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    Sorry, I actually like the new UI :)

    The lighting quick controls panel is good news, except that you have to flash your lights or turn on main beam to get to it - not ideal if you're in traffic or there's a car in front of you! I can just imagine people wondering why you're flashing them - just to get to your lighting menu!
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    Poll - 14 day EAP trial!

    Been trying out the EAP trial for the last few days, and like most people here, i'm not too impressed with it. Auto lane changes are just way too slow - by the time it decides to move lanes, many times a car is approaching in the target lane which causes it to abort and swerve dangerously back...
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    Auto Wipers are awful

    The think the reason that the auto wipers don't work very well is because they are based on the perceived weather conditions outside as observed by the cameras, not the amount of water that's actually on the glass (the cameras cant see the windscreen!). As a result it just sets the wiper speed...
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    AP lane position

    This is a situation that Autopilot currently doesn't handle very well.. If the vehicle parked on the kerb is parked further into the road, autopilot will usually just stop behind it as it has no way to know if it's a parked car or a car stopped in traffic, but if the vehicle is parked further...
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    AP lane position

    It does drive a little further over to the left than most human drivers do, but if you look in the mirrors you can see that it drives exactly in the middle of the lane (equal space from the curb and to the centre of the road). The no way to set an offset that i know of.. but this would be a...
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    Wiki [UK] Holiday update - 2020.48.26/.30/.35.x

    Well.. as i said, this worked for me, not sure why it's not working for you - However this is another way to get this to work if the plex method doesnt work.. checkout this video:
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    Wiki [UK] Holiday update - 2020.48.26/.30/.35.x

    It worked for me, but it fail the first time i tried it for some reason.. try logging into plex and then try playing a video or something in plex, then dont close the browser, but just go to YouTube and it will be logged in - this is what worked for me..
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    Old fuse box and home charger?

    I have an "old" fusebox too and i had a charger fitted - it is wired to it's own RCD/trip etc which was fitted in the meter box outside, so it doesn't have anything to do with the existing fuse box.
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    Wiki [UK] Holiday update - 2020.48.26/.30/.35.x

    That's not a new issue, I have had this previously and i did get this problem again after the update, but there's an easy fix for it.. Open the web browser and go to "plex.tv" then login with your google account. Once logged in go back to YouTube and you will be logged in there also!
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    48.26 UI Changes - thumbs up or down?

    i dont mind the UI, but im not keen on the fact that it makes NAV, Camera, Web browser etc display smaller. I think it should resize elements of the display depending on the context of what you're doing at the time - e.g. enlarge the Car Visulisation diplay when on FSD, if you're parked and open...
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    Model 3 reset to defaults on Christmas morning!

    Yep lost all of my settings.. and i did have a lifetime trip running.. thats gone too! Oh well
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    Model 3 reset to defaults on Christmas morning!

    Yep.. you are correct .. Still on 2019.21-12489 after the update!
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    Model 3 reset to defaults on Christmas morning!

    It is downloading a navigation data update now..
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    Model 3 reset to defaults on Christmas morning!

    Im on 2020.48.12.1
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    Model 3 reset to defaults on Christmas morning!

    Well it will also now no longer connect to WiFi.. so I'm not sure ill be able to get any updates...
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    Model 3 reset to defaults on Christmas morning!

    Went out to my car to check if there were any updates - there weren't.. but my car appears to have reset all of its settings to defaults .. the car thinks its 3:00am (its 11am here in the UK at the moment) and it thinks its at Tesla HQ in palo alto! Anyone else have this issue?
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    Leaving People in the Car?

    Yes, it works for me! sitting in the drivers seat, open the door and turn off walk away locking.. If remember correctly i think it does still save to the profile.. but it doesn't remember it.. next time i close the door and walk away it locks correctly and i don't have to turn it back on...
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    Leaving People in the Car?

    Im not sure if this has been mentioned already (this thread is quite long .. and i havn't read it all!) but there is a hidden "feature" to deal with the situation where you want to leave someone in the car without it locking when you walk away... if you go into the security menu and turn off...
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    What would/will you pay for heated steering wheel?

    My last car had a heated steering wheel and i really liked it, but i have to say the ability to preheat the model 3 from the app means that it's not really needed. That being said if it was £50 to enable it if it was there, id pay it.
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    AP on latest software

    I haven't had any issues with this update so far, but i noticed some people on twitter (in the US) have complained about AutoPilot issues with this update - some calling it the worst update ever lol. I believe there is a 44.16 version out which fixes the issues, although i haven't got this yet.
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    How to sell my BMW before Tesla Arrives

    try Sell your car today with Premium Car Buying Service I sold my Jaguar XJ to them recently and while i could have got a little more selling it privately, it was very easy... It is a little difficult selling cars at the moment, so this might be an easy option.
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    Switched to neutral whilst driving at speed

    The first time i did this, I was intending to use the window washers .. just imagine my surprise! ;-) But once i had discovered it, you can actually do handbrake turns in this car! (Not that i can condone such behavior)
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    Poll for most annoying aspect of your model 3

    For me the most annoying thing is the Auto wipers, which are alot better than they used to be but still not great and most of all the Auto Headlight main beam which i keep switched off because, well.. its totally crap! The worst thing about having it turned on is that, when it doesnt work and...
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    Will FSD be Transferable? - Elon: "we'll give it some thought"

    I suspect Tesla would resell a used car without FSD - even if it had it when they acquired it, so that they can resell FSD as an option at the new updated FSD price for that car. I know they don't normally do this currently (there have been instances where it has happened) but i suspect going...
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    Will FSD be Transferable? - Elon: "we'll give it some thought"

    You can cancel Premium Connectivity on the Tesla Website (not sure if the Cancel buttion is a new addition)
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    Steering wheel centered?

