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  • The final cut of TMC Podcast #34 is available now with topics timestamped. We covered Tesla's rollercoaster prices, Toyota pushing junk science, Mike's new Model 3, Optimizing track mode for snow driving, FSD V11 apparently coming by the end of this week, and more. You can watch and check out the chat replay on YouTube.

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    Anyone else nitice updates have slowed way down?

    I’m not seeing an update timing pattern change, but 46 days since the last update is remarkably long. And I’m a four-year owner. That said, 12.3.2 is a stable, reliable build. I’ve rebooted only once. Maybe it’s a good sign that Tesla isn’t rushing to update the firmware?
  2. M

    New Software 2021.24.11

    Does anyone else think using the passenger seat sensor to control the passenger vent was a dumb idea? In Florida, the passenger vent is essential to cabin comfort whether or not the seat is occupied. It would have been so easy to allow the vent go be turned on or off, but don’t make that...
  3. M

    Homelink Triggered by itself

    Well, this just happened to me for the first time. 2021 MY with freshly installed 2021.25.10 firmware. At 10:44, Tesla app sent a notification to my phone that Homelink had been activated. Ran to garage and sure enough, garage door was wide open. MyQ confirmed garage door had closed at 6pm...
  4. M

    Volume Turning Itself Down at Certain Levels MY Bluetooth Iphone Spotify App

    I’ve got a brand new MY, and I experience the same behavior but see a broader scope to the issue. Not ready to conclude it’s a bug. The newest firmware has different default volume settings for different sources. My iPhone defaults to 80%, but is inaudible at lower settings. Switch to...
  5. M

    Y model, 2021 VIN number

    Definitely no heated wheel, OEM label gives the month but not date of mfr. My Y did not make the cut. But I live in Florida, so . . . You are right about dimming mirrors coming earlier. I was disappointed by the old console, then added white Evannex veneers. Wow. Very happy now.
  6. M

    Y model, 2021 VIN number

    Just took delivery of VIN 111XXX. Jan build. No console, no heated wheel or mirrors. Yes on glass. You’ll need a February build to be sure.
  7. M

    Turn off passenger side dash vent

    Maybe worth trying: I’ve learned that the passenger vent can be turned on when no passenger is seated by touching the passenger vent when controls are displayed on screen. I would see if it can be turned off by touching that vent when displayed.
  8. M

    Anyone else dislike the new UI?

    Let’s be honest. This update sucks. On many levels. Whoever thought these changes improve the UI must secretly work for Volkswagen. The MCU cannot even render my deep blue metallic paint color any more. Means nothing, of course, but symbolic of an amateurish and regressive firmware update...
  9. M

    EAP (Enhanced Auto Pilot) for $4k. Who’s in?

    I’d like to see a HW3 standalone upgrade option for safety reasons. HW2.5 is getting left in the dust on new functionalities essential to situational awareness.
  10. M

    AP VS FSD - (Not hardware)

    Then we agree that the red/stop warning function is supported by HW2.5. When it only happens once, one cannot be sure. Incidentally the 2020.36.10 release notes do show that warning function to be the only new one supported by 2.5. Maybe earlier versions did too. I noticed this time.
  11. M

    AP VS FSD - (Not hardware)

    Just to push back a little, my HW2.5 M3 once displayed a clear red traffic light warning while approaching an intersection with AP engaged (TACC and Autosteer). Granted, that was just once In circumstances that required me to proceed through the intersection. But it recognized and warned as I...
  12. M

    Fairfax county tax assessment

    Good one. Unfairfaxtax? I hated the personal property tax when it used to be worse than it is now. Thank you, Florida.
  13. M

    Battery degradation???

    My M3 was built in July 2018, 76XXX off the Fremont line, LR RWD. Battery capacity since delivery has degraded by 9.5%, now at 280 miles. And that’s based on the high starting range of 309 mile when new. I never saw a ratings bump to 325. Of 113 M3s in the TeslFi database at my mileage level...
  14. M

    Help: Stain on white seat

    Folks, there are professional leather repair specialists who can work magic with an air brush and paint. Find a good one for an inexpensive, permanent fix.
  15. M

    2020.12.6 is downloading!!

