upgrade

    I shattered the OEM top hats 400 miles into owning the car. 100% upgrade them. The OEM ones are garbage
  23. kong24680

    Coilover upgrade

    Agreed, downsizing to 20s + Ohlins and my car rides perfectly now. Aggressive and compliant around turns, hard acceleration, and high speeds + Soft and comfortable for everyday driving.
  24. kong24680

    Bay Area recommendations for window Tinting?

    Hit up YS Window Tinting in Santa Clara, CA. The shop is one of the best tinters in the bay area and has done 100s of teslas. His instagram is: ys_window_tinting
  25. kong24680

    Coilover upgrade

    I have the Redwood Ohlins on my Model Y Performance. Your gonna love them! They completely change how the car handles.
  26. kong24680

    WTB: MPP/Unplugged Performance Front Upper Control Arms

    Looking to buy a used set of MPP/UP Front Upper Control Arms. Shoot me a PM if you've got a set for sale!
  27. kong24680

    2020 M3P 20" Performance wheels (Satin black) with Michelin Pilot Sport 4s

    These 100% fit the RWD mid-range. I ran these wheels on my stock RWD model 3 with 0 issues.
  28. kong24680

    Trade 19" Gemini Wheels for 20" Induction or 21" Uberturbine - SF Bay Area

    Sorry wheels got traded already
  29. kong24680

    former BMW owners

    I've owned a i3s, e92 335i (FBO, LSD, Ohlins, 480whp tuned on e85), and a M6 Gran Coupe (full vorsteiner, FBO, KW V3s, Michelin Cup 2s, custom tuned to 700whp+) all within the last 4 years. Tesla's need a lot of work in the handling department due to the weight and shitty OEM suspension bits...
  30. kong24680

    RPM sport brake covers

    Fake Brembo caliper covers over your real Brembo brake calipers... :rolleyes: Why don't you just have your brake calipers painted red? You know the non-performance Y brakes are the exact same as the Performance Model 3 brakes but painted silver.
  31. kong24680

    265/40R20 Fits!

    I'm running 285/35/20 square on my MYP and have lost only 10-15% range compared to the Stock 21" Uberturbines. The wheels I'm running are forged and the wheel+tires are still lighter than stock. I've already got a set of 295/35/20 PS4S tires in my shed for after I burn through this set. :)
  32. kong24680

    WTT: 21" Model Y Uberturbines for 19" Geminis

    Sent you a text, haven't gotten a response yet.
  33. kong24680

    WTT: 21" Model Y Uberturbines for 19" Geminis

    Looking to trade my 21" Uberturbines for 19" Geminis. Wheels and tires have about 7000 miles and have been sitting in storage for the past 6 months. Open to any condition wheel/tires. Located in CA Bay Area. Thanks!
  34. kong24680

    Brand New 19” Gemini Wheels Take Offs

    Want to trade for 21 inch Uberturbines? Im local
  35. kong24680

    Trade 19" Gemini Wheels for 20" Induction or 21" Uberturbine - SF Bay Area

    I'll trade you 21 Uberturbines if theyre still available. I'm local too
  36. kong24680

    New Model 3 Öhlins DFV Coilovers

    I have a set of prototype Ohlins on my Model Y Performance and they are amazing. GLWS!
  37. kong24680

    Tesla Y Towing Mode

    You should just try asking your service advisor, worst thing that can happen is they say no.
  38. kong24680

    FS: 2018 Tesla Model 3 Long Range RWD

    Yes you can, its $3k to add autopilot.
  39. kong24680

    Does the pano roof need to be wrapped by PPF? How much have you spent to wrap your car?

    I haven't seen anyone get their roofs PPF'd. My detailer ceramic coated the pano roof and all the glass, and its holding up well.
  40. kong24680

    FS: 2018 Tesla Model 3 Long Range RWD

    No Autopilot
  41. kong24680

    Best wheel offsets

    What tire sizes are you running?
  42. kong24680

    FS: 2018 Tesla Model 3 Long Range RWD

    BUMP! Open to offers!
  43. kong24680

    FS: 2018 Tesla Model 3 Long Range RWD

    $8k to add FSD
  44. kong24680

    FS: 2018 Tesla Model 3 Long Range RWD

    Price drop! $38k or best offer!
  45. kong24680

    FS: 2018 Tesla Model 3 Long Range RWD


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