    My steering wheel is very slightly off centre too - has been since delivery 12 months ago. It's never really bothered me that much, getting a wheel alignment done seems like a good idea, especially if it fixes this "issue". I'll probably wait until i need new tyres and get it done.
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    Warning! New Brake Pads and Discs after 13,000 miles

    Ah yes! The old Italian brake tune up! ;-)
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    Octopus Go - renewal?

    My renewal is around the same time as you and i've heard nothing yet about any price increases - I'm on Octopus Go. Rich
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    2020.36.11 - App wont connect to car anymore!

    Seems that way.. i'm sure it will be back soon
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    2020.36.11 - App wont connect to car anymore!

    It could be part of the issue, before i lost the ability to connect to the car at all from the app, it would connect if i manually unlocked the car to wake it up first.. until it went to sleep again.. This has started happening when 2020.36.11 was installed last night
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    2020.36.11 - App wont connect to car anymore!

    That might explain the issue then! I have been having the problem all day though, so who knows..
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    2020.36.11 - App wont connect to car anymore!

    My car downloaded and installed 2020.36.11 last night and since then the App on my phone wont connect to the car anymore. Even when im sitting in the car and everything is unlocked! Anyone else seeing this issue? I have also noticed that i can't login on the Tesla website, so im wondering if a...
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    Leaving People in the Car?

    Ah! I did notice that it sometimes saves the setting and sometimes not, it could well be that sometimes i have the door open when i change the setting! I will test this further.. many thanks - how did you find this?
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    Leaving People in the Car?

    There is one other option... if you turn off bluetooth on your phone, it then wont lock the doors when you walk away.. but remember to turn it back on when you return or you wont be able to drive the car!
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    Leaving People in the Car?

    If i leave someone in the car i usually turn off "Walk Away Locking" on the Locks menu page. But then, you have to remember to turn it back on afterwards - i've left my car unlocked for several hours a few times because of this! I think the car really should detect when any of the seats are...
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    My car has been on 2020.20.12 for ages now and got an update this morning to 2020.20.17. Was hoping for the latest update (2020.24.6) with side repeater cameras active with the reversing camera, but nope.. Anyone else got this update version?
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    FSD Price increase in UK

    Haha.. you might be onto something there! lol
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    FSD Price increase in UK

    I'm quite surprised they increased it to be honest, like i say unless we are about to get a significant update! With it's current feature set in the UK, it wasn't worth £5800 to me, and so for me the price increase has just confirmed that i'm not going to be buying it any time soon.
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    M3 in Red looks a bit dull

    I have a red Model 3 and i really like the colour. wether it's worth the extra £2000 is something that you need to decide for yourself. My reasoning was that there would be less red M3s around because of the additional cost..
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    FSD Price increase in UK

    Well it looks like the price for FSD has increased by £1000 (not $!) and now costs £6800! Question is, does this mean we are about to get a significant update in the UK for FSD to make it worth this increased amount?
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    No sound after declining incoming phone call

    Im having issues with no sound in phone calls too since the last update.. not always.. but quite a lot of the time.. then once ive tried to answer a call and got no sound, i then dont get sound in anything else (spotify, radio etc).. until i restart a track in spotify etc then it comes back
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    FSD in the UK .. price increase on 1st July?

    This is something that i think really should be included in the standard Tesla app features - standard summon doesn't really have much to do with FSD.. But i guess if they did that it would make FSD even less worthwhile! I would like the lane change and standard summon features (not bothered...
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    FSD in the UK .. price increase on 1st July?

    Does anyone know if the price of FSD is going to increase in the UK/Europe on the 1st July in line with the US? ..and if so will it have any new features that make it worth having? Currently from what i've seen, not much of it's functions work correctly (if at all) in the UK!
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    Tesla Model 3. What extras would you add direct from the factory ?

    1. Factory fitted Electric Boot and Froot (or Trunk and Frunk if you prefer) 2. Heated Steering Wheel 3. Blind Spot Indicators in mirrors 4. Heated/Cooled Ventilated Seats 5. Ability to save/control front passenger seat position in profiles as well as drivers seat 6. Air Suspension
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    Power trunk and frunk [pre 2021 Model 3]

    I have fitted the Hansshow boot (with foot sensor) and i also want to fit the Frunk too, but im wondering if the foot sensor is worth having for the frunk - it would be very useful but not if the car has to be unlocked first! What is your opinion having installed it?
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    Power trunk and frunk [pre 2021 Model 3]

    I have now fitted the Hansshow Trunk (boot), got it from Torque Alliance. Wasn't too bad to install and works great!
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    Group Buy for Power Trunk/Frunk Liftgate!

    I have installed Hansshow power trunk on my model 3 but it is a v2 kit that doesnt show status etc on the screen.. i asked my supplier about upgrading it to v3 and they have sent me an update file from Hansshow but said that it needs an upgraded cable to support the v3 features.. do you know how...
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    Power trunk and frunk [pre 2021 Model 3]

    I do think the TeslaOffer kit is different - it connects to the CANBUS in the car which allows it to communicate the open/closed status back to the car (it's shows open/closed in the app etc). I also like the fact that the motors seems to be quieter from what i've seen. It is a more expensive...
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    Power trunk and frunk [pre 2021 Model 3]

    I've been thinking about fitting a power trunk and possibly frunk install (or is that boot and froot for us in the UK?) It seems there are a few different versions of these kits available: 1. The Hanshow kit Tesla model 3 automatic frunk and trunk This appears to be the one that has been...

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