    Tesla release note explicitly states the feature works with TACC or Autosteer. No mention of NoA, let alone NoA only. Apart from hardware, NoA is the only feature unique to FSD that matters. And HW3 is not essential. My HW2.5 (no FSD) M3 update to 2020.12.5 includes the traffic signal...
  16. M

    Model 3 Glass Roof Sunshade

    Yes. I’m in SoFla and it makes a difference. Only use it May thru October, then go bare in the winter. Better than tinting the roof permanently darker.
  17. M

    Bad white model 3 seat stains

    Good luck. There’s definitely some artistry involved here, check references!
  18. M

    Bad white model 3 seat stains

    When all else fails, call in a professional leather repair specialist to airbrush the stains over. They can work on any material, custom mix colors in the field, and the results are durable and amazing.
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    MASTER THREAD: 2019.40.50.x - Driving Visualization improvements, new voice commands, Camping Mode

    Maybe not a bug. Changing the temp settings is how the HVAC controls the heater core. It turns on heater by setting temp to 74. Turns off by setting to 69. Core is not otherwise directly controllable.
  20. M

    MASTER THREAD: 2019.36.2.1 - new HOLD mode and other features

    Seriously, you see no difference between forward and backward motion? No matter how we roll forward, we all want and expect the car to roll backwards gently without having to apply go pedal pressure to avoid jerking. In fact, the real danger here is having to press the go pedal to defeat hold...
  21. M

    MASTER THREAD: 2019.36.2.1 - new HOLD mode and other features

    As is, I think Hold is a great feature that enhances the driving experience. I love one pedaling. Like many I hear a soft click when the brake engages firmly. But I can’t touch the silky smooth way Hold Mode consistently handles stops. They are delicious and so much fun to just . . .watch...
  22. M

    MASTER THREAD: 2019.36.2.1 - new HOLD mode and other features

    Wouldn’t you like the option for Hold to work only in Drive? Not in Reverse? I sure would, and it seems easy enough.
  23. M

    Poor side mirrors coverage... found a way to eliminate blindspots...

    It has been suggested that the rear cam window be scaled down to fit in the Cards area as an always on option. Great idea for use of touchscreen space otherwise wasted most of the time.
  24. M

    Best door seal kit?

    I’m with the folks who value keeping our door sills cleaner. M3 gets unusually dirty here and under trunk lid.
  25. M

    An error, a diagnosis, and a new rear motor in 7 days in MN

    My efficiency numbers have not changed since the drive unit repair.
  26. M

    An error, a diagnosis, and a new rear motor in 7 days in MN

    Just had an even better experience at the West Palm Beach SC for the same issue. July 2018 build LR-RWD with 10.5k miles. Car dropped off on Monday for diagnosis. Drive unit replaced; and car picked up on Wednesday. Never stranded. MS Loaner was impressive. Shout out to Katie Webster...
  27. M

    Sentry Keeper- free Windows software to manage your Sentry videos

    I’m running it without a hitch on Win7 pro. But a 3.0 USB port seems to help.
  28. M

    Recent Calls and Contacts Not Updating Since V10

    IPhone X contacts and recents are not updating in the new phone firmware. Anyone else?
  29. M

    Painted Aero covers. White and silver. See them here.

    Body-color matched aero covers are a much more attractive design and would be quite popular, in my opinion. White looks great.
  30. M

    Gigafactory 3 Mindblower

    Maybe I missed it along the way. But I just learned that the incredible Tesla Gig3 structure in Shanghai represents less than half of the final structural footprint planned for Shanghai. We all found out recently that a Phase 2 was commencing on the south side, but that will build out just...
  31. M

    Underbelly Damage?

    Not a comprehensive claim. Collision deductibles apply. You struck an object in the road while driving. Case closed. Sorry, it sucks, I know.
  32. M

    Glitching navigation...

    Touch the compass icon. It toggles between straight ahead is always north and straight ahead faces the actual. direction being travelled.
  33. M

    Model 3 headrest

    Look, nobody’s head touches the restraints when sitting and driving optimally. It is not supposed to. You have to tilt so far back that your head and spine are at an awkward angle if you try to touch. My chiropractor cringes. The folks who sell after-market head rests are bringing the...
  34. M


    It’s not that easy running from storms in Fl. If you look at the current NHC track, Dorian can hit just about anywhere in the entire state. Where are we gonna go? And the peninsula is so long it takes many hours to drive the only way out. Nah, gotta shelter in place in areas with no...
  35. M

    OEM TESLA roof racks Crack Glass

    I recently had to replace the rear glass after chipping an edge with a thermos bottle on its way into the trunk. Don’t ask. The part was available within a few days. Safelite replaced in my driveway. Bill was $475. While waiting for the appointment, I got a note from Tesla with exciting...
  36. M

    What's your top feature request that could be accomplished via software update?

    My wishlist includes something I call PerfectStop. When engaged, without TACC, at any speed, the feature will bring the car to a full stop exactly where it needs to stop while maximizing regen braking. We all do it: disengage TACC at the precise moment necessary for regen alone to brake to...
  37. M

    Can More be Done For the Kids?

    I am pleased that Elon jumped on the dog mode issue fix and made the feature more safe for our furry friends, garnering some positive press for the company in the process. Could Tesla show the same technical leadership on baby excess heat deaths? There have been tragic reminders recently of...
  38. M


    My dancing cars hypothesis: the artifact is caused by an interpretive battle between front and rear facing repeater camera data when the cameras detect the same vehicle. There is overlap in the fields of view, and the algorithms for resolving the overlap are not yet perfected, leading to...
  39. M

    M3 Flooded Last Week - Concerned

    I think you have it backwards. You have to prove the vehicle suffered a covered loss. Tesla has no obligation to prove the vehicle is not compromised, whatever that means and even if it were possible. Find damage (now or later) to the vehicle and make your case to the insurer. Is there water...
  40. M

    Design Flaw? White Interior

    I will also endorse Maui Jim’s as top of the pack optically.
  41. M

    FSD With Purchase Or Wait

    I was driving an SL550 and feel exactly the same way about my M3, and FSD.
  42. M

    OK who is this?

    Sonofabitch keeps draining the battery like this, he’s gonna kill his M3 anyway. There are just no words to describe how wrong this behavior was. I kinda wish charges had been pressed, just for the shame effect. But FPL charges 12 cents/kWh round the clock. Not worth PBSO’s attention. My...
  43. M

    Walk away lock

    Gotta be a sensor issue, hardware or communications failure. Seat sensor seems a likely candidate.
  44. M

    Model 3 Wake Up Noise

    Contactor closing. Perfectly normal.
  45. M

    Run Flat Tires for Model 3 - solution for lack of spare tire

    My experience with run flats is, never ever again. They are expensive, perform poorly in terms of road characteristics, often cannot (or won’t) be repaired where “normal” tires can be put back into service after punctures. Whoever invented them wasn’t doing drivers any favors. I bought...
  46. M

    Driver door tweeter stopped working

    I know this sounds odd, but the passenger lumbar switch is connected to the wiring harness in the windshield cam pod. My harness failed temporarily on delivery and permanently ten months later. Lumbar works when the harness works. Replaced last month. Perfect again. Long shot, but is...
  47. M

    Realized today I'm a better driver because of Tesla

    It is possible to override the correction applied by the car. It was not possible to avoid the road debris in the situation I described without being more mindful of the need to override ELDA in such cases. I made a small, but sharp, avoidance move to the right. Instinct. ELDA applied a...
  48. M

    What Kind of Car Did The Model 3 Replace?

    2014 MB SL550
  49. M

    Realized today I'm a better driver because of Tesla

    I’ve already posted how ELDA saved me from a crash, so it has proved its value. Less impressive and not amenable to signaling: I moved the car to the right side of my lane and crossed the lane marker to avoid some road debris in the center. ELDA pulled me right back into the center of the lane...
  50. M

    Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    See battery Degradation report thread for other data points.

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